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Finally got out to play Cimarron Boulder this Sunday mourning.Greeted by the ever friendly Joe, the cart guy and ambassador to golf. Got there at 6:00 am for our 6:40 tee time.As required, everyone wearing their masks and keeping distant. In general, I've seen this this course in better shape for this time of year but considering this Covid 19 put a stop to the world,it's not bad at all. Bunkers in real good shape and fluffiness for no rakes, a few dry patches on the fairways, and I mean a few. Now the greens, Slow, and real slow. Nice and green and not fuzzy but just took our group a few hole to get used to it. We used the underpar deal at 39.00 for a 2 , and there's nothing that can beat that deal.
Finally had the chance to play in their Sunday Skins game.They sure know how to put an event on,truely a well oiled machine. Everything was ready to go at 6:15 when when got there for our 7:30 shotgun start. The conditions were spot on with lush fairways and rough.I thought the greens ran at a medium speed and true, bunkers had nice sand, tee boxes for the most part were level. The Resort course is just a fun layout and nice to the eyes. I definitely want to put this place in our rotation. Oh, and I almost forgot, It comes with breakfast and lunch.
I can concur with all the reviews about this place. I just want to add that it was my first participation in a GK event and was not let down, and to top it off ,I got to finally meet the
Johnny GK himself.
A few days late but played on Friday the 8th at 12:30. This course is in great shape,absolutely green everywhere.Greens rolled true but maybe a bit slow but true, bunkers consistent.The only bad I can say is the tee boxes are not flat or nowhere near flat,but that just added to the fun . I'll be coming more after work during the week to keep lose and enjoy the walk. Beats pounding balls at the range.
Played on Friday, nov.1st. Very friendly staff through out the facility. The positive are, fantastic greens with a medium fst speed to them,looks like they are in procces of putting new very white sand in the bunkers.Such a fun layout to play but its just a shell or a course since the SCGA days. At least there are many signs of improvement going on.It's still worth playing there.
On to Mojave Resorts (avi Casino) After Laughlin Ranch we were able to make the 2:00 twilight. Although not as visually stimulating, the conditions were absolutely in great shape especially the greens. As smooth and pure as one can ask for. There was only a foursome in front of us when we finally caught up to them after the 9th hole to which they let us by for a solid 3 hr cruise around the 18. With the research prior to the weekend, it seems these 2 places had the best conditions. So we'll be back for next years run.
A buddy trip that started at Laughlin Ranch 5/4 Saturday.Its a 1:20 hr drive from our place in Havasu but well worth the drive. Our 7:22 tee time was right on time after a fabulous breakfast burrito and warm up bucket of balls.Got paired up with a couple of locals which helps with this course.The course itself is absolutely awesome in layout and conditions to the point of wondering about the next hole before you finished the one your on. Every fairway lie was perfect.The greens rolled true but baffled us on speed, some slow some fast with no rhyme or reason.The fairway bunkers were a little on the firm side which is fine by me and green side bunkers softer. Nothing but good things to say about this place including the lunch afterwards.It was a great start to a weekend of golf which included Mojave Resorts and Emerald Canyon in Parker. More on that later
Played on Friday after Thanksgiving.Had a 8:24 tee time for a twosome but my playing partner was a bit late, like an hour late. Knowing its a busy day to golf the guys in the shop were really accommodating to make sure we went off after he showed up. Now on to the course, pretty fair winter conditions for the fairways and rough, but the high point of this course were the greens. Top conditions that rolled true and extremely fast, I have no knowledge to compare to the stimp meter but they are FAST.Its just nice to play a course that's visually attractive.Kind of a weird description but it is.Oak Valley is definitely in my course rotation.
All I can say is "'WOW" let me repeat that "WOW". Played on Saturday the 18th to a 78 deg blue sky day. Even though I rate this as my number 2 in conditions , under the Classic Club in December.Its #1 in WOW factor to the visual layout of each hole.I have never just stood at a tee box to fully take in the awe that most of the holes provide.And the tee boxes were absolutely perfect. A lot of undulation to the greens that made for a tough time putting for me, very forgiving fairways and the best sand in bunkers that I can remember.I am doing everything I can to make the GK outing in January.
Played 10/29/18 at 7:00 am what can I say but its always nice to come back and play here.Very lush and green, greens were a bit soft which made for a bouncy putt with foot prints,tee boxes could use a cutting ,pace of play was at 4 hrs .Its just a fun course to play.An added bonus was a SCGA junior tournament had just started and were in awe on how these kids drive the ball.
Played on May 30th. Great condition through out ,Outstanding customer service, BUT, I don't think I want to play there again because of the roller coaster greens.I never hit so many greens that the ball rolled off in all directions and 3 putts were something to look forward to.Again the service and staff were awesome.
Played on Wed. the 24th at 4:00. Still a nice layout with pretty good conditions. Tee boxes flat not chewed up for a par 3 course. Greens looked slow but were fast and true. The main reason I went was because of the free golf for juniors under 16 with a payed adult. So I took the neighbor kid who just started playing and had a great time. Will be playing once a week there for sure
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