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Walked the Orange Tees this morning 9/19/2022 with my buddy Matt at 11:40am under perfect weather conditions
Temps in the high 70s with a light breeze. We played as a 2some and had a comfortable POP at 4 hrs.

Last round here was in May and the conditions out here are terrific considering it will be fall soon and it gets very hot in Ojai the last 3 months.

Fairways were very lush with great lies throughout. You still get some roll and hitting irons here is such a treat. Rated 9/10

The greens were in great shape with just minimal ballmarks. They were rolling pure and were very soft and receptive on approach shots. Rated 8/10

Tees were all sanded and it looks like mostly all tee boxes were recently leveled. For me as long as they are level I'm good. Rated 8/10

Was in one bunker greenside on 16 that was in great shape. All bunkers have that white thick fluffy beach sand. Rated 8.5/10

Rough was in good shape just off the fairways, fairly uniform couple inches long. Rated 8/10

Just love Soule Park. It's in such great shape and it always has fit my eye.

Would highly recommend to anyone in the area. Great track in good condition
Rode the golds on a bday round at one of my favorite tracks in socal under windy conditions for the front nine and the wind dying some on the back nine. Weather was chamber of commerce SB weather around 75 for a high. Thanks to Kyle and his professional staff for a great day out on the links.

My 2nd time playing here this calender year.

The practice facilities are nice with a beautiful sloped putting green which you can also hit short pitches to. They also have a grass range which is nice. I have eaten here before and their burgers are good. Cart barn staff and starter were friendly. We got off right on time. Carts had GPS, two Sand fill bottles and comfortable seating.

The greens here are super slick and terrific. You come and play these greens if you really want to know where your putting and chipping touch is. I would say downhill putts were a 12 on the stimp. Very little ballmarks and still receptive on iron shots with spin. The green complexes themselves slope mostly from back to front and its a must to stay level or below the hole. Rating these greens a solid 9.5/10.

Fairways for the most part had mostly all green and lush lies. Nicely padded. Rated 8/10

Tees were mostly lush and level and in good shape. Rated 8/10

Was in one bunker greenside 14 that was easy to splash out of. The bunkers have a brownish color to them and a clay like texture. Rated 7.5/10.

The biggest difference that I saw today from past rounds were they removed many trees and cut down major areas of rough between holes like 15/16.right of 17 and many other areas of the course. I'm assuming this was done to speed up pace of play??

Anyway playing well always helps but had a blast today. I just love this golf course and with LA Purisma being semi close if I lived up here those two would be getting my business all day.

Highly recommended.
Rode the Blues this morning 9/6/2022 as part of the Gk/Golfmoose outing with hot temps reaching 92 degrees for a high. Not to bad when riding. Paired with John, Ron, Mike and Mark. Great fun group.

They have 2 beautiful practice chipping/putting greens along with a seperate practice facility down the hill running alongside the 11th hole. There range is elevated and we were on mats today to save the range turf for the LPGA tournament early next month. All staff encountered were friendly filling up our carts with extra ice. No GPS on the carts but they did have sprinklers in the fairways and provided pin sheets on the carts.

The greens were fantastic rolling close to an 11 on the stimp with very few ballmarks and holding shots beautifully. Was surprised with how much backspin we were getting and my shot on 10 down the hill stayed in its pitch mark 10 feet from the hole. The greens here are fairly large and very undulating making putting premium here. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways were in great shape. Mostly all padded and lush. High standards here. Rated 8.5/10

Rough was a 9/10 lush but still playable. Great shape. Possibly with the greens highlight of the course

Was in one bunker that had perfect sand. I saw all bunkers raked. 8/10

Tees were lush and level and firm. Really had to stick the tee in strong. 8/10.

My 3rd time playing this awesome golf course. It has its accolades of hosting a US Open qualifier and will be a great host for the LPGA early next month. Parkland style with a few tight holes, awesome doglegs, strategic fairway and greenside bunkers, raised undulating greens and enough trouble to warrant the mid 130s slope. Would rate it right up with La Purisma and Moorpark CC as the tougher courses in the area. I would recommend a membership here in a heartbeat.
Walked the blues this morning at 8am with a very nice elderly threesome in 4 hrs 15 min waiting on the group in front for most the day. It was beautiful at 8am teeing off and heating up by the time we reached the back nine. Very friendly starter, nice sloped putting green with mats on the range today.

Rustic is in great shape!

Fairways were in very good shape considering we are hitting the hottest part of the year. Mostly lush, 90 percent lush with very few brown areas. So lush your not getting much roll out here currently. Rated 8/10

Greens on the back were slightly sanded and were rolling a tad slower than the front but in darn near perfect shape. Very receptive greens for Rustics standards. Rated 8/10. Fringes here are soaked in spots and can play slow.

Tees were nice and lush and level. Very few issues even on par 3s. Rated 8.5/10

Rough is perfect greenside 9/10 and not bad just off the fairways 7/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked firmer. Speaking of sodding and bunkers they did some work just right of 17 green by adding some sod and a new bunker that looks fantastic.

Highly recommended. With hot weather coming up get out there early to beat the heat especially if you are walking. Was glad I played my home course today on my 800th GK review.
Out at Sunset Hills CC this morning 8/22/22 with the GK/Golfmoose crew on a perfect day for golf around 82 degrees with about a club wind. Pop was just shy of 5 hrs riding. Paired with a great group of guys Johnny, Kyle and Andrew. My 3rd time at this private.

Practice facilities include 4 stalls of mats where you can hit to targets anywhere from 60 yds up to 160yds. They also have a hitting cage in the upper parking lot, They had a full bar right next to the two adjacent putting/chipping greens that were in great shape. Carts were comfortable and provided coolers and sand fill but no GPS. All staff encountered were super friendly.

The greens were in great shape. Superintendent should receive a raise. They were rolling around an 11 on the stimp. Not any ballmarks just pure as gold. Holding shots with spin very nicely. Perfect combo. Most of the green complexes here are small targets with a few exceptions. The members are blessed here to putt these greens. Rated 9.5/10

Fairways were mostly lush and nicely padded and considering water restrictions and dry weather I thought they were in good shape. Minor brown spots here or there that did not effect lies or play. Rated 7.5/10.

Tees were mostly lush, mostly level and in above average shape. Rated 7.5/10

Sand was thick beach sand in the one greenside bunker I was in. Rated 8/10.

Rough was mostly lush and in decent to good shape. Rated 7.5/10.

Fringes were thick grabby kikkuya grass. No bump and running chips around here.

Layout is up and down hills with some awesome dogleg holes like 1,2 ,15 and 18 that dogleg left and 3 and 13 doglegging to the right. If you can keep the big dog in play there is a score to be had, if he is acting up it could spell trouble. Accuracy a premium here. We loved our round and thanks to Johnny, Sunset Hills CC and Golfmoose for a great day.
This review spans previous month conditions as I have played multiple rounds with buddies the last month.

Fairways right now are in perfect shape. Lush padded surfaces where you feel bad compressing the beautiful turf and taking a divot. Rated 9/10.

Tees are super lush, thick and mostly level. Tees might be the star of the show here. Rated 9/10.

Rough just along the edges of fairways are super green even greener than the fairways and in perfect condition. Rated 9/10

Sand is in good shape mostly raked. Some of the bunkers are firmer than usual but in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Greens are healthy. Probably a 10 on the stimp. They are very soft and receptive. The greens are huge here and you need to be a good lag putter here. Rated 7.5/10.

Usual afternoon 1-2 club breeze makes things cooler temp wise and challenging on holes 6, 8 and 12-14 into the wind.

Friendly staff, great practice facility. Awesome summer temps, great layout and great prices.

Gem of a course right now. Recommended
Walked the blues this morning 8/1/22 with my buddy Matt joined by a nice single. Weather was perfect to start the morning and heated up nicely to around 90 degrees when we finished. We pushed the foursome in front of us who fell 2-3 holes behind by the middle of the front nine. Pop was 4 hrs 30 minutes.

This is the nicest I have seen RC in August.

Fairways were bordering a 9/10 with striped lush green grass that was like butter. Perfect hitting surfaces. The course played longer as there is not the amount of roll out you usually get here. Great shape!

Tees super lush as well. All mostly level. Rated 8.5/10.

Greenside rough was a 9.5/10 green and lush and in great shape. Fairway rough much improved just off the edges of the Fairways. Rated 7/10.
With this course you would normally bump and run chips up from the fringe but at current time you can pitch chips closer to the pin to avoid the soft fringes.

Was not in any bunkers so can't rate them. They all looked firmer and raked.

The greens were as soft as I have ever seen them. My pw approach on 11 to a front pin landed and stayed in my pitch mark. The greens rolled super pure but were slow. Overall green rating 8/10.

High marks for the Fairways, tees, rough and even though the greens were slower then normal they also were in great shape.

Highly recommended!
Played the Oaks Club at Valencia private CC as part of the GK/Golfmoose outing this morning 6/20/22 at 11am. First time playing this track. Paired with Johnny, Mark and Jeff excellent playing partners in 4 hrs 30 minutes with the temps in the upper 90s and about a 15mph breeze. Great run event at a very nice facility and clubhouse in the hills of Valencia. All employees encountered were friendly and accommodating.

Beautiful course with mature oak trees, lots of up and down rolling hills, native vegetation on every hole usually on both sides of the Fairways. It had its share of blind shots but no tricked out holes other than number 14 where driver is not really the play for longer hitters. I really enjoyed the back nine here. I loved the tee shots on 17 and 18.

The greens were rolling pure probably close to 10 on the stimp meter. They looked faster than they actually putted and our group left multiple putts right in the jar just a foot short. Healthy greens that were receptive on approach shot. Omeara did a good job with some skinny greens, wide greens and undulations throughout the green complexes. Rated 8/10

Fairways had nice coverage for summer in this hot area. Mostly lush and in good shape, Rated 8/10

Tees were level and in good shape and lush. Never encountered a unlevel teeing ground. Rated 8/10

Was not in any of the bunkers but my playing partners were and they described them as inconsistent in sand texture where most were firm and crusty and one had an ample amount of beach sand. Most did not look raked

Rough was thick just off the fairways and was a darker green which was a nice contrast visually from the fairways. Good shape Rated 8/10.

If I lived in the immediate area I would consider a membership here. I enjoyed the round immensely.
Walked my home course this morning 5/31/22 from the blues with my buddy Matt joining a twosome on 3 tee. Total Pop was 4 hrs 45min on a packed course with temps in the high 70s and anywhere from a 10-15mph breeze. Pro shop staff always friendly.

Rustic is in great shape right now!!

Fairways are lush and padded with great lies. Rated 8/10

Greens are semi quick, holding nicely and would say putting close to a 10.5 on the Stimp. I have seen them quicker. Rated 8/10.

Tees are in great shape lush, level and they have added new wood tee markers since my last round which are cool. Rated 8.5/10

Rough bordering the fairways has more coverage than usual albeit some of it still brown, wispy and thin in spots. The greenside rough is always the highlight of tbe show at Rustic in the 9/10 range. Fairway rough 6.5/10 range.

Was not in any bunkers today.

Highly recommend this course. Golf top 100 courses to play. Great layout, great conditions, choose your wind days here selectively.
Rode the blues today 5/16/22 as a part of the GK/Golfmoose outing. Teed off at 11am as a shotgun format. We had beautiful low 80s weather with a swirling one to two club wind.

2nd time here. Love the back nine here. Nice variety here with some dogleg left and rights. Some elevated tees, water features and some nice strategic bunkering. Native areas more predominant on the front nine but each hole gives you ample room but spray to much here and it's a lost ball

Course conditions were good with tighter semi lush Fairways that had some nice roll to them. Rated 7.5/10

Tees were quite lush, thick and in beautiful shape. Rated 8/10.

Greens were very soft on high approaches with irons and rolling semi quick on putts. Would say maybe a 10.5 on the stimp. Green rating 8/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers on 7 and 17 that were raked and in good shape with ample sand. Rated 7.5/10

Rough was cut down around 2 inches and was semi lush. Rated 7.5/10.

Well run event on a fun course with great weather and company. Would recommend a membership here if your thinking of joining.
Walked the Orange Tees this afternoon 5/9/22 at 1:20pm with my buddy Matt with about a club wind on the front nine and around 70 degrees perfect day for golf. Pop was 4 hrs behind a mini lady's tourney. They just played the front and we flew around on the back nine as a twosome.

Very friendly/professional golf staff in the shop. The restaurant/bar is completed and it looks beautiful. Range on mats/nice sized putting green with a seperate chipping/bunker area behind the 18th green.

Man driving in you can see what great shape Soule is in. They had a women's open qualifier here recently and they really have the tees, fairways and rough super lush and beautiful. The fairways are in the 9. 5/10 range like butter. Perfect Palm Springs lies. Rough is lush 2 to 3 inches lining the fairways and in beautiful shape 8.5/10. Tees lush and mainly level 8.5/10. Greens were rolling medium speed today. Some of the greens were browning in areas as I'm sure they had them rolled and smooth for the ladies event. They held shots and rolled beautiful 8/10. Was in bunker on 17 that had perfectly raked sand. All the bunkers have white fluffy pancake material . Rated 8.5/10.

I recently played North Ranch and Saticoy CC and this course right now is right up there with these conditions. Probably the best maintained public course right now in the area.

Highly recommended.
Played the Oaks/Valley combo this morning 5/2/22 in a shotgun start at 11am as a part of the Yarrow Family Ymca tournament. We started on Oaks 8. Weather was chamber of commerce in Westlake Village 70 degrees with about a club a wind.

First time playing here and it reminded me of some Holes at Sherwood CC which I have walked numerous times. I really enjoyed the Lakes layout. Many Holes here are tee off either above or below canyons. Lots of fun sight lines. Would categorize some of the Holes on the Oaks nine tighter target shoot Holes but nothing tricked up at all. The par 3 7th I believe on the Lakes was beautiful hitting over a majestic lake with waterfalls. Lakes contained more dogleg Holes and Oaks holes were straighter. Really want to come back and try the Valley nine as it looked gorgeous as well. Our group had so much fun today.

The greens were rolling beautiful. Anything high with spin was holding. Anything else was releasing as they were firm if you were coming in low or short sided. Most greens were medium size and had some swales and multi tiered levels to them. A pleasure to putt on and for sure like most greens you wanted to stay below the pin. Rated 8.5/10.

Fairways were in the 8.75/9 out of 10 range. Lush carpet with great lies and very green. Pretty much palm springs great.

Tees were level, lush and in good shape. Rated 9/10.

Group behind us was not pushing us at all so I threw a couple extra balls in some bunkers and man were the bunkers soft and deep and in great shape. Rated 8,75/10

Rough was very green and lush and in great shape. Up to 3 inches and a club grabber for anything say over a 9 iron. Rated 9/10.

If you get an opportunity to play here at all jump on it. Thx to my brother and law and the YFY for the invite.
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