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Played 10/29, at 11:10 with the GK coupon, great deal! The course is in good playable shape all around with greens still being a bit bumpy but running fast! That's not a good combo. The greens are already tricky, then add a bumpy surface (still recovering from being punched) while running really fast and . . . makes for tough sledding! Bunkers are maintained but firm without a layer of anything soft. Tees are a on the chewed up side. Fairways are mostly nice and good to play from, some tight lies here and there mixed with some soft wet areas in others. Not much rough to speak of but what there is is sticky. Staff is great, POP was right around 4 hours, weather was perfect so it was a good day to play. Fun course with lots of different challenges that will eat you up if you are off.
First off twilight, finished in just over 4 hours, 2 walkers, 2 in a cart, group behind started yelling on 16.
Tees: fine
Fairways: good
Rough: good
Bunkers: decent
Greens: good and speedy
Overall: there are some rough spots (4th green just isn't doing well) but mostly very playable, tough and fun
Pre-opening special, complimentary tacos at the Ram shack, closest to the pin contests (on course and on a simulator featuring the 7th hole at Pebble beach) for free rounds, fun day! Weather was beautiful, cool in the morning warming up as the day went on with just slight easterly winds. The only thing I noticed that they changed was where the counter is located in the pro shop.
On to the course conditions . . .
Tees: level, a little furry (but everything was, more on that later), clean and ready for play
Fairways: soft and in need of a trim, very little roll out, some areas need a bit more time to fill in, some rough spots here and there, but given the time of year and coming out of summer heat very nice (like usual)
Rough: very consistent and plush
Bunkers: good soft sand looking well maintained
Greens: very good, medium fast (not lightening quick but some unexpected roll out on certain putts), rolling smooth and true, obviously no ball marks (I did fix a few fresh ones) the aprons and green edges were still filling in on some holes but nothing major
Layout: fun and makes you think about proper positioning
Facilities: fantastic, from the semi-hidden chipping green just past the first tee area to the putting green to the driving range loaded with pro b's, great warm up
POP: just under 4 1/2 hrs, nice and relaxed
Customer service: excellent, like always, only exception was when we finished and went in to try our hand at the simulator our bags were moved from our cart, they were placed with other bags along a bag rack, my rangefinder that was in the cart was set on someone else's bag next to mine and we had to go to the cart barn to retrieve my partners cell phone and the pro v's I had left in the cup holder. We got everything straightened out but in the future they need to tell people what they plan to do so one could collect all their things right away.
Overall the course still needs a few nips and tucks to get back into the pristine condition we all know and love about Ram's Hill but it was still well worth the drive and the cost. The layout is fun, interesting and challenging without beating you up the whole round.
I look forward to hearing about the course rounding into shape!

*After seeing the rating number I would say it came out a bit low. I would put it more in the 7.5 to 8 range today.
2:10 time, off at 2, finshed just before 6:30 so POP was good.
Agree with Mike, mostly, about conditions, a bit rough out there.
It was a day of buried lies in the un-raked fluffy bunkers or in a foot print.
Bad lies in the middle of the fairway.
Unmanageable lies in the rough.
. . . and near misses that turned birdie opps into bogies or worse.
On the greens I fixed as many ball marks as I could, but that still left many, many marks left to be fixed.
When in a bunker I raked as much as possible but that was a futile attempt, those bunkers haven't been gone over in weeks.
I know they will pull it together by next year but they probably won't be seeing me until then. North is closed and looks barren . . . is this just a tournament facility now that we get to play during and between maintenance?
First off at twilight on 9/5, POP 4 hrs 15 mins. Warm, but the breezes coming through the canyons make it much nicer. Course is in decently playable shape, rough is thick (gotta love city courses they can afford to water like that! LOL), fairways mostly good in the areas you should be playing from, but there are some dried out/burnt out/thin areas, tee boxes ok, bunkers thin but consistent and playable, greens were fast and the pins were tucked (women's club tourney in the morning, they had it playing tough for them gals!).
Overall a good play, not great (the glory days before Candice and Sinclair were sent off to Torrey are long gone) it is a muni, but the greens are rolling well and the place is getting plenty of water!
Played yesterday, 8/29, and I could basically copy and paste Jays review. Mostly green and plush with some dry spots, greens very nice (I did fix quite a few fresh ball marks and saw many more ill-repaired marks and some where no one even bothered trying) bunkers were in excellent condition and pop was under 4 hrs. Recommended!
Played on 8/11 at just after noon GK Cup match vs Sr714. Word for the day would be sticky, the rough was sticky, the fairways were sticky (very little run out if at all), the weather was sticky, everything was sticky except the greens. Unless you threw a high spinning shot in the ball most times just bounced and rolled off the green. The greens rolled at medium speed, were mostly smooth with some bumps along the way. The course was in good shape, lots of water being used, but I honestly don't remember it being such a tough play, danger lurks everywhere . . . trees, weeds, canyons, deep high faced bunkers, water, forced carries, long holes that play into the prevailing wind and usually nowhere to bail out. We played the blues, the twosome we played with the blacks(they had no business whatsoever playing blacks as their drives never came close to ours) it would have been a quicker, dinner round if we all played whites. Don't let the yardage fool you and believe the slope, this course plays long and difficult.
Not a big fan of a couple of holes on the back, a 400 yard hole you are forced to hit 5 iron off the tee? A 350 yard hole with a 200 yard forced carry straight into the wind?
Played with Gary00 at 11:30 finished in around 4.5 hrs. Hadn't played there in over 20 years and didn't remember a thing . . . but of course the trees have all grown and there are now houses (not in play at all). Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the greens. The place has obviously gotten lots of water and is great shape, except as Gary noted the bunkers which are simply hard wet sand. The layout is fun with the back 9 playing more difficult than the front. Nice variety of holes that keeps you interested. It won't be 20 years again, in fact I need to put this course on my menu for more frequent consideration! :)
Played on Tuesday, second off at twlight, finished in just under 5 hours. Course is in good shape with, tees being good, fairways nice, rough cut down but still sticky, bunkers good sand, greens running slower than I am accustomed to and rock hard. Worth it right now.
First off at twilight July 11. Paired with two women who played fast, mostly kept the ball in play (and when they didn't they took the proper drop quickly and moved on) and were having fun, what an absolute joy to play with them . . . and why can't all golfers be like that?

The course is in good playable shape right now.
Tee boxes: mostly level, the par 3 17th tee box appears to have not moved in a few days, all tore up
Fairways: some dry patches but always had a good lie
Rough: minimal but sticky
Bunkers: very nice, good sand and mostly smooth except for some areas lazy or inconsiderate golfers played from
Greens: very good, not as pure and fast as the practice green ( which was in excellent condition, all greens should be so good)
POP: just over 4 hours

Recommended for a fairly inexpensive round of golf, she ain't fancy but she's my girl.
Always enjoy playing Mt Woodson and was even better today with great weather and GKers to play with. Course is in great shape with greens being a bit soft but still putted very well. Everything was how a course should be condition wise and the layout is always challenging and fun. A bit out of the way but well worth the effort.
Played 5/9 on a cloudy but warm day. The course is in decent muni condition, very playable with the greens about 95% back from punching. Fairways have some rough areas around the edges mostly, never had a bad lie. Bunkers are well maintained with texture on the firm side, very good to play from. Played in just over 4 hours, second out at twilight.
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