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Played on a sunny Sunday and the course is in overall good shape.
The Greens were recovering nicely from their punching and rolling well but still bumpy which threw a couple of putts off line, but overall, not bad and will be great in another week or two.

Fairways and Tee boxes are in good shape and have great coverage with very little divot damage and never had a bad lie in the fairway.

Rough is brutal and very hard to find wayward golf balls. Looks benign but is far from it and the ball sinks into the clover/grass and nestles down, hard to play from at times. Keep your eye on the ball or you won't find it.

Very enjoyable and worth the efforts.
Played Friday the 29th on a golf moose deal, great deal for a twosome.
Fairways and tees in good shape with little damage. Bunkers nice sand but lots of big rocks in them. Greens nice but a little bumpy. This was fun and forget how much you have to shape it here or hit it straight. Well worth it
Played Friday the 1st of March and teed off in the afternoon. Course is not long but has some teeth in its greens and the narrow fairways. The course was busy but the pace was great and we finished in about 4 hours. Tee boxes level and nice and plenty of tees to find the right one for your game. The fairways were narrow and if you miss them you will be in a house or in the desert. Greens were in great shape and were very hard to read. Lots of little breaks and undulations that were hard for me to detect. Traps had very little sand and were hard and not fun if you were in them. The course is definitely fun and I would play it again for the money. Saw the cart girl about 4 times and the guys in the clubhouse were great.
Played this course on a Saturday morning before a 1PM Spring Training game. Course was really fun and had a lot of undulating fairways and hard to find a flat lie. Thought the layout was great and had a lot of fun trying to figure out where to hit the ball. Course is not overly long but definitely has lots of trouble and lost balls are a given if you spray the ball a little

Greens were in trouble but still rolled ok. They were firm but very slow and have some patchy areas. Looks like they are battling a disease and the disease is winning.

Fairways great and tee boxes also good. In a couple bunkers and they were in need of some sand but not terrible.

Overall really like the layout and course and would definitely play it again.
Played on one of the first sunny Saturdays. Course was in great shape with a couple wet spots but only a few. Bunkers in fantastic shape and fairways the same, great. The Greens were hard and fast and still held shots. Course has come through the rain in fantastic shape but they are punching the greens on Monday, so that is kind of a bummer.

Customer service at from check in to the cart girl to the starter and everyone in the clubhouse after was great. The issues with this course the last few times is the marshals. They are rude and out of control.

This course was managed by Kimpton but has switched to JC. There are 5 hotels in the immediate vicinity and the course is not easy. Kimpton managed it like a Resort course, as it should be, but JC is trying to squeeze every round they can out of the course. The group in front of us was a little slow and the marshals were all over them. We were waiting on the first 5 holes, but not for very long periods, but if you are in position, this will happen. The Marshals moved them ahead and we got to our second shots on the par 5 fifth hole, they were already in the fairway on 6 hitting their second shots. We are then informed on hole 6 that we are out of position. This happened again on the back on the 13th hole. They made the group in front move ahead and we were then informed we were out of position. Not nicely, like, hey guys we moved the group in front of you up so please try and get back into position with them, it was, they got moved so if you guys don't catch them now, you will be moved.
Sorry for the rant but the pin positions on Saturday were very hard and the greens really fast and if a course wants to move groups along, they really need to consider the course conditions with their attitudes of the marshals. I appreciate that the marshals were trying to keep play moving but at a certain point with this course there is only so much you can do.

I just hope JC doesn't screw this place up but it looks like it might be moving that way
Played on Monday, Presidents day and the course was full, as expected. Teed off around 945 and was expecting the slow play and the expectation was meet. Waited on most holes and POP was around 5 hours. The course was in very good shape, considering the rain. I was expecting a lot more standing water but it was minimal and only in low areas and some of the bunkers. Greens were firm and fast and they had the pins on every slope and ridge they could find so putting was challenge.

Fairways were thin and wet but only had to move my ball a few times. We played lift and clean, so the mud on the balls didn't affect our play.

Bunkers were in poor shape and are all going to have to be given some tender loving care, we saw a few with standing water but most were in fairly good shape.

Tee boxes were in pretty good shape with only a few having divot damage.

track was in much better shape than I expected and my groups had fun. Well worth getting out to the Vineyards
Played at 824 on Tuesday for my buddies birthday round. The course is in fantastic shape and might be as good as it has ever been. The Greens were great and were very fast and smooth with very little ball mark damage and held shots very well but were still firm.
The rough is starting to get thick in spots with all the rain but is in good shape and will do what it is supposed to do when you miss a fairway.
Traps in great shape, firm with plenty of sand. Had some raking issues in one from another group, but that was not the courses fault.
Fairways and tees in great shape with a few spots with divot damage but never in one.

Course is great now so get out and try it. Fun and challenging.
Played Thursday on a warm day. Teed off at 11 and we were done by 3, so pace was great. Course is in good shape but they are punching the greens in a week or so. Greens were nice with little ball mark damage and rolling medium speed, rough was not to bad. Tee boxes are a little chewed up in certain spots but level and always able to find a nice spot to tee it up. The fairway bunkers all have new sand and they are very soft. Group had a couple plug and that is not fun when you have some of the distances to the holes we had. They were the only problem but that will be solved soon enough when they get some water on them. Great track and love the layout.
Played on Wednesday the 13th in the morning and the conditions were pretty good. Course is 3 weeks out of punching their greens and they are still a little bumpy and slow but healing nicely and should be pretty good in another week or two but there is more grass on the greens and they look a lot healthier than they did before they punched. The fairways were nice and had no bare spots, a couple of areas with heavy divots but that is to be expected on a few of the holes like 8 and 10 because everyone lays up to the same spots. Sand was excellent in all of the bunkers I was in. Customer service was great, saw the cart girl plenty and the before and after treatment was top notch. Great day of golf even if my score did not reflect it.
Played on Thursday morning with a fellow GKer. Just like the last review, course is in great shape. They had top dressed the greens with a little sand, but it did not bother the roll on them but they were not as fast as they can be, but overall the greens were in great shape with little ball mark damage and held well struck shots well. Fairways were in great shape and the couple bunkers I was in were perfect. There are a few things that are a little off, like no starter, so we just teed off close to when our time was supposed to be following a twosome with a twosome behind and we were a little worried when we saw a fivesome a few holes ahead, but pace was great and we were done in under 3 1/2 hrs. I highly recommend this course to anyone playing in San Diego, it is a fantastic track and makes you hit all the shots. Very much worth the green fee right now.
Played on Sunday with an 812 tee time for my GK match against Tobi. Course was in good shape today. Greens were pretty fast and in good shape today with only a few ball marks but it is tough to make a ball mark on concrete. They were very firm and very hard to hold longer shots, especially with a 15 mile an hour wind. The fairways were in good shape for the winter and had some nice roll to them but still had plenty of grass. The one bunker I was in was great and had plenty of sand. Tee boxes not to bad, level with little divot damage. The course is good right now condition wise and if you like this track, get out and play it before they punch the greens.
Played Weds the 16th in my GK cup match against lotrgolf48, Matt under sunny skys and finally a warm day in So Cal. The day was great, the course-MMM-not the best. I do have to say the greens were as good as I have ever seen at this course and very fast. They were in great shape and rolled true and were very fun. The rest of this track is in need of a little love. The Sand was good, but balls were plugging, but at least there was sand in them. The tee boxes were dirt-no grass, Fairways, which I didn't see much were thin and fast and had a lot of bare spots and places which should have been marked GUR, but were not. Rough was not there except some scragly patches of grass here and there. Love this layout and track and the greens made it worth the fee, but I can't wait for the frost to go away so courses can start growing grass again.
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