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Walked the orange tees this morning 10/18/21 at 11am with my buddy Pedro joined by 2 nice gentleman Peter and Steven. Pop was 4 hrs 50 minutes behind a packed tee sheet. Weather was in the high 60s with a 1 club swirling wind. Beautiful day for golf!

Greens were in great shape. Firm, true and looking beautiful even with some old ballmark damage. Made sure I fixed as many as I could see. These are some of the nicer surfaces around. Rated 8/10.

Fairways more lush than thin and in good shape with ample padding. Rated 7/10.

Beautiful bunkers with white marble sand. Was in greensude bunker on 3 that had great quality. Rakes provided and most traps I Walked by today were raked. Rated 8/10.

Tees were mostly all level and lush and in good shape with the occasional divot damage on the par 3s. Rated 7/10.

Rough was mowed down nicely and easy to play out of and in semi lush shape. Rated 7/10.

Great parkland layout with multiple chipping/putting options. Course is in very good shape for mid October. Recommended!
Walked the Orange tees this afternoon 10/13/2021 at 12:45pm with Johnny, Ron and Kevin. Great group of gentlemen to play with. Our Pop was just under 5 hours on a packed tee sheet on a Wednesday!. Soule is on fire!. We had a one club breeze for most of the day with perfect weather in the mid 70s. Thanks to the friendly staff for having us out.

The greens were firmer today and were in great shape! I had my fair share of putts today roll by the hole, yikers! We fixed a couple extra ballmarks each on several greens. The greens here are huge, undulating and have several places to tuck the pins on humps, bumps and slopes. Rated 8/10.

The fairways are still majority green and contained nice coverage. Rated 7/10

Tees were mostly level and lush with some par 3 divot damage. Rated 7/10

Was in one bunker on 16 that had ample thick beach sand. We saw 2 plugged lies as a group today. They have beautiful quality sand here. Bunker rating 8/10

Rough was in decent shape, mostly mowed down and not to penal. Semi lush in most spots. Rated 7/10.

Love the layout here. Highly recommended!
Walked the blues with Pedro at 11:30am joining a nice 2 ball uncle/nephew tandem Larry and Dustin. Pop post Ryder cup was 5 hours. Weather was chamber of commerce hardly any wind, partly cloudy skies with Temps in the mid to low 70s.

I have been playing my home course since the first week it opened 20 years ago and I have never seen the tees, fairways and greensude rough this green and lush ever this late in the year. They are doing a great job maintenance wise. Its so lush right now it's gone from a links course to a lush bomb it and stop it close course.

Greens were a tad quicker than my last round out here. The greens are holding like darts and are putting slow to medium pace for Rustics standards but overall are very healthy with a pure roll and in great shape. Rated 7/10

Fairways super lush. Great lies and the course is playing longer if you are a high ball carry player with your driver. I had a couple drives today that were crushed and got a yard or so of roll. I love hitting irons off these fairways. Rated 8/10

Tees mostly all level and lush and in beautiful shape. Rated 8/10

Greenside rough is in the 9.5/10 category.

Fairway rough improving. Spots of lush grass, still some thin spots here and there. Rated 6.5/10.

Was in greenside bunker left of 11 with a nice base of sand.

Would highly recommend getting out here now for a round . Epic course.
Walked the blues this afternoon at 210pm with my buddy Pedro joining a 2ball riding. Pop 4hrs 30 minutes under humid skies with no breeze and Temps in the high 70s.

Greens were very soft and semi bumpy and slow. You needed to chip the ball close as bump and runs chipping were still sticking like darts. 6/10

Fairways on the first 13 holes were decent with I would say 60/40 lush to thin coverage. Some dry areas. The last 5 holes in the "residential area" the fairways and rough grass was lush and beautiful. Overall fairways 6/10.

Tees were mostly OK level stance, some divots on the par 3s. Rated 6.5/10.

Sand was raked and had a thinner base in the one bunker I was in greenside on 6.

Rough was a mixed bag the first 13 holes dry and wispy and or lush in sections and then the last 5 holes it was lush.

Enjoyable challenging layout with some strong holes like 14 and 18.
Walked the blues this morning 8/30/2021 at 9:30am joining a friendly single and twosome who all rode. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes behind a full morning tee sheet. Weather was perfect mid 60's with light fog cover the front nine and low 70's with the sun piercing through on the back nine. Friendly staff, range on mats and the Lakes course has an adjacent putting green right next to the first tee. I had not been out to the Lakes course in almost 2 years since AG took over ownership.

The first 2 greens were poor and potted up with ballmarks that saw all our balls bump on putts. Other than hole 18 in the front of the green we thought as a group the ball rolled decently the other 16 holes. The greens are not in terrible shape. I would say decent shape but a step down from before American Golf took over. Greens were very receptive and soft on approach shots with balls spinning back a couple feet. Would say medium speed. Overall rating of the greens 6.5/10

Fairways were a mixed bag of some lush lies, some thinner areas and some in between. Rating 6.5/10

Tees were mostly level and in decent shape with just some minor divot damage on the par 3's. Rated 6/10

Rough was also a mixed bag like the fairways. Some areas thicker than others with different grasses popping up. Overall in decent shape 6/10

Was in greenside bunker on 11 and fairway pot bunker on 18. Both bunkers had rakes and were raked. Greenside bunker was wet but had a nice base underneath. Fairway bunker was firm and easy to pick it clean. Bunker rating 6.5/10

I love the Lakes layout as its a nice long course from the blues that has enough lakes, bunkers and undulating greens to challenge players. I wish I could give it a better rating than a 6.5/10 but that's about where it is at this point. I would recommend this course though for the layout and comfortable Oxnard temps.
Walked the Oak Tees this afternoon with Pedro teeing off around 12:35pm with a POP of 4 hrs 15 minutes under beautiful weather one club wind and Temps in the high 70s. Looks like they are renovating the clubhouse which should look beautiful when finished. Love the guys and staff at Soule very friendly vibe. The course is really in great end of the summer shape with pretty much wall to wall lush grass on the tees, fairways and rough. Took a couple IG photos today from different angles from the course which were breathtaking.

Greens super healthy, medium paced speed and really holding both approach shots and chips. Greens had a couple extra ballmarks we fixed. Rating the greens close to 8/10.

Fairways never dissapoint in the spring and summer and were gorgeous. Lush ball sitting up around 8.5/10 rating.

Back tees were mostly lush and thick and most all tees were level. Rated 7.5/10.

Was in greenside bunker on 17 that had perfectly raked beach sand. The bunker renovation done a couple years ago have the bunkers looking like Augusta National. Rated 9/10

Rough was mainly lush and grabby thick in some spots with pretty decent coverage throughout. Rated 8/10.

Thoroughly enjoy this layout, vibe, peace and quiet and the prices here are a steal. One of the better bang for your buck courses around.

Highly recommended.
Walked the blues this morning 8/9/21 with buddies Matt and Pedro joined by a very nice single Lonny. Weather was beautiful in the morning teeing off at 850am warming up on the back nine. Pop 4 hrs 30 minutes. You get a great workout walking this track. Long course and long walks from tee to green.

Fairways are in excellent condition. Lush lies, great padding. This time of year the fairways here are top notch. Rated 8/10

Green side rough lush and in great shape 8.5/10..bordering a 9.

Was not in any bunkers.

Greens have no ballmarks, super healthy and holding irons nicely. They are putting very slow. The maintenance crew was watering every green just as our group was arriving on the back. Rated 7.5/10.

Highly recommended

Tees lush and in great shape. All level. Rated 8/10
Had the honor and privilege of playing Valencia CC for the first time riding the blues with Nick, Pedro and Matt. Nothing like playing a former PGA tour course with 4 buddies. We had Temps close to 100 degrees with about a 10 mph breeze. Pop was 4 hrs 30 minutes taking our time.

Driving range was all grass and elevated. Separate chipping/ bunker area and a beautiful putting green just outside of the proshop. Nice friendly staff I encountered in the proshop and snack bar. Complimentary ballmarks a nice touch. There putting green was comparable to the greens on the course which is always great.

The layout is very fun and challenging. If you like to hit a power fade off the tee you will love this place. Other than number 2 which is a dogleg left most holes bend left to right. Most green complexes are raised some where you are hitting up to them. Most green complexes have enough potato chip swales to keep a player very honest with their putting stroke. Water comes into play on 3 of the par 3s and provides a beautiful backdrop. Both par 5 finishing holes 9 and 18 are fun. The front nine is tighter than the back nine but most fairways had enough room if you could navigate around the mature trees.

The greens were probably rolling around a 10.5 on the stimp and if you were short sided on chips you could get an extra 5-8 feet of roll out on chips. Hardly any ballmarks and putting pure as gold. Start your putt online and you were making it. Rating the greens a 9/10.

Fairways lush, padded and in great shape. Perfect combination of great padding for irons and nice rollout for lower trajectory drives. Rated 8.5/10.

Tees level, lush and in great shape. Rated 9/10

Was not in any of the bunkers but they looked to be all raked and in good shape.

Rough was mainly lush with some dry spots due to the extreme heat. Mainly mowed down but could still be thick in spots. Rated 8/10

I would highly recommend this private CC if you get the chance to play it. Overall Rating should be close to a 9.
Walked the Blues this morning 7/26/2021 joining a friendly 3 ball at 8am under Maui like humid weather conditions. Cloud cover, some sprinkles and no wind. Comfortable temp though as the cloud cover hid most of the sun. Super nice pro-shop staff. POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes as a slower group let us play through on hole 10. We had played 9 holes in 2 hours with a beginning golfer in our group and the group behind us called the pro-shop complaining of slow play while we waited on the group in front of us. Anyway.

I had not played my home course in a couple months. She is in great shape as far as the fairways, tees and aprons are concerned. The rough has also become more lush and has improved in quality. I am not sure why the last two reviews were so downright negative but they did have some truth in regards to the greens..more on that below.

Fairways very lush, almost full grass coverage in most areas. Nice lies and with the grass being thicker in the fairways the course has some more length and less roll. I loved the fairways and am rating them right now close to a 7.5 or 8/10.

Tees very nice, lush ,mostly all level. I tend to play right where the stones are placed and most every part of the teeing grounds were great. Rated 8/10.

The rough just lining the fairways was in better shape than I have seen it in winter months. Semi lush mowed down nicely. Greenside rough just around the green complexes are still beautiful and lush and in good shape. Fairway rough 6/10. Greenside rough 8.5/10

Aprons are soft landing and putt slower but fairly smooth.

The greens are very soft at this time. Looks like they recently maybe 2 weeks ago did a small tine on them. If you are used to very quick Rustic greens you have to adjust to hitting the ball a little harder right out of the gate. However I did not see any maintenance issues with the greens. Most putts rolled smoothly and most ball marks were fixed. Just looks like they are growing the grass out more and keeping them watered due to the upcoming hot August and September months. Rated 7/10

I was in greenside bunker left of 12 on my drive and it was hard packed and raked and in good shape. I did see several of the greenside bunkers look firmer when I walked by each of them.

Would highly recommend Rustic right now due to the nice conditions in the rough, fairways and tees. I am sure as the summer months pass us they will roll and cut the greens to make them firmer.
Walked the Blacks yesterday 7/19/21 with buddies Pedro, Mack and his buddy Ricki teeing off at 2:50pm on a beautiful day around mid to high 70s temp with a one club breeze. Pop 4 hrs 25 minutes with a lot of play today. Very friendly staff here. Putting and chipping green with just nets to hit into to warm up.

Had not played here in a year and a half and the Conditions are terrific.

Greens were healthy with a pure roll. Soft on approaches. Some newer ball marks that we fixed. Rated 7.5

Fairways cut tight with ample lush padding. Looked and played well. Rated 8/10

Tees level and in good shape. They were watering a couple tee boxes as we were hitting to keep them moist. Rated 8/10

Was in greenside bunkers on 8, 10 and 11 that had nice soft sand. Rakes provided. Rated 8/10.

Rough was lush, semi thick and in nice shape. Can be grabby. Rated 8/10

Front nine ton of birdie opportunities. Back nine they added 2 new black tee boxes on 12 and 13 and with the length of hole 16 the back provides some challenges. Recommended.
Walked the blues Tuesday July 6th at 2pm with buddies Mack and Matt on a beautiful day with winds 10-15mph.

Olivas continues to shine as far as conditions are concerned. The course gets greener and even more lush as we get into the thick of summer.

First wanted to commend the proshop staff for their professional and friendly vibe on a packed day with apparently a new computer system. You always feel like a member here at Olivas.

Fairways are in great shape nearing a 9/10 in many spots. Perfect lies.

Greens were rolling beautiful and holding irons very nicely.

Tees level and in beautiful shape.

Rough lush, green and in nice shape just bordering the fairways.

Was not in any bunkers but my buddies were and said sand quality was in great shape. My one buddy was in a big foot print in 18 green side so we took the time to rake it after play back to pristine condition.

With the temps getting close to 100 in the Valleys and as nice condition as this course is Olivas will continue to be a top destination spot.

Highly recommend
Rode the blues this afternoon 6/29/21 with buddies Johnnygk, Barkydog1 and MrKich under beautiful conditions with a slight breeze and warm Temps that cooled down on the back nine. Pop taking our time around 4 hrs 30 minutes.

First time here and I fell in love with back nine like a school boy in love for the first time. Layout was strong with some awesome left to right and right to left doglegs, elevated tee boxes to let the big dog eat and enough lateral hazards, lakes and some boundary fences to keep a player honest. My favorite holes were 15 and 16. 15 being a blind dogleg to the right par 5 that opens up after the tee shot and number 16 where you are literally on top of the world hitting down to the fairway several hundred yards below you. 18 is a stunner as well a beautiful dogleg right with a water feature next to the green. Members here are blessed with a great track. I can see why this was a Senior Tour stop in the mid 1980s.

Fairways were like carpet. Basically perfect lies. Rated 9/10.

Greens rolled medium to quick speed and rolled true and were in great shape. They were soft on iron approaches and we fixed our extra share of ballmarks on several holes. Rated 8.5/10.

Tees lush and level and in great shape. Rated 9/10.

Was in a couple greenside bunkers that had rakes and were nicely maintained with just the right amount of sand. Most of the bunkers have bigger lips for those of you that like to use the 60 degree in the bunker. Rated 8/10.

The rough was lush and green and in good shape. The course was asking players to keep the carts in the fairways and on the cart paths to maintain the quality of the rough. Rated 8.5/10.

I would highly recommend this course if you ever get invited by a member. I'm only 5 minutes away so I hope to be lucky enough to play it many more times. Thanks to Johnny and Wood Ranch golf club for getting us out.
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