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Played 10-16-21 12:30 POP 4:20 Very busy day but it moved along fine. Course has dried a little since last time but still in over good to great shape. Greens mostly healed from punching. A few had visible holes still, but caused very few issues. Many greens had ball marks not healing. Greens still very firm and hard to stop shots. Fairways mostly green with good coverage, but noticeably drier from last time I played here. Still in very good shape with good roll out. Still a good recommend.
Played 10/1/21 3 pm. Last hole played mostly in the dark with glow balls. Course continues to be in over all very good shape. Fairways are green Bermuda with good roll. Ball sits very nicely. There are a few troubled spots mixed through out, but not many interfere with play. Greens were in decent shape. A few dead spots mixed through out along the edges. They were very soft and foot prints were deep making many putts bounce and move. I think they are in need of some aeration soon. Tees were in their typical Mt. Woodson "fair" shape. Even with the bumpy greens it's still a recommend.
Played 9/3/21 3:15 POP 4 hrs. Course continues to be in very good to great shape. Fairways are mostly full. Some small troubled spots mixed through out, but mostly in good to great shape. Ball sat perfect. They are firm with good roll out. Greens were in great shape. Very firm. You have to play 5 -10 yard shorter on approches. Ball ran smooth at a touch above medium pace. Traps were in very good shape. Players not raking the bunkers after play is a big problem here. Not sure why. Never seen it this bad before. A easy recommend.
Played 8/15/21 11:30 POP. 4.5 hrs $75 It had been a while since I played out here last, so thought I'd give it a try after reading Itslikeimsayin's review. I'm very glad I did. The course is in the best shape I've ever seen it. The fairway's are mostly green & lush with very good coverage. There are a few dry, wet, thin areas mixed through out the course, but over all they were in good to great shape. Ball mostly sat great. Greens were in very good to great shape as well. They were very receptive and mostly smooth. Again there are some troupled spots mixed around that had a chance to cause a little trouple if they were between you and the pin, but most in great shape. Saw a couple of bounces, but mostly ran smooth and true at a medium pace. They appear to be continuing to improve this course. Noticed they took out all the shrubbery on the right side of the 15th tee box. What a difference in the look of the hole. It has really opened that one up and is a big visual improvement. Saw the cart girl twice. Driving range in decent shape with some new range balls added to the mix. A fun mix of holes from open to tight tree lined. A easy recommend.
Played 7-25-21 8 am POP 3:45. The course is in over all good to very good shape. Fairways had very good coverage, green & lush. There were some dry areas, soggy areas and some areas that are still growing back in. Mostly in great shape. Ball sat perfectly. Greens were mostly in great shape. Many to most had some small to medium size areas of the greens, mostly along the edges, that were either still filling in or burnt and most likley will not fill in. The good areas were great. Receptive and were running at round medium pace and with a good roll. Traps were mostly in poor shape. Mostly made up of Firm wet/rocky sand. T boxs were good. Rough good next to fairways, then it was tall grass or forest. I really enjoy the mixed design of this course. Fairly open meadow to tight tree lined forest. Some driveable tempting par 4s to a few over 400 yrds and narrow. Carts are newish and comfortable. Good driving range included in fees, chipping area and large putting green. If in the area a easy recommend.
Played 7-11-21 3:45 $50 POP 3:50
Course is holding up well in the summer heat. Fairway's are olive green bermuda with very good coverage. Mostly great lies. There are some burnt areas mixed throughout the course, but over all in very good to great shape. Greens were their typical afternnon soft and bouncy. They are green, lush and receptive with a little Poana bloom. Mostly it's the afternoon foot prints that are the cause of the bumps. A little on the slow side, so you had to putt agreesively to counter act speed & bounce. Traps in fair shape. Tee boxs were decent. They get a lot of iron play so can be a little beat up. They have repalced the grass on the 8th tee and now it is in much better shape. Course was pretty busy, but we had no issues with pace and finished easily. Water coolers and rakes are back on course. Still my favorite twilight course in San Diego. Easy Recommend.
Played 6/27/21 2pm shotgun after Member/guest tourney. Fairway's continue to fill in with mostly good lies. Firm with good roll. Greens firm and fast with lots of undulations. The green complex's have easily added 3-5 strokes over the old flat greens. It will take a few rounds to learn the greens and they will still be difficult. New traps in fantastic shape. Over all in good to very good condition and improving.
Played 6/6/21 3 pm $45. No problem getting the round in. Waited on a couple of holes, but mostly ran smooth. Fairway's have really filled in since the last time I played here about 2 months ago. There are still a few clumps of grass that get behind your ball, but mostly good lies. New traps are in really great shape. Greens were running smooth at around medium fast. There were VERY firm. Really difficult to get the ball to stop. You really had to play for the roll outs on your approach. Especially with the new contouring. Second time playing the new greens. The old ones were flat, slow and predictable. These new ones are NOT! They may have gone a little to far in the new contouring? A fun track with challenging greens.
Played 5/15/21 4 Pm POP 4 hrs. Just got the round in with the last shots in very little light.
Course remains in very good shape over all. Fairway's mostly green and lush. They are bermuda grass with not much cushion, but played very nice with very good to great coverage. Greens were in good to very good shape. They are mostly Po annua and are seeding out now, so they can get bumpy and a little bouncy in the afternoon. They were receptive and ran around medium pace. Tees and Traps not in great shape as usual. Traps mostly thin & firm. Tees beat up, but in mostly fair shape. I've said it many times and it's still true. My favorite twilight course around.
Played 4-18-21 POP a little over 4.5. Very busy day. A fivesome in front of us played fairly slow. But still an enjoyable day with fellow GKers Matt, Blake and Kevin. Conditions of the course were a little disappointing. Fairways were non painted and only slightly green and dry. Running hard, fast and cut tight. The wind was gusty and made it even more difficult. Although hitting 300 + drives was kinda fun. Greens were hard running med fast to fast. Set a personal record for most traps found, but they were in very good to great condition. Service was great and the warm up area here is very good. Full rack rate will leave many to most disappointed.
Played 4/4/21 9:40 POP 4:15 Course was in all around great condition. Fairways full & lush with complete coverage. They were a little on the woolly side and could have used a trim. I was a little surprised, since it was a Sunday of a holiday weekend. Especially at their new increased rack rate. But, maybe it is just growing fast? The rough was very lush & thick at 3"-4". You definitely paid a price for finding it. Greens were a little firm, but would hold well struck shots fine. Rolled at medium pace and smooth. Traps were in great shape. No rakes. The valley is in prime time right now. Very beautiful. Love this course, but not to thrilled at their new rates.
Played 3/7/21 10:30. First time playing after renovation of greens. Have been looking forward to playing and seeing the renovated greens and course changes. It did not disappoint.
The green complexes have really changed from what they were and how the holes played. The greens before were mostly a tilted slope back to front. Now every green as multiple breaks and most have a small tier/table somewhere on the green making for some potential nasty pin placements. I felt a couple of the greens had a slightly "Hoaky" contouring, but I give them a over all big thumbs up and really looking forward to playing the course more often. New bunker locations around greens & fairways. Some have been removed and replaced with grass deflection type mounds. The greens had been lightly sanded a few days ago and were running about medium pace. They look like they could get really fast? They were still in really good to great shape and way better then what they had before. All the traps are brand new and had perfect sand in them. The big unfortunate is because of all the construction work there was not a lot could be done to keep the fairways in better shape. They typically over seed in winter but, obviously they were not doing that this year. So, the fairways were fair to good. Played better then they looked. Mostly dormant thin Bermuda with green fescue tiny patches mixed around. No big issues unless your ball stopped behind a green tuft, then contact got a bit harder. I felt the rake rate of $75 was a little steep, but still enjoyed the day. Looks like new carts but no GPS.
Overall recommend, but maybe wait a couple more weeks and let the fairway grass grow back a little more. I can imaging by middle of spring it will be in really good shape.
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