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Rode the blues today 11/23/2020 joined by Ron, Pedro and Kevin. We had low 60 temps with about a swirling 1 club wind at times. Perfect golf weather. POP was 4 hrs 35 minutes on what looked like a jam packed Monday. Proshop staff was nice. Range today was off astroturf. They have a small beautiful chipping green and a large putting green. Carts had dividers equipped with GPS. Rakes in the bunkers. Pins left in with plastic cup sunken down in bottom of the hole. Saw some ballwashers out on the course, Did not see a drink cart today.

These by far were the best greens that I have putted on this year. Firm and fast putting and chipping wise where you did not want to short side yourself. Great combo in that they held iron shots like darts. I am assuming these are the type of greens the big boys get to putt on every week. Rated 9/10.

Fairways had decent to nice coverage. They played better than they might appear to the naked eye as there is some brown setting in some spots. For the most part they were green. Rated 7/10.

Tees were lush and mostly level. Rated 7.5/10.

Was only in 1 bunker on hole 1 on creekside. Nicely maintained and easy to hit out of. Rated 8/10

Rough had a nice doormant contrast to the greener fairways. There was also some nice green lush rough that was thick in spots. I encountered one of these spots just off the fairway and took my medicine gouging a 56 degree wedge back into play. Rough rating 7.5/10.

Super strong challenging layout here with beautiful views. Bring your camera. If you love beautiful greens come give Moorpark CC your business. Got a special place in my heart for this place as this is where I got hitched.

Highly recommended.
Out for a GK Guru round teeing off just after 12 noon Monday 11/9/20 joined by a really nice group of guys Gary, Steve and Tim. 1st time playing this layout even though I have stayed at the resort a couple times with the wife. We had perfect weather low 60's with up to a 1 club breeze at times. POP was 4 hrs 35 minutes waiting on a group in front of us that were going sideways at times, backwards(lol) and were for sure having fun pounding some alcohol down. We enjoyed putting and chipping a few balls when we were finished with the hole we were just on and we still waited for them on every hole on the back nine. Really nice and accommodating staff at La Costa, nice resort and pro-shop. Driving range had mats with adjustable tees. Putting green was pure and in good shape. Really cool to have single rider carts with GPS.

Loved the greens. Just some minor bumps and old ball marks present. For the most part they were pure and quick. Soft like sponge on approach shots. Undulating greens where you wanted to be putting below the pin at all costs. Big enough greens for the staff to have several different hole locations. Subtle breaks right at the hole for sure yesterday. We had several putts in our group where we said nice putt right before the ball veered from the cup at the last minute. Green rating 7.5/10

Fairways had nice coverage, mix between lush and golden grass. CPO for our round due to recent storms however agree with some of the other reviewers that course probably could have opened up today for carts on the fairways. Fairway rating 7/10

Tees were mostly level(played Blue Tees) and mostly lush and in good shape. Rated 7/10.

Rough was 1-2 inches ball sank down some but decent lies just off fairways. Decent shape. 7/10

Fairway bunkers were nice and firm like you would want them. Was in 2 fairway bunkers. Course should address putting more sand in the greenside bunkers. Was in 2 greenside bunkers on 4 and 6. Was able to get out of hole 4 on first swing. Hole 6 greenside bunker was wet, cement like sand that was impossible to escape. This was the only part of the course I would change. Just add a little more sand to the greenside bunkers.

I loved the layout. Would give the layout a 9/10 on the fun factor. Loved starting out with some really cool dogleg lefts where you could rip it around the corner. The dogleg rights had a couple cool water features on the right hand side and some well strategic fairway bunkers that would catch a dead straight tee shot off the tee. I absolutely loved holes 1-6 and 13-18. Layout would never get boring to play and is strong with several water features, strategic bunkers, some OB and lateral hazards and some fun and tricky greens. Can see why the PGA and LPGA played here. Would not call it target golf but few holes where you could grip and rip.

Highly recommended! Hope to try the Legends one day.

Thanks to Johnny and GK.
Walked Soule today 10/2020 at 12:30pm joining 3 nice gentleman all originally from the Chicago area who relocated out here and were lifetime friends(fun group to play with). POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes behind a full tee sheet. Weather was low 70's with a slight breeze. Perfect weather.

COVID-19= range open on mats, putting green open with no flags, chipping green open, restaurant open for outdoor seating, masks required in pro-shop.

The greens man the greens. They were a 8 bordering on 8.5/10. Quick putting yet receptive iron wise and just rolling pure and beautiful. Best I have seen the greens.

The fairways continue to impress this golfer this late in the year. Lush, green and in great shape. Nit picking that some fairway sections were muddy and overwatered but still in very nice shape. Rated 8/10.

Was not in bunkers but they looked to be in really nice shape with ample sand. Still looked like no rakes in the bunkers at this time.

Tee boxes I will not rate today as they were sanded. Most tees looked level and will be in great shape I am sure when the sand settles in.

Rough was in good shape just lining the fairways and the large fringes surrounding the greens were also in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Always enjoy the peace and quiet of rounds up in Ojai. Check out Soule Park if you have not done so. Great layout and staff and affordable tee pricing. Wind was blowing about 40mph in Moorpark today and Ojai is a great escape when its howling in the Moorpark area.

Highly recommended.
Walked 27 holes Saturday 10/24/20 with my buddy RGM2525. Weather was postcard 70 degrees hardly any wind with partly cloudy skies. Our Pop was 4 hrs 30 minutes waiting on the many groups ahead of us. We were joined by a real nice father/ son. We walked the extra 9 holes in 1 hour 20 minutes just bombing and gouge before darkness.

My first time here and I loved the layout. Have heard many nice things about this links layout and how I would enjoy some similarity to my home course Rustic Canyon. Layout had a couple shorter par 3 feel shots in number 3 and 16 and some stronger par 3s as well. Holes 2, 6 and 18 were also strong holes. There was for sure some birdie opportunities as well if you could keep your tee shot in the fairways and out of trouble.

Speaking of the fairways many provided ample room and were semi lush with just enough padding but could also produce some major runout which was awesome on well struck drives, The course does a great job in my mind at current time of keeping the fairways at a true links length/lushness. Fairway rating 7.5/10.

The greens were a pleasure to putt on and would describe them as super soft!. Felt bad when we would try to fix ballmarks it was tough to get the super soft greens back into perfect condition. The greens rolled super smooth despite the many old ballmarks that one could see. Many greens were huge and had some undulations to them. Loved playing these greens. Rated 8/10.

There was say a 5 to 7 yd area of fairway rough just off the fairways that was maintained nicely. If you got outside this area of rough you were in bushes or native rough that was a lost ball for sure. Even though it was penal I felt the course gave you enough room in the fairways to bomb away and its up to you to keep it in play. One of the few courses though if your just off the fairway your adding a stroke for sure. Rough rating 7.5/10.

Man there were a ton of bunkers on this layout! I was in 2 fairway bunkers and 4 greenside bunkers that contained wetter firmer sand that was mostly raked. Would say just enough sand at current time but if the course did any improvements it would be to possible add just a touch more sand to the greenside bunkers. Rated 6.5/10.

Tees were mostly level, lush and in good shape. Speaking of the tees they have many options out here. I like the black tees at almost 7000 yds. They have blues at 6500 and was shaking my head at some of the silver tee placements at 7500. Tee rating 8/10.

Overall impression was this was a top 15 course for me. Its way underrated on the scorecard due to his length and its native areas just off the cart paths. If it wasn't 3 hrs away I would be here weekly!
Highy recommended!
Out this afternoon 10/12/2020 teeing off at 1pm with buddies and GK Gurus Pedro7170, JohnnyGK and Barkydog1! We rode the Blue tees on a warm afternoon this afternoon and had a blast.

Driving range was open on grass, putting and chipping green was open along with the bunker area below adjacent to the driving range. COVID-19 masks to be worn in the pro-shop.

Fairways were in above average shape with nice padding in most areas, some wet areas and some thinner areas thrown in here or there. Overall they were serviceable and nice to play off of. One thing of note here is you can be in the fairway especially on the front nine with a tough stance with your feet above or below the ball so you have to adjust accordingly. Fairway rating 7/10.

I think our group was disappointed with the greens. First the good they looked decent and held shots very nicely that had spin and were high trajectory and were soft. The bad news is I think they recently had maintenance done on them and were very bumpy putting wise. I would personally give the greens a week or so to be cut, rolled and hopefully they will be smoother in the near future. Current green rating 5/10

Was not in any bunkers but boy did they look nice! Great job on the bunker renovation! Playing partners were in many bunkers and they described them as newer soft fluffy pancake sand.

Tee boxes were mostly lush and level, some you needed to hunt to find a level stance and there was some divot damage on some of the par 3's. Rated 6.5/10

Rough was at times super lush lining the fairways to some thinner spots here and there. Rated 6/10.

Enjoy the challenge here. I look at the course this way if your driver is on there are many score able holes. If your tee ball is off there are big numbers to be had on mostly every hole especially on the front nine.

Thanks to Tierra Rejada and Johnny for having us out!
Walked the back tees this afternoon 10-5-2020 teeing off at 1pm joined by a twosome who was riding. Had not played the Vineyard layout since Jan of 2018. Weather was around 80 degrees when we teed off and the back nine it got cooler and we had about a 1 club wind for most of the day that made the temps even nicer. POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes. Most of the courses in the area today were either punching, recently punching within the last couple weeks or closed down today for maintenance. The sister Lakes course which I enjoy just recently punched so gave Vineyard a try today. Vineyard punched on 9-8-2020.

Typical COVID masks warn in proshop, no ballwashers, pins left in with foam. Driving range on mats open and putting green open. Super friendly staff at check-in.

The fairways were in good shape. Mostly lush lies today. Course plays a little longer from the back tees than its 6700 yds due to thicker fairway grass. I was very impressed with the fairways. Rated 7.5/10

Tees were mostly level and very lush and in good shape. Rated 7/10.

Was in 3 greenside bunkers that were semi damp but played very nicely with ample sand underneath. Rated 7/10

Rough was lush, mainly uniform but in some spots just off the fairways you could encounter a thicker kikuyu lie which the fairway grass and tees are(kikuyu). Rated 7/10

The greens still need some time to heal so the current yellow alert is accurate. Its been almost a month since they punched on 9/8/2020 but saw the majority of putts from our group wobble and bump towards the hole. I did feel that the greens were super soft and receptive to irons which were nice. I am spoiled by how nice I remember River Ridge greens in the past especially the Lakes course. Rating 6/10

Layout is both fun here and challenging at the same time. Several longer par 3's and 4's and you have to deal with the usual Oxnard wind. Had a good round going till I got to the 18th island hole playing 200+ with a back pin and had to do the mat of shame walk and record my double there(lol) by dumping one in the H2O.

Would recommend the Vineyard Course for the tees, fairways, rough at this time. Might want to give the greens at least a week to heal and maybe be rolled.

Thanks to the RiverRidge staff for having me out.
Walked the blues this afternoon 10/3/2020 for a 9 hole playing lesson teeing off at 3:50pm. Course was packed so great to see Rustic thriving here in Ventura County.

The course is in incredible shape. I have been playing here since the 1st week they opened and I can't remember the fairways ever being this lush and nice. Perfect padded lies. Rated 8.5/10.

Greens were in fabulous condition. Quick, firm and true. Maybe a 10 or 11 on the stimp. Rated 8.5/10.

Tees super lush, mostly level and minimal damage on the par 3s. Rated 8/10.

Greenside rough is lush, beautiful easy 9/10.

Fairway rough improved some but still spots of thin lush and hard pan areas here and there. Rated 6.5/10.

Got to test some bunkers out with my student. They have improved many of the bunkers here.

I walked 10 and 11 by myself just before dark and the back nine looked just as nice as the front.

Would highly recommend Rustic right now. Its in fabulous shape.
Walked the blues today teeing off at 1240pm joined by a nice 3 ball. Weather was low 70s with about a 10mph breeze. Got to use the ample practice area for a couple minutes before teeing off. Super friendly staff. POP 4 hours.

Covid19 bathrooms open next to trailers where you check in. They ask you to wear a mask as you pay at the trailer. No rakes in bunkers, plastic inserts in cups. Looks like on site Marshall was raking bunkers in between groups on many bunkers which I thought was cool and a nice touch.

Fairways here are some of the best in the county at this time. Lush with great lies and still rollout on low trajectory drives. Rated 8/10.

Greens were holding shots beautifully and rolling very nicely. Weird to have hole 13 green punched and the only hole that was punched but all other greens were in great shape. Rated 8/10.

Tees were level , lush and are always in great shape. Rated 8.5/10.

Was not in any of the bunkers.

Rough inside the cart paths was in great shape. Super green and lush and mainly uniform. Outside the cart paths enter and hit at your own risk if you can find it. Rated 8/10.

If you want to escape the heat Ventura , Oxnard, Santa Barbara is your call. Olivas is such a great layout and is currently in great shape. Highly recommended.
Walked the blues this morning 8/31/2020 at 9:15am joined by a nice single and twosome. We had some nice cool foggy British open conditions the first 7 holes which gave way to beautiful sunshine and light breeze on the back nine. Chamber of commerce day for Moorpark. Very friendly staff at Rustic. Nice shape putting green and they have a nice chipping area with a bunker adjacent to the driving range. Have not rode here in a while but looks like they might have recently added a new GPS system to the carts. Our POP was 4 hours 25 minutes behind a packed tee sheet.

Covid19 insert foam in pins, no ball washers, restaurant open for window pickup and no rakes in the bunkers.

Most noticable difference from my last round was how improved the fairways are. Most sections are semi lush to lush and the grass is thicker than it usually is this time of year with the heat we have been having, Kudos to the crew. Nice lies in the fairways today. Rated 7.5/10.

Greens rolling in very nice shape. Holding most irons, receptive yet like most greens at Rustic you want to be below the hole. Would say maybe a 10 on the stump. Rated 8/10.

Drove it into right fairway bunker on 3 and bombed it into greenside bunker on 7. Both bunkers firm but easy to get out of. Rated 7/10.

Tees are really nice here fairly level and super lush. Rated 8/10.

Greenside rough you are a beauty, thick lush and manicured to just the right height Rated 9/10

Fairway rough is mostly dry, inconsistent but playable. Rated 6/10

Of note they are doing a watering project on the fringes on holes 11, 13,15 and 17 where the fringes were just soaked. Looks like they punched the fringes with little holes as well.

The greens, fairways, tees and greenside rough are in very good shape. Love coming to my home course. Highly recommended.
Rode the blues for 36 wonderful holes today with my buddy RGM2525. Always fun playing with Ron. Weather was perfect all day starting out in the low 70's and finishing around 80 degrees with a nice 1-2 club breeze mid way through the first round. Our POP was just over 3 hours for each round waiting on a couple groups and getting waived through on a couple groups on the 2nd round. We pounded a few balls for a couple minutes on the all grass driving range, holed a few putts and we were off. Super nice staff at Purisma as always.

Greens were very soft and very receptive and putted beautiful and smooth. Seen the greens quicker but they were in great shape. Rated 8/10. Very little to no ballmarks.

Fairways were mostly lush and in great shape. Couple of the fairways closer to the green say 20 yds away had some burn spots. Overall very impressed with the fairways. Rated 8/10.

Rough is very lush and as always rough in spots like it should be. Rated 7.5/10.

Tees lush, fairly level and in good shape. 7.5/10

Bunkers contained beach like sand. Crusty on the top with most bunkers having plenty of sand underneath. Rated 7/10.

Love the challenge here. Still my favorite course in the area. Would highly recommend.
Walked the Blues this afternoon just before 2pm joined by my buddy Matt and MrKich(Matt). Great fun round with both Matt's! We had weather in the 70's with a light breeze and semi-humid conditions. Wanted to commend Olivas's staff getting us out to play without a tee time on a jammed packed Monday. Golf is in full swing here in Ventura with temps in the 100's in the Valley's. We had ample time to practice on their large driving range, putting green and chipping green. POP was 4 hours 20 minutes. COVID-19 no rakes in bunkers, no ballwashers, pins with plastic inserts half way down the cup.

Beautiful stellar conditions at Olivas.

Fairways very lush, great shape perfect lies. Rated 8.5/10

Tees super lush, mowed down perfectly. Level and in great shape. 8.5/10

Was not in any of the bunkers so can't rate em.

Rough lush, beautiful and nicely maintained just off the fairways. Rated 8.5/10

Fringes were beautiful and in great shape, easy to putt from.

Greens super soft, rolling fairly smooth with just a little bump. Rated 7/10.

Highly recommend getting out to Olivas for a round.
Walked the Blues this afternoon 8/3/2020 at 1:50pm with John, Ron and Sal(very nice to meet you Sal!). POP was just over 4 hours with temps in the mid 70's with a slight breeze.

COVID-19 precautions included no rakes, foam insert in cups, no ballwashers and masks in the pro-shop. Range was open with mats and looks like they are re sodding the putting green. Friendly staff inside the pro-shop including friendly starter on hole 1.

Greens were the highlight of the course putting and rolling very smoothly. Hardly any ballmarks to be found. Loved the greens and they looked like they might have just been rolled. They were receptive to shots with a high trajectory and spin. Rating the greens a solid 8 bordering on a 8.5.

Fairways were semi-lush and have improved some since my last round. Some very minor wet spots and a few dry spots but overall playable and decent. Rated 7/10

Tees mostly level and lush. Couple tees you had to hunt for a level stance but overall in above average shape. Rated 7/10

Was in greenside bunker on 7 that was nicely raked with a perfect amount of sand to splash out of. Rating this bunker 7/10

Rough was thick in most spots but manageable. Rated 7/10.

Even though I played well not my favorite layout. Only 3 par 5's is a minus in my book. I do love the back nine here. 16/17/18 are fun holes to finish on.

Conditions were good today and the greens were in the best shape I have ever seen them. I would recommend Sterling Hills right now. Above average conditions in most facets of the golf course and great green conditions.
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