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Played Gary Player mission hills 1/9/21..what can I say, I play Yucaipa Valley, Rancho Del Sol, Shandin Hills most of the time and if they are a 2 out of 5 Gary Player is a 6 out of 5. Nice fairways over seeded full and green, greens full and true...rough lift brown and dormant which makes course look very good and lets you have a fair lie in the rough. Used Under Par so 2 for $149, played Rancho Del Sol for $45 last week and I would say the $59 difference for the 2 of us was money well spent....
played 12/17,,,OK, one month ago the place was in very good shape BUT now with the colder weather and the dormant OVER watered fairways and greens under weather damage now I could not recommend this course till maybe JUNE. Why would you over water non-over seeded dormant warn weather grass? Like so many public courses they would have been better served to close down for a month and over seed with winter grass both fairway and greens...but with so much play because of Covid they have stretched the course too far.
Played Tuesday 12/8... dormant painted green fairways...some tight lies around greens..greens play well even hold on higher shots. Course is one where keeping it in he fairways makes scoring rather easy...I am a 17 handicap and shot 78 from the whites (par 70). Need to play a couple times to learn some of the odd places you just cannot hit your shots because there are many places that look right but they are not. Just one warning when we made the turn at 11:20 there were no carts left and guys/gals were waiting on them and course was not overly busy....covid-19 lots of single riders again.
Played 12/5 4 hour pace, greens small and in good shape...fairways dormant but for the most part good coverage...played here about 6 times this year and always score well as this is one public course you get good lies close to the greens and can pitch and chip very easily to the small greens. They have a set of gold tees that are super friendly for us older guys and gals..nice to have short iron ih on many par fours, as it should be.
Played 11/26 10 AM. What can you say, perfect fairways, great greens...OK, bunkers a little lite on sand, but well maintained. Just under 4 hour round.....Fantastic Driving range and putting green included in green fee....Lots of different holes, some with mile wide fairways, some a bit tight...Maybe one of the best public courses in California for the price.($100 Holiday) Plays somewhat harder then ratings for sure as lost balls out of play are highly possible on many holes. Will play many more times in 2021....if not for the pandemic playing golf and spending the night in the Hotel/Casino would be a no brainier.
Played Yucaipa Valley around 10 today, followed Ladies problem finished in 4 hours...Course looking better every week, greens about 80% back...sand still more mud/little sand (need to do more of a lob shot I guess) greens are fast enough that being above the hole is not advised....just hope we get a couple more weeks of warmer weather so greens can heal even more
Played Friday at 11:00, No starter and about 20 minutes behind because of early frost I guess. Starting Champions on back 9 is a challenge without a warm up and those players with a higher handicap or short off tees really slow play as double boggy or worse is going to be their outcome. after almost 3 hours we finely headed to the front nine, which thank goodness has 6 forgiving holes so just over 2 hours...course in fair shape, green very nice..always a challenge on the Champions, like many Legends is more to my 15 handicap ability. I always take myself out to play the Champions side when my handicap is on the verge of dropping because it is really a challenge for a short hitter even from the whites.
Played 6/3 only thing keeping it from perfect was a few dried out hard pan bunkers. They sold their sister course "Gary Player' and we played there 6/4, fairways and greens good, but bunkers no so good...also KiKuyu grass is showing up all over the Gary Player which needs attention now or it will be a problem..
Shocking, I took my wife to play there Thursday and after a week of me and her girl friends telling her how hard the course was..She shot a clean 85 from reds (she is a 19 handicap). Course was in very good shape and play (10 AM start) was right at 4 hours. I had a very low score for me also (shot 80 with a 17 handicap white tees) It had to be the greens at a very controllable speed and very few major breaks. Was funny last time I played there I shot 91? Anyway very enjoyable day, played with two men's club players that knew course and agreed greens very easier then normal....
Course very good condition, speed of play 4 hours, only problem was social distancing and safety totally NOT happening....ask City to look into it and will see if that lest 25% of players were not wearing any kind of face covering....Group behind us driving right up to us until 6 hole when the MONSTER I was playing we walked back and told them to get off his butt the rest of the round....we got a good 20 feet after that.......Love the course, as others have said several courses getting the Social thing right, this one needs some direction (poor follow through by Course manager). Played 5/01/2020
Only problem playing Eagle Falls is having to go back to the normal junked up public course for the next round...Course is in great shape, fairways are about as good as hitting off a mat. Greens are challenging in that there are actually undulations in many of them and the grass is so good it is a shame to walk on them with golf shoes. Yes real sand bunkers around the greens, good idea to hit a few practice bunker shots on the great practice area before your round. We paid $85 on a Monday morning and it is worth every penny....for us golfers from the inland empire we have nothing like this even our best Oak Valley or Oak Quarry are dismal seconds to this track.
Played today 12/27/2019 Was paired with a real friendly 3 some that play the course almost every week. Had a great time, played white tees and course was in very good condition..a couple long par 3's (five of them) were a little problem for the group but other wise everyone handled the course very well. Was told the course was up for sale again, came home and yes it is on loop net for just under 6 million. Playing games with the city to build housing is the bet...
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