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Rode the blues this morning 2/26/24 as part of the GK/Golfmoose joined by awesome guys Marc, Mark and Mark. First time in my golfing career I remembered all 3 names the whole day. Weather was ideal for golf the first 15 holes and then we had a very light rain on 16,17 and 18. Pop moved pretty good considering the shotgun over 100 player start.

I love the layout of the course with 2 long par 4s , 3 challenging par 3s and several shorter strategic par 4s that bend both ways. Most holes favor a slight fade off the tee. Very strategic architect here who places many fairway bunkers in the landing areas anywhere from 260 to 290ish off the tee. Course also has some very severe undulating greens that are a challenge.

Greens were the highlight of the course. Very smooth and quick putting wise. They held irons from the fairways very well but were firmer on chips around the green complexes. Rated solid 8.5/10

Fairways provided a firmer semi lush Bermuda base. Some areas of mud and trouble areas but would say 80% of the fairways were in good shape. Rated 7/10

Tees were level and very firm and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked well stocked with nice beach sand. Mark(Itslikeimsayin) showed us all his awesome bunker play today.

Rough was cut low in most spots just off the fairways but there were areas on the course where it looked lusher. Rated 7/10

What the course really needs to work on are the chipping areas in front of many greens which were muddy, thin and tight. Not up to standard for a private course but with all the rain we have been having I can see these areas on this course being really affected by water run off from the raised greens. If I lived in the Valencia area this would be the course I would join. Would never get tired playing this awesome layout.

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Walked 9 holes late yesterday 2/24/24 at 3:20pm with my buddy Matt under perfect weather conditions finishing in 2 hours joining a nice couple.

My home course is wall to wall lush conditions right now with very green fairways 8.5/10, healthy slower than normal greens rolling super pure 8/10, lush and level tee boxes 8/10 and very lush greenside beautiful rough 9/10. Was not in any bunkers but their greenside traps are always on the firmer side. Course is a great option after rains as it generally drains really well. We walked but I think pro shop stated CPO on number 2 and 3. Rustic is going to have another great year if the conditions are already this nice at the start of the golf season. Very deserved almost always rated in top 100 golf magazines for best courses.

Highly recommended if you can secure a tee time.
Rode the blacks this morning 2/19/24 teeing off just after 8am with my buddy RGM2525. We were joined by a nice couple from Minnesota. Perfect weather mid 60s warming up to 70 degrees with a slight breeze. Pop was 4 hrs 5 minutes. Had lunch at their grill and then did a replay on Santa Rosa again as San Gorgorgoni their adjacent course had a shotgun and full sheet of players in the afternoon. Friendly staff, good food and pretty much 9/10 conditions across the board. Couple notes if you purchase the underpar package I would book San Gorgoroni first and then replay Santa Rosa in the afternoon as they generally don't do replays in the afternoon at San Gorgoroni. Also of note they are doing major irrigation work on number 4 and 5 Fairways on Santa Rosa so they don't have the tee markers on the tee boxes or the pins set for that hole. We just bombed drives and played to the middle of the greens on those 2 holes which worked out well as the hole locations were in the middle of those green complexes. No mention from the starter or clubhouse if those holes were actually closed so we decided to play em anyway.

The rye greens were in perfect shape as far as pure rolls were concerned. They looked quicker than they putted. Beautiful shape. They were firm on chips but held approach shots very nicely. Rated 9/10

Fairways other than 4 and 5 were all 9/10 condition wise just wall to wall lush carpet. Maybe still a tad wetter than normal for the desert but still in great shape.

Tees perfect, level, lush 9.5/10

Rough beautiful, manageable maybe 2 inches thick. 9.5/10

Was in one greenside bunker and one Fairway bunker.
The greenside bunker I was in great shape. Some of the bunkers looked firmer than others. 8.5/10

This is the best deal in Palm Desert. You can split the underpar free replay deal and play both of the Mountain Vista courses for 80 bucks with a cart and range balls. Layout is fun. Right in front of you with no tricked up holes but contains some water hazards, some smaller and undulating green complexes and a couple strong par 4s and 3s from the black tees.

My 3rd time here and really enjoyed the day.

Highly recommended.
Late review rode the blues on Monday 2/12/24 just after the 1st twilight group on a cooler beautiful day joined by 3 really fun playing partners from the Glendale area. Played Canyon Crest to Ridgeline. We set our own POP pace around 4 hrs. Had not played here in about a year. This course has drained fairly well considering last week's rains and how hilly this course is with many spots to catch water puddling.

They had a grass range to warm up on. It looked like a very busy morning as saw some Div 1 college bags scattered around the premises. Really friendly cart barn, pro shop and restaurant staff here. There putting green resembles the speed of the greens on the course and they have a seperate chipping green right next to the range and two seperate short game practice areas for members.

Boy these were some of the nicer and faster greens I have putted on in some time. Hit several putts that looked great just missed and took an extra 4 feet to stop. I just love the greens here and always seem to putt well here. If I had to guess on a stimp would say they were around a 11. They held irons coming in with spin. Rated 8.5/10...beauties

Fairways were in decent to good shape. Would not call them lush or thin. Somewhere in between. Never had a bad lie and I know when this rain passes they will only get better. Currently rated 7/10.

Tees were mostly all level. Par 3 tees had some divot damage but most divots were filled in. The carts do provide 2 sand bottles which is nice. Tee rating 7/10.

The rough was nice and lush and a challenge just off the fairways. The rough is much greener than the fairways at this time and provides a nice visual contrast. Rough rating 8/10.

Was in 2 greenside bunkers that were a little crusty on top but had just enough sand underneath. Rated 7/10

This is target golf in which you need to keep the ball in play off the tee so you can attack your irons onto bigger undulating greens. This golf course I feel is really both fun and challenging. They have 3 different 9 hole rotations here for 27 beautiful holes. Looking forward to a couple more rounds out here after the next ongoing rains pass us by.

Highly recommended.
Walked the Orange tees this morning 2/3/2024 going off around 25 minutes late around 11:35am with a packed golf course with a morning tournament this morning and many golfers trying to beat the rain which we accomplished today. Total pace of play was 5 hrs 20 minutes but our group didn't mind. Joined by my buddy Mack who rode and we joined a nice couple from Marina Del Rey under cloudy skies with temps in the low 50s and no wind.

Fairways were damp, wet and in good shape especially for winter and the amount of rain that Ojai received on Thursday. Little bit concerned with upcoming forecast up here as there supposed to get around 9 inches this week starting tonight. Fairways 17 and 18 for the first couple hundred yds
which is out of play are soaked. The rest of the Fairways lush and playable. Rated 7/10. Come spring/summer these are some of the best Fairways in the county.

Greens were rolling medium speed, holding shots very nicely. Soft surfaces. Lots of undulations on these complexes and you can have some pretty long laggers here. Rated 7/10

Tees were level, lush and in good shape. Golfers doing a great job of putting sand on all the par 3 box divots. Tee rating 7.5/10

Rough was lush just right off the fairways and around some of the green complexes. Rated 7/10

Not in any bunkers but buddy described them having an adequate amount of nice beach sand in them.

Would highly recommend this track but would give it some time to dry out from the forecasted rain this week.
Rode the blues today 1/29/24 with a great group of gkers Mark, Dave and David under perfect weather with temps in the low 70s and hardly any wind made for an excellent day on the links. Great service from the cart attendants and all staff members encountered.

One of my favorite courses in Southern California. The course was in good shape as usual with firm greens, lush tighter padded Fairways, beautiful lush teeing grounds and rough and many strategic Fairway and greenside bunkers.

Tees were in great shape very level , Green and lush. Even the par 3s were in great shape. Rated 8.5/10

Rough was bordering on the 9/10 range very lush, beautifully landscaped and defined from the Fairways.

Fairways were in good shape. Would call most Fairways semi lush to lush with some areas more tightly padded than normal. Rated 8/10

The greens were in good to great shape. I have seen them even faster than today. I could see the lines good today. They rolled pretty pure. Rated 8/10

Was able to avoid the many bunkers today but they looked to be all raked and in good shape.

Layout here is both strong and fun with some doglegs going both left and right, some beautiful par 3s and one of the best back nines in Ventura County.

If I lived in the even remote area and was looking to join a private club this would be it. Highly recommended.
Walked the blues this morning teeing off around 9am joined by my buddy Matt and a nice single from the Santa Clarita area. Pop was 4 hrs 40 minutes under perfect weather with it getting around 64 as a high today and no wind. Course drained really well after the pouring rain yesterday with just a couple standing water spots in some of the bunkers and several of the fringes wetter than normal. Rough, tees and Fairways totally playable today.

Greens were in very good shape. Rolling smooth and speeding up as the day went on. Holding shots very nicely and softly. Rated 8/10

Fairways in good shape albeit a little wetter than normal. Rated 7/10

Tees level and in great shape. Very lush. Rated 8/10

Greenside rough in beautiful shape very lush and pleasing to the eye. Rated 8.5/10

Fairway rough in decent shape 7/10.

Wasn't in any bunkers but my buddy was and they were really playing like firm waste bunkers.

Highly recommend Rustic if you can get a tee time
Rode the golds this morning 1/8/24 teeing off at 11:10am group 1b of the GK/Golfmoose outing. Joined by John, Mark and Steve under sunny skies with cooler high 50s weather and about a club wind. We had a great time with a relaxed pace around 4 hrs 25 minutes. Very nice clubhouse staff, Marshall and cart gal.

Practice facilities included a nice big range on mats, nice size putting green. There was a chipping area and bunker just left of 8 green.

1st time playing this private. Common theme was houses left of the tee with ample room to work a left to right ball flight. There were some nice water features on the course with both par 3s on the front requiring a carry onto the greens. Most holes here are right in front of you with no blind shots or severe elevation changes. A very fun course to play with some green complexes that were small or narrow on approach. Really enjoyed the layout.

The greens looked super healthy and after talking with a member on the putting green he said you will see some wobbles out there. I thought the greens were slow and at times grainy and bumpy but were fair and like I stated in decent shape holding iron shots nicely. Rated 7/10

Fairways were in great shape mainly lush, full coverage and very pleasing to the eye. Rated 8.5/10

Rough was also nice and lush and not to grabby just off the fairways. Rated 8.5/10

Tees were very lush, level and in good to great shape. Rated 8.5/10

Was in one greenside bunker that contained nice sand easy to splash out of. Rated 7/10.

The course is in great shape for December. Recommended.
Walked the blues this afternoon at high noon joined by a nice single and a twosome from the Santa Monica area for a POP at 4 hrs 30 minutes with the temps around 60 degrees and little to no wind. Ideal conditions. Did not use the range but they had it on grass today. Rustic also has a nice chipping/bunker area, nice putting green and grill was opened today for food. Very nice proshop staff and cart girl making the rounds.

Greens were in very good shape today. For Rustic's standards slower than usual but for most courses they would seem slick. Very little to no ballmarks and a couple devilish pin positions today but not to bad. Green speeds maybe a 10.5 on the stimp. Green rating 8/10

Fairways contained nice padding. Most spots had full coverage and just a few thinner lies here and there. Rated 7.5/10

Blue tees were all level, very lush and in good shape. Tee box on 2 is pushed to the left some as the rains the last couple weeks made the normal teeing grounds muddy. Rated 8/10.

Was in one greenside bunker left of 15 that was firm but contained just enough sand. Rated 7/10

Greenside rough was fabulous as usual. Lush, thicker and in great shape Rated 8.5/10.The course has done a good job recently with the rough on most holes just off the fairways now in the 6.5/10 range.

Most fringes currently are softer than when the course first opened so play your approach chips for bump and run shots with that in mind.

Rustic was just gorgeous today on the back nine with the sun setting. Grounds crew to be highly praised for the shape they have it in this winter. Highly recommended.
Walked the golds tees teeing off this afternoon 12/27/2023 at 12:10pm with my buddy Bmanmp Billy under cloudy cool conditions around 60 degrees with about a one club wind. We were joined by a local friendly couple from Santa Barbara. Total POP was 4 hrs 45 minutes.

Greens were in their normal quick shape where you needed to be putting or chipping below the hole. They were receptive on iron shots and putting pure. Rated 8/10

Fairways were mostly lush, wet in some spots due to the recent rains and in the 7.5 to 8 range.

Tees mostly all level, lush and in good shape 8/10

Was in one greenside bunker left of 4 green that was raked in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Rough was lush, wet in spots and in good thick shape just off the fairways. Rough between 8 and 15 and 15 and 16 was mowed down to keep POP moving.

Highly recommend this track. Great layout, challenging, great customer service, amazing views.
Rode the blues this morning 12/18/23 as part of the GK/Golfmoose event teeing off around 11:15am and finishing around 4:25pm for a POP just over 5hrs. Successful event with 120 players under cloudy skies and perfect golf weather low 70s for a high with very little wind. Played with John, Mark and Steve really great group of guys. We had a great time today!

My first time on this private. Traditional tight at times treeline layout with some awesome doglegs on both nines. Would not call it target golf but you can't be crooked on any shots here and need to be on the correct side of the green complexes chipping and putting. Front nine favored more of a right to left tee ball and back nine had straighter treeline tee shots. All 3 par 3s I loved as they were all elevated where you could watch your shots hang forever. Only 3 par 5s and 3 par 3s on this layout. Only one water feature on the course and some creeks and OB on some holes. Huge homes line the front nine but are out of play.

Greens were in good shape. They looked like they might have received maintenance recently but putted and chipped beautiful. Most green complexes had undulations. Would rate the greens a solid 8/10.

Fairways were in decent to good shape. Rating them a 7/10. Some fairways had severe slopes right even in the middle of the fairway.

Tees were mostly level and lush. Only a couple of tees were not level Rated 7/10.

Was not in any bunkers but playing partners described them as hardpan and a couple of them looked like they had whiter new sand.

Rough was mostly uniform and just barely off the fairways easy to play from. Rated 7/10.

Awesome course to teach players to bend the ball both ways off the tee and practice distance control onto undulating green complexes. I would recommend playing here to anyone.
Walked the blues today teeing off at 1150am with my buddy Matt joined by a nice couple that quit on 16. Our POP was 4 hrs 40 minutes under sunny skies and a swirling 20-25mph Santa Ana wind. Drives on 1,2,3,12,14,16,18 were fun to hit downwind where 5,9,10,11and 13 were straight in the teeth of the wind. Super friendly pro shop staff, nice grass range that we didn't have time to use today with a separate chipping area. Have not played here for a couple months and the course is still in great shape for early December/winter.

Greens were super quick today with the wind rolling close to a 12 stimp on downhillers and sidehillers. The Marshall were telling each group that the pin placement on 1 and 8 were automatic 2 putts...I could see it on 8 where they had the pin but not on hole 1. Anyway the greens were holding shots, rolling pure with little to no ball Mark damage. Rating these beauties a 9/10. You could look silly putting today if you did not know the course and did not take into account the wind and slick surfaces.

So impressed with the Fairways this late in the season. Mostly lush tight padded surfaces that contained some roll out and just a pleasure to hit irons off of. Rated 8/10

Tees all level and lush 8/10

Greenside rough beautiful 9/10, rough off the fairways rated 7/10.

Not in any bunkers.

Highly recommend this track
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