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Walked the Orange Tees with my buddy Matt yesterday 6/19/24 1st twilight group out joining a nice local twosome from Ojai. Weather pretty much perfect 79 degrees with no wind.

Soule Park is thriving. Would now call it an institution as it's so popular, highly recommended in most golf magazines. Be hard pressed to see it in any nicer condition wise than yesterday. Couple that with friendly staff, a newly renovated restaurant/bar and fabulous tucked mountainside backdrop. I almost hate reviewing it as more word gets out and it gets more

Fairways a 9/10 complete lushness ball sitting up perfectly. Decent rollout and just a pleasure to compress irons off of.

They have leveled 10 tee, most all tees level, super lush and in great shape 8.5/10.

Rough just off the fairways and greens was the nicest I have ever seen it. Just mowed to about 2 inches. Perfect shape. 9.5/10

Huge fringes here. Some are softer than others. Beautiful shape and puttable. Rated 8/10

Greens were very receptive, soft and putting medium speed. Probably a 10 on the stimp. We fixed as a group our extra share of ballmarks. Greens here are very large and very undulating. Rated 8/10

Not in any bunkers but playing partner said they were soft and in great shape.

The winter rains have really made this place the best it has ever looked.

Burgers and drinks in their crowded restaurant overlooking the emerald fairways as the sun was setting was a perfect end to a beautiful day.

Highly recommended for price, layout and conditions
Walked the blues on 6/17/24 with my buddy Matt in 4 hrs 30 minutes on probably the best weather day I have ever seen in Ventura 72 degrees, no wind, sunny skies and the course glimmering in the best shape I have seen it in the last year.

Fairways were green, lush with great lies and padded. Rated 9/10

Tees level, lush and in great shape. Rated 8.5/10

Greenside rough in pga tour shape 9.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked raked, compact with their usual beach sand.

Greens were recently small tined, rolled smooth and very receptive. Rated 8/10.

Natural wildlife abounding here. Super thick lush wildflowers and native areas, filled beautiful lakes, coyote wandering the property, hawks flying above. As the sun was setting it was a magical experience. If you have not played Olivas now is the time to come out and experience it's beauty.
Rode the Blues with Johnny, Ron and Kyle great group of gents in 4 hrs 30 minutes this morning 6/10/24 group 1b as part of the GK/Golfmoose event under perfect weather scoring conditions in the low 70s with up to a club wind at times. My first time here and one of the only privates I have not played in Ventura County.

This is a fun, immaculate conditioned course that really has it all...doglegs, elevated tee shots, blind shots, straight forward shots in front of you at times. Some tighter holes that seemed tighter at times from the tee but then when in the fairway you see you had ample room. You must be able to work the ball each way here off the tee. Several holes have prominent water features in play along with other holes having some OB with beautiful homes lining the fairways. Several long par 3s from the tips which were challenging. Only knock on the course were a couple of the par 5s on the course are a bit funky and take going for it in two out of the equation. The smarter Play at Las Posas on those 2 par 5s are laying up with a mid iron giving you a better shot at birdie.

Greens were the best surfaces I have putted on this year. Rolling around an 11 on the stimp. Pure rolls and holding shots beautiful. Hardly any ballmarks. Green complexes varied from small to large depending on the hole. Rating these a solid 9.5/10. Members are blessed to putt here.

Fairways were a solid 9/10 perfect lies with your ball sitting up.

Tees mostly level, mainly lush with just minor divots on the par 3s. Rated 7.5/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers that had perfect pancake material to splash out. Rated 8/10.

Rough was mowed down just off the fairways to 2 inches or so and playable. Most of it was lush and green and in good shape. Rated 8.5/10

If you ever get a chance to play this private I would highly recommend it.
Walked the golds this afternoon 6/3/24 with buddies Matt and Mark under glorious weather conditions about 67 degrees, mostly sunny skies and a light 5-7mph breeze. We took our time with POP just under 5 hours with nobody in front of us and the group behind us always stayed a hole behind. Friendly starter and cart barn guys as usual. Didn't see a cart girl today.

Sandpiper is in great shape with the greens about an 11.5 on the stimp. Putting and chipping super slick and pure downhill. They held shots nicely for how quick they putted and chipped. Stay below the hole here on this course at all costs. Rated an 8.75/10

Fairways were super green, semi lush and striped. Great shape and easy to compress irons on. Rated 8.5/10

Tees flat, level and very lush at time. Rated 8.5/10

Was in Fairway bunker on 7 and greenside bunker on 11 that were raked and in nice shape.

The rough was just recently cut just off the fairways and looks perfect and can be challenging. Some greenside rough a bit more difficult to judge than the Fairway rough. Lucky to not be in any of the native areas because they are nasty and long between 8/15, 15/16, left of 14 and right of 17. Rated 9/10

For one of my buddies it was his first time here and he really enjoyed it. Would recommend in a heartbeat. It's in great shape right now and is such a beautiful fun layout.
Rode the blues today with buddies Ron, Mark and Mack under sunny skies temps in the mid 70s and about a club wind all day..pretty much perfect conditions. Pop was 4 hrs 30 minutes catching the group ahead of us on 13 tee with just minimal waiting the rest of the day.

Wood Ranch has a separate chipping area above and to the right of the 18th green, two nice speedy putting greens and a elevated range hitting into a grass valley off of mats. Friendly staff inside the proshop.

The course is in great shape.

Greens running close to an 11 on the stimp with some pretty pure rolls. Holding irons very nicely and if you are above the hole chipping or putting you have your hands full. Most greens have severe slope and are well guarded by strategic greenside bunkering. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways were lush tightly padded which gave extra roll but needed to be compressed just right. Rated 8/10

Tees nice and lush, most level. Rated 8/10

Greenside rough very thick and grabby and can be tough to negotiate. Fairway rough lush, uniform and not as thick as the greenside rough but in very good shape. Rated 8.5/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers that looked crusty on top but played beautiful with enough sand underneath. The Fairway bunker I was in had nice compact sand to hit off of.

135 slope is accurate with the sloped greens, strategic bunkering, penalty areas and usual afternoon wind. Very lucky to have this course 5 minutes from my place. Highly recommended.
Day2 buddies trip joined by buddies Matt and Mark Sun 5/19/24 riding in 4 hrs 50 minutes with temps in the mid 90s and beautiful weather for 15 holes[1 club wind] and then very blustery 3 club wind on the last 3 holes. Teed off around 1040am We had the breakfast burritos prior to our round which were delicious. No driving range but big nets to hit into with a seperate putting green and chipping green. If you plan on experiencing Escena for food or to play get here early. Tee times can only be booked up until 12pm and when we headed in for some lunch around 3pm to watch the end of the PGA championship we were met with a "no" grill not open for business. Really at 3pm on a major championship Sunday? That along with cart barn taking our clubs off our parked carts and putting them on the cement and one of the Marshall's giving us a hard time on pace of play when we were right on the group in front of us =negative.

My second time here. Played with JohnnyGK many moons ago in the rain so forgot most of the holes. Fun layout and interesting one as well 3 of the par 3s we played were over 200 yds and the 2 par 5s on the front are the number 1 and 3 handicap holes. Good chances to score on some shorter par 4s on the front. Fairly wide open layout but there were a handful of water features, creeks, fairway bunkers and red penalty areas to keep any level of player honest.

Little concerned that this was the second course we played where big portions of the greens[50-60]percent of them had dry dead almost spongy like crab grass. It was like putting on carpet at home. Slow was the theme when putting here. Going to do some research as Silverrock had similar issues[maybe to much rain] and now a fungus sprouting up..possibly mineral issues? Anyway the green rating was a 5/10.

Fairways were a bit more lusher than Silverrock rated a 7.5/10. Most portions of fairways were lush with minor burn spots here and there. Some of the native areas were drier just off the fairways.

Tees level and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Was in one greenside bunker that was in very good shape. Rated 8/10

Not much rough at all on this course. Fairways turn into native dry sandy areas on many holes. What rough there was was low and manageable. Chipping area around some of the greens were very dry and poor. Rated 6/10

Due to the greens and some rough areas I can't recommend this course right now. Like all courses hope they can get some more water on the dry areas and get the greens back into decent shape.
Day1 buddies trip playing the rock with buddies Matt and Mark and a very nice single Brad from New York yesterday Sat 5/18. 220pm tee time 5 hrs POP. Temps were 103 and we enjoyed a 20mph wind with gusts at times 45mph. Surprisingly played well considering dust storms swirling between holes.

Cart barn guys awesome, Friendly staff in the temporary trailers. The Marshall made a rude comment about one of my buddies and was not the friendliest guy in town, no cart girl on a 103 temp day=negative. We did eat at the grill beforehand and the burgers and beer was good. They are doing a ton of construction so the visuals around the course are not as pleasing on the front nine.

The layout is solid especially the back nine. My 3rd time here. Had not played in some time. One of my favorite tracks with water canals, tons of bunkers, beautiful site lines where many tee shots look tight but open up some in the mid size fairways. Couple par 3s have beautiful all carry water features.

Fairways were the highlight of the course rated 7/10. Most areas have tightly lush hitting surfaces. Never a bad lie in the fairways. Couple brown spots on most fairways.

Tees were level and mainly lush. Rated 7/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers that looked crusty but played wonderful. Rated 7/10

Greens were disappointing for the $109.00 twilight green fee. Many dead and some brown spots and they putted medium speed and furry. Rated 6/10

Rough was decent shape, not to long, mainly lush and green. Rated 7/10

Will return again with hopefully a tad better conditions as I love the layout and tranquility of the property [minus construction]
Walked the blues around 2pm 4/29/24 with my buddy Matt under perfect weather scoring conditions around 70 degrees with at most at times about a 10mph breeze. Pop was 2 hrs 30 minutes on the front. Two super senior groups only played 9 holes and we flew around walking the back nine in a hour 15 minutes for a 345 total pop. Had not been out here since early August. The course after the rains is simply amazing.

Super lush wildflowers blooming sometimes between head and waste high in the native areas which with the lakes full of water and the Fairways and rough lush and green makes this place so special.

Greens were firm on downhill putts and chips and very receptive to irons holding like darts. They rolled really well today. Did my share as we had time on the front to fix an extra 5-7 ballmarks a hole. Rating the greens a solid 8/10.

14 Fairway was being resodded and I'm sure will be nice like all other Fairways we encountered. Rated 8/10

Tees nice and level. Rated 8/10.

Rough lining the Fairways in great shape. 8.5/10

Big fringes here medium firmness, puttable and in nice shape.

Was in left Fairway bunker on 7 that was raked perfectly for a Fairway bunker. Didn't encounter any greenside bunkers but they looked to be in good to great shape.

Looking forward to many summer rounds out here when the valleys heat up and the conditions only get better at Olivas.

Highly recommended
Walked the oranges Monday 4/22/2024 with my buddy Matt under a cold, misty/foggy 60 degree day with up to 2 clubs wind at times. Very weird weather for Ojai. Joined by a very nice twosome Tyrell and Paul. Our POP was horrendous at 5 hrs 20 minutes behind a packed tee sheet but our group enjoyed the round immensely even waiting sometimes 10/15 minutes per tee box at times. Super friendly staff at Soule Park.

Couple notes before I get into the conditions. They are redoing the back tee on 2 as well as resodding the landing area just over the gorge. Nice touch! They also have the entire tee box on 10 closed where they are completely leveling and resodding all 5 tees. Current teeing grounds on hole 10 are down below the hill. Can't wait to see the new box there.

The greens were in very good shape coming out of maintenance last month. Pin positions can be tough on these huge Gil hanse greens. Rolling medium pace, holding shots well and chipping very firm. Rated 8/10

Biggest change we saw was the rough around the Fairways and greens is thick! 4 inches plus in most sections, wet and grabby. Puts more premium on hitting Fairways and greens here. Rated 8/10

All tee boxes we played were level and lush and in good shape. Rated 8/10

Fairways are in really nice shape and a pleasure to hit from. Rated 8.5/10

Was in front greenside bunker on 14 that was well stocked with sand. The bunkers here are really penal at Soule. Rated 8/10

Highly recommend this track. Conditions will only improve with the warmer weather coming up.
Rode the blues this morning as a part of the GK/Golfmoose event in group 1b joined by Marc and his brother Israel under beautiful weather around 70 degrees for a high and light wind speeds maxing out around 10mph.

One of my favorite courses in socal. Beautiful greens rolling around a 10.5 on the stimp, super pure with very little ball Mark damage and holding shots beautiful. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways mostly lush with great padding to compress irons. Rated 8.5/10

Tees perfect, level and lush. 9/10

Rough super lush, juicy and in great uniform shape. 9/10.

Was in one greenside bunker and one Fairway bunker that were raked and in great shape. Bunkers are usually lacking in socal but not these beauties. Rated 8.5/10.

Traditional semi-parkland style with lots of doglegs, some elevation changes, plenty of awesome strategic bunkering and I feel maybe the best back nine in the whole county.

Don't ever miss an opportunity to play the Coy.
Rode the blues this morning 4/8/24 at the GK/Golfmoose event with John, Mark and Marc. We really enjoyed our round lots of laughs and great shots. We had a consistent 15-18mph swirling wind which is common for afternoon golf in Simi Valley. Beautiful temps today in the mid 70s.

My 4th time here and conditions were very good with ample semi-lush fairways[8/10], nice level teeing grounds with only some divot damage on the par 3s[7.5/10], very thick and juicy lush rough[8.5/10], medium paced greens that were semi receptive and rolled slower than our group expected[7.5/10]. Was in 2 greenside bunkers and two Fairway bunkers that had ample grainy sand[7/10].

Fairly tough layout 135 slope with some narrow undulating greens, many red staked penalty areas and some afternoon wind to negotiate. To me I love the back nine here especially holes 10,11, 15,16 and 18.

Highly recommended!
Walked the blues yesterday 4/2/24 joined by 3 nice singles. We had an interesting wind to say the least. Drive on 12 over the green and drive on 14 had 68 yds in taking a crazy line just right of the green to give you a couple examples downwind. Drives into the wind on hole 11 and 13 maybe got 220 yds and went Total pop just over 4 hrs. We moved well towards the group ahead of us and never saw the group behind us. Beautiful but windy day for golf. Back nine start teeing off late morning. Interesting playing 14,16,18, 1,2,3 all downwind. I think it makes the back nine a touch more manageable.

The conditions continue to excel at Rustic. Probably the nicest I have seen the tees[8.5/10], greenside rough[9/10]and fairways[8.5/10]. The greens[8.5/10] were in great shape,, super smooth around a 10.5 on the stimp with no ballmarks evident. Was in Fairway bunker on 10 that was hard packed and really nice to hit a wedge out of.

Very friendly staff, still a great price especially walking during the week, great layout and superb conditions right now.

I can't recommend this course more than now for conditions. Go play.
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