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Played Sunday, Jan 24th. Overall the course drained pretty well from Saturday's rain.

Given outcome of the City of San Diego agreeing to developing homes on Riverwalk Golf Course, and breaking ground to do so soon (News reports either spring or second half of 2021), we wanted to play at least once before they close.

Course was in okay shape. At $64 I thought it was a little over priced to walk since the rate did not include a cart. Course is pretty flat though so walking wasn't terrible.

GREENS: Greens are in pretty good shape. Oddly enough, you could still very much see the punch marks in the greens, so made them a little bumpy but still a decent roll. The greens were medium to slow pace, probably due to the rain, but were still on the firm side. No divots really to speak of.

TEES: Tee Boxes were thin, lots of divots and/or bare spots had you searching for a place to put a tee in the ground.

FAIRWAYS/ROUGH: Hodgepodge of thin grasses, weeds, and some bare spots. Some fairways were better than others. Sometimes you were rewarded with missing the fairway by having a better lie in the rough, sitting up. No real definitive separation cut between fairway and rough though. Only a few low spots that were roped off for puddles since the course drained well.

BUNKERS: Sand traps still no rakes, but really good shape! Even given the rain.

I wish it was just a bit cheaper for the walking rate given the conditions or just to include the cart for the rate we paid. That being said, we had a good time playing and I'm going to give it a few months post-rains and try and play one more time before they close down.
Played 12/30/2020. Tee time for 0748 but was delayed due to frost. The 3 of us ended up teeing off on a modified shotgun start at 0817, started as first group on Hole 3. We ended up being a part of the men's club tee times. POP would have been sub 4 hour but ended up being just under 5 hours due to poor tee sheet management by the golf course (More on that below).

This was the only tee time we could find for the day in all of San Diego County. But, I've played twice here now, and I am still not a fan of the course for 3 reasons. Course conditions, annoying golf carts, and a TON of unnecessary OB. For the same drive and similar price, I would much rather play The Golf Club of California that is around the corner.

1: The conditions are a low-to-mid level muni course, but they call themselves a resort. Full coverage of grass in the fairways and rough, but no defining area between the two, and lots of bad lies in the "fairway" due to a hodgepodge of grasses/weeds. The rain a few days ago still made for some soggy areas and a lot of lift, clean, replace. The course had more than average GUR areas as well. The bunkers, especially green side, are in pretty good shape. The grounds crew did their best to rake what was playable that day, as there are still bunkers that had water puddles in them. The greens were the best part of the course. They held a lot of shots due to the softer conditions but were still pretty quick, especially once the dew dried. Overall they were slightly bumpy at times, but rolled pretty well. The tee boxes could use a mow, but due to the rain and frost it was more than likely delayed and understandable. Majority of the tee boxes had you searching for a level spot and/or lower grass spot.

2: The golf carts have GPS and speakers, but are overly annoying due to the geo-fencing they place on them, yet they are inaccurate with the geo-fencing and messaging. Leaving the tee box, they wont alert you if its cart path only (except a few holes did) but then if you try and drive in the fairway, you'll make it halfway into it, only for the cart to tell you "restricted area" cart path only and you have to reverse. Something to keep in mind that really affects the enjoyment of the round when it happens so often.

3: Out of Bounds. The amount of unnecessary OB on the course is ridiculous. Some of it is very much needed as they don't want to encourage you to cut the corner or "let it rip" near houses off the tee. But there is a lot that could be changed or removed. I'm not the most accurate, but I'm also not the most inaccurate either, but I still was overly penalized.

As for the shotgun start....The modified shotgun ended up being an absolute Charlie Foxtrot when we came back around to hole 1 to finish our last two holes. We had to wait 40-50 minutes to tee off on #1 because the course was attempting to interlace our shotgun tee times with the regular on-time afternoon tee times, instead of pushing everyone back or doing another modified shotgun start. This was especially frustrating since we were on pace for a sub-4 hour round, and had a match for money going on. My dad ended up leaving early and not finishing because it was taking so long. My friend and I eventually convinced the starter to let us tack onto the group we were originally following as a 5-some for our last two holes, instead of playing as a 2-some two tee times later. After talking to the Head Professional about our displeasure with how it was handled and providing proven frost delay alternative solutions done by other golf courses, hopefully they make some changes.
Played Saturday Dec 19 945am with some buddies, Blue tees. $75pp. POP was slow 4hours 45min.

Short Review: Place is hit and miss all over the course. Some fairways or parts of fairways are very nice 8/10, while some other areas are average 5 or 6/10. Same with the greens. Some were great, and some were not so great. Not typically a fan of courses winding/surrounded by homes and its a little on the pricey for the conditions. Would maybe play again, but at a cheaper rate.

Long Review: Our hands were tied for trying to get a Saturday tee time at some other courses, so we decided to give Eastlake a shot since it was wide open when we booked. Pretty short course, a little difficult with some blind shots if you've never played here before like me. Staff was good. Golf carts seemed new, very good shape, but slow-er. They have GPS and speakers but ours never turned on, so I just used my Garmin watch no problem. I also will say, Hole #1 is very interesting being right along the driving range with no netting. Also, a lot of holes, if not all holes, had some kind of soggy spot or multiple spots, we played lift, clean, replace out of the soggy spots. Didn't seem like it was from rain.

GREENS: The greens are difficult to rate. The practice green was excellent so we were excited. Probably a solid 8/10. But that was only replicated on the course for a handful of holes, mostly on the back 9. The first several holes the greens were about a 5.5/10, some bare spots here and there, lots of marks and very "thin". Hole 9 green was probably in the most need of some repairs for the bare spots. All of them were firm.

FAIRWAY/ROUGH: Pretty average, some areas on the lush side, some on the thin side. Good coverage though. Some areas were roped off to limit cart traffic to recover, so if you were inside that, it was a great spot.

TEES: Pretty good, some spots had more divots than others. Mostly lush with a few exceptions.

BUNKERS: Very good condition. Fresh sand. No rakes due to covid.

In my opinion, I believe this course was a little over priced for the conditions. Prime time on a Saturday I feel like should be no more than $60-65, cart included.
Had the opportunity to play this Private Country Club as a part of an online golf deal for ~$75pp - The course called it Member For A Day. 10am, shotgun start, we played the Blue tees, and the forward Ladies tee, and started on 13.

Short review: Course was in okay shape, especially for a "Private Country Club" I was not impressed. Lots of divots everywhere in the fairways and tee boxes. Greens and bunkers were very good. Random areas throughout the course had soggy wet spots as well. For the price we paid, didn't really fit the course, felt more like a muni.

Long Review: Given the COVID stuff, and this was more tournament-ish (shotgun start), check-in was a breeze. They took our temp and checked our names as we drove into the parking lot. There is no driving range, only a few hitting mats into a net/cage, but it was closed for COVID. They had all the golf carts nicely arranged and labeled by hole for everyone. The golf carts were in great condition, no GPS. Good weather, mainly overcast and probably 68deg. Our POP was 5 hours, but that was mainly us taking our time as we had some games going on, but we never had anyone behind us or in front of us all day, so felt like the course was all to ourselves. Not sure where the bottleneck was, but that probably means it was way over 5 hours.

GREENS: Greens were in very good shape! Much faster as the day went on. They had some sort-of weekly dressing on it (fertilizer?) but it never affected putting. They were relatively firm, but with playability. No ball marks or bumpiness to speak of.

FAIRWAYS/ROUGH: Mainly dormant and dry, but man-oh-man, LOTS of divots. Divots that had sand, divots that were starting to grow back, and just lots of divots.

TEES: Again, LOTS of divots. Very level tee boxes and fair amount of lushness to them, some holes had a lot of selections for tees, but there were divots everywhere.

BUNKERS: Fresh sand but kind of shallow compared to some courses I've played recently. Still no problems with playability though.

Also, Not sure why, as there has not been any rain at all recently, yet there were random spots all over the course that were very soggy and wet, most times roped off but not always. I would understand a few leaks, but there was A LOT.

Overall a tough course, need to make sure you're good at your yardage and targets.
First time playing here. Played 9 Holes 1:54pm Tee Time from the Brown Tees. POP was SLOW. Finished 9 in just under 3 hours. We all walked but heads up, CART PATH ONLY.

Short Review: Course is recovering nicely from punching. Only a few signs from it on the greens. Greens are hard and fast. Rough is super long. Fairways in good shape.

Long Review: Check-in was no problem. The starter did a good job of consolidating some tee times so we had a foursome, instead of a Single, single, pair all back to back. Even so, we were constantly waiting on every shot, and I think some of that could be attributed to lost golf balls due to how deep the rough is. We encountered it ourselves. Bring extra balls. We had strong Santa Ana winds blowing so it made for a beautiful day.

GREENS: Not sure if they were purposely so dry, or if it was due to the Santa Ana Winds and low humidity. They were very quick and very firm but seemed to roll very smooth. Hardly any ball marks to speak of, fixed a few here and there.

FAIRWAYS: They were very good. Pretty lush throughout and a little on the dry side but not bad. There were only a few common approach spots that had a lot of divots.

ROUGH: Oh the rough....lush but might as well be US Open length, if you miss the fairway, you will be searching for your ball. We were constantly looking and hoping to find them, even lost a few as a foursome. But, that being said, it seems they are starting to cut them, as we progressed on the course, there were some holes that weren't as long. Be careful though, if you're near the hazard, they seem to have cut them first, so your ball probably won't stay up.

TEES: Most tees are not bunched up anymore like when I played the South course a few weeks ago. A lot of the tee boxes are in good shape. Little bit on the thin and recovering side here and there.

BUNKERS: Good fresh sand in the bunkers, but not as deep as it seems. Still very good shape though.

All in all, had a great time. Can't beat a 70deg December day walking a course with ocean views like Torrey Pines. Will play again soon.
Played Nov 25. 710am tee time. Chilly 41degrees when we teed off. Play Blue/White combo 70.7/129 6254yrds.

Short Review: Course is in great winter shape!! FANTASTIC greens, and although relatively dormant, pretty good fairways/rough. Good POP if we could've kept our balls out of trouble (sorry group behind us). Worth the tee time!

Long Review: Arrived at 615am to a chilly 41 degree day. Made for a wet dewy start for course conditions except for the greens, they were cut or rolled in the AM. Course dried nicely as the day went on. The Carts were ready and staged for the day, and the range was already open to warm up. Clubhouse check-in was a breeze and the starter was very friendly. We grabbed our carts and headed to the range, pretty good condition of turf, little sandy but much better than hitting off mats. The putting practice green was very close to actual course conditions, so take advantage pre-round.

GREENS: If you follow my reviews, you know I love a good putting surface. These greens were EXCELLENT! Very green, no ball marks really to speak of, smooth, pretty soft, and not bumpy whatsoever. You could see that they were cut or rolled in the AM from the lack of dew, so it was nice not having to deal with putting through water.

FAIRWAYS/ROUGH: Didn't hit many fairways but they were in pretty good shape. Mainly dormant but still good lies overall. There were some approach areas that had lots of divots filled with sand trying to recover, but given its winter/dormant, I get it.

BUNKERS: Bunkers here use more dirt like sand, if that makes sense. But, they were excellent, I hit a few bunkers and there was no issue bottoming out. Fair amount of softness to them.

TEE BOXES: Green and Good condition. Some had more divots with sand than others, but the course did a good job moving the markers around to try and avoid it as much as possible.

Overall, very challenging but fun course. Bring your whole golf game repertoire as no two holes play the same. Looking forward to a redemption round here.
Played Nov 14, 1024am tee time. Even though this is on MCAS Miramar military base, the Public are welcome.

Short review: Come play for the AWESOME greens that you would normally have to pay big bucks for and don't take the fairways or rough too seriously. Easy, Flat course to have a good time at.

Long review: Check-in was easy, and the course was very busy (as expected) for a Saturday on base. We teed-off on time but were playing behind a slow foursome. Yet, We still finished in 4 hours 35 minutes!

Now for the course conditions.

GREENS: Miramar has always been known for their excellent greens, and they did not disappoint!! Arguably the best greens in San Diego. Super smooth, semi-soft, and quick but not too quick. Hardly any ball marks as well.

FAIRWAYS & ROUGH: This is always the downfall of Miramar, but its still not too bad in my opinion. The fairways have bare spots almost every hole but also very lush spots every hole. The rough gets a little more hard pan at times if you're way off line, but all still playable. Also a few spots where a little marshy but thats few and far between. I never really had a bad lie all day.

TEE BOXES: Overally, the tee boxes were average, some better than others, some a little un-level. Nothing that affected my tee shots though.

BUNKERS: They were in really good shape!! Looks like they were raked in the morning, and they all have fresh sand from what I saw.

I used to work here several years ago but haven't played it in several years so it was nice to be back.
Played a Twilight Front 9 round today, Nov 12. Walking rate $37 with City Card. The course is understandably in full blown prep for the 2021 US OPEN.


Although a San Diego native, this was my first time playing here. Overall a wonderful experience, regardless how bad I played.

All the TEES are moved forward a tee box or two and look like they have not moved in a long time (See photo). A lot of divots, and basically burnt out. But in order to have a great US Open, I get it. Didn't really affect any shots for me or my playing partners.

The FAIRWAYS on the other hand are in GREAT condition. So is the ROUGH, and it's only getting thicker as they have reduced mowing frequency I believe.

The GREENS are definitely still recovering from the recent punching. It's not too bad as its on the later end of the recovery, but it's still bumpy and you can see where they punched, so it'll affect your putts a little more than I'd like. It will probably be fully recovered in a few weeks.

The BUNKERS are fresh sand, good condition. No rakes because of COVID.

All in all, a great time. No bare spots and a challenging course. I will be back to play the North course for a full 18 next weekend.
Played Nov 1. Teed off at Noon with Silver Tees (69.7/129). Haven't played here in years but always liked the challenge and setup here. Heard the course was closed for a few +months to redo their greens, so was excited to come out and play this again with fresh greens.

Fairways and rough were dormant but still all there, no real bare spots to speak of. Made for hard and fast conditions but overall good lies. The silver tees seemed to be playing a little forward for the day, especially on a few Par 3s. The winds were blowing as usual for Barona.

The greens were green and CLASSIC Barona Creek greens, FIRM and FAST. The greens were lightning quick, made for a lot of 3 putts and even a 4 putt when not below the hole. Not much checking up due to firmness but just need to adjust play to accommodate and play from below the hole. With that said, the greens were very smooth with hardly any ball marks.

Since the rough and fairways were dormant, I found my ball rolling out more and playing in the bunkers a lot more than usual but the bunkers were fresh sand, pristine. No rakes due to COVID.

All in all loved playing Barona Creek and cant wait to be back out again to give it another go!
Played 9/9, course was pretty wide open. Teed off in afternoon and finished in 3 hours 45 minutes. Greens were firm but still soft enough to have some check to them. The whole course was in great shape. Lush and green throughout the course with very few divots, very few ball marks. Rough was fair in length, not too long but still made it known that you missed the fairway. The course played very tough, probably toughest pin placements allowable for a lot of the holes. We played the Maderas tees which should be a Black/Blue combo but ended up being primarily Black tees so made for a long challenging day, but was still a great time.
Overpriced dog track.

Played August 8, 2020. Originally reserved a $45 walking rate but found the UnderPar deal and had $20 off UnderPar gift card so it brought it to $35 with a cart. Very glad I did not pay $45 plus a cart to play here. They probably list it as a walking rate on purpose, to drive more eyeballs/traffic to the bookings, but it still is not worth that. Greens have many, many ball marks. Even though it was a Saturday, you could tell some were old ball marks as well. The greens also have a lot of weed/fungus growing in/on them, resulting in a lot of inconsistent rolls. The bunkers are terrible, rock hard most times. Tee boxes had a lot of divots for the most part and were not particularly level. Hole #6 from the Blues, the tee box was not even mowed within at least a couple days or even a week, you were teeing up next to weeds that were as tall as your ball teed up. The fairways were dry, and inconsistent. The rough was the same and lots of bare areas as well. Shame that this course used to host the NCAA Western Tournament just several years ago and now it's in this shape.
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