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Just a great time out at Oak Quarry Golf Club with fellow GK Gurus on Monday. The golf course is in the best shape I’ve ever seen it with exception of the bunkers. It’s my understanding a project to improve the sand quality in the bunkers has already begun. I was also told by the golf course, and witnessed it on the second hole, tee boxes that have become not level are being leveled and sodded. Speaking of the second hole, it was the former 18th hole. Oak Quarry has reverted to the original design of having the first hole the previous 17th hole and the second hole the previous 18th hole and finishing on the previous 16th hole now the 18th hole. So the layout is a par 35 on the front nine and par 37 on the back nine. Solid improvement. I’ve updated the scorecard and scoretracker here on

Staff was very friendly and professional all day. Our pace of play was excellent teeing off at 8:00am on a Monday and finishing in just over 4 hours. It’s a very challenging scenic track with some extended cart rides to the next tee boxes.

Patio dining was open and the view of the golf course from the patio is spectacular.

It’s definitely a bucket list golf course given how unique it is to have been built in an old rock quarry but more so for its fantastic fun layout. The 16th hole Par 3 is simply a must experience for any golfer. Check out some recent photos I just posted. Highly recommended.
Great day Saturday playing the FireCliff Course with Ron, Pat and Mike. Golf course was in fantastic shape and the weather low 90’s with some light wind on the back nine. Man I love this track the more I play it. Loaded with risk reward golf holes and challenging shots tee to green.

Big thanks again (please check out my outing recap/photos in the forums) to everyone that came out. My apologies for the confusion after play on set up and very much appreciate those that could stick around after golf. I’m sure you did not regret waiting after all the awesome Linksoul gear given out.

I thought playing conditions for the golf course were outstanding. Especially for late April. Greens moderately fast, smooth and mostly firm. Fairways lush beautiful lies and some run out. Rough kept low but dense making it challenging greenside. Tee boxes lush with some divot damage (played the purple tees). Bunkers, well-groomed with exception some footprints players did not bother to rake. Also I noticed a few of the bunkers were low on sand. However the sand in the bunkers was high quality.

From an organizer standpoint the staff is excellent and facilities are hard to beat. An outing on the FireCliff Course stages amazing due to the exceptional practice area, clubhouse, bag drop, golf carts and first tee together. Makes is very easy to keep track of everyone. After play the patio is incredible to hang out on. Only bummer about this outing was the golf course was hosting a wedding at the same time we finished so F & B was not available. Normally we have a fantastic experience after our events on their patio. Desert Willow Golf Resort will have another chance to show off their patio as we will for sure have another outing there next year.

Highly Recommended!
Second round on Tuesday was another first time golf course. I remember Mission Hills North Gary Player Course being one of GKer Shebylo’s favorite when he lived in Palm Springs (side note Shebylo moved back to Australia 5 years ago). I toured around the course with the superintendent a couple weeks ago and the layout sure looked fun. I was not let down Tuesday. This golf course is a blast and kept in excellent playing condition. It’s a flat course the weaves throughout a community. They did a great job with the design creating space to not feel like the homes are crowding in. The fairways are generous on most holes and there are many holes where if you miss the fairway the ball will kick back towards the fairway from the dormant rough. I loved all the well-manicured water features. Take a look at the photos I posted. Beautiful.

The facility has a small clubhouse and place to grab a bite. However it’s big on golf with excellent driving range and practice facilities. The service was excellent all day long and although I did not grab a bite to eat there before the round I heard the food was very good from other GKers.

Regarding the conditions of the golf course, the putting greens are in fantastic shape. Fast, smooth (with exception of some ball marks – no fault of the golf course – aggravates me to see some unfixed ball marks on greens this nice) and holding shots. Fairways lush overseeded full coverage providing good lies and roll. Rough is dormant berunda with full coverage (dig the constrasting look). Tee boxes are overseed like the fairways, cut tight, level and very nice. Bunkers I found greenside had excellent sand. Bunkers adjacent to the fairways had less sand and were firm. I also found a waste bunker that was nice enough to be a fairway bunker.

Pace of play was excellent finishing in just under 4 hours teeing off at 12:40. We had plenty of daylight to spare.

I loved this golf course, especially the back nine. Highly Recommended.
First time playing Desert Dunes Golf Club on Tuesday with GK Gurus. Great time. I toured the golf course last month and took some photos. That day it was not windy, Tuesday it was blowing. I’m glad actually to have experienced the golf course on windy given its reputation for often being windy. Some people hate playing in the wind, I personally don’t mind and adapt. The nice thing about this course is that the creative fun challenging design is well suited for the wind given the open sight lines.

Speaking of design, I really enjoyed it. Every hole presents fun challenging shots that require thought. There is a great variety holes featuring long/short, left/right doglegs, unique large undulating greens, a few trees (holes 10 & 11), a few water hazards (holes 7,8,16), lots of nasty fairway bunkers and understanding when to layup and go for it. Never a boring moment. If you’re playing well you will get a lot of satisfaction rolling in some tricky putts and executing on tough risk/rewards shots. Play poorly, you can lose a lot balls (don’t bother looking for them) and be humbled. Check out the photos I just posted.

Conditions at Desert Dunes were very good. Greens had some discoloration and turf blemishes at times but rolled mostly smooth, medium pace and held shots. Fairways were lush with a mix of turf types. Rough was a mix of turf types yet mostly lush with some thin spots. Not cut very high in general but beware of being right on hole #1 due to come thick clover and deep greenside rought on holes 9, 17 and 18. Tee boxes were level, lush and played well. Bunkers were a mix of decent sand quality to wet/muddy sand quality (some bunkers had obvious drainage issues). Fairways bunkers were very thin and firm at times.

Facilities are at a minimum. It has a large clubhouse yet dated and could use some restoration. The golf carts did not have GPS however the golf course is well marked with 250, 200, 150 and 100 yard large stone markers. The driving range has a nice large grass area. The practice putting green next to the first tee simulated the golf course greens well.

Service all day was very friendly.

I always notice the rates at Desert Dunes Golf Club much lower than the majority for golf courses in the Palm Springs area. We have a GK Coupon posted here on that is $45 includes cart Monday-Thursday. This deal is currently a steal given the golf course you get to experience. I’m looking very forward to my next round here. A great value and unique fun golf experience.
First time playing Cimarron Resort Boulder Course and I really enjoyed it. Over the years I’ve read good reviews and toured the repaired damaged holes from the 2019 Valentine’s Day flood but had never experienced it. It’s a fun design with some great views of the surrounding mountains. It’s not a difficult golf course at least from the Blue tees for my 10 handicap and I found that refreshing. Nice size greens with no extreme undulations. Flat terrain with lots of level lies. However lots of challenging bunkers and demanding off the tee as far as accuracy. I had a big number on hole #6 because I pulled my second shot into the dry river bed. Get off line out there and you can quickly find the desert floor. Check out the photos I posted.

Conditions were great. Greens were overseeded rye grass smooth, firm and about 9 speed. Fairways had good coverage, little thin in some spots but mostly lush providing good lies all day. Rough cut low, lush with good lies. Bunkers had quality sand, some of the fairways bunkers had some small rocks but nothing extreme. Tee boxes cut tight, similar to the fairways, the blue tees we played appear to be the most popular so they had more divot damage on the par 3’s than the other tees. Still very nice to play from.

It was a pretty full day out there on Sunday and I totally see why. This golf course is great value with lots of deals out there. It’s also has a great pace of play. We teed off around 12:00 and finished in just over 4 hours with a full tee sheet.

Very friendly customer service in the proshop, starter and on the course.

Super day with GK Gurus and GK Cup Players.

Looking forward to playing the Boulder Course again and trying the Pebble Course.

Highly Recommended.
What a great GK Plays outing despite it only being 10 of us. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort was in fantastic shape, it was cool but not much wind, service was excellent all day long, man I love this place. We’ll be heading back there this Summer for another GK Plays. I’ll be posting an outing recap later tonight.

It’s been years since I played the Wolf Course. Last time out at the Paiute was a GK Plays outing on the Snow Mountain Course in 2016. I still like Snow Mountain best but the Wolf Course is a close second. My favorite hole of all three Paiute course is on the Wolf Course and that is none other than number 15 island hole. What a dramatic golf shot to play. A must for any golfer to experience. Check out the photos I posted.

Greens were so smooth, fast and mostly firm. A perfect 10 in my book. What a pleasure to roll the ball on and so fun to try to figure out. Fairways in great shape. Full coverage, firm and tight. Rough was similar turf to the fairways but little longer. Pretty easy to play from as the ball always sat up. Bunkers in great shape, quality sand, some footprints due to no rakes because of COVID-19 safety protocol.

From an organizer standpoint Paiute is an exceptional golf course to have an outing at. The clubhouse is magnificent to host an after play event, the staff is very friendly, experienced and professional. The golf courses are all spectacular and have multi tee boxes for all skill levels. Outstanding practice facilities and well organized setting. Highly Recommended.
After playing Reflection Bay Golf Club Friday, rgm2525 decided to head over to nearby Chimera Golf Club. It has been over 10 years since both of us played the golf course. Back when it was named Tuscany Golf Club. The weather turned very windy with some rain on the back nine so we only got in 13 holes. Of the holes we played I thought the golf course was in good shape. Greens the highlight running medium fast, mostly smooth and holding shots. Fairways were in good shape, mostly lush with occasional thin areas. Rough was pretty the same of the fairways with greenside rough more lush. Bunkers in good shape although no rakes due to COVID-19 safety protocol. Tee boxes due the high amount of play had divot damage but it was not a problem finding a good piece of turf to hit off. It’s a fun layout built among a housing community. There are great views at times of the desert surroundings. Service was good throughout the experience. I’d like to get back out there with some better weather. Still managed to get some good pics so check them out. Recommended.
Teed it up with GK Gurus at Reflection Bay Golf Club yesterday. Great time.

The golf course passed on overseeding in the Fall due but dormant bermunda conditions were excellent. Full coverage with plenty of padding to hit shots. They sprayed the fairways light green for definition and it was blast getting lots of extra run on my drives. Greens were in great shape, rolling smooth, holding shots running medium fast. There is some discoloration at times and some minor blemishes but overall a pleasure to play. Bunkers in very good shape, somewhat firm sand and well groomed. Tee boxes in good shape. Level, cut tight with good lies.

I loved the layout. It’s one of my favorites in Vegas. It’s a Jack Nicklaus signature design with many dramatic holes. Plenty of room off the tee so even for my draw game despite Jack favoring left to right play I could still play my game.

The facilities are fantastic. Yes they don’t have a driving range to warm up on but other than that everything is top notch.

Exceptional friendly professional staff.

There is a GK Coupon code for $125, totally worth it. This is world class golf experience. Highly Recommended.
Out with GK Gurus yesterday on the Mountain View course. Played the FireCliff course last week on Thursday… how quick the weather can change in SoCal in January… 86 that day with sunshine and no wind to low 60’s yesterday, cloudy, a little rain and windy. Still a great time although! Even got some good photos to post here on GK … check them out.

Had a nice talk with the superintendent about the challenges with overseeding the Mountain View course this Fall, but let me say before I go on, the Mountain View course was still in excellent shape. With 36 holes at Desert Willow Golf Resort, each 18 holes is overseeded approximately 2 months apart. Mountain View happened to be overseeded first beginning in September through October. This Fall we had extreme heat making it very challenging to grow seasonal cool temperature rye grass. Chris the superintendent however managed to do a great job overcoming those challenges. In some areas the bermunda turf in the rough and around the edges of bunkers overtook the rye grass but those are only minor blemishes.

The greens are immaculate. Medium fast, smooth and firm. As good as the greens on the FireCliff course were Thursday these were even better. Besides the first few holes which were in great not immaculate shape, which was explained to me get more play due to the 6 hole loop conducive for late afternoon play, the fairways on the rest of the golf course were immaculate. Firm, lush and green. Tee boxes where in excellent condition, lush, green and well groomed. Bunkers excellent, little firm, quality sand and well groomed. Rough predominately rye, cut just above fairway height, great shape.

Comparing the conditions of FireCliff Course vs. Mountain View Course, the FireCliff Course is currently in better shape due to its late overseeding avoiding the extreme heat challenges mentioned earlier in this review plus it has not had as many round played on it yet. However you can’t go wrong playing one or the other because they are both fabulous layouts. The Mountain View course is not as difficult as the FireCliff Course with less bunkers, more forgiving off the tee and a little less demanding with approach shots. I personally like the FireCliff Course more than the Mountain View Course but I always play better on the Mountain View Course which feels good. A perfect day for me at Desert Willow Golf Resort would be to play 36 since each course compliments the other well with a different golf experience.

Every year we have a summer GK Plays outing at Desert Willow Golf Resort so can’t wait to get back out there. Highly Recommended.
Out with GK Gurus yesterday on a picture perfect day at a picture perfect conditioned golf course. They have 36 holes at Desert Willow Golf Resort. We played the Firecliff Course. Driving in I saw a couple holes of their other course Mountain View, look immaculate as well.

Desert Willow Golf Resort is a Top-10 golf experience for me. It never disappoints. Before the round I had great conversation with their Superintendent Chris filling me in about how they overseed. Chris came over from PGA WEST where he was responsible for the private courses there. Unlike other courses in Palm Springs region, Desert Willow Golf Resort does not cut down their bermunda before wall-to-wall overseeding. With the greens they are overseeded with a combo of rye/poa. So unlike some courses in the area that overseed the greens with only rye grass producing a slower putting service, Desert Willow Golf Resorts greens are running medium/fast right out of overseeding. I loved them. A Perfect 10 in my book yesterday.

As incredible the golf courses are, the entire facilities/services are too. Gorgeous clubhouse and massive patio dining. Delicious food. Fantastic practice range, practice chipping and putting. It’s a must play. Highly Recommended. Check out the photos I just posted!
Great time enjoying a holiday season round with KevBig, John_T and rob1563 from Vegas on Sunday 12/27.

It was fun to circle back here to play the golf course in winter shape compared to summer shape. I picked the hottest time of year in July and the coldest time of the year in December – LOL. The golf course plays different with exception to the fairways being in very good shape both times of year. In the summer we had brutal lush bermuda rough, in the winter the rough is all dormant. Take a look at my photos as the contrast between the fairways and rough is gorgeous out there. KevBig mentioned in his review the contrast creates optical illusions as far as distances at times and I agree. The tee boxes were lush. We played the gold tees which were being renovated in the summer (I enjoyed the course more from the gold tees instead white tees). The highlight of the round were the greens. I liked them much better this around being faster than in the summer. Those are some tricky greens with multiple tiers at times. The only negative are the bunkers having poor sand quality. I attribute some of that to COVID-19 protocol. Also in the summer they were removing some of them so my guess is the bunkers are a work in progress.

As far as the layout, I liked it even better this time than in the summer. It’s a very fun layout to play with great views of the desert, forced carries over water, risk/reward par 5’s and some par 4’s, mostly flat and a fantastic one-two punch finishing holes (Hole 17 & Hole 18).

They have nice grass range and short game practice area. Service in the proshop and on the golf course was excellent. Highly Recommended.
Following Indian Wells Golf Resort was the second round of GK Guru Monday at Classic Club. As magnificent as Indian Wells Golf Resort is, Classic Club stands on equal ground with its own unique experience. BTW – both golf courses are managed by Troon Golf so as you can guess there are very high standards in place.

Pulling up the place looked immaculate and at check-in we found out they just got a new fleet of carts in that morning. Everyone playing that day would be the very first to experience the new carts. How cool! Man they are gorgeous and LOL, they had that new car smell plus the stickers still on the tires. In addition they were equipped with the shark experience. Paired up with cbubaseball9 in cart 25. If you play Classic Club and get cart 25, that's Johnny and Kevin's cart - LOL.

Having played Classic Club just prior to overseeding in September as a bermunda turf course and now after overseed as a rye grass course it was fun to compare. Enjoyed them both times however playing an overseeded Classic Club is simply a stunning golf experience. Just take a look at the photos I posted and book a tee time there.

The greens were running fast, firm and smooth. Just the way I like them. Fairways lush with excellent lies all day. Rough lush about two to three inches. Bunkers simply immaculate as they recently renovated all of them earlier this year. Tee boxes, lush, level and perfect.

Classic Club is a very challenging golf course. I stepped back with my group to play the blue tees but probably should have played the white tees. Classic Club used to be a host course of the PGA Tour Bob Hope Classic and you can quickly see why. If I had a 5 course rotation to play out in the desert Classic Club gets an automatic bid.

Fantastic practice facilities, service and clubhouse (beautiful decorated for Christmas I might add).

Highly Recommended!
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