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Played at 10am on 3/6 with Mr. Kich. Course is very playable right now. Greens rolling really nice save for a few areas. Fairways surprisingly consistent. Not terribly lush but no bare areas either. Rough, as usual, a mixed bag. The defense of this course is the trees and subtle 1-club elevation changes. Tees were fine. Sand Traps also very consistent somewhere between fluffy and hard pan. Waited on almost every shot but still finished in about 4:20.
Played with Mr. Kich on 10/5 at 7:20am. Not a whole lot to add to his review. Montebello is in average to above-average condition across the board, and is nowhere near the 3.0 review that was recently posted.

Greens were in great shape. Softer in the morning and firmed up a touch as the sun came out. Rolling really smooth and pure. The putting green by the pro-shop is a great indicator of the overall conditions of the greens. Stay below the hole!

Fairways were in average muni condition. They were definitely played thin and firm for the most part, but there were no issues with the lies and there was always grass under the ball. One a couple fairways, there were some noticeable dirt patches, especially on 18 fairway, but these were in the vast minority.

Rough was thick and sticky, especially in the dew of the morning. It appears to be growing out.

Tees were level. There were some areas with divot damage, especially on the shorter holes, but there was never a problem finding a flat patch of grass to tee from.

Like every other review, the sand is the obvious worst part of this course. However, while they were bad, they were consistently bad in the same way (very little sand), which made them fine to play from.

POP just under 4:30, good customer service from everyone. This is really fun layout that gives you a lot of options on a number of holes. Go play!
Played 8/6 with Mr. Kich in the afternoon after our morning at Soule Park. Found a great deal online and ended up paying $69 for one of the first twilight times. This was my first time out here, as the higher rack rate and distance made other courses in the area more attractive.

Greens were in great shape, save for quite a bit of unrepaired ball marks. Considering how small some of these greens are, it was a bit surprising. However, they putted very smooth and true, and definitely ran faster as the afternoon sun dried them out.

Fairways were incredibly lush and provided great lies to hit from all day. Rough was really thick in spots. It made club selection and line off the tee critical.

Tees were lush, level, and well placed. I found a couple to be pointing to a less than ideal line, but that might have just been in my head.

I was in a number of sand traps and found the sand to be consistent beachy sand that provided a fair test to play out of.

POP on a hot weekday afternoon was great and well under 4 hours. A group of guys who seemed more interested in the beer cart were more than happy to let us play through on the front nine and we were pretty much by ourselves the rest of the round. Customer Service was excellent, from Dave on the phone and in the proshop, to the starter who let us out a little early, the plentiful water jugs on the course were great on a summer afternoon.

OVI was in outstanding shape, provided a good test of golf, allowed multiple shots, and definitely required a good amount of course management. I still don't know if I'd pay the rack rate, especially with Soule just down the road (and Olivas, River Ridge, and Rustic not too far away), but deals aren't too difficult to come by, especially if you're able to play during the week or in the afternoon.
Played 8/6 with Mr. Kich on an unseasonably cool morning. Starter was very nice and let us out at our leisure as the course was pretty empty on a weekday morning.

Not much to complain about. My last time out here was in the thick of the drought and it was clear that the lack of water at the time really took a toll on the course. Now, Soule is about as lush as any other course in Southern California.

Greens were unquestionably the highlight of the course. Large and incredibly smooth, they putted true as can be. In fact, the slightly overcast and damp morning made them even trickier than usual, as the large linksy greens didn't play as firm as you'd expect.

Fairways were lush and provided great lies. Tighter near the greens to allow for various options. A few bare areas, but they were few and far between and for the most part relegated to the areas least likely to see play.

Rough was thick and lush and definitely provided a challenge to play from, especially near the greens.

Sand was a little hit or miss, but it didn't feel terribly out of place given the links-esque feel of the course. Greenside bunkers were soft and sandy, while fairway bunkers were more inconsistent.

The tees were for the most part in very good condition, however a few had quite a bit of divot damage and looked like they needed to be rotated a little.

POP was pretty leisurely. Mr. Kich and I were playing our GK Cup match, so we were probably a little slower than we would normally have played. A single did show up in front of us on 10 and never got more than a hole in front of us. A minor annoyance, but since we were still moving at a brisk pace, it wasn't much of a bother.

If Soule Park was closer, I would play it regularly and often. It's an absolute steal for the condition it's in. It's a very fair test of golf, fun and challenging for all handicaps (a plethora of tee options), a great layout, putting green, practice bunker, and customer service.
Played Sterling Hills on Sunday 1/13 between the rain on Saturday and Monday. I hadn't been out to Sterling Hills post-drought and since they started doing a lot of work on the course. I was very pleased with the progress they seem to be making. Lots of GUR marked off allowing the grass to take root and grow in. A lot of areas that would never be in play (i.e. between tees and landing areas) have been cleared out completely and either kept bare or allowed to grow out with vegetation. It seems like they are being very conscious of the areas that need work and water (fairways/greens) and focusing their efforts where it makes the most difference.

Greens were in very good shape. Soft after the rains, but running very smooth. The greens here are fairly large and tiered. Downhill putts required good touch to get the ball close.

Fairways are in good winter shape. Not very pleasing to look at, and a little muddy after the rain, but plenty of roll and good lies to be had.

Rough is mixed. Some deep grabby stuff near the greens. A mix of lush, thin, bare areas the further out you got.

Sand was not good after the rain. Lots of standing water in the fairway bunkers and very firm greenside bunkers. They may be doing their job of helping with fairway drainage, but they are not fun to play from.

Tees were level but had some bare areas and divot damage, especially on the par-3s and shorter par-4s.

This is a great value as they are trying to be the home of "all-inclusive" golf. Rates included greens fees, cart, range balls, and a full-size entree at the restaurant. Pace of play was right around 4.5 hours as a riding 3-some stuck behind a 4-some.

I really enjoy the layout and mix of holes at Sterling Hills. When conditions were so far below average, there was just no reason to play here with so many other quality courses a short distance away. However, if conditions continue to improve into the spring, and they stick with their pricing model, this will be one of the best values around.
Played on Sunday 1/6 with Mr. Kich. It had rained the day before which made for a bit of a muddy walk, but the course overall drained well and it was very playable. I always arrive at Woodley with very low expectations due to the relatively bland course and the average to below average conditions, but more often than not I leave pleasantly surprised.

Greens were the highlight of the course. Definitely slow and soft due to the rain, but they were fairly smooth. Some ball marks due the how soft they were and discourteous golfers, but it wasn't too bad.

Fairways were dormant and ugly looking, but there were fewer than usual bare spots and a good lie was not difficult to find.

Rough is always a grab bag here. Spongy longer grass, bare areas. Not overly penal, but it really stops your ball and can make some of the long holes even longer.

Sand was fine, average to above average. The rain had given it a nice crusty upper layer, and besides some standing water on a few of the out of the way fairway bunkers, they all played consistently and well.

Tees were a little beat up but it was not hard to find a clean level spot.

The pace of play was surprisingly quick for a Sunday morning. As a 3-some with 2 walkers, we finished in about 4:15 minutes.

No frills to be found. This is just golf, some of the cheapest around. You obviously get what you pay for, but sometimes you just want to hit the ball, work on some stuff, and enjoy being outside. Woodley is just the place for that.
Played on 12/2 with Mr. Kich and some new to golf friends on a windy day. Scholl should be a nice place for a relative beginner in that none of the holes are very long and things move decently well.

Greens were both the highlight and the lowlight of this course. They ran smooth and on the faster end of medium. There were a few bare areas and obviously a lot of unrepaired ball marks. The starter mentioned off the cuff that some of the pins were in tricky spots. That was an understatement. The pin locations were absolute jokes. On multiple holes, it was physically impossible to putt your ball and have it stop within 5-10 feet of the hole. For example on 10, the pin was back left on the ridge. I hit 4 putts (FOUR!!) up the hill 3 feet past the hole and each one rolled back 15-20 feet.

Fairways don't come in to play much, except on a few holes. They were fall/winter thin with some decent lies to be had.

Rough is practically nonexistent.

Tee boxes had lots of divots, which is to be expected on a short course. However, they were severely sloped which made it hard to get a level stance.

Sand was actually really nice. Slight crunch to the top layer and plush sand underneath.

I enjoy a shorter, quick course to work on my irons and short game. Scholl SHOULD be the place, but the combination of the unfortunate tee boxes, trash pin positions, minigolf holes on the back, and insanely overpriced range ($10 for a "medium" bucket?!?) mean I probably won't be back unless I'm really jonesing and can't get on anywhere else.
Walked the Blues on 7/1/18 @ 7:15am for $39.00 as a single paired with a pleasant 3-some. 4:15 POP

Greens were in really nice shape. They looked fantastic and putted very nicely. Definitely picked up speed as the sun came out. Back-9 greens were a little harder and bumpier, but not enough to cause any real problems.

Fairways were some of the nicest and lushest I have seen on a city run course in a long time. They were a real joy to play from. Good roll-out, fantastic lies, visible demarcation between fairway and rough. A very pleasant surprise!

Rough was actual rough. Lush, thick, and penal around the fairways. A little cut down around the greens, but still penalized you for missing in a bad spot.

I was in 3 green side traps and all had different consistencies of sand. Not the best.

Tees were lush and for the most part level. Not too much divot damage that early in the morning.

Good POP at 4:15 on a very nice day. Even let two -2somes through who were playing at a rapid pace just so we didn't feel pressed.

Not a bad price to walk and pretty easy to get on as a single. Get out to Hansen soon before the summer burns out this course!
Played on 3/16 at 9am with MrKich. Got done in just under 4.5 hours.

Greens were in very nice condition. Smooth and rolled very true. Unfortunately, they were slower than the putting green and some of the more exposed greens were running faster than the others.

Fairways, rough, and tees were in immaculate condition. Plush lies in every fairway, nice lies in the rough even, and as you spread further out and closer to the bunkers, there was an occasional gnarly lie.

Sand, and is there a lot of that, was very fair. Greenside bunkers usually had the heavier stuff while the fairway bunkers and other bunkers that blended into waste areas had thinner lies and potential rocks. It all blended very nicely.

The facility and customer service were top notch. Plenty of balls and places to hit on the range, huge chipping area, and smallish putting green. The starter was amazing, giving us tips and helpful hints to remember throughout the day. Plenty of tees and divot repair tools to grab on the first tee. GPS on the carts was really helpful as the greens were very very large and pin position was important.

Really fun layout that makes you think with the bunkers, large greens, and waste areas.
Played on Sunday 3/18 on the way back from Phoenix. We'd heard good things about Founders and were able to snag a last minute time at Victory.
Greens were running pretty fast. Not the prettiest, as this course is still relatively young, but putts rolled very true. Also very firm, which made a few pin positions especially challenging.
Fairways, Tees, Sand, and what rough there was on this desert course were all in fantastic condition. Plush lies in the fairway. Harder lies if you strayed. Rocks if you were really wild.
Customer Service was great, from the bag drop to the beverage cart, which we saw multiple times.
This layout is tremendously fun. Great mix of holes. Fantastic views, which is why it's such a shame they are putting in so many homes. The par-5 18th is a sight to behold.
Great grass range, as well.
As the course matures and the greens and rough fill in, this is going to be a must-play.
Played on Sunday 4/1. Course was in good shape and had recovered nicely from aeration.

Greens were running pretty smooth, downhill putts could definitely take off on you. Occasional ball marks here and there that our group did our best to repair as we moved along.
Fairways have greened up nicely. A few bare spots, and you definitely get some nice roll on tee shots, but very nice coverage throughout.
Rough can be patchy, some bare areas and some thicker areas.
Sand was a mixed bag on a slightly overcast day. A few greenside bunkers were very damp, borderline muddy.
Quite a bit of divot damage on the tees, but even lies on every hole so it wasn't too tough to find a good stance.
Really fun layout. Nothing to trick you out here. Course plays long, but makes you think with a lot of strategically placed fairway bunkers and water hazards.
Got out at 2:45pm on Sunday 9/17 with MrKich and some friends. $24 including cart was a good price to pay, and we barely were able to sneak in 18 holes as the days keep getting shorter :(

Greens: Soft enough to hold shots, yet deceptively quick. Lots of mounds that aren't obviously visible unless you scope out the green fro multiple sides. They were a little bumpy so late in the day and there were some notable bare areas (especially left side of #2) that really affected putts. Tons of unrepaired ball marks, but that's on all of us to fix.

Fairways: Mostly lush with good lies. A few bare areas and a few extra spongy areas. Definitely playable throughout.

Rough: Lush and spongy for the most part, with a few bare areas near course boundaries, and some extra lush areas near trees. This led to some inconsistent lies, as on one whole (#8), I was stymied by a thick spongy mass, then on my next shot from almost an identical lie, my club slid through the grass like a warm knife through butter.

Bunkers: All were in very good shape. Fluffy sand with a nice firm layer underneath. I was in 4 bunkers and all had very similar sand.

Tees: Mostly lush and level with some areas with significant divot damage, especially on the par 3s and short par 4s.

Overall, Chester Washington is a fun track with some interesting holes. I don't get out here too often because I rarely feel like putting up with airport traffic, but when I do I always seem to enjoy myself.
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