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Played this course on Wednesday, August 7, 2013. We were one of the first groups out, and the course was playing a bit wet in the early hours, but dried up quickly. Right now, the course is in pretty good shape. The greens are well maintained. Truly a shot maker's course, be careful with ball positioning off the tee. One of the hardest elements to scoring on this course is the severe undulation throughout the course. Finding a flat lie is difficult, and your short game will be tested around the greens. Good luck trying to chip with a well-lofted club from a severe downhill lie. Very undulating greens, and at times they do not break in the direction you may think. A definite test to your game, but you can score if you manage your distance well. I think now is a good time to play the course based on its condition, but there are a few patchy areas around the greens and in parts of the some of the fairways.
Played 6/20. The course is in very good shape right now. The biggest problem they have is their greens. Many (if not all) of the greens are splashed with patches of foreign grass. Additionally, many marks have not been repaired (c'mon people), and consequently, it rolled a bit bumpy. It's very difficult to get a good read on a putt since a smooth putt may still roll bumpy and turn on many of the inconsistent patches. Tee boxes, fairways and rough is in perfect condition. If you haven't played this course before, warm up prior to your round and score on the front because the back 9 is about three times as difficult as the front. Cart girl comes around often, and the marshalls are as helpful as they can be. This is a beautiful course and is playing very well right now. For the price, it's one of the best courses you can play in the summer as there are wonderful summer breezes.

The Crossing at Carlsbad Review
Carlsbad California Golf Course Reviews
Played on 6/15/12. Course is in really good shape right now. I think the worst part about the conditions is how damp and seemingly saturated the greens were. Specifically, they were very receptive and you can be aggressive, but they were very spongy. Interestingly, despite how soft and wet they were, they were still relatively fast. The tee boxes, fairways and rough are all in great condition. Only saw the cart girl once on 7. It seems like a great time of year to play this course. We booked a fantastic deal on golfnow (although I hate admitting this fact at the risk of all of you taking a spot I may want in the future). In any event, the course is playing great right now, and the staff was equally excellent. I would have liked to see the beverage cart a bit more often, and possibly a bit less water on the greens. Other than that, it's a great challenge, and in pretty good shape (I'd say an 8 out of 10 in course conditions).

The Golf Club of California Course Review
San Diego Golf Course Reviews
Fantastic track. We played this course on Saturday, March 4th (2012) and the course was in spectacular condition. The only part of the course that was not in great shape were some of the greens. Specifically, at times there would be patches on the green of different types of grass. This is common for courses that see a lot of play since golfers shoes typically carry some sort of other grass from prior rounds, and it begins to grow with the native grass. In any event, tee boxes, fairways, bunkers, rough, and just about every other part of the course was well kept. The layout is challenging, but not overly penal. You certainly have to have your yardages dialed in to score well with numerous elevation changes, and nice ocean breezes from nearby Pismo to veer your shot off course. Nonetheless, the challenge is not so great as to ruin a good round. Apparently, they are under new ownership, and the former front nine is now the back nine, and vice-versa. It was my first round, so it didn't make much difference except that my GPS app on my smartphone was outdated, so double check to make sure you are on the correct hole if using such an application. Conclusion: great value, great condition, great location, and wonderful experience. I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10.

Monarch Dunes Golf Club Review
Pismo Beach California Golf Course Reviews
A friend of mine made the drive this past Friday (3/2/12) and played. If you have never been there, it's definitely worth testing out. This is a very unique and challenging layout. The elevation changes combined with the natural and man-made hazards make this a true test. Unfortunately, the tee boxes were in very poor condition, and there are literally no paved cart paths. The various undulations and tiers on the greens will certainly challenge your short game, and require many approach shots to be played on the proper level to avoid 3+ putting. Currently, the greens are in fair to good condition, and were rolling at about an 8-9 the day we played.

Conclusion: The course is currently in moderate to good condition, and it is worth trying if you haven't played it before. I'd rate it a 6.5-7 out of 10.

La Purisima Golf Course Review
Lompoc California Golf Course Reviews
Played the course on Friday, August 26. Course is in much better shape than it was last Spring when I played. The fairways were pretty lush, mowed and well maintained. Greens (as expected) were a bit dry and very quick. They rolled true and were kept up pretty well. For the price, I would go back in a heartbeat. While the course wasn't completely immaculate, they are keeping it up in great condition despite the rough summer heat. Great layout, and a good value. I'll be back!
Played February 18th - For the most part, the course was in pretty good condition. Not spectacular, but the fairways were kept well, the greens rolled true and semi-quick once the morning dew dried. Despite elevation changes, it was not terribly difficult to find a flat lie. As for the staff, that's an entirely different story.

Backdrop: My playing partner planned an entire day of golf consisting of 36 holes. We drove roughly 100 miles (one way) and booked a 7am tee time (we left at roughly 5am). The weekend prior, my partner called to ascertain whether Monday was a normal weekday (this was President's Day) thus enabling him to use a player's card yielding an add'l discount. After being told it was, he called back the next day to speak with someone different and again confirm what he was told the prior day. He was reassured by the employee in the pro shop that Moorpark was in fact considering it a normal weekday. Story: Upon arriving at the course on Monday, we paid and the employee at the pro shop informed my partner that he could not use his player's card b/c it was a holiday, and thus having booked online he would be getting a double discount (something Moorpark does not subscribe to). My partner expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that he was told twice one thing prior to driving in excess of 100 miles to only find out that was not the case. He made it clear that the money was not the issue, but rather the lack of policy consistency. In true gentleman fashion, my partner exclaimed that it was not the fault of the man behind the counter, to which this employee replied, "I know it's not my fault." GREAT customer service there (sarcasm). Anyways....

We had planned on playing 36 holes utilizing Moorpark's replay special of $40. After finishing our first 18 holes, we spoke with the starter to ask about our chances of replay. He stated, "sure...if you don't mind starting at 3:30" (it was 11am at this point). He also said to check in the pro shop. When we did, we were told there was a 11:15 tee time we could have. The guy inside called out to the starter to ask if he could put us in the slot, but the starter said no b/c they were backed up. Keep in mind that while we were on the course we had to pass an extremely slow foursome who backed the course up, and not once during the entire round did we see a marshall on the course. Great course management Moorpark, and way to turn down paying customers when you have an open tee time.

Ultimately, we left and played at Robinson Ranch - a much nicer course with a great and accomodating staff. I will not go back to Moorpark b/c they are rude, unprofessional and terribly disorganized. While the maintenance crew does their job, the rest of the staff is either poorly trained in customer service, or just doesn't care. Either way, there's too much good golf in the area for me to waste my time and money to be treated as if they do not need my business. Your best bet in this area is to head over to Rustic Canyon where the course is definitely better and the staff acts like they're actually glad to see you visit their course.
My round there was nothing short of a great experience. For starters, the gentleman behind the counter was personable and able to get me out very quickly (I was a single walk-on). This course is semi-private meaning non-members can play whenever/wherever there is a spot. I played with a group of members that were jovial and extremely hospitable. Who needed a caddie when they were willing to assist on every shot and had great course knowledge? The course was in phenomenal condition. Specifically, the tee boxes were immaculate, the fairways trimmed perfectly, the rough was thick enough to challenge you, but not so thick you could not find your ball. The greens rolled true and were in great shape (albeit extremely slow from the recent overseeding). The course has tons of character and is a true desert course as demonstrated by the desert waste areas bordering many of the holes. This course surprisingly has an abundance of lakes and water hazards, and meanders through a community of homes and natural habitat. The fairways are pretty generous, but many of the extreme doglegs, blind shots, and elevation changes make this course pseudo-challenging and eventful. If you're in the area, play this course. The price is very reasonable for what you get, and the experience is without a doubt worth the small price you'll pay to play this course.
Where do I start? So, while visiting my sister who lives in the area, I decided to stay local and play the course nearest her house. Bad decision. Had an early morning tee time a few days ago and we were rushed to the tee 20 minutes before our scheduled time. Once off and running the marshal decided to follow us for the first three holes and thought aptly appropriate to run his gas powered cart during nearly every swing. To make matters worse, he decides to tell us to speed it along notwithstanding the fact that we were waiting for the group ahead of us when he did so. On the front nine, some sort of course employee decided to run their gas powered carts with maintenance equipment past us on nearly every hole making it impossible to focus on your game. We finished the front nine in one hour and forty minutes (as a foursome). As for the golf - the tee boxes were the best part of the course. They were immaculate for the most part. Fairways were mostly hard pan with tons of 'ground under repair' and it was extremely rare to find your ball resting on grass (mostly hard packed dirt or sparsely grown dormant grass). The greens were marginal at best, and the overall character of the course was more reminiscent of a COPS episode than a golf course as demonstrated by the fine trailer park living that adorned much (if not all) of the holes. Did I mention this course is astronomically overpriced? They should pay you to play there. At most, a weekday fee there should be $20. After all, you're in the middle of nowhere where property values resemble the days of doo-wop, and an errant tee shot is likely to nail Jed while he shoots at some food. At least your green fees at Troon or TPC Scottsdale pay for watering the grass in the arid desert and a plush clubhouse. Here, it seems as though your paying the wages of golf course employees seeing as how it seemed as though there were more of them than golfers. In sum, avoid this course at all costs! If you would like to enjoy your round of golf and behold the beauty of the natural Arizona desert, fork up the dough and play one of the more posh courses in the Valley, or alternatively hit up Cimarron up the street for about $20 more and an entirely different experience.
Played this course on Friday, October 20th and the course was in immaculate condition. Like many, I had heard all of the hype re: this course and was surprised to see that it lived up to the type of hype this course received (as is rarely the case). From the clubhouse to the greens, this course is a must play. The bar key was friendly, attentive and accommodating. The starter was personable (I think he does stand-up at night) and the beverage cart was readily available. The tee boxes were in excellent shape and the maintenance crew must be working overtime b/c it was rare to find many dead spots on these boxes...including the par 3's. Fairways were beautifully grown and trimmed and the rough was brutal (as expected at this course). The pot bunkers lived up to their reputation and the Road Hole made you feel like a tour pro. The greens were true, quick (but not obscenely so) and rolled brilliantly. Definitely one of my best golf outings! If you have the opportunity, pony up the money (or win it in the casinos) and plan a round at Royal Links.
Played on Friday 10/13. Spaul100 was about 85% accurate. Perhaps I hit my tee shots in places he didn't (which is likely true since I've played with him before...he's usually down the middle). I found a handful of patches with dead grass and parts that should have been roped off. Overall though, the course WAS in great shape.

On to the staff: The last time we played, my friend attempted to use a coupon from Socal Golf magazine and somehow the starter found a reason NOT to honor it. I don't quite recall the details since my friend had booked the time and dealt with the starter while I waited outside. This time I went inside and attempted to use a different coupon and it was again not honored. Read the fine print when attempting to use the coupons and perhaps call first and force them to promise you they'll honor your usage of the coupon.
Played the course on Friday, September 29th. Unfortunately, we missed our tee time, but the starter was able to put us out within minutes of our arrival. Despite a tournament on the course, we finished as a twosome in four hours (with daylight to spare). Staff was friendly and we saw the beverage cart often. As for the golf, it was marginal at best. Tee boxes were in fair shape, the rough was tremendously thick and the greens rolled very slowly. For the most part it's a boring layout and many holes run near the freeway. If you're a local, it's a great bargain. We played twilight for $11 on I wouldn't recommend the course, but it's worth the green fees just to get in a little practice.
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