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Second round on Thursday was at Rancho Del Sol, formally Moreno Valley Ranch with GK Gurus. For me, the build up to play this round was tremendous being I never got to play MVR before it closed and it seemed like it was going to be closed for good. Very few golf courses are resurrected now days. Man what a pleasure.

Add to my excitement was to be able to play it with Itslikeimsaying and sixpez … basically MVR historians. These guys were better than Google at filling me in on each hole, changes to the holes if any and some of their previous experiences. Was awesome teeing it up with Keith who came out of his golf hibernation for this round…. which of course he birdies 18 (good thing it was not for the BCB).

I loved this layout. The Mountain nine (back nine) is a special piece of property and Valley nine (front nine) was a blast. The Lakes nine is no more so there’s your 18 holes. This is a tough golf course that played much longer than the 6100 blue tee scorecard. Every hole is a challenge and fun to take on. I snapped a bunch of photos and posted them here so please check them out. Especially take a look at the Mountain nine (back nine) wow. I was taken in by the wide scenic views and loved the 13 – 17 stretch. Hole’s 15 and 16 are amazing and worth the trip to play this golf course at least once.

I thought the golf course was in great shape. Lush fairways that had damp or dry areas at times but provided good lies to hit from. Greens, bent grass, rolling smooth, holding shots, and medium/fast. Rough mostly thin adjacent to the fairways but long around the greens complexes and especially greenside bunkers. Speaking of the bunkers, they are in great shape but due to COVID-19 no raking so lots of footprints. Tee boxes were in very good shape, mostly lush, some divot damage on the par 3’s but no big deal.

There is no clubhouse or driving range. The old clubhouse is going to be demolished, not sure of the plans to build another but they are operating out of two trailers. COVID-19 Masks required in trailers and in the general common area near the trailers but not on the golf course. We played in the afternoon, teeing it up at 2:15 and easy finished 18 holes. Wow, the Mountain nine in the afternoon with the shadows and lighting is golf picture taker like me dream.

Service very good and friendly.

Only downside is there is a lot of housing development construction taking place near the clubhouse, holes 10 and 18. Hole 18 is now a par 3 as a result. I don’t mind finishing on Par 3, especially after thoroughly enjoying the Mountain nine. Highly Recommended.
Played Classic Club Thursday with GK Gurus. Classic Club recently reopened from COVID-19 precautions on September 1st and before you know it will be closed again for overseeding on October 11th. It’s one of my favorite layouts in the Palm Springs region that I had originally intended to play earlier this month after our Desert Willow outing but couldn’t so had to get out there for special trip.

The golf course was COVID-19 cautious in that there were well defined areas around the clubhouse requiring social distancing with mask required. Mask not required while playing or practicing. They encouraged single cart riding (not required) and what was cool is every cart had their own rake. It was the first time I raked a bunker since March and given how beautiful condition the sand was, it was a pleasure to do so. Best bunkers I’ve played with exception to Pebble Beach and Spyglass this year. Also we played the last day of using the contraptions that have the bar on the pins so you can use your putter to lift it up. I talked with the golf shop after because many of those contraptions did not work being bent out of shape and looked pretty shoddy. They told me they were going to be having pool noodles in the holes moving forward staring the next day! - LOL - the noodles are better for sure.

Had some time to warm up and forgot how fantastic their driving range was. It’s all grass, huge and many green complexes to hit to. On the course, I found the conditions as expected due to the heat and nearing the close of their summer season. Greens bermunda, slow, mostly dry but rolled smooth. My problem is how to read the bermunda grain … which I always struggle with. Fairways, lush, with some dry areas but also damp areas which played a little inconsistent as far as firmness but beautiful lies all day. Rough, similar to the fairways, not quite as lush, not long and easy to escape from. Tee boxes in great shape. Love how big the tee boxes are out there. Bunkers as mentioned, exceptional. Overall the golf course was in very good shape.

Service was fantastic and personal.

As far the layout and experience, everything at Classic Club is grand. Large fairways, large bunkers, large lakes, large greens and long. Massive clubhouse and as mentioned practice facilities. You know you’re teeing it up somewhere special. A PGA Tour caliber golf course for sure that used to host the Bob Hope. Highly Recommend.
Thanks to everyone that came out! I posted a recap in the forums with some photos and more thoughts so please check out.

As I always my review is more from an group organizer perspective.

Sometimes outings don’t always go as planned and you need the golf course to step it up. I did not expect anything less from Desert Willow Golf Resort being I’ve experienced so much great service from them over the years but it sure felt good when it became apparent many GKers where going to be late for their tee times due to an accident on highway 60. Cody the starter immediately and calmly assured me everyone was going to play regardless of when they arrived. That if they needed too they would push tee times back or even create a special shotgun start for the late arrivals. We needed to adjust pairings and he was on it. Always letting me know not to rush our players so they could enjoy their practice facilities and have a great round. Big thumbs up.

Service throughout the entire outing process of locking in date/price, reserving tee times/dining, organizing the activities for the day and staying informed Desert Willow Golf Resort gets a 10. Once at the golf course I always love the staging area prior to play with the practice facilities in full view of the golf carts and starter. I never have to be concerned with not knowing where groups/players are. Speaking of practice facilities the large grass range, short game practice and putting green are exceptional. The clubhouse is gorgeous and outside patio dining with delicious food and views of holes 9 and 18 of the FireCliff Course makes for a wonderful way for our group, and any golfer for that matter, to cap off the day.

I was told the golf course would be in great shape and despite the scorching heat wave the week before it was true. Lush carpet like fairways, lush tee boxes and rough, beautiful bunkers and bermunda greens that did show some heat stress but overall where in good shape.

Yes, Desert Willow Golf Resort delivered, and so did our awesome sponsors LINKSOUL golf appareal and GOLFMOOSE golf discounts. Thanks you to all. We’ll be having an outing for sure at Desert Willow Golf Resort next year and you’ll want to make sure to come out for it.
Great times Thursday out with some GK Gurus (9/2) at Omni La Costa Resort Legends Course. We did single cart riding, never waited, started at 12:15ish and finished in 4 hours. Weather was beautiful and the golf course certainly had the “resort” feel to it.

We’ve had outings and past GK Guru visits on the Legends course all in the winter or fall after overseeding. Well, things have changed, for the better, with no more overseeding to compete with the warm weather turf so although the golf course was not as bright green color in the past, it played bettter. The best conditions I’ve ever played it actually. Full coverage in the fairways, rough, and tees. Beautiful paspalum fairways groomed nice. Level lush tee boxes. 2 inch rough which was mostly kikuya with paspalum and bermunda turf mixed in. When the golf course was transitioning away for annual rye grass turf it had some spotty coverage, looks like they are well past that now and the results show. Even the greens are improved although on Thursday they were longer than normal in preparation for the upcoming heat wave. The greens rolled smooth, medium/slow and were firm. Weak spot for the golf course are the bunkers which have always been a weak spot out there. Granted we are still in COVID-19 protocol however they are due for a restoration. You can still easily play your ball from them but for a high end course they are below average.

As far as service, missed the valet parking as it’s a long walk from self-parking. But at least the self-parking is not across the street in the mostly dirt lot anymore. It’s right next to the resort now. Still would have been nice to have a shuttle service but to be honest the walk did not bother me much. As far as staff, top notch. Everyone professional and courteous. Be warned although at the present time they do not have an on course food and beverage service. Missed that. Could have used a cold one out there on the golf course. Even the snack bar on the golf course was closed. They do have some water stations at the clubhouse and on the golf course so that helped. Just make sure you have plenty to drink before your round. With this Labor Day heat wave you need to be prepared.

This is a very fun parkland resort style layout with some risk/reward par 5s, tough par 4s and good mix of Par 3s. I thoroughly enjoy this layout every time I play it I just wish I could figure out the greens. They feature lots of hard to read subtle breaks that play games with my head and are well protected by bunkers. There is a creek that comes into play that is strategically positioned on some holes. In addition the gorgeous large sycamore and eucalyptus trees throughout will wreak havoc on your score if you’re not accurate off the tee.

Bring your game and relaxed resort attitude. You'll have a great time.

Highly Recommended
Had a 12 noon tee time in Carlsbad Thursday (9/2) so it was an easy decision to grab a quick 18 holes at Goat Hill Park in the morning (7:30am). Thanks AndrewZ28 for setting it up and mpisarski01 for joining in! We played in 2.5 hours riding.

Always a great time at a golf course with the coolest vibe around. Fun to wear a t-shirt and shorts enjoying the relaxing Oceanside coastal temps. It’s a unique golf experience on many levels. First and foremost you have to hit the ball straight out there and be on with your iron game/putting. The golf course is vastly, massively, underrated in difficulty. Want some great exercise, walk Goat “Hill”. Want a tasty local craft beer to chill and lick your wounds after the round, they got that too. Anyway, the golf course in the middle of a ton of big improvements as AndrewZ28 describes so please read his review. I remember playing it years ago when LINKSOUL (owner) took on the restoration project and there were so many large bare areas (like over 100 yards large). They had a phrase there called “goated” which meant you just missed the green or fairway and your ball decided it was at a skate park vanishing hundreds of feet wherever the hard pan bare areas would take it. That’s all but gone now. Amazing. So much new turf and more grass being planted. Come Spring 2021 I think the complete facelift of the place will be near complete. But I doubt the improvements will ever stop. Linksoul has so much passion for this place.

Current conditions are spot on with how mpisarski01 and AndrewZ28 describe. Place was very wet although in preparation for the Labor Day heat wave. I posted a bunch of photos. I love this little track. It’s rough around the edges right now for sure but still worth a visit in IMO. Just don’t expect great conditions. I’d say they are fair to good overall right now. Give it another month and it should be much better.
Played DeBell yesterday with Mattias, rgm2525 and Ringworld. Great time. Teed off at 10am and finished in 4 hours. Thought the golf course was in very good condition.

As much as DeBell beats me up because it demands extreme accuracy and distance control on every shot, it’s always a fun challenge. Being a long hitter is hardly an advantage which serves me best on most other golf courses. If you never played DeBell, you glance at the scorecard and you think you might have career round – LOL! – yes maybe with number of lost balls. Now factor in very small tricky greens compliments of designer Billy Bell and get ready for a wild ride.

Overall the golf course was in very good shape. Better than I expected with the large volume of play it’s been getting for months since reopening. Greens were soft, smooth and moderate speed. Tip: this golf is built into the mountain so to read the greens correctly you need to take a wider perspective of the hole designs. Fairways mostly lush with just a few brownish areas. Amazing considering the recent heat wave. Rough mostly lush with not much room out here and if you on the green stuff instead in hills or canyons you’re grateful for any lie in the rough. Bunkers had poor sand quality with some of this attributed to COVID-19 but mostly in need of new sand. Tee boxes, they are very small and hammered with divots which was to be expected. So much play and with most holes requiring iron off the tee there just is not enough tee area to go around.

After the round we had a drink on the patio which is a fantastic 19th hole. From the patio you can watch golfers teeing off on the monster Par 4 Hole #10. Service was excellent with strict COVID-19 protocols in place.

I need to play here more often. Like I said it is very fun unique layout. But also it’s a strong mental test to play well. Check out the photos I took. Recommended!
Thanks to everyone posting reviews that attended GK Plays Mt. Woodson Golf Club. Playing golf together and posting reviews are the foundation of

This was a great outing despite having to reduce its size so the patio could accommodate all us of due to COVID-19 safety protocol San Diego County mandated. No indoor gathering permitted. I’ll be posting a recap of the outing on today as well as make a Facebook post about it. In the meantime here is my review from a group organizer perspective.

This was our 4th GK Plays outing at Mt. Woodson Golf Club and every one of them has been fantastic. It’s a very interesting fun golf course but what also makes the outings so good is how great the staging area is for small outings like ours. The patio and small clubhouse are perfect to host up to 48 players with a cool comfortable vibe, good food and an excellent stocked selection of San Diego’s finest craft beers. Centrally located I could even run my check-in from the shade covered patio while saying hi to everyone rolling up, finding their golf carts, practicing putts, hitting balls from the practice cage and teeing off hole #1. Makes everything go very smooth. The staff from booking the outing to following up during our time there was excellent. They made sure it was all set up perfect. On the golf course the beverage service was on us all day making sure during the heat we never lacked hydration.

From a playing conditions standpoint the outing was originally schedule for June when the golf course is in peak conditions before Summer has had a chance to dry out the fairways and rough. When the heat wave hit this month I knew we would have some brown areas out there. However I also knew the Bermuda turf would hold up despite the light to brown color as a hitting surface and it did. Greens are always beautiful at Mt. Woodson and that was true on Sunday. Tee boxes are always divot riddled due to how small they are and the need to play irons and hybrids off the tee for ball position. Howwever there were move divots than I had ever seen this time due to the immense amount of play the golf course is getting because of COVID-19 and the fact the other golf course, San Vicente Inn and Golf, is closed for renovations so Mt. Woodson is the only game in Ramona. Still the tee boxes were level and you can easily find a good spot to hit from. Bunkers, and I found many, were mostly COVID-19 firm with no rakes which was tough to hit from due to the difficulty of them. When we finally move past this pandemic that would be the area I’d like to see the most improvement to playing conditions addressed. Overall, the golf course was in very good shape and pleasure to play! The layout, views and fun factor is so high there. Highly Recommended. I posted some photos so check them out.
My second round was at Sterling Hills Golf Club at 1:47pm with GKers GDR23, rgm2525 and sbarajasjr. Great time!

Worked out perfect to play Soule Park in the morning to beat the Ojai heat and then play in the afternoon in Camarillo where the weather in the Summer is almost always perfect. We left Soule Park around 1:00pm with the temps in the mid-90s. Got down the mountain to 101 in Ventura/Oxnard and the place was still cool/overcast in the low 60’s but upon arriving at Sterling Hills low 70’s, sunshine and perfect. Tell you what, could not plan it any better. Soule Park in the morning and Sterling Hills in the afternoon is great day of golf in Ventura County.

Conditions at Sterling Hills are very good with the greens in exceptional shape. The greens are always in great shape at Sterling Hills but Monday they might have been the best I’ve ever played them. Fast, smooth and mostly firm. So fun. The turf through the green is in good shape with the fairways, rough and tee boxes mostly lush Bermuda/Kikuyu with some browning. There are bare areas on the golf course but they are in sections of the golf course where it is highly unlikely a ball will go (such as just off the tee). The bunkers are mix between firm wet sand and good sand. I noticed some sod replacement work going on which to always good to see a golf course investing in improvements. The most notable is the front right side of the #9 green.

Sterling Hills is a moderately hilly golf Par 71 IMO. I chose to walk it and I got a great work out but don’t recommend walking if you are at all physically challenged. It’s a long walk from the 9th green to the 10th tee so its good idea to pack a snack/water so you don’t have to stop at the turn for bite. Afterwards by all means hang out for a bite. They’ve got good food at a decent price. I posted some new pics so check them out. Recommended!
Fortunate to play 36 holes of local golf Monday that started with a 7:20am tee time at Soule Park joined by GKers GDR23, rgm2525 and Pedro7170.

Last year Soule Pak Golf Course for second straight year won GK’s “Most Worth The Green Fee” for all of Southern California. This track has always been a hidden gem with its excellent fun design surrounded by the gorgeous beauty of Ojai. The course deserves all its praise and wonderful to read all these positive reviews. With traffic much less than pre-COVID-19 on the 101 make plans to experience this golf course. It’s currently in great playing condition with moderately fast, smooth greens that hold shots, lush fairways, mostly lush rough, excellent white sand bunkers and mostly lush level tee boxes. You’ll experience friendly service and fast Pace of Play. This golf course checks all the boxes. Check out the photos I just posted. Highly Recommended.
It had been 12 years since I played Mojave Resort Golf Club and in that time frame I have read the reviews and driven by the golf course periodically on my way to Bullhead City. It’s had its ups and downs in that time frame. I visited the golf course last year after they made a management change and again in March. It’s definitely trending upward so I decided to do a GK Plays outing there despite the typically very hot temps in Laughlin NV in late July. I’m glad I did. The golf course was in very good summer shape and I forgot how fun the layout is. We have a GK Coupon posted here on for just $25 for 18 holes w/cart – that is a fantastic bargain to play this golf course.

Our GK Plays outing had a small turnout but we definitely enjoyed ourselves on Sunday. My first outing there and certainly will plan on more. Staff treated us very well and since we teed off early we did not feel the effects of the heat much. I really like the Par 3’s out there which 3 of the 4 feature have forced carries over water. The Par 5’s are a blast too with many opportunities to get home in two. Throughout the round we were treated to beautiful views of the surrounding Mojave Desert. Another nice plus is they have a beautiful grass driving range to warm up on. I posted some photos so please check them out.

The only drawback is the trailer used as a clubhouse if you wanted to do a big outing. However they will make arrangements for temporary structures to accommodate large groups.

As far as conditions, the golf course was summer lush with excellent fairways and deep rough. I’m still having nightmares trying to find our groups golf balls on hole 10, LOL. The tee boxes for the white and some gold tees were predominately closed due to a level/sod replacement project taking place. We played most of our round from the green tees. Next time playing the course I want to experience it from the gold tees. The greens were slower than expected but I’m guessing that is out of necessity this time of year with average high temps around 110. I’d like to experience the greens when they are rolling faster however they did roll smooth. Bunkers is where the golf course needs the most improvement and upon talking to the management this is a main focus. Many of the fairway bunkers are being removed this summer which explains why some of them had grass currently growing in them during play Sunday. Greenside bunkers had decent sand but there is room for improvement as far as grooming. Overall, considering the time year I was very happy with the shape of the golf course.

Laughlin/Bullhead City attracts lots of water recreation visitors being right on the Colorado River. It’s definitely worth your while to bring your golf clubs for an early morning round at Mojave Resort. And if you are a group organizer it’s worth your while to have an outing there as well.

THANK You everyone that came out our GK Plays!

GK Plays Reflection Bay! – Here’s a review from a group organizer’s perspective.

Reflection Bay’s group/tournament services and team were excellent lead by Head Pro Kevin Eng and Tournament Director TJ. Organized and professional from the start with a straight forward group sales agreement. Prior to the outing TJ provided prompt replies to all my questions as there were many given this was my first outing since COVID-19 started. On the day of play I arrived to find everything set up perfect as I requested. This was a straight tee times outing because of COVID-19 precautions (no shotguns allowed). All players had their own golf carts and needed to sign a waiver in the proshop. Carts and contest signage was accurate and had our logo on it. We were pleasantly surprised by a special coupon the golf course gave to each player prior to the outing for a deal on merchandise. Due to COVID-19 there was no on course food/beverage services however the golf course provided free bottled water/ice prior to teeing off and at the turn. Players were encourage to take as much as liked. During play their GPS system regularly reminded groups that were falling behind pace their status to keep our outing flowing better. The GPS system is excellent with accurate yardages and no advertising to distract. After play they set up a separate room for our group with tables social distanced and an outing menu. There was wide variety of choices to eat and drink. The food was delicious and served quickly. Unfortunately one of our players suffered heat sickness but the staff of Reflection Bay promptly provided the proper care to help with the situation. The entire staff was dedicated to making our day excellent. After last year’s outing I said I would come back the following year for another…that holds true again.

As far as the golf course, fantastic design to play that appeals to all skill levels. Challenging yet fair. Very scenic with beautiful surrounding terrain. Always kept in excellent shape although this year due to COVID-19 the golf will not be overseeded so come winter/early spring it will be dormant. This is an exception not the norm. What this does mean is the golf course will be in excellent warm weather turf conditions all the way through October and not have to close down for overseeding.

The only drawback was there is no driving range at Reflection Bay. On a positive note they have a nice practice putting green located near the 1st and 10th tee to keep things organized. They also have some hitting stalls to get your swing loose.

Check out the photos I posted from our outing. They are beautiful. I’ll also be doing an outing write up this week in the forums about the day.

THANK YOU to everyone that came out to play!

Highly Recommended.
Our fantastic weekend of Southern Nevada golf started at Cascata for a GK Guru outing. Fantastic as always. I snapped and posted some beautiful photos to go with the many reviews being posted by GKers – Thank You!

As a total golf experience only Pebble Beach beats it out for me because, well, it’s Pebble Beach! Cascata is a must play for any golfer that can afford it (it’s worth it!). As you’ve read in many reviews prior to mine and have heard, if golf had a desert Disneyland, it would be Cascata. Even though some of the ride attractions were suspended due to COVID-19 precautions, like complementary snacks/fruit/drinks in the clubhouse and locker rooms, the rest is open. I always make sure to get to Cascata at least an hour ahead of my tee time to enjoy a delicious breakfast and without question the most beautiful practice facilities I’ve experienced. Nothing like walking through the doors of Cascata to hear the sound of rushing water cascading through the clubhouse that starts at the top of the mountain of the driving range. Staff is beyond friendly and helpful. You’re treated top shelf from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. This is a very special golf experience.

Golf course was in outstanding shape in the heat of summer. Exceptional greens running fast, holding shots, smooth with a Cascata caddie to help you read them. So fun! Fairways besides the new Bermuda sod that was fine to hit off, lush and beautiful. Rough lush and particularly difficult greenside. It’s a mix of Bermuda and Poa with the ball always sitting down. Bunkers simply perfect. Beautiful white sand kept up by the golf course and caddies. Tee boxes lush and level.

As far as the layout, please check out the photos I posted and those posted from my visit last year. No way can I describe it better. Try not to drool – this it desert mountain golf at its finest.

Part of the Cascata experience is a caddie. Due to Covid-19 everyone had a separate cart including our caddie. Made it more difficult for the caddie to give his full attention to each player but David did a great helping us with putts and tracking down errant shots.

I’ve only played Cascata during the summer rather than overseeded and in season. Still more than satisfying and I don’t know many desert courses golfers can feel that way about it.

Highly Recommended!
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