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Played here with the wife on 7/04 as part of my birthday trip. Played it's sister course La Purisima yesterday.

This course is probably the best public course in the Central Coast area. The overall condition was great. The greens are small and wicked fast. The fairways were beautiful, with a few brown spots. The rough, like Purisima is just ridiculously nasty. I saw my wife's ball land in the rough and just disappear, just not fair to an average golfer. Easy to say, but stay in the fairways. The bunkers were in great shape and the tee boxes were level for the most part. Plays long from the Blue tees and there are some holes that can be confusing if you've never played here before. Lots of doglegs and some nice elevation changes. Like Purisima, they have no GPS, so download an App.

This is a beautiful course running through wineries and the course is lined with large oak trees. It has it's own version of Augusta Nationals "Amen Corner" and these four holes truly test your game and frustration level. No cart girl here either, but you can order food from the clubhouse at the turn. Plenty of cold water stations throughout the course, as well.

If you're headed up the Central Coast book a tee time here. Hwy 46 also has several wineries up and down the road, so if you like wine you can spend a nice couple days up here.
Took a trip up the Central Coast for my birthday and played La Purisima on 7/03 with my wife.

The greens are fast and in excellent shape. The fairways for the most part were in good shape, there were a handful of brown patches on a few holes, but not a big deal. The rough here is thick and nasty. If your ball isn't sitting up, you're going to have to muscle the ball out. The sandtraps were disappointing, as I was in a few greenside bunkers and they were real compact, almost concrete like. Tee boxes were hit and miss, probably more neglected on some holes than they should be. The pace of play was a little under 4 hours, we passed up a slow 4-some and didn't see another group throughout our round.

This course has a new owner and I hope he has the wisdom to keep it a quality course in the Central Coast area. A couple minor turn offs were there is no cart girl and the restaurant is closed Monday thru Wednesday...So bring a sandwich and plenty of liquids. Also, we were playing midday and on one of the holes a greenskeeper was watering the green as we were playing the hole. It was like a river running through the green and we couldn't even play a 2nd shot. Bad timing, I guess. Lot of tractors maintaining the course which was at times distracting, but again it could've just been the time of day.

We got a great deal, and the course is a beast, to say the least. If you have never played here before, get an App that details the layout, because there is no GPS.
I've reviewed this course at least once or twice before, so this will be my last review of Tierra for awhile. It just so happens that it is now pretty much my home course as it is only 5 minutes away.

Played here yesterday with my wife, tee'd off at 3:12 and finished in under 3 hours. Course is usually pretty empty during the twilight hours and you can usually get a good deal thru GolfNow.

This course is one of the best in the Ventura County. Tierra Rejada, Rustic Canyon, and Moorpark CC form sort of a golfers triangle off the 118 and 23 freeways. By far 3 of the best, if not the best, public courses in the area.

Tierra is in great shape from tee to green. Well, some of the tee boxes need a little attention, and the bunkers still tend to be hit and miss. But fairways and greens are solid.

You can read previous reviews on layout, but for the most part the front nine and back nine are two completely different courses.

Free appetizers during happy hours and they have good food and beer in the clubhouse. This is absolutely a steal at $30 a round with cart.

TIP: The driving range closes at 3pm during the week, so if you have a round scheduled after this time and need to hit a few balls, Tom Barber Driving Range is just across the street.
Came back into town from SLO on Sunday and was lucky to squeeze a round in at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark. Got a decent twilight deal, tee'd off at 2:20pm.

Course is in good shape, fairways are pretty tight and rough is well kept. The greens are quick with some nasty undulations. As in previous reviews, there is no real fringe, just kind of a blended fringe/green look. Many of these greens have serious slopes leading up and away from them, so if your short game is lacking it isn't uncommon to see a chip land on the green only to roll steeply down the other side.

Plenty of elevated tees and forced carries, wayward tee shots will find fairway bunkers or the mountains. Most of the par 3's are short par 3's, but I suggest when in doubt go with one extra club.

Usually plays 4 to 4 1/2 hours, but today was real slow and we finished with a 5 hour round.

This is a solid course, value is excellent at the twilight rate, definitely worth a look.
Played early on 4/25/13 with a buddy. Haven't played here in sometime and probably won't play again for sometime.

The driving range was irons only, and range grass was more like rough. The tee boxes were not maintained well at all, broken tees everywhere. The fairways were awful...Several tee shots I hit long and straight down fairway ended up in dirt or underneath a sprinkler which was on full blast. The rough wasn't too long, it just was so inconsistent. The bunkers, believe it or not, were actually in good shape. The greens were in good shape, rolled a little slow, but that was probably due to the morning conditions. Pace of play was about 4.5 hours.

No cart girl anywhere to be seen, but the burger at the turn was good.

This course is just disappointing, but it isn't too expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. Definitely better courses to play in Ventura County.
Haven't played River Ridge GC since early last year, booked a tee time for Sunday afternoon on the Lakes Course. This is a city owned golf course and for what we paid for the green fee plus cart, this course does not disappoint.
The Lakes course plays long, with water (hence The Lakes) coming into play on many holes. Like its sister, the Vineyard Course, it runs through a nice housing community. Errant tee shots can find their way into someone's backyard on a handful of holes, so stay straight. This course also has some nice elevation changes, and aggressive doglegs.
The fairways were in good shape, and the rough was thick, but not too punishing. The bunkers actually were in nice shape, light, fluffy sand. They protect many holes well. The greens were in great shape, rolled quick, but true.
If you're in the Oxnard area, check this course out. It is a muni that plays like a nice public course, and it is fairly priced. Our pace of play was right around 5 hours because we got stuck behind a 4-some playing from the tips, and had no sense to let a faster 2-some through.
Aside from that, this was a great deal that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Tee'd off at 10:38 as a foursome, got a decent deal thru GolfNow. Always enjoy playing this course, it's challenging enough and generally the pace of play is good, however today was a little busy and we got stuck behind some true hackers that were convinced they would find their errant tee shots in deep canyons where the rattlesnakes live.

Front nine is full of forced carries and blind tee shots, if you don't know course, you'll be in for a long day. Back nine is a little mundane, reminds me of a basic muni course, but it plays long.
The greens are in great shape, fast with nasty undulations. The fairways are also in great shape, they survived the winter well. The rough had some areas where I think should be cut down, but it wasn't punishing. The sand traps usually are in good shape, however my wife got stuck in two bunkers and the sand was like cement.

Pace of play was 4.5 hrs, even with the group in front looking for every ball they shanked into the hillsides. The food is top notch and the views from some of the elevated tees are impressive. Worth what we paid, and looking forward to more rounds here this year.
Haven't golfed since late November due to weather, work, and injuries. Finally made it out on Sunday with my wife, got a good deal through GolfNow and took advantage of it. It seems everyone else had the same idea as the course was crowded and running 15 minutes behind.

Anyway, not going to make a long review about Los was still in winter conditions, so the fairways and rough were, well rough. But we got a deal, got out after four months and enjoyed a frustrating round of golf. Definitely need to hit the range and weather permitting I'll be out on weekends again on a regular basis.
2nd day of our little getaway to Morongo. Yesterday my wife and I played Champions course and today we played Legends. Same great deal pre-booked through GolfNow.

The course conditions were pretty much the same as Champions course (see review) and the weather today was only slightly warmer than yesterday. Seemed to be a lot of maintenance going on with numerous vehicles up and down course.

This course has a little more kick to it than Champions, many canyons, barrancas, and the greens had ridiculous undulations. Lots of forced carries and doglegs abound. The wind going out added to your drives, but coming in it was nothing short of punishing.

Two complaints here, one is the same as the other course, no GPS and difficult trying to find yardage markers. The other is that this course does not make it back to the clubhouse after 9 holes, it plays 18 straight holes. There is a snackbar after the ninth hole, but it was closed. The cart girl was nowhere to be seen, so we got hungry and thirsty and were only able to live off our packed water and pretzels. Next time, we'll definitely plan better.

All in all, these two tracks (Legends and Champions) are nice courses, with excellent deals. I'd recommend you play both if you get a chance.

Morongo Golf Club Tukwet Canyon Review
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Little weekend getaway to Morongo and played Champions course with the wife on Sunday (11/11) . Never played here before, but we pre-booked on GolfNow and got a great deal.

Tee'd off at 11:15am and the sun was out, but it was very cold and windy. Temperature was in the high 50's. The course wasn't crowded at all, most people probably were wiser to stay home.

The tee boxes were in good shape, only one hole I found some difficulty finding level ground. The fairways were in good shape, however there were definitely some fairways with work going on. The rough was lush, and picnic getting out of if your ball is buried in it. For some reason I found a lot of sand traps today and they were hit and miss. Some very nice sand, some absolute mud. The greens were in great shape, and extreme fast with some nasty undulations.

Champions is a nice track, challenging enough for us, but not overwhelming. There are a lot of forced carries over barrancas and its easy to go OB on mi sh$t s. My only complaint was since there was no GPS it was difficult to know distance. They didn't have pole markers, and the plaque markers they had were hard to find, and they had few other indicators. The scorecard had yardage on it, but you would've needed a magnifying glass to read it. Since we never played here before, we couldn't get a true feel of how far out we truly were, especially with the wind being as nasty as it was.

All in all, definitely worth what we paid. Nice clubhouse, good grub, and not too far from Ventura County.

Morongo Golf Club Tukwet Canyon Review
Beaumont California Golf Course Reviews
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Been awhile since I've played and my last outing wasn't the best experience. However, had the day off and my wife and I got a great deal at arguably the best course in Ventura County...Moorpark Country Club.

We booked a tee time for 11:44a, but were able to get out about half hour early. Moorpark CC is designed with three distinctly different 9 hole courses and we played the Creekside-Ridgeline combo which is perhaps the most challenging combo. Lot of elevation changes, and many forced carries over canyons, and although it isn't a particularly long course, it can play longer because the wind can get nasty here.

The tee boxes are in very good shape, no trouble finding a spot to tee up. The fairways are for the most part in good shape, however there are a handful of areas under big deal, though. The first sand trap I landed in was pretty hard, but I only landed in one other and the sand was soft and easy to get out of. The rough is pretty clean, but it is deceptive. My first rough shot was hit way right after the grass twisted the face of my 6 iron. The greens were a little damp, balls held real well on wedges and mid irons. Moorpark greens are always fast, and the breaks are sometimes hard to read. Pace of play = 4 hours.

The staff is friendly, and the amenities are top notch. This course can be expensive, so try to find a deal online or through RedDot. We both had a great time, this course is of my favorites.

Moorpark Country Club Review
Moorpark California Golf Course Reviews
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Played Sterling Hills today with the wife, wish I would've read previous review prior to playing. This has always been one of my favorite courses, but like other comments it has gone down hill. The greens were the only part of the course in good shape, the fairways were a disaster for the most part...soggy here, muddy there, hardpan here, etc. I heard that the owner also own Camarillo Springs and instead of using a dedicated superintendent for each course, he is only employing one for both. Don't know if it's true or not, but it would make sense as I heard Cam Springs is crap too. I hope that the owner understands that Sterling has been and can continue to be a solid, value course in Ventura County, but he needs to make better decisions. Easy for me to say because it's not my money or investment, but I won't play here again until they clean it up.

Sterling Hills Golf Club Course Review
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