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Played 5/20/23 Most fairways in decent to good shape with good coverage overall. Some troubled spots mixed through out. #10 fairway is mostly GIR. Greens were in good to very good shape. Receptive and ran around medium pace. Poana caused a few wobbles, but over all good roll. Was not in any traps, but they looked hardpacked. Pace of play was acceptable with a little bit of waiting on almost each hole.
Saw the cart girl twice. Easy recommend.
Played 5/6/23 10:45 Played with fellow GKers Fastfish433 & mpisarski01. Thanks for the invite. A beautiful day on the course. Wind picked up a little mid day which can make some of the back nine shots a little interesting. Fairways were green & cut a little on the tight side, but they played great. Greens were in great shape. Very fast. Never seem them that fast before. Took a few holes to get accustom to the speed. They rolled true and were receptive to well struck shots. Rough was green and lush, but caused little to no issues. Traps consistent and in great shape. Parking lot was full. When we teed off there was no one in front of us or behind. We cruised through the first 5 holes and then caught the groups in front of us at #6. From there on there was some minor waiting, but not to bad. Love their warm up/practice area. I wish I had gotten there a little earlier to take advantage. The course is in over all great shape and a easy recommend.
Played 4/23/23 Walked on as a single at around 3:20. Play was a little on the slow side and we just got the round in before dark. Course is in over all great shape. Fairways green, mostly lush and good coverage. Rough was a mix of thick and thin grass with an occasional bare spot mixed in. Greens were in great shape. Receptive and ran at a medium pace. The Poana is starting to bloom so the ball can wonder a touch. Traps in typical firm sand condition. Tees in decent shape. #2 tee still under repair, so only front portion is open and pretty beat up. Worth a trip out, easy recommend.
Played 4-2-23 A very beautiful resort course. Very lush and green as you would expext on a rainy island. Fairways very lush and well maintained. Ball sat pefectly and played fantastic except there was very little roll out. Almost all distance was gained through the air. Very wide and forgiving on almost evey hole. Rough was the same and only cut slightly higher.
Greens were in great shape. Looked fast and grainy (Palm Springs) but were extremly slow. Really hard to convince yourself how hard you had to hit even short putts. They rolled decent. Were receptive, but the balls seldom left any marks. Traps were in bad shape. Mostly because of all the rain they had recieved. Hard packed and many filled with water. A nice practice/warm up area with range, large chipping area and two putting greens. Beautiful scenery all around with 3 holes played right along the ocean. Layout is very nice, but simple. Except for the ocean views and 1 short par 4 hole against the lava flow, no real Wow hole designs. I caught a nice break in the weather mid day, but be prepared for wind and rain on any day of the year. Steep on the cost side, but a nice treat.
Played 1/7/23 12:30. Busy day but was able to get 18 in right before dark. Course has improved since last time. Fairways still thin and wet but played fairly well. Greens have improved a lot. Still some minor damaged areas, but seldom would caused any big issues. A little bumpy, receptive at a medium pace. Tees and traps are still the weakest points. Cart girl made a round. Over all in decent and playable shape.
Played 12/9/22 12:20. Finsihed last hole in the dark, but was able to finish behind some slooow play. Course difinitely has many rough areas. Fairways are cut tight, very firm and are dormant. They have dyed them green. Which creates a little deception. They look lush, but are very firm and dry requiring good ball striking. There are a couple of holes (4 & 13) where a seamingly great shot down the middle will lead to the ball far off in the rough after roll out.
Greens are a little bit of a mixed bag. Most of the greens have some small to medium sized damaged areas that they have sanded. The good parts were very good. Very firm, quick with decent roll. Problem can be if you have to putt accross any of the damaged areas. Normaly the greens here are super soft, receptive and on the slow side. Today they were the opposite. I've never seem them this firm and quick before. I would like to see them like this more often. The 18th green is back open after their fertilizer mishape and was in good shape. Traps firm and inconsistant. Tees were in very rough shape. Tees have alway's been the roughest and toughest part of this course to maintain. They are small and get a lot of iron play so they get beat up often & easily. Over all the course is in fair to good shape, but a little on the rough side. A little over priced for the current condtions, but still very playable and a fun day out in some beautiful scenery.
Played 11/27/22 Looking to escape the holiday crowded courses, I took a small drive out to Arbuckle. A average size 9 holer in the farmlands. Very much a locals course with the nearest courses a fair ditsance away. Some minor elevation changes and norrowly tree lined can make for some challanging shots. Course was in fair shape. Fairways cut tight with spotty grass coverage. Some areas fine and others not so much. Greens still showed faint signs of the last areation. Were very receptive, bumby and slow. Some green sections have a strong break.
Not a course you would go out of your way for, but a fun distraction. I would have to say the $77 for 18 w/ cart is way over priced for the course at this time.
Played 10/28/22 8 am. POP 5 hrs (Tournament) Course is in very good to great shape. Fairway's mostly green & firm. Mostly good lies. Greens firm and ran medium fast to fast.
Traps in great shape. Easy recommend!
Played 8/24/22 3 pm POP 3:50 Fairways looked and played slightly better than last time, but still very firm and dry. The biggest issue at this time is with a few of the greens. Many have burnt out edges and few have bad spots in the interior portions. They had a mishap on #3 & #18. Looked like something mechanically caused. About a 3' wide swath of mostly burnt turf through the middle of #3 and most of #18 green was burnt. They appear to be recovering but are in poor shape. Was told a specialist from Las Vegas is coming to take a look at repair options. The rest of them, other than the edges, were in pretty good shape. Overall, the course is playing fine, just a little rougher than usual.
Played 8-21-22 1:40 $86 4 hrs + Course is looking good and playing well. Fairways mostly green with good to great coverage. There are some thin spots mixed around and you often find one, but mostly good to great. Greens were in very nice shape. Receptive and running at a solid medium pace. A little on the bumpy side. Traps were very firm & T's a little chewed up. Course continues to be in very good shape and a fun course to play. Easy recommend.
Played 8/7/22 3 pm POP 3:45. $ 52
Summer is taking a bite. Fairways are mostly greenish. Cut very tight and very firm. Not much cushion, so good ball striking is important. Many very dry/burnt areas mixed throughout. It is playing more like it does during winter dormancy.
Greens continue to be soft and on the bumpy side at a medium slow pace. Many unrepaired ball marks on this day. Even short pitch shots would leave a dent. A few dead damaged spots on many greens. Mostly along edges. Traps are a mix of good and poor. Most had a crust to the top layer, and NO ONE seemed to be raking their messes. T's typically in poor to fair shape with a lot of divots. Overall, the course is playing just fine, just not in as good of shape as it has been with the hot summer temps. Still very playable and a recommend.
Played 7/20/22 2pm $90 GN Hot deal. A challenging and fun mountain course. Narrow fairways with trees and tall grass lining sides. I lost a lot of balls by missing a little too mutch and found the tall grass. Nice layout with some fun hole designs. Fairways were in great shape. Lush but with not a lot of roll. Rough thick. Greens had been replaced a couple years ago and were firm with Good roll. They looked fast, but were medium at best. Many of the greens had some bad fungus patches, but mostly caused no issues. One of the better values in the area if you can find a deal. Truckee golf can be pricey.
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