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After a long hiatus, played Butterfield the day before Thanksgiving. Had an 8:30 tee time with my regular group and the place was packed with both parking areas full. Checked in and off we went to the tee box on time. A little waiting on the group ahead of us but still finished in under 4 hours. The guys in the clubhouse are about the best. Nice to see Art Guevara here as head pro coming over from Green River. One of the great guys in the industry. As is Kevin, the GM. Both add a lot of class to the place.

The course is not in the best of shape but the layout is fun. Adequate coverage on the fairways but found many bare, hard spots. Not the best conditions. Not much rough to speak of so it was very playable. Bunkers are a mixture of sand and dirt but still payable.

The greens were very nice but not rolling fast. I have seen them much faster here but they were holding good shots.

Mr. Weber adequately summarized the course in the previous review. “Good basic golf at a fair price”. Layout is not difficult but it is fun.
Played AH this past week with my neighborhood group. This is not one of my favorites to play but these guys I play with love playing here so what the hec! The layout is not one I enjoy. Check in is always great here as the guys in the clubhouse are always friendly and courteous. On a cold morning, we were off at 7:30. No one in front of us or behind us so we took our time but still finished in under 4 hours.

This course is in pretty good shape right now. Very nice! The tee boxes are open after all of the over seeding and are in great shape. Fairways are typical kikuyu mixed in with other grasses and were cut down. There were some bad areas but not many. Downside is they were watered down quite a bit and some were a bit muddy. The rough was cut down and playable so no issues there. Bunkers were in good shape also. Still no rakes but you can tell they have been worked on.

The greens were by far the best part of the day. Excellent condition and very few ball marks which was nice to see. Smooth, rolled very well, above medium speed and holding shots.

Not my favorite place to play but still an enjoyable round largely due to very good playing conditions. Thumbs up particularly if you like playing here and now would be a good time to do so as I have not seen it this good in sometime.
Well I finally got a chance to play Chester as our regular group got a couple of tee times starting at 7:40 on 11/5. Never played here before but I do have a friend who works as a starter here and he as always suggested I play here. The marshal would not let us enter through the gate from the parking lot until 10 minutes before tee time which I thought was ridiculous. I realize there is a covid thing going on now but when our time was within 10 minutes, he still wouldn’t let us in. He finally relented. Other than that, check in was fine. Chuck, the starter is a good one. We walked and pace of play was around 3 ½ hours.

This course is very rough around the edges to say the least. Fairways are not very good. On the tee, I was looking for areas to hit my drive hoping to hit an area that had some good coverage. Not much rough to speak of except for some thick kikuyu or hard pan. Tee boxes were fine. Bunkers weren’t bad either. I was in 2 bunkers and they were damp but very playable.

The greens on this day were pretty good and many are very small. Noticed the previous reviews talked about bumpy greens but we didn’t have that. They rolled rather well and deceptively faster than they looked actually. There were many 3 putts in our group as they were hitting it past the hole.

I enjoyed the lay out at Chester. Not super challenging but still fun. Easy to walk as it’s mostly flat but there are a couple of holes that are hilly. Also, it’s not long from the blues at about 6200 yards but there are a couple of par 4’s that I couldn’t reach in 2 playing more than 440 yards. The par 3’s are tough with all but one playing over 190 yards. The conditions though just aren’t the best and to me that’s the only knock on this course. The course is not close to me but if invited out, I would play it again.
Our regular group played the Classic Course on 11/4 with an early 6:50 tee time. A cool, damp morning with a little fog but shortly after turned into a very nice day. Always a friendly staff here and tee boxes are well organized on both courses. Walked for $41.

This course is great shape right now. We must have caught the fairways just after the mowers because all were cut down just right. Excellent coverage on the fairways so the lies were great. Tee boxes were a bit thin but overall I was fine with them. Being in the rough was not a big deal. Very playable. Bunkers were mixed – most were just fine but a couple were damp and hard packed. Fully expected considering there a no rakes.

The greens were really nice. Holding good shots (even not so good shots), rolling very well and a little on the fast side I thought.

I have always found this course fun to play but challenging for me. A lot trees line the fairways so no fun being there but I was hitting it well on this day. Still nothing crazy difficult here. Some length required on some holes. This is about as good as I have seen this course and hopefully, it will stay this was for a while. Definitely go play soon.
Was up visiting some family late October in the Bay Area and looked up an old college buddy to play a round of golf. All East Bay golf courses were booked solid for a Saturday for most if not all day which I have never see before. So I left it up to my friend to find a place and he chose this Napa muni and got a 10:30 tee time. On a warm day, the place was packed and there were many groups going off on time. Didn’t see the tee box empty all morning. Friendly young lady managing the club house and they seem to have covid protocols in order, inside and immediately outside the clubhouse. Single carts ok and off we went on time paying $60.

The course was in pretty good shape. A mixture of different grasses including kikuyu so the lies were ok as long as you were in the fairway. One fairway was pretty beat up but did not reflect the whole course. The rough was not very good. Kikuyu thick with holes or hard pan. Tee boxes were fine. You could see they were recently over seeded. The bunkers were ok with good sand but footprints everywhere with no rakes.

The greens were in real nice condition. Very soft and was pretty easy to hold approach shots. Not very fast though but rolled true. I found some of the greens difficult to read as they had a lot of subtle breaks.

I really wanted to like this course when I walked up. A very nice setting in Napa. A few rolling hills but for the most part pretty flat. It does have a rustic look about it with a lot of old trees surrounding most of holes. Still challenging but a fun layout with no tricked up holes with some doglegs. A thoroughly enjoyable day on a fun course. There is water on some of the holes so you need to pay attention on the tee box and decide where to hit it. The price seemed a bit much at $60 but I guess that is pretty much the weekend rate to ride at most munis. I recommend this one and would like to play it again.
A little late with this review as I played DB on 10/14 with a 7:50 tee time for 4 of us. We checked in a little early with the young man behind the counter who was not exactly the most customer friendly guy in the world. Get this kid in a customer service class soon please. He could use it. We kept asking him when we will go off and would he call us to the tee. He said only when all have checked in. Well, we all checked in but we kept having to come in and find out when we could go to the tee. Hate that and fortunately it wasn’t too crowded. Anyway, we got off about 20 minutes late. Oh well.

Fairways were in pretty good shape even though it is cut down kikuyu. Still pretty lush and in the fairway, we got good lies for the most part. The rough wasn’t as nice. Pretty bad lies on hard pan and weeds. Bunkers were not as bad as they looked. Damp but playable even though many were not raked. Tee boxes are under repair or something as they have been raked over.

The greens were in pretty good condition. Not real fast unless you’re putting downhill.

I really enjoy the lay out here. Pretty challenging playing to around 6,800 yards from the blues but the freeway noise is brutal. Can’t even carry a conversation with anyone. I knew that already but it was particularly loud on this day with the heavy traffic. Noticed that they are opening a new hole. #3, a par 3 is being replaced with a different par 3 just off to the side of the original one. Not open just yet but it looks real nice. I’m not rushing back to play here anytime soon. A nice change of pace but playing it every couple of years or so is just about right.
Am a little late with this review as I played Westridge on 10/5 and before the previous reviewer whose views I agree with. It has been several years since I had played here and the others in my group have never played here so I was hoping they would enjoy the experience. At check in, we were advised that they are not doing single carts but they now have a piece of clear plastic that can be installed between the seats. What the hell so we tried it. Had an 8:40 tee time and off we went right on time. Almost went to the wrong tee box as they again changed the #1 tee box.

What in the world has happened to this golf course? For one, pace of play was agonizing. We waited on every hole, every shot because of a very slow group in front of us who had no business playing from the blues. Ground balls off the tee just don't go too far. Secondly, the fairways are brutal. I am guessing they had been thatched, aerated, worked on, whatever you call it, or just worn out. They were not too good. The rough was worse which was hard pan on many of the fairways. Bunkers were not to good either but lately I expect them to be that way.

The greens were good. Not very fast but rolled well with out any bumps. A lot of un-kept divots however. I repaired my own divots and most times a couple of others which was disappointing to see.

Still had a good time. It has a couple of weird holes but also some challenging ones. Won't be in a hurry to get back here though until things improve.
Was invited to play Skylinks with a good friend who had an opening in their group. Always happy to fill in with this group. A bunch of fun guys and I always learn new games to play with these guys. On a cool morning for a change, off at 7:30 and finished in just under 4 hours. This was only my second time ever playing here and was really looking forward to playing again. Wanted to walk but the price difference to do so didn’t make any sense. $49 to ride, $46 to walk??

Fairways are in good shape. Bermuda fairways which is always nice to play on. Good roll out on drives and ball sitting up nicely for iron shots. The rough was not very thick so very playable. Bunkers were just plain hard but aren’t they all lately?

Greens were rolling nice. Not fast and a little bumpy at times but still just fine.

We had a of fun and I really enjoy the layout here. It is a fun layout. Not real long, just under 6400 from the blues and not overly challenging but there is a good mix of long and short holes with doglegs and numerous traps. Some holes play a little long like 17 and 18. Even though it’s a muni, thumbs up for this course. Recommend. Give it a go!
Played TR this past week, playing in a small tournament. $80 bucks green fee for the day. A little steep but I don’t play here a lot and really love the course so what the hec! 8:50 tee time and single carts which I thought would make a great pace. Wrong! About 4:45 to play. Not sure what the holdup but was pretty disappointing. It got hot and waiting was no fun. Oh well!

The course is in great shape. Didn’t have a bad lie out there. Fairways did have some thin lies but not many. The rough was not too thick and very playable. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked to be in good shape. Tee boxes, no complaints.

The greens, as usual, were in great shape. Not real fast but rolled nicely. Some have severe undulations which I struggled with. Pin placement knowledge is important. Sadly, 4 putted #7. I’ll remember that hole.

A thoroughly enjoyable day on a very nice golf course with a great layout. Definitely recommend
Was invited out to play BG by fellow GK'er cthuyen and his friends on 8/25. A later start at 11:12 but that was a time with a better rate - $67. On a very warm day (actually it was freaking hot), got out right on time and finished in under 4 hours. Only about 10 minutes away from where I live so it was a real thrill to get out and play here.

The course is in really good shape. The fairways were in good condition but am I seeing kikuya grass growing? Never seen that before. Say it ain’t so. Still, they were cut down so still got some roll out. The rough wasn’t very thick and therefore playable. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked heavy/damp.

Greens were great. Rolled smooth but I they didn’t hold for me. Hit some good shots on the green that rolled off and ended up chipping back.

I find Black Gold a lot of fun to play but the back 9 is pretty challenging. Narrower fairways which must be hit or you end up losing your ball and dropping another. Always in good shape. The price tag is a bit high but there are specials and if you find one, take it! Recommend!
Played Eldo with my regular group on 8/20. On a warm and muggy morning, we had a 7:20 tee time and got off right on time. 2 of us rode single carts and the other 2 walked but kept up. POP was around 3.5 hours with no one in front of us.

Fairways in good shape, if you enjoy kikuyu. Heavy kikuyu throughout the course particularly as you get closer to the green. The rough was thick with you guessed it, kikuyu. Hard to hit out of. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked hard and damp. Tee boxes? I’m not always critical of tee boxes because this is not a big issue for me but a couple of them are pretty bad. #14 tee box had weeds growing. Many of the others just had the heavy kikuyu.

Greens were really nice. A bit damp so they were definitely holding but they rolled true.

Despite many quirks, I always enjoy playing here. I really enjoy the layout and is a fun course to play, A park like setting and very popular. Definitely recommend.
Played “The Babe” 8/12 with my regular group and was thrilled to play as it has been several years since I had played here. 8:52 tee time and very organized check in with covid protocols thoroughly in place. Just driving into the facility at the guard shack, you have to stop where a security guard checks your temperature and needs to know what tee time you have and what group you’re playing with. After all that, we were off right on time. POP was 4 hours and not sure why so long since we had single carts.

I love playing here and the course overall was in good condition. Fairways had good coverage. A little thin in some areas as you got closer to the rough. The rough was not thick at all and very playable. Was only in one bunker and found it damp but was ok.

Greens were also damp and easily holding. Some of these greens are hard to read with undulations and subtle breaks but they still rolled true.

Had a lot of fun out there. Industry Hills is always a class place to play and for $49 definitely recommend. Looking forward to the next time out.
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