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Walked the Oak Tees today teeing off just before noon with a 5 hr POP on a packed course under sunny skies mid to high 50 temps and maybe a one club wind.

As most know Ventura County got hit pretty hard from the rains these last couple of weeks. I had seen pics of the course and am happy to say the soul is still here at Soule Park. Just a couple of changes before I get into the conditions. They did not lose any greens, tees or fairways thank goodness. They are working on the edges just pass the bridge between 10 and 11 and also working on some irrigation spots throughout the course. The only current change is the 16th hole is now an 80-100 yd par 3 on the other side of the creek but I saw the normal
tee box on 16 being reseeded and it looks nice. I'm assuming once the work is done around the bridge it will be back up to its regular length. Currently the routing of the course has you play 1,2,3..then 15, 11,12,13,14,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,16,17,18.

Greens were super soft today and rolling beautiful. Very damp with ballmarks sinking in more. Rated 7.5/10

Fairways were wet, semi lush and playing decently. Very little roll today. Rated 7/10. With this much rain Soule is going to have a great year when the weather warms up.

Tees mostly level and lush and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but from what I saw they looked beautiful and raked considering the rain we have received.

Rough was in good shape. Thick, wet and juicy. Rated 7.5/10

Cool to hear the river rushing through and around the course. River has made the carry over 2 tee and to 15 green slightly longer.

As always awesome staff, layout, weather and prices. Conditions will only improve to very good into spring. Highly recommend.
Last round of 2022 had me riding the blues this morning 12/30/2022 at the historic Ojai Valley Inn teeing off around 10:10am. I played through 4 foursomes and 1 threesome for a 3 hr POP with a threatening rain chance that never materialized and cloudy skies and no wind. Very comfortable 58 degree day. Thx to Dave and his staff for having me out.

OVI has a grass range, seperate chipping/putting area below the range

Greens were terrific in the 8/10 range holding shots very softly and rolling beautifully.

Fairways were mostly padded mostly lush surfaces with a winter yellow hue that were damp from overnight rains but very playable. Rated 7/10

Tees mostly level, lush and in good shape. It's a shame 18 is not where it usually is. They have the tips[blue tees] playing as a 300 yd par 4 up the hill.

Rough was wet and in good shape. Most of the fringes and chipping area just off the greens were soggy more than usual. Rated 6.5/10

Was in greenside bunker on 1 and 7 which had a nice layer base of raked sand . Rated 7/10.

Love this place! So many greats have played here. Highly recommended!
Walked the blues yesterday 12/26/2022 teeing off around 10:35am joined by a nice threesome of guys from Orange County area who were very fun to play with. Our POP was 4 hrs 45 minutes on a packed day for golf and perfect weather 75 degrees some clouds with mixed sunshine and not a breath of wind.

Fairways are firming up and producing more run out like the course is designed for. Even 16 and 18 fairways which are historically lusher had some nice rollout. Need to compress irons even more this time of year at Rustic. Visually they are more brown than lush but still provide adequate playing conditions. Rated 6.5/10

Greens are fantastic. Rolling smooth and firm but still not as fast as I am used to on this course. Holding high Irons nicely. Rated 8/10.

Tees are beautiful, lush and level and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Was in bunker just in front of 1 green that had a nice soft base underneath and easy to splash out of. Rated 7/10

Greenside rough is still in its lush stellar 9/10 shape. Fairway rough can vary from lush, to thin to hardpan depending on the hole and area.

Fringes are firming up some but are still soft in many places. I commend the course as they have done a great job in fixing many problem areas on every hole in the fringe area other than front left side of #13.

Today was an epic weather day at Rustic. The three guys I was playing with had never played Rustic and can't wait to come back.

Highly recommended
Rode the blacks this morning 12/20/22 at 11:15am under absolutely perfect weather conditions 65 degrees, sunny skies and no wind. Joined by a elderly threesome 2 brothers and their buddy. We really enjoyed ourselves today. 4 hr 45 minute pace. Friendly staff, all grass driving range, chipping area with a bunker and a very nice putting green here.

Played here about 6 weeks ago and conditions are similar with the tee boxes more lush today and a micro small hole tine punch on the greens that did not effect putts to much.

Greens were soft, medium speed, evidence of a small tine hole punch. They held shots like darts. Rated 7/10 and once the minor maintenance heals will be in the 8/10 range.

Fairways were 50/50 lush vs. thinner. They are reseeding some areas that are roped off in the middle of the fairways. Some fairways were CPO today. Rated 7/10.

Tees looked nice and were lush. Some tees were not level but for the most part after some hunting you could find a level spot. Rated 7/10.

Was only in one bunker greenside on number 7 that had amazing perfect beach sand that was easy to splash out of. Rated 8.5/10.

Rough was lush in most parts surrounding the fairways and in good to decent shape. Rated 7/10. Around the greens more dry spots and some hardpan areas.

Was able to put up a good score despite my struggles with hole 3. Probably the toughest tee shot for me in the county! Can never figure out the angle off the tee. Enjoy the tee shots here so much on 8, 9 and 12 where you are elevated and can watch the hang time.

Walked the golds with my buddy Mark teeing off just before noon today 12/19/22 under cooler temps and at times maybe a club of wind. Course played long today with cooler temps but overall was really nice weather! Joined by two nice singles Ryan and Patrick. Pop was 4 hrs 30 minutes. The sunsets at piper are quite spectacular and today did not disappoint. We walked but still noticed great customer service by cart staging attendants and pro shop staff. They have a grass range and one of the most undulating putting greens you can putt on.

The greens here are just fabulous and always the star of the show here! Rolling a 12.5 on the stimp. Putting pure as glass. Must stay below the hole on most all green complexes here. Most complexes here are large in size. These are some of my favorite surfaces to putt on anywhere. Rating is a solid 9.5/10.

Man the fairways have come in nicely since my last round here which was mid September. One member we played with stated they overseeded some before the big rains. Fairways were very lush for December and rated a solid 8/10. There were some muddy areas of the fairways just before the greens in the chipping area.

Tees solid. Level and lush and in good shape. Rated 8/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked firmer and raked.

Some of the rough is returning from the rains in between holes. Most rough was lush, muddy and could be a good lie, muddy lie or lost ball all within a couple yd radius. Rated 7/10.

I love the layout and beautiful scenery at Sandpiper. Many ocean views and 10 through 14 is a beautiful stretch of golf.

Highly recommended for beautiful quick greens, lush conditions and a beautiful scenic course on the ocean.
Walked the blues on a beautiful colder crisp late morning yesterday Monday 12/12/22. Joined by my buddy Matt and a very nice twosome teeing off around 1145am and finishing around 430pm for a 4hr 45 minute POP. Weather was around 54 degrees with little tono wind. Course drained well from the rains. Little to no roll on drives but the greens were receptive and not to many unplayable spots considering the downpour of rains we received Sat and Sunday evening.

Greens were in great shape. Rolling medium speed, soft on high approaches and still firm on chips. Rated 8/10

Fairways were lush for December standards especially 16 and 18 Fairways. A pleasure to hit off of. Rated 8/10

Tees were recently reseeded and are in very nice shape, Rated 8.5/10

Fringes were soft, wet and lush. Rated 7.5/10

Was in greenside bunkers on 3 and 15 that were more firm than soft but no issues with sand quality despite the heavy rains. Looks like all greenside bunkers and waste bunkers were raked and in good shape Rated 7.5/10

Rustic has it all length, good conditions, super fun layout, challenging short games areas, peace and quiet. Can get lost in solitude looking around on the back nine on 13 green looking at the beautiful open areas surrounding the course.

Highly recommended
Rode the blues as a part of GK/Golfmoose event Monday 12/5/22 teeing off on hole 1 shotgun start at 11am under cold and breezy conditions. Paired with Ron, Marc and Mike. All very good players who were a blast to play with. Total POP was around 4 hrs 40 minutes which for the amount of players the event had was not to bad.

Had the breakfast burrito which was good and spent some time on their practice facility which included very nice short game area and nice putting green. Range was on mats and if you are a bomber the range is short so I was aiming drives right of the driving range fence out into an open area. All staff in the pro shop were friendly. Old school locker room and an old school vibe here.

Layout is very fun and reminded me alot of Riverridge Lakes course back in the day. Large undulating fairways, slick and firm bigger green complexes with a decent sized track that played 6700 from the blues and 7000 from the blacks. I was told numerous times that the course lost 450 trees over the recent years. Many of the holes on the front nine play straight into the wind or downwind with some holes playing sidewind on the back. Most of the holes are straight in front of you with several others doglegging some. Defense of the course are the very fast greens and hundreds of greenside bunkers to avoid. I really enjoyed the layout.

The greens were the best surfaces I have putted on this year. Rolling close to a 12 on the stimp. Holding irons nicely with high trajectory or spin. If you were short sided chipping or had a downhill putt it took precision to get it close. I loved these greens and was able to see the lines very well today. Rated 9.5/10

Fairways were more firm than lush but had ample padding to compress irons. I know in the summer this type of base probably perks up nice with the warmer weather. Rated 7/10

Tees were level and in good shape. Rated 8/10

Rough around some of the chipping areas were drier but still provided enough of a base to open up the 60 degree wedge. Rough just outside the fairways was mowed down and easy to play from. Rated 6.5/10

Was in two greenside bunkers. Bunkers were all raked and in good shape. I did have a fried egg in one bunker and a firm lie in the other so lies could vary. As mentioned before if you can avoid these as there are many you are doing well. Rated 7/10.

Would recommend a membership here if I lived close just to be able to putt these greens everyday.
Had such a fun and great round walking the blacks this morning 12/4/2022 at 1120am for GKs 20th anniversary with Mark, Ron and Rob. Ton of birdies, couple loose swings and a ton of fun with a really great group of guys. I think we came in with around a 3 hr 40 minute POP.

All staff encountered were great, friendly and the food was good afterwards.

I love to practice and they have a designated area called the playground that has 3 multi tiered chipping greens to work on your short game. Could have spent a whole hour there chilling with a drink. They have 2 seperate putting greens and an elevated range on mats.

First time here from the drive down from Moorpark. Missed the early morning traffic not too bad of a drive early. First impressions were good. This goat guy is a workout to walk. You must be in good shape to do so. The layout on par 4s and 5s let's you hit driver but there are also smarter plays like laying up. Nice mix of short and medium length par 3s with some of them having huge drop offs if you miss club

The greens were mostly small targets and I would say in decent shape. Some of the greens had areas of bumpiness but not to bad. Rated 7/10

Fairways for the most part contained semi lush lies and were in decent shape. I loved all of the par 4s and 5s where you could shape shots around overhanging trees. Rated 7/10

Tees for the most part were level and in decent shape. Rated 7/10

Was not in any bunkers

Rough was chewed up in some spots nice in others. I was told they added grass to some areas around the greens. Rated 6.5/10

Great place to work on your irons, chipping and shaping shots around dogleg.

Glad I got a chance to experience it! I would recommend it to all players.
Walked the blues this morning 11/26/2022 with my buddy Ron RGM2525 in just over 4 hrs with some waiting on a beautiful morning with the breeze picking up to 10-15mph the last 3 holes. Thanks to Stacy and her wonderful staff for having us out.

La Purisma has made some nice improvements from my last round out here a year ago. They have removed all the reeds along the lakes edges and reinforced the structure walls. Beautiful shining lakes now. They have also added new soft sand to mostly all of the bunkers which looks great. The course really is in great shape for late November.

The greens were in great shape. Quick and firm on sidehillers and downhillers and accepting full iron shots very nicely. Probably an 11 on the stimp. Rating the greens a solid 8.5/10

Fairways had nice semi lush to lush coverage and in really nice shape with your ball sitting up nicely. Many mounds and slopes and undulations in the fairways to negotiate here. Rated 8/10

Tees were mostly level and lush. Tees on par 3 3rd and par 3 13th could be more level but that's nitpicking. Rated 7.5/10

The rough just off the fairways does not look long but it is thick and must be negotiated just perfectly on irons. Rated 8/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers today. Perfectly raked and as mentioned above the sand is very new and very soft. High ball flights are most likely every time at this time to get plugged. Rated 8/10.

My favorite golf course. It has everything. Great tough layout, very good conditions, peace and quiet amongst rolling hills and terrain.

Highly recommend getting out if you can.
Walked the blues this morning 11/14/22 at 1130am with my buddy Matt joined by two nice singles. Pace of play 4 hrs 10 minutes with a 5-10mph wind under sunny skies around 67 degrees.

The greens are quick and heading into winter firmness especially on downhillers. The recent maintenance done weeks ago has healed nicely. They are holding shots with spin or higher trajectory irons very nicely. Rated 7.5/10

Fairways are transitioning from lush to semi lush/firm with more roll out. Still nice surfaces to hit from and creeping ever closer to a true links style firmness which is how the course is meant to be played. Rated 7/10.

Tees nice and level and lush and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Greenside rough awesome 9/10. Fairway rough in the 6.5/10 shape.

Was not in any bunkers but they looked firmer and raked nicely. Rustic has some waste bunkers scattered throughout the course notated by blue stakes.

They are losing portions of the fringe areas on the front of 13 and 15. I'm sure the course will be returfing those areas soon.

Rustic's back nine as the sun is setting is epic. Course is in good shape and firming up for the winter. Highly recommended
Rode the blacks this morning 10/31/22 playing 27 holes in around 5 hrs total. First time touching the sticks in a couple weeks after getting hammered by the flu. Played as a single for the first 16 holes and joined by two nice dudes for the final 11 holes. Thx to Tierra rejada staff for having me out on a jammed Monday morning. Cart barn, starter and grill staff all were friendly and awesome. Had a breakfast burrito this morning that was delicious.

The greens were in good shape considering they punched not to long ago. For a perfect pure roll they probably need a week or so. Holding irons very nicely and for just recently being punched rolled fast. 7/10.

The fairways were in good shape mainly lush, some thin and wet spots here and there and in very playable shape. 7/10

Tees were being resodded so not fair to rate them.

Bunkers looked firm on top but the two I were in had plenty of thick beach sand underneath. 7.5/10

Rough was lush in most spots and mainly grabby and wet and in decent shape.

Overall would give the course a 7/10 rating and well worth playing. Love coming here to challenge myself with some narrow landing areas and some tricky tough holes. Also some birdie holes to take advantage of. Quirky golf on some holes yes but I appreciate and enjoy playing here each and every time.

Walked the Orange Tees this morning 9/19/2022 with my buddy Matt at 11:40am under perfect weather conditions
Temps in the high 70s with a light breeze. We played as a 2some and had a comfortable POP at 4 hrs.

Last round here was in May and the conditions out here are terrific considering it will be fall soon and it gets very hot in Ojai the last 3 months.

Fairways were very lush with great lies throughout. You still get some roll and hitting irons here is such a treat. Rated 9/10

The greens were in great shape with just minimal ballmarks. They were rolling pure and were very soft and receptive on approach shots. Rated 8/10

Tees were all sanded and it looks like mostly all tee boxes were recently leveled. For me as long as they are level I'm good. Rated 8/10

Was in one bunker greenside on 16 that was in great shape. All bunkers have that white thick fluffy beach sand. Rated 8.5/10

Rough was in good shape just off the fairways, fairly uniform couple inches long. Rated 8/10

Just love Soule Park. It's in such great shape and it always has fit my eye.

Would highly recommend to anyone in the area. Great track in good condition
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