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August 5, 2010 --- a Thursday morning (my birthday!) and I tried to get out as a single, but .... it is the weekly Senior Morning.

But before I was to get that disappointing news, I was met with a NEW sign posted on the wall of the ramp from the parking lot to the first tee. It says, "SMOKE FREE Smoking In Designated Areas Only -- Including Golf Holes -- L.A.C.C. 17.04.645"

What is this country coming to?!

What should I (we) do about this stupidity? Boycott courses with these ordinances? Or, go there purposely, and light up on the 1st Green and challenge their edict with "civil disobedience?"

Needless to say, I left shortly thereafter, deciding my golfing experience, ESPECIALLY on my BIRTHDAY, is with beverage and cigars!
Played (again) @ 1:00pm for the twilight rate ($17 to walk) with long-time friend EB. We got twp singles to join us, and we went around the track as a happy foursome.

Perfect Saturday afternoon weather, with barely a breeze, put the course in a receptive mode to good shots. I had two.

The greens here could be better, but ball marks rule the day. I should probably recommend to the Superintendent, please roll your greens, and get them as hard as possible. Then the ball marks will drop to minimal, and the putts will roll more true.

<> [I could not care less if you couldn't hold the green with a typical golfer's approach shot .... it would teach them to try something different, and the putting surfaces would be better for all.] <>

I believe this course provides enough of a challenge for a great price. I'll keep coming here and trying to get my mental game honed, so I can get into sub-70's rounds.
I had the opportunity to play Wednesday, in the RAIN! Let me tell you, every time I get to have the "course to myself" here in SoCal, it's .... cathartic. Just this ol' Ohio Boy and the ducks, geese, herons, rain, ..... and the quiet of the course.
The course really does need this rain, and more, to help grow the grass everywhere. The greens were nice. My game was actually a little better than normal --- less distraction and more focus.

Now, if I could just get others to embrace playing in on-and-off rain, they, too, would have this incredible experience.

Oh, yeah, as I walked up 18, the first other player(s) were teeing off #1. I started @8:00am, finished @10:30am. And, the pro shop charged me only the morning-9 round fee [$13.00!]
Played this 9-hole course for the very first time 2/28/09. Quiet & peaceful setting. I decided to play the blue tees for my 'front 9' and then play from the white tees for my 'back 9'. Easy to walk, flat course (it is in the middle of the high desert basin) but they planted large species trees in all the best places! The greens are small, and some have severe back-to-front slope, making you appreciate keeping your approach shots below the hole.

Like any course, it helps if more people bend over and fix a ball mark or two on the greens. I must say, however, the greens staff have made a point putting divot mix at every tee box (Amen!).

There is one solitary sand trap, sort of a fairway bunker down the right side of #2, the par 5. All other greens have grass bunkers surrounding the greens (but the grass was mowed short!)

I'll make it a point to go there again when my friends in Lancaster want to play golf with me.
Played with *kviser* and our two lady co-worker teammates Saturday, April 5. The sanding on the greens was excessive, so I quit putting by the 6th, so as to not ruin my mental putting image (I gotta perform on Monday @ Spanish Hills in a tournament!)

The course was in decent shape. We had our teammates, for an upcoming work-group tournament, out for a practice round. This was their first time on the course, where as *kviser* and myself have played this short Executive for many years, off and on. We did notice that FINALLY the 17th Hole green access bridge has been REPLACED! Yea!!!!

The couse facility was busy that day, with a DEMO Day going on, so when we finished, we took the opportunity to swing the new drivers & 3-woods. ANYTIME you get to practice on the range off the GRASS is wonderful (usually you hit off mats --- I hate mats).
I have played this course a few times, mostly in the summer (August). I actually like the ESAs, as they focus your need to keep it in play, and hat definitely makes you play better. That said, I hope the next casual outing there I can post the MOST balls lost. And the MOST birdies. I like a challenge. Oh, yeah ----- and the MOST CIGARS smoked in a round ... my personal best is (5) ..... ask kviser ......
Listing 1 to 6 of 66,310 Course Reviews
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