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Played BG on Tuesday after Memorial Day. Was a slow afternoon, was sent to the tee early, and went off on my own at 2:12pm. Eventually, invited two friendly guys to join me on the 14th tee, one of whom is a GKer I played a few holes with here, ironically, near exactly a year ago...see you next year, jjrauen! POP overall was just 3.5hrs.

Fairways and greens were lush and green and the best part of the course. Never had a bad lie in the fairways and got decent roll for the most part. Greens were firm, very, very smooth putting and looked fantastic. Pace was good, just about medium speed, but not slow.

Tees were very good, plenty of coverage and mostly level, but did not appear to be cut in the morning. Visited 4 traps, each had good sand and decent lies, but each had evidence of multiple un-raked prior visits, marring their sanctity.

Course continues to be in very playable condition - highly recommend right now. Which, btw, they have proudly displayed a GK award that says just that... in the lobby near the pro shop!
First time playing here, joining in the GK Plays event on Sat. Friendly greetings at the bag drop and Larry the starter. Both very professional and personable.

Overall, the course was in the best/most lush condition of any course I've played in a long time. Liked the layout, too. A good challenge, lots of bunkers, but fairways were wide enough. Lavender teeboxes were lush green islands in the desert. Fairways were near immaculate, but soft and easy to dig into the turf, as was the rough. Rough was grabby, a club+ penal for me, even though it looked fairly harmless. Needed to decrease angle of attack, I think.

Bunkers were generally good sand and well-groomed, but did see a few unraked entries by negligent golfers. Waste bunkers were not fun to hit from, a bit soft and wavy sand made it hard to get clean contact.

Greens did not seem to hold shots very well, in spite of being a bit soft. No divots to speak of, so putting was pretty darn smooth, mostly at medium-fast speed. Had trouble getting a good read on shorter putts within 5 feet - pretty tricky breaks.

POP was very good, 4hr10mins. A great day overall on the course, playing with Larry, Tim and Brady - thanks guys! Look forward to a return visit.
Played today at 1:39pm, $37 via their website. Was joined by two of the nicest, most fun guys I can recall being blindly paired up with - one local and one on holiday from, a very fun round.

They sent us off on #10 due to the Crossings' "Hits and Giggles" weekly 9-hole beer league w/shotgun outing taking place on the back 9 later in the day. Starting on the very tight #10 with your first drive is not very welcome!

Course overall has taken a nice step up in condition from my last visit. Tees, fairways and especially the greens were lush and cut nicely. Fairways rolled well and greens did as well, at mostly medium-fast, with those navigating slopes certainly more slippery. Some significant discoloration on some greens (fungus?) did not seem to add any bumpiness. Rough was dense and penal. Not in any bunkers :)

A great day out on a mid-60's, cloudy and windy day. Defo recommend.
Played today, with a good POP at 3hrs 40mins, teeing off at 1:40pm. Seemed like generally light play, and really no waiting after the 2nd hole.

First time playing since their greens punching last month. Looks like they all were recently verticut, but no issue there. Other than the 15th green, all others had virtually no remnants from punching, and rolled very nicely at medium speed.

Tees were recently cut and were fantastic, short, lush and good footing. Fairways were generally soft, not cut as short/nicely as the tees, and did not provide a lot of roll-out, with a number of wetter/damp areas. Easy to hit heavy shots. Was not in any bunkers.

Overall, pretty good condition and should dry up in the coming days.
Teed it up Monday afternoon at 2:30pm as a 4some on a mostly sunny day, in spite of Vera Jimenez' forecast of showers in the afternoon ;-). POP was just a few minutes over 4hrs.

Only my second time playing the full 18 on Players. First time was in 2015. Overall, very good condition and enjoyable to walk. Better conditions than I remember.

White teeboxes were mostly good, a few par3s excepted in terms of not being level and one (#4) had 'casual sand' covering a full club-length deep from the start of the markers?!

Fairways also were mostly good and much better than my last visit, with less thin areas. But, there was casual sand areas on nearly every fairway, as they continue to treat them. Rough wasn't very penal.

Bunkers were mixed, the bunker in front of the par3 #12 was basically concrete covered by only a dusting of powder. The frontside bunker on #15 was much better, however.

Greens were fantastic. Held shots reasonably well, very smooth a bit soft, rolling well at medium-fast speed.

A good day out, and recommend hitting the course before it closes in late 2020.
Played Crossings this afternoon, $45 via their website on a mid-60's windy day. Was joined by two guys who walked on in town on business. We teed off at 2:06pm, with the previous group at 1:39pm. POP was just under 4.5hrs for us, after a 2hr front, we were slowed from the 14th hole onwards, as we finally caught the pack.

Course is coming along, but not yet in 'great' condition overall - still 'budding' into spring/summer conditions. Good colours in the ESA areas, however!

Noticed a few of the white tees were sloped back to front or right to left, but mostly good with nice coverage. Par 3s were a bit chewed up.

Fairways were nice, and provided good roll-out and lies. Rough was more inconsistent than my visit a month ago, and typically penal.

Greens appear to have been very recently 'sliced' (not verticut or hole-punched), similar to a mini-punch, but a very thin, deep cut about 1" in length instead of a round hole. Added some bumpiness, but they were receptive, lush and putted mostly at medium-speed.

A good day out, and would recommend at the good late rates.

Heard a rumour onsite that JC Golf is about to announce that they are taking over the management of San Juan Hills, which will be added to the JC Golf family. Oops... was this public knowledge??? If not... thunder stolen? ;-)
Was able to grab a late twilite creek card member $29 rate, teeing off a few minutes late at 2:52pm, and finishing in 4.5hrs, at just about sunset.

Course remains in very good/excellent condition from my last visit a few weeks ago. Fairways did not provide as much run-out, but did provide very good lies. Tees were good and mostly level. Rough was being actively cut much shorter at another 1" beyond the fairways, and was less penal. Around some greens, it was much longer, but was sometimes 'wispy', allowing the clubhead to get through easily enough.

Was in a few bunkers, and it was a medium-heavy. Greens were firm, held shots only OK today, and were a bit bumpy from the day's foot traffic.

Cart girl came by a few times. Great service and smiles from all staff. A good day out on a lovely 70+ degree day.
Played BG today at 2:32pm, $44 rate via their website. Teed off with 3 other guys, losing one to a hand injury just a few holes in. POP was very good being so late in the day - 4hrs 15mins, a nice pace, just a few short waits on some tees, but never really pressing the lady 3some in front of us. We barely kept up, and the group behind were likewise, slightly behind our pace at the end.

About a month since punching the greens, they looked great, and putted mostly smooth at medium-fast pace and held shots very well. Seems like they've been rolled and are almost 100% healed - barely an issue for putting results.

Tees were thin in spots. Fairways and rough are mostly good, with very good lies in the fairways, and providing pretty good roll. Holes 2, 3, 6, 12, 13, 15 and 17 were either full or substantial CPO, a bit more than normal. Was in a few bunkers, and they were decent - my skills were not.

Staff, as always, were all very friendly from initial greeting in the pro-shop, to the starter, cart lady and end-of-round cart lads. Top-notch and add value to the experience here. Burgers smelled great from the 18th fairway! Lovely day, hope to return very soon.
Course review: Really? You gotta be kidding me...

Played today with my two regular Monday partners and joined by a nice single woman who hit the ball pretty well, but took her sweet time with practice swings. POP 4.75 hours, all on us. $35 senior rider fee at 2:22pm.

Tees were either uncut, 2" rough-length and sometimes choppy coverage grass, or very thin, hard-pan with extreme difficulty even getting a tee into the ground. Very ugly to look at.

Fairways were a patch-mix of bare dirt, extremely thin grass lies, some good coverage/lies and/or any combination of thatched-grasses making up the rest. Very, very rare to have a decent lie. With all the rain we've had, I am puzzled as to why the fairways are in such s--t condition.

Rough - more of the same.

Bunkers were actually OK, a decent layer of 1" crispy lighter sand over a firm base.

Greens were punched about 3 weeks earlier. They are about a week away from being fully healed. Oddly, in spite of their very bumpy putting condition, and medium-paced greens, they were the bright spot of the course. Should be good soon. Cannot say the same thing about the rest of the course.

No cart lady. The female 'Ambassador' at the first tee came by and brought a cheery light midway through the round, which was appreciated.

Play elsewhere if you can. Please don't make me play here again for another year.
Played this afternoon at 1:39pm with another single and a twosome. POP 4.5hrs, with 10 minutes on us being a bit slow.

Course overall is in similar condition to my review in March. Greens were really good, held shots well and putted very smooth at medium speed.

Tees, fairways and rough were all decent - good condition, with no major issues.

Saw the cart lady a few times. Glad I got out again before they punch early next week, as I will wait at least a month before returning. One of the things I like about this course is that you typically get a chance to use every club in the bag.
Played Crossings for the first time in six months today at 1:39pm, with a friendly couple from Canada. Friendly greetings by the cart/bag attendees, pro shop staff and starter. POP was pretty good, finishing in 4hrs 20mins.

Course is still in mostly winter conditions. Tees and fairways are good, and fairways provided good lies and roll. Rough was highly inconsistent due to some grasses growing well, and others still dormant, creating tufts of grass behind my ball a few times.

Bunkers seem to have received some new sand, as the sand was very light/slippery, a few inches of fluff before you get to any base, particularly on up-slopes/faces. Easy to 'whiff' under the ball.

Greens are mostly, but not 100% recovered from their punching 6 weeks ago. Still, they were a highlight of the course - very lush and deep green, held shots well and rolled nicely at medium pace.

Course is good now. Will likely be great in a month!
Looks like I must've been a few groups behind Slicer today. $35 public rate via their web site - teed off a few minutes after our 2:24 tee time with two other singles - both fairly new to the game, but played well enough and were fun to be around. POP was moving well, with very short waits throughout, finishing in 3hrs 50mins. A very enjoyable round on a lovely, sunny day.

Played the white tees, which as usual during the weekdays are actually placed at/with the green tee markers. Other than a crowned #18 tee, all were pretty level and with good coverage, excepting most of the par 3s.

Fairways were awesome, probably the best aspect of the course right now. Certainly have dried out nicely now, cut a day or so ago, mostly good lies and provided some tremendous run-out. Drives were about 30+ yards past my typical here, even considering the green marker starting point. Rough was cut shorter than my last visit, was lush and penal but manageable, and still very thick/dense.

Was in a few greenside bunkers, and had good luck - good medium-weight sand, about 1/2-3/4" in depth, letting you go after it.

I thought the firm greens held shots OK, but weren't very smooth in putting. Greens weren't terrible, but the ball did bounce a bit and was medium-speed for the most part. Will say they were much better than the last time I played, and seem to be getting there - still not as good as San Juan Hills, nor even Costa Mesa at this point, imho.

Though I received an indifferent greeting in the pro shop , the starter staff were fantastic. Marshal was very friendly as well, and we had some good chats. Cart girl came by at least twice.

Highly recommend TC right now. Probably the best overall condition I've seen it in the last year.
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