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played here last week mid morning. check in outside, single carts available. snack shop was open, no other amenities. teed off just a few minutes late, first few holes were okay but then we hit a wall around 5 or 6. waited on pretty much every shot after that. not sure really what the back up was. course was in decent condition, fairway lies were good not lush better hit that ball first. not much rough to speak of, if you were offline you were usually in wood chips or native area. tee boxes were mostly level from the blues, some were chewed up, and some were put in stupid positions (like behind a tree or large bush). bunkers were inconsistent, some with good sand and some thin. greens were firm and rolled well, medium speed. it was hot out there with no water stations and no cart going around as with most places. i like the layout here, but some tough holes like 6 and 9, long par 4s with forced carries on your second. too bad the POP was 4.5. nice day out in the area.
played in mid morning, mid week. covid precautions include temperature scan at guard house and masks around clubhouse. putting green was open as was the range. pretty busy out there for later in the day in the heat. course is much narrower than i remember. better bring your straight tee shot, driving iron/hybrid off the tee all day. course was in pretty good condition, well watered fluffy fairway lies for the most part. some wear on the tee boxes but level. i dont recall being in many bunkers, or there even being many bunkers on the course. worst part was that the greens were sloooow. pretty hard to get the ball to the hole, had to give it a hard rap to get it even close. probably just overwatered and cut less due to the heat. POP was a bit slow, had to wait on every hole on the back 9 for total play time of 4.5 hours. get out there if you have a straight tee ball, could be a rough day otherwise.
played on a saturday morning which i don't usually do. nice to be out early, but it was 7am and we teed off 15 minutes late as the 1st was backed up. not much in terms of general covid precautions, just a face mask warning near the clubhouse, no separate carts offered.

i generally like the layout here, some pretty interesting holes. course was in pretty decent condition, tee boxes from the blues had a few uneven and patchy spots but generally all right. fairways were a mix of brown and green, soft and forgiving with a few areas of ground under repair but coverage was decent. rough was a mish mash, some areas with very patchy grass. looks like they are bringing in brand new sand, workers were hauling it in by the truckload and fairway and greenside bunkers were full of bright and very heavy sand. need a good swing to get it out. greens were in good condition, receptive and ran well. POP was about 4:15. pretty good day out.
played trump 7/21 midmorning in cool but sunny weather. much of the customer service is gone, with no valet nor bag service, and the usual chatty starter who gives a lot of advice wasn't there. carts were only available 15 minutes before your tee time, so you had to hoof it up to the range if you got there early and they only give you about 20 balls. kind of stingy if you ask me. check in was managed with stickers on the floor and large plexiglass in front of the cashiers with signs everywhere saying to wear masks and keep distance near the clubhouse.

course itself was in very good condition, better than last time i played as it as it wasn't as wet. tee boxes were level and in good condition from the blues. always challenging as requires a straight tee shot here, right or left as you probably will be in some scrub and lose your ball. green approaches are bunkered well. fairways lush and full with good lies. rough was grown up a bit so if it sat down you would be penalized. fringes were well maintained, and greens ran well, very fast toward the ocean and slow back up the other way. bunkers were thinner with less sand than i remember. anyway still a nice day out there with great views.
i was up in monterey and didn't have any initial intention of playing here, but when i visited the resort to buy some souvenirs, i noticed that the whole lodge was empty. so i went to the golf shop and asked if they had a morning time for a single the next day and there were quite a few, so i cancelled bayonet and played here instead.

right now is a great time to play pebble IMO as the weather was great, high 60s and sunny, the course is in great condition, and tee times are easily had without having to stay at the resort. and to top it off the are allowing push carts so i didn't have to carry my bag.

great practice area up the hill to warm up. head down to the first and they give you a little lecture on the 1st tee regarding 'no group pictures' and 'stay 6 feet away' and then off you go. course was in very good condition from tee to green. tee boxes were perfectly level from the golds and the course felt like it played long with the wind. fairways were perfect, rough was nasty enough in a few places to grab my club and yank it left. if anything was awry i felt the greenside bunkers could have had a bit more sand but i guess understandable with the wind. greens were medium speed, not too fast, very small as well known.

a memorable day, went to try to get revenge for the awful score i shot the first time around, unfortunately pebble got me again. hope to be able to challenge it again soon.
played here during a visit to the monterey peninsula. course was in great shape, but some of the covid precautions were...questionable. the golf shop is not open, so everyone is checking in in the back of the clubhouse. the same people checking you in are helping people 'shop' and bringing stuff like clothes out from the inside so people can see and decide whether to buy. so i stood in line for about 20 minutes waiting to check in when there were only 3 people in line. next, neither a golf cart nor range balls are included with their $250 rack rate. (not that i paid that, but still). seems to be nickel and diming people a bit. i was walking anyway.

also, a foursome checked in in front of me, and they all wanted to ride, but the course would only allow 2 people to ride in 2 carts, and the other 2 had to walk. they were some older golfers who just wanted to ride and willing to pay. and there were a LOT of carts sitting around. i don't get that.

anyway once i got to the first tee things were fine. great conditions all around, with almost perfectly maintained tee boxes and fairways, tricky but somewhat slow-ish greens. i don't recall being in any greenside bunkers but they looked fine. a lot of sidehill fairway lies if you don't know where to hit it. a very nice walk with a push cart through the del monte forest and sightseeing through the monterey pines. pretty decent pace of play at 4 hours with a noon tee time. enjoyed it.
Played just after noon on a windy but sunny day. The wind made it challenging, it was still a ton of fun. Journey is in great shape compared to other courses I've played recently which are mostly still in winter condition. Check in is friendly and starter was proactive about getting everyone out on time.

Course is green and lush, a beautiful sight when you pull up in the cart. Very nice range and excellent little short game area to warm up. Tees are well covered and level, evenly mowed, never once had any issues finding a place to tee up. Fairways are lush for the most part with a nice soft carpety layer of grass beneath your ball. Most divots were filled with green sand. Just a few fairways like hole 6 were a bit on the dry side. A little bit of rough but mostly playable, a couple areas are grown out maybe to an inch and a half. Bunkers were filled with a nice soft layer of white sand. Fringe areas around the green are kept immaculately. Greens were in great condition and quick, which made putting a challenge given the amount of tiers and undulations in the greens. I four putted hole 7 as I put myself on the wrong side of the green.

They are changing hole 13 from a par 5 to a par 4 which I'm kind of disappointed about, as I liked that tee shot and the hole plays too short now. Hole 16, a hole which I don't like as it gets me every time, is now a par 5 instead of a 4 after they moved the tees back a bit. Again, the hole plays too short as I put a drive in the drink but the hole was short enough for me to salvage par. Otherwise I love the layout, most holes make you think about your tee shots and the views are gorgeous. Overall it's a beautiful, but challenging course that's kept in top notch condition. Definitely recommended.
played here mid morning sunday with a friend of mine. course not that busy so kind started was able to get us out a bit early. course is in winter-ish condition, with fairways on the thin side and plenty of roll. rough was a bit patchy but not much to contend with. teeboxes were in good condition. fringe areas were patchy with different types of grass, sort of felt this was the worst part. a couple of greenside areas had areas of sod where it doesn't seem the grass took and what's left is just rectangles of grass death and dirt. bunkers had a nice thick layer of sand in most, except for 16 which the greenside was kind of packed down. greens were running medium quick and smoothly, not too many ball marks out there. try to be on the right tier, or 3 putts will be aplenty. POP was less than 4 hours for a weekend morning which i consider pretty good. conditions were fine, but nothing to write home about.
Played here early afternoon after work, got a good deal off a discount site. Course is short but tricky, as the landing areas are generally tight and the fairways are thin and dormant causing a lot of roll especially on downhill holes. I hit two 3 woods over 300 yards which has never happened before.(I managed to bogey both holes smh) no need for driver on most.

Check in was fine but the starter was a grumpy old codger. Starter/range shack is usually not the friendliest in my experience. Tees had lots of bare spots and a few were domed. Not in good shape. Fairways were super thin as mentioned, better be good at hitting your irons ball first. No real rough to speak of, so need to be on line or you'll roll off into the ESA. Greenside bunkers had a fair smount of sand that was easy to play from. Many fringes and collars are dyed/spray painted. Greens were quick and had a lot of slope, don't be above the hole. A lot of ball marks though. Was waiting on an approach and the marshall and I had a long convo where he ranted about how people never fix divots and ball marks. 15 green still sucks, not sure if it will ever improve. Pop was slow, about 4 1/2. Worth what I paid, any more I'd wait for the course to 'lush up' a bit.
Played early Sunday morning with a group of old friends. Small bucket at grass range included, check-in was easy and friendly. Course is in good condition right now with the greens running very quick. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage, fairways were not lush but you would always have a good lie. Not too much rough to speak of. I was in one bunker, seemed to have decent coverage. As previously mentioned greens are quick with a lot of slope. Had only a few up and downs as a result. Pop was just a bit over 4, people were probably preparing for their superbowl parties. Recommended.
hadn't been out here in a number of years, for some reason i thought they sold the course and it went out of business but i guess it hadn't. course is hidden behind a shopping center on the side of a hill so it's one of those back and forth narrow-ish fairways kind of thing for the front 9. opens up a bit on the back but not much. westridge is in sort of muni type condition, yes there's mostly grass everywhere, but it's patchy and there's bare areas and unrepaired divots. tee boxes were serviceable, as were fairways. there wasn't really any distinction between fairway and rough, maybe 1/2" at max. got up and down out of 2 greenside bunkers so i guess they were okay, but maybe a bit thin on the sand. greens were in good condition, ran smooth, a lot of break on most putts. POP was 4 1/2, too long for me, waiting most shots. overall it was fine, i hope they don't sell it, nice to have another option.
played yesterday morning with a group of friends. i like the layout and the location as it's convenient to me, and only play it every few months due to the price. usually the course is in decent condition, but yesterday it was a bit of a let down. The course is dry, mostly yellow, and much of the grass is dormant. There is fair coverage, you will get grass in the fairway and rough, but it's a very thin layer, often dry grass with wettish dirt underneath. drives will run a decent distance. only semi-lush areas were some green areas in the fringe around the greens. better make sure you hit the ball before the ground. tee boxes were okay, i don't remember having any specific concerns about them. maybe a bit shaggy. greens were mowed tight and were quick but they had some light sand on them so putts would occasionally get bumped off line. i was only in one greenside bunker and it had some heavy-ish sand which was fine. overall, it was still a fine day, but for the price i wish it was in a bit better condition and more visually appealing.
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