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Just a quick update for Riverside. Played yesterday, 3-24-19, tee time was 7:00, second off. Course is in decent shape. Greens were rolling decent, still had the morning dew on them. But the fairways in spots were tough, not sure if they had a tournament the day before but there was a TON of divots that weren't covered up with sand. I know the big City Am tournament is coming up and the rough is starting to grow in thick in many spots. But overall, typical expectations of Riverside. They get a ton of play, especially on the weekends. If you don't want to fight the crowds and this is the only option, get out there before 8am. Tiny greens, so make sure your wedge game around the greens is up to par!
After the Fresno area has gotten POUNDED with rain the last couple weeks, and after calling around to see what courses were CPO, and even one course was no carts at all. Dragonfly was allowing carts on course, which at first, I thought they were just trying to get more people out playing on a Holiday Monday, but sure enough, the course drains well!

Rates out here are quite interesting, they change by the hour, which we teed off after 1pm. We thought there was a chance of finishing but wouldn't be shocked not to.

Overall, the course is in decent shape, especially with how much water we have gotten in the area lately. The tee boxes weren't cut in a while, and there was some uneven grass areas. The tee markers were in much smaller areas to protect the overall tee boxes. The fairways are dormant right now, but have good coverage, and they were wet, but never had a mud ball or a ball that plugged. The greens were soft, and never plugged either. Only issue was putting, with the greens being so soft there was a ton of spike marks and putts would bounce around, especially around the cup.
Bunkers had a lot of water in them, and you can see that they are trying to reconstruct some and dig into some of the faces that might have started to collapse with all the rain.

Overall, one of the top courses in Fresno. They have bumped their prices since Fig Garden closed down at the end of December, but heard Riverside has done the same.

Make sure you bring water with you, there is nothing on the course for drinking!
OK, I have written about Sherwood in the past, and I was VERY worried about this course! It is a hidden local spot, that doesn't get a ton of play outside the ones who want to get away from the busy courses around Fresno. My thoughts have started to sway in the past month. First and foremost, I received an email in early December from the owners, or the daughter who was taking over the course to inform people who subscribe to their emails that course improvements were going to begin in the winter and proceed into the spring.

The issues that many of us that play out at Sherwood have always complained about were many of the things that were on the list.

I have played out there twice in the past couple weeks, and I will be the first to say, the email and the improvements are noticeable! The fairways, are actually looking like fairways, where as before there was good areas, and then there were areas that looked like a thick patch of rough in the middle of the fairway. There now is a significant different in fairway length and rough length. The fairways are getting cut properly and you actually can get some run out on the fairways. The rough, is thick in areas, but still playable.

The greens, first off, when you played Sherwood in the past, you always expected SLOW greens. Well now, those slow greens are a thing of the past, instead of getting some hairy, thick grass on the greens, they are rolled and cut well where the ball moves much faster than one used to be accustomed to. But there is patched that they are trying to fill in with one of the old putting greens. This is something that shows they are making efforts to improve the course. So this was understanding of the rough patches that they are trying to alleviate.

All in all, I think this course will get better as long as they continue to make these improvements. I think with now, the right care that this course is getting, I think it will be a much better course to play.

Will it top some of the bigger and better courses around the Fresno area? No but if you want to work on hitting less than driver, and keeping your ball in the fairway and out of the trees, this is a course that will really make you think, and hit clubs to certain yardages, not only off the tee, but into greens! Not a bombers course because it still is VERY narrow in spots and if you get into the trees, you have to get creative and/or take your medicine.

Rates are fair, get on their email list and they send out lower rates. They are also on Golf Moose as well!

Hoping the improvements continue out at this old course!
It was great to get out with my fellow GKers last week! The course was in really good shape! The greens were pretty soft, probably due to the wonderful Valley heat we’ve been getting. But the course as an overall whole, was in very good shape. It’s great that there is a noticeable cut from the fairway to the first cut of fairway to hold wayward shots. The heavy rush, was very lush and very penal. Looking forward to getting out soon!
Best hands down short game area around the valley. Worth the drive out to play this course!!
Played Eagle Springs twice in the past couple weeks (discounted rate). Course is in really good shape! Especially with the triple digits we have had out in the valley the past couple weeks. There are a few patches here and there of yellow dry grass, but overall, the course conditions are really good. Fairways are lush and pure! Greens are soft and hold shots well. Biggest thing with this course, there is a lot of greens that have a lot of undulations on them. Missing in the wrong spots can cost at least one extra shot. Biggest thing within this course is to keep it in the fairway! The rough can be tough to judge getting out, I had more shots come out dead than I did flyers but playing an extra club or two helped out at times. There are some great tee boxes that have serious elevation changes that give unreal views. Just in the summer and in the dry grass, watch for rattlesnakes! Overall, this is one of the best courses in Fresno, but its a pricey one for full price.
This round was played on Saturday June 2nd. Tee time was for 7:30. Landed up playing by myself, despite them trying to pair me with another single, but they never showed up.
First tee, the starter literally was not feeling his job. Cranky old man. Next thing, check the yardages before you play. Especially on this course, with a TON of elevation changes the white tees are fairly short. Under 6,000 yards. There is a "combo" tee with whites and blues, but never saw them while playing the Blues.

This course was in GREAT shape. I had a local email me some help to play each hole which helped quite a bit throughout the day. One difficulty about this course was hitting on severe downslopes and upslopes. The greens were moving quite fast, which made for a good day on the greens!

The course is quite broken up, there is a few times, that if you aren't looking for signage, you might land up in the wrong spot. The front nine crosses itself, and the back 9 starts with 9-13 together, and then 14-18 on the other side and around the clubhouse.

Most of all the holes are right in front of you, and you can see where you want to hit your shot, there are a few holes, where you need to hit around or over trees, hole 14 is take it around the eucalyptus, but you need to make sure you don't hit it left and into the houses, which have nets around them(many holes) or you can attempt to hit it over, which I did with a Hybrid. Hole 15 is a short Par 4 which requires a straight shot through the trees to a protected green with a pond right and a bunker left.

On the front 9, the 8th hole was probably the toughest hole on the entire course. You are hitting up to a fairway that has a ton of elevation, OB left, and OB and trees right. But if you cut the right corner you will either be in two fairway bunkers or in between, which I was. But you still wont have a few of the green because it still rises up to a well protected green.

All in all this was one of my favorite courses I have ever played. The course from 1-18, was in front of you, but kept you on your toes with so much elevation changes +/-. Know that the greens are fast, and you will have some awkward lies throughout the round. But if you want to play a course through the hills of Arroyo Grande, this is your course!
Just a quick update from the other reviews. Have played Madera the last couple weekends. First weekend greens were still a little slow with sand and needed a mower. Last weekend, the course was were it usually is!! Two things to be aware of, first thing is the rough! The rough is thick in places and makes for fairways to be hit! It's not a bad thing about the rough but most courses have thin rough and can be easily played out of, but Madera you've gotta be in the fairway on most of the holes and not just rip it and not worry about where it goes. Second, bunkers, which are always a hot button topic it seems. Too many hard pan lies. But also you think you have a good solid layer under the ball but it's not what you may think. Too often than not, its a thin layer and then hard pan.
All in all, Madera is a good solid course. Golf Moose and GolfNow, always have deals. I walk, and it's a simple and easy walk.
Went out and played on my birthday (33). It was pink Monday, wear pink and the prices are $29/39 on Mondays. Reserve your tee time early!
Anyways, the greens were mowed that morning and after a short freeze delay we got off the first tee less than 10 minutes after our scheduled tee time.
The greens were soft and receptive but pretty quick despite being soft and moist!
The fairways were dormant like CenCalHack said, but in great shape none the less.
The course is in really good shape despite the cold weather we've been having.
I landed up shooting a 74, which is my best round of my life and gives me high expectations for year 33 in this life!

I've been really using the back range and the short game area a ton. Like I've said before, they have the best range and short game area in the Central Valley!
My review will be similar to CenCalHack's and won't be long due to previous review. I played today 4/20 and the tee boxes were well trimmed, they are letting tee boxes recover and markers are smaller than I've ever seen before. The fairways, are nothing like a fairway, they are long and I hit a few perfectly placed drives, and had to hunt for my ball, knowin full well it was in the fairway and it was sitting down in thicker grass.
The weird part was, was they had mowers out when I had gotten to the course, but the fairways were not cut on any of the holes. They had about 4-6 people in the maintence shed when I came off of 9, which doesn't make sense. There was also a maintence worker, working on the ditch that runs along Hole 6, but couldn't figure out what he was doing.
Greens were dry and typical slower speeds like Sherwood is known for. Bunkers had grass coming through certain parts which was odd.
It's a goat track, and there's gotta be some way they can cut back some of the branches in certain trees, but then again, that adds to the difficulty of this course!
Curious to know what is going on out there with ownership.
This won't be one of my longer reviews, because my previous review on this course is fairly accurate to the course still.
We played a couple weekends ago, and was right after the Fresno area got over an inch of rain, and we got even more rain the morning of our round and rained a bit while we were playing. It was cart path only which served well because the fairways were like soaking wet sponges nearly the entire round. There was a lot of heavy wet spots in certain areas, mostly the flatter areas where the water from the elevation came to rest. But all in all this course is always in really good shape! Just outta the way and for $75 bucks, it isn't too high on my have to play courses around here.
4 words... Golf Now Hot Deal!
We got our round for about 30 bucks which is 50% off of the typical weekend rate!
Was pretty busy when I arrived, Pro Shop didn't have range balls when I walked in but didn't bother me much, saw the crowd on the range and on the first tee, so it was a busy morning. But the round and course was great! The first couple holes we were waiting on each shot, but by the 4th hole we were crushing with little to no wait!
The course itself is lush green from all the rain we've gotten the last couple months. There were a couple bunkers and waste areas that had some standing water in it but the course itself was great! The fairways were cut tight, and there was little to no heavy water spots, so you were getting some nice rollout on drives in the fairway. The rough wasn't too penalizing but in spots the ball would sit down. The greens they were slower, probably due to a light covering of sand but it wasn't heavy sand just very light as if it was done weeks ago but I wouldn't complain, I was putting them well!
My only let down from this great conditioned course was the bunkers. There was sand in them, but there was a lot of rocks, and pebbles in the bunker areas. And the sides of the bunkers were all hard pan, which is understandable since the rain probably forced all the good sand down to the bottom of the bunkers. Just had a couple hardpan lies which didn't makemitnessy getting out.
Overall, great course and hoping to get back up there again before it gets too hot!! Also, try the taqueria right off the 99, it is super good!
Won't go into super detail, since this is my 3rd review of this course. But played on Super Bowl Sunday before the game. Got out around 10:30 after the early morning wave. There was a couple groups in front of me, playing as a single. First thing, the course was still EXTREMELY wet in places. Was really shocked it was not cart path only. There was a lot of areas that carts had been through and tore up the turf pretty badly. But most of every fairway was still playable.

The worst fairway would probably have been Hole 11, due to the fact the fairway is at a slope from left to right and how the water drains into the waste area on the right. That brings me to my next point, a lot and I mean a lot of the bunkers had standing water in them. Some at least an inch to two inches of standing water. We did get hit hard Friday afternoon with a huge storm that dumped in that area! There were a few bunkers that are going to have to be redone I'm sure. Hole 7, the greenside bunker on the left is probably one of the most effected since it sits below the green and is in the bottom of the bowled out area where all the water seemed to collect. A ton of erosion on the face of that bunker. I really hope they lay a ton of new sand in all these bunkers because they had some of the better bunkers in the area.
Greens were moist, but not slow at all. They had a lot of the pins in places where there was a lot of break which made putting tough. But kept you honest!

Word to the wise.... Get on their email list. They send out weekly discounted rates for certain days but always changing.
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