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You seem to be in a minority group here badukhon. Most people, including me really enjoy this course.
With any luck perhaps you won't return and that will leave a spot for someone who does like the course.
This is one of the few old style courses left and one of the earliest in Orange County. Always a pleasure to play here and the staff is helpful and friendly.
Go try Pelican Hill or Monarc Bay and let us know where you get the most bang for the buck.
How good does it get?
Played 3/31 early (7:10) and ZOOMED around in 3:10. Threesome in front pulled away, Threesome behind couldn't keep up. It was like we had the course to ourselves.

As usual, the course was in excellent shape, greens rolled true and pretty quick, bunkers were raked and the sand was just right.

Been playing here for over 30 years and love it. It has reachable par fours and fives for us seniors.

Wish they would offer a senior rate like some of the other courses in the area do.
Played on a DD special e-mail ticket for $29.00 on 11/10 and went out at around 8:00 as a two-some. Still held to pace of 4 somes in front but certainly no complaint. Got around in about 4:15 and the course is in superb shape.

One of the most bang for the buck deals in OC with the Donovan discount.
EBurris1 - You stated that amatuers rely to much on GPS. ?????
How do you think the pro's know there distances within feet of pin.
There caddies use GPS units to measure every feature on the course prior to start of Tourny.
The info in those handy little note pads were not from guess work.
Perfect weather and the course has recovered from the heavy rains in middle of last month.
The construction is moving kind of slow it seems, the new 15th hole looks like it could be interesting, 16 is still un-changed as is 18, but 17 has been ruined forever. It is now a 280 yard par 4 but will be a little longer when the new 15, 16, and 17th holes are completed.
New sand in traps, greens were nearly perfect and the staff got me out in a record 12 minutes from time of arrival.
Always a fun day at D. Miller.
Hey Snoogs - Stay in LA and play Pico or Chester Washington or Brookside. They play Soooooo Fassst
First time here in about 15 years. Still a very fun and worthwhile course to play and very reasonable rates. Greens for most part were in good shape. Some player neglect. A few morons must think that greens are self repairing.
The bunkers were only fair. Wet sand in most. I tried 5 of them.
4 hrs of enjoyable play on a Thursday a.m. start.
A perfect day. Played on May 25th, it was overcast all day and no one was playing golf that day. Arrived at 7:20, on the course at 8:05 in a threesome. The group/s ahead of us were moving very nicely and we never saw a group behing us. Amazing. 3-1/2 round.
This is the perfect course for the average amature player. Realistic par 3's and par 5's and reachable par 4's in the mid to upper 300 yard range.
My only complaint with this course is that a few of the tee boxes need rebuilding. I rated the sand traps as great because I never got in one.
I pretty much echo what Gntloryntl had to say. I have been playing this course since the early 70's (I'm old) and the greens have never been better. 0 complaints here.
Not all the Fairways are in pristine conditon, but I had no bad lies.
Grass gets brown in hot weather. So what. A 3-1/2 hour round in
Southern Calif. even on a week day is unheard of these days but we did it.
The fringe around the greens is fluffy and very unforgiving. You gotta be committed or it will cost you.
All in all - A great day with some great guys. I may learn to like this game if I can learn how to play it.
A lot of well deserved complaints about the greens on this course. I agree.
Kick up the speed a couple of ticks, mow and roll and bingo, great course.
Have your greenskeepers visit Los Lagos or Mesa Linda to see what greens are all about
Better than I expected or remembered from a few years ago. If your a anti sound freak like the pro's then the freeway noise on a couple of holes may be a bother.
Diamond Bar is a very fair layout with some challenging par 4's and par 3's. Hole 16 comes to mind.
My only complaint is that the greens were much slower than I expected and most were pretty bumpy. They just aerated them a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully they will improve over the next two or three weeks.
Overall - a nice place to play.
My onl
This course along with Los Lagos is almost always in very nice playing conditions. If I were a Costa Mesa resident, I would play here 2-3 times a week as they get almost 50% off of green and cart fees.

My only complaint is that if you ride and get stuck with a group of walkers, they charge you $14 instead of $12 and act like there doing you a huge favor.
I don't mind not getting a senior rate but the cart issue rubs me the wrong way. Wish I could walk a full 18 and they I would have no complaints.
Listing 13 to 24 of 65,323 Course Reviews
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