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We started 2020 off by playing Tijeras Creek at 8:00 with 2 foursomes. It was a perfect day for golf with no winds and temps in the low 70's. I really love this course and usually you can ease into your round on the front nine and hopefully be warmed up by the turn so you can tackle the tight back nine.......not so today though, they changed the rotation and had everyone start on 10.
The course is in very nice shape right now and even with all the recent rains was fairly dry and carts were allowed throughout the course. The fairways were nice for the most part but did have areas that showed damage from water, the rough was penal and a little long but you still could advance the ball, the tee boxes were level, the bunkers played well although they were a little inconsistent, and the greens were the highlight of the course. They rolled smooth, held shots and were semi fast but not unfair at all. Even when you were above the hole you had a chance to lag it close. I recommend playing here right now and it will only get better.
We played here yesterday teeing off at 9:15 and 1:30. We did need to wait on most shots but still got our round done in 4.5 hours which isn't to bad. We played here a lot years ago but rarely tee it up here with all the other options around. For $30 to walk this is a pretty good deal and an easy walk. Course conditions are what you would expect for a muni, everything is average but very playable. If you play here from the tips it can be quite a challenge. The course is super soft right now due to all the rains and the greens were a little slow for my taste but we had a great time with perfect weather and ended 2019 by chipping in for birdie on 18!!! Happy new year to you all.
Played here at 7:15 this morning. I think this is the first time ever playing here for me and I thought the course was a joy to walk and play. The greens were the highlight running pretty fast and smooth. They held shots well and had a lot of undulations. Tees were level but chewed up, sand was fine, and the fairways were mostly lush with a few bare areas. The pace for a Sunday was actually very good at just under 4 hours. I would definely play here again given the chance. The rate was $45 to walk which I thought was okay for a Sunday morning. FYI, rumor is the rates are increasing $5.00 after the first of the year.
I played here yesterday with 31 others. We have been returning to TCI every December for the past 10 years. With the recent rains this is the worst i have experienced the conditions. Here is a break down of what it is like right now.
greens-excellent rolling fast a smooth 9/10
tees-wet, long, chewed up but level 6/10
Sand- was overall pretty good but a little wet right now. 8/10
fairways-On Stonehouse and Oaks you could find a dry place to hit from. They should get better if the rains subside and the mowers can get out.
The Creek Course is a mess right now. Since it is much flatter than the other two nines the water does not drain well. I went into the pro shop on and told them i thought they should close the Creek nine as i thought it was nearly unplayable. We did end up having to play it in the mud but when we finished i overheard them saying the Creek Course is closed now. We would have much preferred playing the Oaks course but enjoyed our time and will be returning next December if the new owner(Pechanga Resort) will have us.
Played Hondo yesterday at 2:00 and believe it or not almost finished. I have always enjoyed the layout and conditions here. On this day however, the course is looking a little rough. I know the fairways can be tight, a little brown(dormant), and run out but at this time they are a little too bare for my likes. Maybe its a time of year thing but i would wait a little bit until things improve before returning. The greens rolled nice with a few bumps and the tee boxes were level so just need to work on the fairway grass and rough.
Played here today teeing up at 7;30 and finishing at 11:30 walking. I really like Rancho Park Golf Course. It is a pleasure to walk, provides plenty challenges, and the old school lay-out is super fun. Conditions right now are good for a muni however as always they could use some TLC throughout the course. Greens ran smooth but still had a little sand on them and debris from the trees put still was able to get 3 birdies. I would give everything a 6.5 out of 10 except for the design which in my opinion is a 9. Use every club in your bag and hit all kinds of shots to score well. I highly recommend playing here if you can get an early time.
We played here yesterday teeing it up at 10:30 and finishing in 4.5 hours. I don't get a chance to play here much because it's an hour drive without traffic and the men's club takes all the early tee times on Mondays which is when I play. This is such a great golf course to walk and play. Reminds me of Rustic Canyon! The conditions right now are really good. Tee boxes were excellent, fairways were great, and the greens have healed nicely and were fun to putt. This course can be a real challenge with coastal winds blowing but it was perfect on this day. I look forward to coming back.......great course, great setting, and very enjoyable conditions.
With fires raging and winds blowing in Ventura County we decided to head south. At $70 (senior rate) and nearly an hour drive I don't get a lot of chances to play Arroyo Trubuca. Noticed on GK that the greens were aerated a couple weeks ago so thought it was a good time to give this place another try and we were glad we did. This really is a great track with beautiful views and interesting holes. Teed it up at noon with perfect weather finishing in just over 4 hours. We waited on almost every hole but still managed to get around fairly quickly. The course is in very nice shape right now and will only get better from now on. Tee boxes well level, sand was consistent, and not much rough. The fairways are wide and do run out so picking the right club of the tees is critical to score well. Lies in the fairways appeared tight but the grass is very forgiving so it was great. The greens held shots well and rolled smooth. They were medium speed and still showed signs of aeratin with sand on them but putted good. We left feeling really good about our choice to play here and can't wait to return.....probably next week!!!
Paid $42 to walk Eldo on Monday at 8am finishing in 4.5 hours waiting on each hole. A little expensive IMO and the strange thing was they charged $43.95 to my playing partners with carts!! What the heck? Anyway, Eldo is in pretty nice shape right now especially the greens which were smooth, held shots, and were semi fast. The tees were level and the fairways were nice and green although there were many wet areas that should be marked GUR but I just took a free drop away from these areas. Bunkers were a little inconsistent but I did notice they were grooming many of them as we played. Rough is thick so stay out of it......
All in all, an enjoyable day of golf was had by all.
We teed it up here yesterday at 7:30 finishing in 4 hours. We always enjoy playing here because of the interesting rustic lay out with old oak trees and no homes. Sure you can here the freeway noise from the 101 but after the first couple holes you never really notice it.
The course conditions right now are in the transition stages so many areas are rough and inconsistent. Tee boxes are fairly level however a little beat up and a mix bag of long grass, short grass, and divots. The bunkers were disappointing. There was plenty of nice sand in them but the perimeters were not well kept and need some attention. I was in two bunkers and got out fine however I noticed that every bunker was not raked and footprints were everywhere. The rough around the golf course is also a mixed bag of grass, dirt, and bushes so stay in the fairways. The fairways were real nice and gave you good lies most of the time. We all thought the greens were the highlight of our round rolling smooth at medium speed. Looks like they will be aerating them soon so maybe they will also give some TLC to the other areas needing it at that time.
Played here today teeing off about 10 minutes after our 8:38 time. I don't know why it was so busy today but it was. Waited on most shots and finished in 5 hours......ugh. Conditions were not as good as the last few times playing here. The course is still very green but definetly rough around the edges. The greens were real nice, ran smooth, and held shots well but everything else was a little wet and just a touch above a normal muni. We still liked the course and next time we will get out earlier before the crowds.
I played here for the first time with 23 others yesterday. No one knew what to expect since temperatures soared to well over 100 degrees last week. We were pleasantly surprised to see the course was green and there was plenty of water holes to keep things interesting. We all played the black tees at 6500 yards and 126 slope. There were lots of fun holes with a good combination of long, short, and slight doglegs to keep you engaged. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the layout with well placed bunkers and water.
Conditions were surprisingly pretty good considering the long heat wave we were having. Nothing was immaculate however nothing was poor either. Greens were smooth and ran well, the bunkers had great sand (many were unraked though), fairways and rough had nice coverage and were fine to hit from, and the tee boxes were decent with the exception of a couple. My groups final verdict was.....this place is a keeper and if the course shows a little more attention to the details with conditions, it will only get better and better. Service was excellent!
Recommended!- yes indeed
Listing 13 to 24 of 63,128 Course Reviews
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