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Behind on my reviews this month, but better to post than not at all.

THANK YOU everyone that came out for our year end outing on 12/9 and all our great goodie sponsors. AndewZ28 on hand making it rain Linksoul apparel! OnCore Golf, Golf Moose and Vivid Golf also loading up the prize table.

I only played the front nine because I wanted to have more time hanging out with our group when they finished and setup our raffle/prizes. My favorite part of the outings is the good times we have after play so this worked out perfect.

Desert Willow Golf Resort was in super shape as always which many of the previous reviews indicate so I’m going to give an golf organizer perspective here.

First off, the staff is exceptional from start (the day I emailed DWGR to organize the event) to the moment we left and even follow-up emails asking how everything went. Very friendly, professional, accommodating and on time.

The staging area is perfect. It’s easy to keep track of all your players from bag drop to tee time. The practice facility is next to the clubhouse and includes driving range (balls already set up), practice putting and short game area. Golf carts are conveniently staged with a dedicated staff member and first tee starter making sure things are running smoothly.

On the course marshals do a good job keeping play moving.

After play, the patio is ideal for small groups to enjoy delicious food/drink with a stunning view of the 9th and 18th holes. For larger groups utilize DWGR's private banquet rooms.

It’s a very special experience and I can’t recommend enough.

Do not hesitate to book an outing here.

Happy Holidays
Final round of the month came this Monday 11/27 at Los Coyotes CC for our GM/GK Private Course Event. Played with GKers mark_6m, sparky14 and WizzDum37. Awesome day. The event was set up for the first time combining the Valley and Vista 9’s. As much as I like the Lake nine, the Valley + Vista Combo was better.

It was very impressive to see the course in the best shape I’ve experienced it. Greens ran fast and true. Fairways lush. Rough lush. Tee Boxes lush and Bunkers improved. The layout, especially the Valley nine, is very fun and challenging. Great service and staging area for events. Snack Bar provided complimentary coffee which I found to be a nice touch. I can see why this outing of 100+ players sold out in under a week. I’m in the process of lining up another outing here for 2024.

See fresh photos I posted!
Back to Sunset Hills CC for our 3rd GM/GK Private Course Event for 2023 on 11/20.

I think the golf gods like us. With all the rain that came the day after our Goose Creek outing on 11/17 it was looking like we could be cart path only for Sunset Hills CC GM/GK Private Course event. Instead, the area got strong winds the night before drying the course enough to allow us off the paths. Also, turns out the winds were stronger on Monday than Sunday BUT given how tucked into the hills with many natural barriers to shield the wind, the course was very playable. It may have been the only course playable that day because the winds were so strong throughout Ventura County.

Like all 3 previous times this year playing Sunset Hills GC, the golf course was in outstanding condition. Greens were medium fast and smooth. Fairways lush. Rough lush. Tee boxes, although small on a course that is conducive to iron play from some of par 4 tee boxes, still in great shape. Bunkers were in very good condition as always. If you drive by the course on Olson Road and marvel at how nice the conditions look, the whole course is that way.

The more I play Sunset Hills GC, the more I like it. They also do a super job with customer service and staging for our events. For sure more GM/GK Private Course events coming in 2024 here.
The Goose! – With the threat of rain all week we got a postcard day and evening for our GK Plays Goose Creek outing 11/17. I was hearing how dialed in the course was after overseeding and those reports were spot on. Let’s pause for a second, would Goose Creek GC tee sheet be full anyway during the 30 days the course closes for overseed? You bet it would. 30 days of lost revenue and accompanying costs to overseed is an enormous sacrifice of capital to make sure the course meets or exceeds its standards. Wow. Thank You Goose Creek GC. It does not go unnoticed. Every aspect of the course was in super shape!

I’m in the process of doing my GK Plays Goose Creek GC recap for our forums and make social media posts. What an epic day that was. Highly recommended for any golfer or group organizer.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our GK Plays!
After our last GM / GK Private Course event at Kings Country Club, I could not wait to come back for second chance to play this one. If you were to look at Kings CC on Google Maps, that is if you even know where Hanford, CA is, looks plain, flat, no dramatic holes, parkland design. Good thing you use instead of a Google Map to make your decisions because this course is a blast to play. Exceptionally well-designed parkland golf course with beautiful challenging green complexes, no homes, secluded with an occasional train passing by.

Played with rgm2525 and GKer captrichs on 11/13. Anytime I have a chance to share a round for the first time with longtime contributing GKer it’s a treat for me. Captrichs would be treat for anyone to play with regardless.

Golf course was not quite as lush as it was in August but still beautiful with the greens running smooth and fast. Staff is super accommodating and friendly. Can’t wait to line up our next visit there. Thinking May or June for 2024.

See fresh photos posted!
First time playing California Country Club 11/6. Super day playing with mark_6m, rgm2525 and Fastfist33 as part of Golf Moose / GK Private Course event. Overall good experience with the golf course in nice shape following overseeding. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was with the fairway turf being very soft causing many miss hits by all of us but they looked great.

Enjoyable yet tame by Billy Bell design standards ball striker’s course. Plays long with many elevated greens, large mature trees and well bunkered green complexes. There’s a few elevated tees and a tremendously tough par 4 finishing hole. Greens were medium fast, soft and mostly smooth. Bunkers needed more fresh sand and played firm. Rough was nasty tough to pitch from in places with lots of pins tucked behind bunkers. Sometimes I think superintendents see Greenskeeper on the event sheet and figure its time to break out super challenging pin placement they know the members of the club could complain about. LOL.

Looking forward to scheduling one or two events there for 2024!

See Photos I Just Posted!
Played Wood Ranch Golf Club last week with rgm2525, mark_6m and WizzDum37. Group 1B of the Golf Moose / Private Event. Teed off at 11:00am and finished under just before 4:00pm.

This was our 5th Private Course Event at Wood Ranch Golf Club. An outstanding track that once hosted the Senior Tour and LPGA Events. Every time I play here the conditions of the course exceed the previous excellent conditions of the course. It’s no surprise that all our Wood Ranch GC events sell out quickly attracting approximate 120 golfers each time.

Greens were running smooth, holding shots and medium/fast. Fairways were perfect lush bermunda. Rough was overseeded with annual rye was full and lush. Its easier to escape from than the bermunda rough played in the Late Spring / Summer. Bunkers were all in very good condition with quality sand. Tee boxes (we played the back tees gold) all lush and groomed.

Note about our Golf Moose / Private Events, it’s great to see when I do the pairings how many more singles have now paired up twosomes, and twosomes pairing up as foursomes. Friendships are being built through the outings and that really makes me feel good.

Check out the new photos I posted.

Now that I’ve done events at all the clubs in Ventura County that welcome us. If I had the means and time, I would join Wood Ranch Golf Club or The Saticoy Club. Never miss an opportunity to play either of these courses.
Finally catching up on my reviews so saved the best/shortest for last … and yes that would be The Saticoy Club on 8/28 with GDR23, rgm2525 and Mark_6m for a Golf Moose / Private Course Event.

Immaculate. Exceptional layout and service. Great views and facilities. Hosted an LPGA event last year.

Through the green, overall, as nice as I’ve ever experienced The Saticoy Club. Fairways were a perfect 10 in my mind. Had the greens been rolling faster I would have rated the course even higher. They were very smooth and holding shots, however. I could play green like that every time I golf. The back nine at The Saticoy Club is one of my all-time favorites. We’ll be returning to the Saticoy Club in April 2024 for our Day After The Masters Monday event. I already can’t wait. Always play this course when the opportunity presents. Check out the photos I posted :)
Late Review but still the most recent on for Kings CC and I doubt the course much has changed since 8/7.

First time playing Kings CC which is private course in the small city of Hanford central valley CA.

This is a traditional parkland flat style course like most throughout the Central Valley region. I grew up playing traditional parkland flat style courses and this is one of the better ones. Superbly conditioned, moderate length, lots trees in play on every hole, undulating greens, fairly challenging greenside bunkers, good variety of holes… I really enjoyed it. Very pleasant staff that was excellent to work with prior and during the event. Fancy clubhouse and a separate building for the proshop which was also nice.

This outing was one of the most attended Golf Moose / Private Event outings yet despite the 100+ degree temps. We had 120 players with more players wanting in. The course has a great history in the region and is well regarded. I can attest. I liked the experience so much I book another event for us there for November 13th.

Please check out the photos and don’t miss an opportunity to play here.
One week later and still thinking about the all the fun we had at GK Plays Soule Park. Thank you so much everyone that came out. Its been challenging booking outings with the high demand and prices. But expect more to be posted for 2023 albeit on shorter notice. And please try to attend. Can’t tell you how good it feels when I see GKers in person.

This was our second GK Plays teaming up with Matt Brooks and the Facebook Southern California Golf Community. We also had some players from the Golf Moose / Private Events attend as well. Loving all these new opportunities to meet fellow golfers and build more friendships.

From an organizer’s perspective, I have mixed thoughts about my experience with Soule Park GC. The golf course and playing experience were fantastic. I’ve posted some pictures and other GKer reviews already posted cover playing conditions well. From my view, the tournaments services regarding our weekend reverse shotgun were surprisingly lacking. To begin with golf carts were stagged but despite me providing names in advance, Soule Park GC did not have names on the golf carts which made finding their carts and remembering what cart they were assigned confusing. Our on-course contests markers were not prepared with Hole #’s and when asked if a member of their staff could retrieve our on-course contest markers I was informed contest marker placements/retrieval are not the responsibility of their staff (first time I've heard that). No problem I’ll assign certain specific groups to place the contest markers and others to pick them up. Challenging although if you have run a shotgun event in that expecting groups to remember to place and pick them up. Sure enough, at the end the event we had some contest markers stranded out there on some holes. Afterwards being required to set up our post group gathering outside on the hot patio instead of inside the air-conditioned restaurant was very frustrating at the time but as I thought through it driving home, I understood. The restaurant serves the community, not just the golf course, and has an ambiance it needs to maintain. In future I’ll investigate reserving a banquet room if the weather is projected to be very uncomfortable.

But when I add pros and cons up, the pros have it big time for Soule Park GC and our event. The staff was friendly, gorgeous fun layout/views, excellent shape and good price. Saturday 8:00am does not get more Prime Time than that. Yes, we comin back for another GK Plays in 2024. "We Comin"
Hosted our third Golf Moose/ Private Event on Monday 7/24 at Sunset Hills CC. Teed it up with GKers rgm2525 + outing players Bob and Bill. Great time and the best shape I’ve seen the course yet with exception to the greens being much slower than their typical fast speeds due to excessive heat.

The more I play Sunset Hills CC and understand where to hit the ball (in the fairway – LOL), the more I like the design which has a few quirky holes but overall, a demanding tight fun layout.

Golf practice facilities are limited due to small amount land available surrounding the clubhouse. The driving range has 5 mats for short irons only plus a couple hitting cages located at the upper lot practice chipping green. Some of our players were at the Golf Development Complex (this is where GDR23 works), which is just 5 minutes from the course so if you really need a full-service warmup that is a viable option.

They do a good job staffing outings as both the Grill/Bar/Patio were open for our players. In addition, that had 3 staff members working our bag drop to make it easy for players to find their carts assignments.

I’m still in search of a well-played round of golf at Sunset Hills CC but none-the-less very enjoyable and worth it. Check out the photos I just posted.

Future outings to come at Sunset Hills CC. Thank you everyone that came out!
Great time on 7/17 teeing up with Itslikeimsayin and rgm2525 at recently returfed/renovated Valencia CC for a Golf Moose/ private course event. Alex326 was supposed to complete the foursome but had an unexpected work assignment cancel his plans. Alex you missed a good one. Next time.

I posted a lot of photos here and I’m going to do some before and after pics on social media. Part of the renovation was considerable tree removal which did lesson some of the challenge off tee. However the new bunkers I can only equate to a Riviera or Hacienda CC certainly raised the challenge level in that department. Regarding the new bermunda turf, it was very lush which was a relief considering some of previous reviews posted from the SCGA tournament earlier this year which was played in the winter and prior to the new bermunda turf having a Spring/Summer to establish itself. Well done Valencia CC. The turf conditions are outstanding now and should only get better.

From an organizer standpoint, Valencia CC is an excellent facility to have a golf tournament. With exception to the driving range being a long walk from the clubhouse (shuttle service provided) the staging area features easy access to the clubhouse facilities, snack bar, practice putting, golf carts and both the 1st and 10th tee box. Staff very professional and friendly to work with from the moment you book the event to the following up after. I’m already looking into another outing for 2024. Play this course any chance you get!
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