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Walked the Oak Tees at 12 noon today 2/22/2021 joined by 2 brothers Nick and Alex who were a blast to play with. We had perfect weather 75 degrees and very little wind to speak of today. POP was 4 hrs 50 minutes behind a packed tee sheet. With weather this good and the start of the golf season and such a popular great course I can see why it was packed! Very friendly staff today in pro shop. Soule has a nice sized putting green, separate chipping green/bunker and their range is on mats.

Greens were the highlight of the course rolling beautifully, semi-firm with little to no ballmarks. Pretty big greens complexes here and like most Gil Hanse design courses if you can putt here you can putt most places due to the undulations and size of the greens. Rated 8/10.

Fairways are more thin than lush.. firm but like Mike stated in the previous review just enough padding at this time in the fairways. Come spring and summer Soule has some of the nicer fairways in the county. Rating 6.5/10

Tees mostly all level and in good shape. Rated 7/10.

Was in greenside bunkers on 3 and 16 that had perfect sand and easy to splash out of. No rakes. Rated 8/10.

Rough is thinner and dry and in decent shape for this time of year. Rated 6.5/10.

Great layout, prices, weather, staff and scenery. Highly recommend Soule.
2nd round today 2/16/2021 was at the Mission Hills North Gary Player course joined by Pedro, Ron and Peter. Really laid back fun group to play with. We had a constant 15-20mph wind with gusts up to 25mph. Beautiful temp around 75 degrees even with the blustery wind conditions. Looking back I actually played this course many years ago but don't even remember one hole.

Hit a couple shots on their massive all grass range and rolled a few putts on their putting green. My buddy and I had the burger and fries which were awesome. Was told they have one of the best breakfast burritos around(next time). Very friendly cart barn and pro-shop staff. We teed off around 12:50pm and finished at 5pm.

Man the greens were in great shape, Firm(talking no ball marks on iron shots) and with the wind if you were short sided they were firm enough for chips to roll and extra 5-10 feet by the hole. They looked as good as they putted. Highlight of the course Beautiful and rated 8.5/10.

Fairways had a great green contrast in relation to the dormant brown rough. Mostly all fairways had a tighter would say semi-lush base. Pleasure to hit off of. Rated 8/10.

Tees were lush and level and in great shape. Rated 8/10.

Was not in any bunkers so can't comment or rate them. There were plenty of them out there.

Rough was dormant and brownish color. Mostly mowed down but around the greens it gets tricky here with I thought with very grabby rough. Rating 7.5/10.

I liked the layout. Some good birdie holes, some nice water features where greens are tucked in between water and bunkers. Homes lining some of the fairways. I know cause I hit a house right of 9 and got a huge lucky bounce back into play(lol).

Would recommend this course but I do like Silverrock, Indian Wells Celebrity, Classic Club, Desert Willow Firecliff and a couple others before this course.
Played Desert Dunes for the first time this morning 2/16/21 out at 7:25am with Pedro, Johnny and Gus. Really laid back fun group. Weather was blustery with wind 15-25mph with gusts in the 35 range. No frills pro shop, they have a huge grass range, nice putting/area next to the first tee. Carts I don't believe had GPS. Friendly pro-shop staff.

Man I really loved this layout and place. Dogleg's, straight grip and rip, some tighter holes, enough sand, water features and natural desert areas to keep you honest and in talking with some locals at the cart barn I guess this layout used to host amateur qualifier tournaments. Really loved hole 10 and 11 hitting through a shoot of trees and 9/18 was a trip and had a huge shared green complex.

Greens were quick, holding with spin or higher trajectory shots. They were not super smooth and contained some minor bumps but did not roll too bad. Rated 6.5/10

Fairways were mostly green and semi-lush and in above average shape. Rated 7/10

Tees(I played the gold stones) were mostly level, semi lush and in good shape. Rated 7/10.

Was in back greenside bunker on 7 that was wet but easy to splash out of. Rating 7/10. Looks like most bunkers were on the muddy/wet side.

Rough was thin in places, lush in places and overall would say in the 6/7 shape. I was lucky enough not to lose any balls in the clovers that are just off some fairways(we spent a couple minutes on the first couple holes looking for balls that were submerged in the clovers).

Reading past reviews I think some of the ratings are to low. My rating should come out close to a 6.75/7 shape. Also would agree with most reviews I read in relation to the wind. Although I had a good round the wind was pretty strong today and should be considered if you come out here for a round.

I would highly recommend the layout here and I thought the conditions were in the 7 range.
Rode the Blues yesterday 2/1/21 teeing off around 11:40am getting in 36 just before 4:30pm. Weather was perfect mid to high 60's with no wind. They have an all grass range and a separate grass warm up area below the range off to the left. Very friendly staff and cart staff. The resort is still closed but will be reopening soon. They are doing some construction work(not on the golf course) but on the sidewalk area right in front of the restaurants close to #10 and #13 tee. Carts are equipped with 2 sand bottles for fairway and rough divots and a nice GPS system. POP today on a Monday was great as I played through just one group all day.

No rakes in the bunkers, most cups had foam inserts, masks to be worn in pro-shop, no ball washers.

Played here at the end of December and the conditions are on par with my last review.

Fairways had ample coverage. Some moist and damp areas due to the recent rains but most of the those areas were closer to the green. Fairway rating 7/10

Greens were in good shape. Smooth holding shots very nicely. You can throw some darts in there even with long irons. I hit a towering 6 iron on 16 and ball maybe moved an inch on the green. The greens have some nice swales and undulation to them. Most greens are guarded by strategic traps. Green rating 7.5/10

Tees mostly level and lush. 7/10

Rough was lush in spots, thinner in others and in decent shape. The kikuyu around the greens is not as long and penal at this time as it can be in the middle of summer. 7/10

Not really fair to rate the bunkers after a downpour of rain for 2 days without rakes. Most bunkers were raked but some were hardpan in areas with nice soft sand in other areas.

The layout here is very fun in that the front nine is tight and short with both par 3's very short and the back nine is long and more open with both par 3's playing over 200 yds from the tips.

I would recommend the course to anyone at this time and I know with the golf season approaching us and warmer weather this place will be even better in the months to come.
Rode the purple tees yesterday with John, Ron and Lucas. Very fun group to play with! We had cold and windy weather. Pop was good with just some minor waiting on the last few holes.

My first time playing this side as I have played Firecliff a couple times. I enjoy the Firecliff layout just a little more but this side was also a blast to play! Enough room off the tee, some risk/reward par 5's and a couple strong par 3's. This side has a little more water in play and also contained enough bunkers like it's sister Firecliff course.

Greens putted beautiful! Fast and firm. Thought they held full shots nicely. If you were short sided on chips it was challenging to get them into gimme range. Hardly any ballmarks. Rating 9/10

Fairways full and lush with hardly any divots. Nice sand mix included on carts. Perfect lies. Rating 9/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers and 3 fairway bunkers. All bunkers I were in were nicely raked and in good shape. Rating 8/10

Rough nice and green and lush 2-3 inches. Perfect shape. Rating 9/10

Tees level, lush and in great shape Rating 9/10

Great practice facility, friendly staff. Really fun layout. Perfect conditions. Would love to come back on a better or regular weather day.

Highly recommended.
Walked the Blues this morning 1/11/2021 teeing off around 8:05am joined by 2 nice singles Chris and Bob. Our POP was great around 4 hrs with just some minimal waiting on the last 3 holes. I wanted to touch a little on the weather and in reference to Tim's review about 3 reviews down the line. We started the day with very light breeze that turned into a hurricane around hole 11. Talking 30-40mph wind with super blustery gusts. I consider myself not super long especially with each year. How bad was the wind at our backs on 16(466 yd par 4) from the blue stone I had 50 yds to the green and on number 18(437 yd par 4) I hit a power fade around the greenside bunkers and was on the fringe after my drive. Saw several 390 yd drives downwind in our group and #11 and #13 going into wind were brutal! Maybe 190-200 yd drives with the ball going backwards when it reached its

Greens were top notch. Probably the smoothest and quickest I have seen them in some time. Had a eagle putt on hole 1 front green and I putted it off the green into the rough past a back pin. Green rating today was close to a 9/10. Greens Holding shots into the wind OK. If you were downwind or short sidesided today you were toast. Love putting these greens. To Tim's point any wind over 25mph plus out here there are many greens where the ball will not stop in its place to be putted.

Tees were freaking awesome. Level, lush and in great shape. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways had a ton of roll. I saw my playing partners drive on 14 roll like a 100yds. Fairways were more thin than lush but contained just enough padding. Rustic fairways are for sure links style at this time and the way the designer meant for them to be played. Rated 6.5/10

Rough was thin and wispy around the fairways and lush and green around the aprons and greens. Fairway rough rating 6/10. Greenside rough rating 8/10.

Was not in any bunkers so can't comment on those today.

Highly recommended. Love me some Rustic. Look at the forecast or call ahead to check on the wind.
Rode the Blues this morning 1/4/2021 at 10:10am off as a single catching a nice twosome John and Vincente on hole 7 tee. POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes on a beautiful perfect scoring day with hardly any wind and temps in the low 60's. I played the Canyon Crest to Ridgeline combo. Very friendly staff inside pro-shop and a nice practice facility. Carts have dividers and a nice GPS system.

This is my second time playing here in the last several weeks and the greens are just flat awesome. Very quick chipping and putting wise and holding irons like absolute darts. Perfect combination in my mind. Most greens are large and have some swale to them. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways have great padding at this time with all dormant grass. Its a striking beautiful contrast to the very green tee boxes and rough and of course beautiful greens. Fairways 7/10.

Tees that I played were all lush, green and level. Rated 8/10.

Was in bunker on 6 on Ridgeline that contained beautiful thick beach sand. Rating that bunker a 8/10.

Rough along the fairways and greens were lush and green anywhere from 2-3 inches and in good shape. Rated 8/10

I always love coming here for the views, challenge and nice course conditions. This is a top notch facility. One of the guys I played with was a member and the annual fees are a good deal.

Highly Recommend Moorpark CC.
Rode the Blacks today 12/29/20 joined by my buddy Nickesquire as our second round of the day teeing off around 11:40am and finishing with a 3 hr 40 minute pace of play waiting behind a couple 3 ball groups. Weather was breezy and sunny.

Same COVID-19 measures as its sister course Santa Rosa. This course does have a putting green but no driving range. Staff let us keep our carts from the 1st round and drive them down the road a half mile to this course.

Layout: Never played a golf course where there are 3 par 3's on the 1st 5 holes. The front comes in at 2899 where the back nine comes in at a whopping 3770yds. Interesting way to get to 6700yds. I enjoy the Santa Rosa layout much better but now that I have played them both twice I really like both layouts especially the back nine here. Hole 14 here is a beast.

Greens were even firmer and in nicer shape than Santa Rosa which is amazing. Fast and firm here. Most greens are huge and have big swales and different sections they can put the pin to make a 2 putt very challenging. Rating the greens a 9.5. Some of the better greens I have putted on this year.

Fairways were super lush and in perfect shape. Rated 9.5/10

Rough was similar to Santa Rosa but maybe not as high. Lush maybe 2 inches and in perfect shape. Rated 9/10.

Was in one greenside bunker on 5. They have the most beautiful white marble sand bunkers on this course. Perfect thick amount of sand and the color contrast amid the fairways and rough was breathtaking. They looked like Augusta National bunkers. Rated a 9.5/10. From what I hear they are newer.

Tees were striped, level and lush. Rated 9.5/10

Highly Recommended.
Rode the Blacks this morning 12/29/20 with my buddy Nickesquire. We teed off to a cold start at 43 degrees and our POP was 3 hrs 20 minutes being waved through by a foursome on hole 8.

COVID= no rakes in the bunkers, plastic inserts in the cup, masks worn in the pro-shop. They have a really nice all grass range that was on mats this morning and a nice chipping and putting green right by the clubhouse. Carts were nice but were not equipped with GPS. Really friendly starter.

Layout: Really fun dogleg holes. Nice big and undulating green complexes and just wall to wall lushness. The 6720 tees today played longer due to overnight rains and cold temps. Front nine has some scoring holes like 1,2,6,7. Teeth of the course is 8,10,11. Couple nice longer par 3's.

Conditions overall should come out to a 9/10.

Greens were in great shape. Holding shots nicely, Rolling firm and smooth. Got some great challenging pins today. I fixed very few ballmarks. Rating the greens a solid 9/10

Fairways were super lush. Perfect lies. Little damp from overnight rains. Rating the fairways a 9/10. They were so nice I hated compressing the ball and taking a divot and ruining the perfect presentation.

Rough was super lush, wetter and around 2/3 inches. On hole 5 I was in the left rough and lets say it was just thick juicy. Rough rating 9/10

I rarely rate tees higher than a 9 but these were a 9.5/10. Lush, level and striped.

Was in greenside bunkers on 3 and 12 and sand was in really good shape. Brownish and considering there were no rakes perfect lies. I did see maintenance around a lot so wondering if they are raking in between groups. Rating 8/10

If you want primo conditions come play both courses here. Super Underpar and Golfmoose deal up right now for these courses. Highly recommended.
Walked the blues this morning at 10am joined by Lee, Don and Gary. It was a pleasure watching Don at 86 years young hit some great shots. Inspiring. We had perfect weather conditions with no wind and temps in the mid 70's. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes with a pretty packed golf course today.

Covid19= no rakes, foam inserts in cups, driving range open on mats, putting green open with no flags. Cart service was around a bunch of times and grill open with ordering from outside for take out. Masks in pro shop.

Greens are freaking awesome right now. Quick and firm, holding irons nicely. You need to spin your chips here or they will release on you. Greenskeeper is doing a great job with the greens. Rated 8.5/10

Tees are awesome. Mostly all green and lush and mostly all level. Rated 8/10

Fairways would call them more thin than lush but still just enough padding. To be honest the fairways now are how this course should be played which is run out on drives, bump and run shots around the greens and overall a links feel. Historically the fairways start getting lush and green around April. Rated 6.5/10.

Bunkers was only in one greenside bunker on 13 that had nice beach like soft sand that was easy to splash out of. Over the years Rustic has done a great job in filling in most of the greenside bunkers with more sand. Rated 7/10.

Rough is dry, thinner and not an issue as far as a club grabber. You can get some poor thinner lies just off the fairways or if you run through a fairway like I did on my drive on number 5. Rated 6/10.

Highly recommend Rustic. Pick a non-windy day by looking at the forecast or calling the shop ahead of time. Great layout with some length to it, challenging greens and a blast to play
Rode the Blues this morning 12/21/2020 teeing off right at 10am and finishing right at 1pm for 3 hr POP. Wanted to thank Dan in the proshop and Ojai Valley Inn staff for getting me out and teeing me off on the front nine(it was a back nine start today). I was waived through by a 4some on hole 13 and only had minor waiting the entire day. Weather was around 80 degrees with blue skies and no wind.

Layout: Very cool knowing that you are hitting tee shots that Palmer, Floyd, Hogan, Trevino and some of the greats hit as this gem used to be a Champions tour stop and also hosted a match with Harry Vardon a long while ago. Place has a lot of history. The front nine has some tighter dog leg holes that I love and the back is somewhat more open. Up and down some hills with some great elevation changes where you get some great hang time on drives on 5, 10 and 13. Would never get bored playing this layout. Only negative is the back tee box on 18 is still closed so its a pretty straight forward drive rather than an awesome dog leg left.

Greens: Wanted to start with the greens since 3 months or so ago they had issues with the greens. I am glad to report that there are no temporary greens and also glad to report that they were the highlight of the course! Rolling firm and nice and holding irons very nicely. Some of the greens had a minor top dressing that did not effect putts at all. I'm a stickler for nice greens and I am rating these a solid 8 out of 10.

Fairways: Would call them semi-lush rated around a 7/10. Never had a bad lie. Not as green visually as some summer rounds out here but in good shape. Seems like the back nine fairways contained a little more lushness and overall grass.

Tees: Mostly level and lush with just minor divot damage on the 3 par's. Rated 7/10

Bunkers: Was in greenside bunker on hole 5, 7 and 18 and all contained beautiful amount of sand easy to splash out of. No rakes in the bunkers.

Rough: Rough was drier and thinner and played decent. Not long so just off the fairways lies were thinner but easy to hit out of. The usual summer kikuyu around the greens were still grabby but thinner. Rated 6.5/10

Would highly recommend a round out here for the quality of the greens, layout and peace and quiet. I will for sure be coming back for some more rounds out here.
Late review here after a very stressful week. Rode the blacks on Monday 12/14/20 joined by a very nice 2 ball.

Covid-19 restrictions pins left in, masks required in the proshop. Range open and putting green open. Carts had divider's. This is my second round wearing a mask while playing and I'm getting used to it.

The course is really in great shape. Not much change from couple weeks ago with the Gk gurus. I played the Ridgeline/Canyon Crest combo and our 3 ball thoroughly enjoyed the day. Pop was around 4 hrs with some minor waiting.

The greens were just flat out awesome. Rated 9/10 rolling super quick and holding approach shots very nicely. If you short side yourself with as quick as the greens are you will really have your work cut out to get into gimme range. Greens are probably some of the best in the county!

Fairways mostly dormant nicely padded grass. Rated 7/10.

Tees beautiful, lush, green and fairly level. Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked nicely raked and on the firmer side.

Rough in nice shape. Fairly manageable. Rated 7.5/10.

Thx to Pierre in the proshop for squeezing me into a full tee sheet.

Highly recommended!
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