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Played on Wednesday the 13th in the morning and the conditions were pretty good. Course is 3 weeks out of punching their greens and they are still a little bumpy and slow but healing nicely and should be pretty good in another week or two but there is more grass on the greens and they look a lot healthier than they did before they punched. The fairways were nice and had no bare spots, a couple of areas with heavy divots but that is to be expected on a few of the holes like 8 and 10 because everyone lays up to the same spots. Sand was excellent in all of the bunkers I was in. Customer service was great, saw the cart girl plenty and the before and after treatment was top notch. Great day of golf even if my score did not reflect it.
Played on Thursday morning with a fellow GKer. Just like the last review, course is in great shape. They had top dressed the greens with a little sand, but it did not bother the roll on them but they were not as fast as they can be, but overall the greens were in great shape with little ball mark damage and held well struck shots well. Fairways were in great shape and the couple bunkers I was in were perfect. There are a few things that are a little off, like no starter, so we just teed off close to when our time was supposed to be following a twosome with a twosome behind and we were a little worried when we saw a fivesome a few holes ahead, but pace was great and we were done in under 3 1/2 hrs. I highly recommend this course to anyone playing in San Diego, it is a fantastic track and makes you hit all the shots. Very much worth the green fee right now.
Played on Sunday with an 812 tee time for my GK match against Tobi. Course was in good shape today. Greens were pretty fast and in good shape today with only a few ball marks but it is tough to make a ball mark on concrete. They were very firm and very hard to hold longer shots, especially with a 15 mile an hour wind. The fairways were in good shape for the winter and had some nice roll to them but still had plenty of grass. The one bunker I was in was great and had plenty of sand. Tee boxes not to bad, level with little divot damage. The course is good right now condition wise and if you like this track, get out and play it before they punch the greens.
Played Weds the 16th in my GK cup match against lotrgolf48, Matt under sunny skys and finally a warm day in So Cal. The day was great, the course-MMM-not the best. I do have to say the greens were as good as I have ever seen at this course and very fast. They were in great shape and rolled true and were very fun. The rest of this track is in need of a little love. The Sand was good, but balls were plugging, but at least there was sand in them. The tee boxes were dirt-no grass, Fairways, which I didn't see much were thin and fast and had a lot of bare spots and places which should have been marked GUR, but were not. Rough was not there except some scragly patches of grass here and there. Love this layout and track and the greens made it worth the fee, but I can't wait for the frost to go away so courses can start growing grass again.
Played on Saturday the 12th in a tournament and the course was in pretty good shape. Those who don't like tight fairways will not like these, but they are in great shape and the parts that were a little haggered were marked GUR or roped off. The greens are fast right now but are fairly thin and show the footprints later in the day when we played. They still held lines pretty good but you did get a few bumps here and there. Sand was great as were the tee boxes. I hope this cold doesn't keep up for a long time because I think it affects every course and especially the greens. Customer service was great from checking in to the bar at the end of the round. Like this course more every time I play it.
Played Skylinks with an 1130 tee time on a very busy Thursday. Groups were lined up 4 and 5 deep to tee off, so we knew the round was going to be long and we were ready for it and we were not disappointed, it was a 5+ hour round. The greens were beat up because of all the traffic the course was getting and the recent rain did not help either- This course does not drain well at all and the fairways and greens show this. The fairways were wet and had some areas that carts should not have been allowed to go and the course will need a few weeks to heal from this. We saw a tree trimming truck with a wood chipper attached to it spin its wheels in a very wet area behind one of the greens and that spot will be damaged for a long time to come. The course is a fun layout and has some great par 3's and some fun doglegs and I am sure that it would be more fun with better conditions.
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Played out at the classic on Weds. morning. The good-Greens were great, especially with the rain the course got in the morning but no ball mark damage and in great shape with nice speed and they held nicely because the rain. The fairways and tees were in fair shape and very typical for Mile Square with some areas that were wet, but that was to be expected. The bunkers were in fair shape and some had standing water or were hard packed because of the rain, but the two I was in were great with firm but plenty of sand. The course is maybe not worth the 50 to walk but it is about as good as you will find in the OC for this price and fun and fair track.
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course is in great shape, only wished my game was as nice. The greens were perfect and fast and held shots well. Rough was very rough, looking for balls for a long time that were not on the fairway, but it looked like they were mowing it today. fairways were perfect as were the bunkers. Fun track and very fair. Love playing this course when I get the opportunity.
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Played out here for the first time Tuesday afternoon. Course is in great shape from tee to green, lush fairways, rough was lush, traps were in good shape and the greens were very nice with little ball mark damage and quick with some very hard to read breaks. The customer service was good and the little things like the lockers and the great options at the turn for food make this a step above most courses in the area. Ahi wrap at the turn-mmm good.

The Layout is definitly a challenge. We played from the Black tees, which is the Blues at most courses at 6700 yds and it presents you with some challenge off of the tee, but most fairways were wider than they looked from the tee box. The par 3s are all challenging and with the wind that blows, you better select the right club from the tee, because the greens are not all that big. Lots of elevation changes and some short, funky holes, but the variety is very fun and I will go back, especially at the price we paid. Don't know if I would pay 150 for a round out here, but half of that, yes.
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Played the crossings Weds morning and the course is in pretty good shape. The good-Bunkers were near perfect, maybe had a little to much sand as a ball plugged in one, but that is what happens sometimes when you hit a poor shot, but they were in great shape, Fairways were in good shape with no bare spots and looked like most divots were being repaired with sand. The customer service was top notch from the time we got there to having the bags taken up to the top. The only complaint was on 18 the maintenance crew was out watering and left standing water in the fairway, no place to drop that was not in a soaked area of the fairway. This probably could have waited until later in the day because it was not overly warm. Tee boxes were great and level.

The Average: The greens are getting a little marked up. I hope that the crossings used a different kind of grass than Encinitas Ranch did on their course because they will be in real trouble if they didn't and cant get the ball marks fixed and the greens healing properly. They were not bad and the putts rolled true, but I expected a little better after coming out of fall maintenance a couple of months ago.

The change to the 18th green is great and I enjoy finally having a chance to make a par or even a birdie on this hole now that the old green is gone.

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Played the Ranch/Meadow Thursday and the course is still undergoing the fall maintenance. I think the were expecting high temps. today because lots of standing water in all the fairways on both nines. No roll out and lots of mud on the ball. The course is in fine shape with the greens on both nines still kind of getting over the punching, the meadow greens were better than the Ranch but both not the normal Steel Canyon lighting quick greens, but still fun. Pace of play was fine and the customer service good. Love this track but I would wait a few more weeks to play and let the overseeding and greens really heal.

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Played out here on Friday and the course is in great shape for all the heat the desert has been in. Fairways were great and Rough was very penal and thick in lots of areas. The ball just sinks down in the bermuda and tough to judge how it will come out. Greens rolled great and were fairly fast but held shots well. Only complaint might have been greenside bukers, a few were very hard packed and hard to get your wedge from bouncing into the ball. Customer service great from the pro shop to the cart girl and I was glad to get in a round at a course that was not yet scalped and being overseeded.

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