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This was the first time I've seen the fairways so plush . The fairway grass was mowed about 1/4" to 1/2" , very nice . The tee boxes also have been worked on , nice and flat . With all the rain we had this year the rough on the side of the fairways had more weeds then grass and was mowed to a height of 3". This made it very hard to find your ball in 3 minutes . I lost 4 balls . The Greens looked nice and the ball rolled okay ( some bumpy surface ) but mostly smooth . I think the greens have been worked on recently ( aerated ) ? The sand traps looked like they had brick dust instead of sand . I didn't have any trouble getting out of the traps . Except for the rough I thought the course was in good shape .The sad thing is hearing the 21 gun salute and then taps at the Riverside National Cemetery . That made it very hard to have fun .
San Dimas is in good shape . The greens are a medium - fast speed , Sand traps good , Fairways & rough were also nice and green . Some of the tee boxes need work , not very level . We played a round in 4 1/2 hours . The parking lot is full of cars for a Wednesday . There Breakfast & Lunch special is attracting a lot of players . One other thing , don't trust their GPS .
Our 4some played 18 holes on Monday 9am and it took 4 & 1/2 hours . The course looked in good shape . The fairways looked good , the rough was about 3" , some of the tee boxes were not level and the greens had a lot of unrepaired ball marks but also had a good speed too . My biggest complaint is their sand traps . They where terrible , only an 1/8" of sand . I couldn't make any good sand shots all day . The sad thing about the sand traps is they have been that way for the last 3 years . Diamond Bar is a LA county golf course . The rates have gone up , senior rate is 65+ and you must have a LA senior card . Senior just don't get any breaks any more .
Chino Creek golf course has rolling hills . Some times you tee off into a valley and some times you tee off going up hill . I played there after a heavy rain so the course was mudded and wet . The rough was very long and wet , about 5" . Too wet to mow . The fairways were very soft so you got very little roll after a good drive . After a heavy rain the sand traps where in good shape , I only saw one trap that had mud . The tee boxes where fare and the Greens looked ugly but the ball rolled smoothley , medium fast . It took our 4some , 4 hours to play .
I think Goose Creek is one of the nicest golf courses in the Riverside county area . They have nice turf grass in the fareways , the rough and on the greens . But the sad news about this course is they have an infestation of African fireants . They are all over golf course and you need to look where step . Those ants get on you fast and they burn .
I played Willowick 5/7/14 . The golf course is located in Santa Ana but owned by The City of Garden Grove . The course is old and has old trees but also has big wide fareways . The tee boxes were good & bad and the sand traps looked okay but my golf buddy said " the traps were thin with sand . " The best part of the golf course was the greens . Most of the greens are flat and have a good smooth speeds . For the first time in my life I shot a scorer of one under par . I made six birdie putts . The greens were very good to me .
I played on Monday 12/2/13 . The price was $ 17. to walk after 9:am . The fairways are in good shape . The Tee boxes where not that good , some were uneven . The sand traps looked like they could use more sand but were playable . The Greens on the Riverside course side , are in BAD shape . They look like they have a bacteria problem . The good news Holes 17 & 18 are back in play . Back to back par 5's . I'm thinking the price of $17 is because the greens were in bad shape ???
I got a good deal on a round of golf at Summerly , $20. with a cart . The Tee Boxes and the Greens where in grate shape but the fairways need despair maintenance . I think there is something roung with there soil or no water ? I won't be golfing there for a while .
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The course was in good shape , very green . Nice fairways , nice greens and the sand traps had good sand . The tee boxes were also nice and level . The course was over watered and had wet spot every where . You could see golf cart tire tracks on every fairway . Now that winter time is coming they need to cut back on watering . I had mud on my ball all day long . We played winter rules because of the mud . That was the only bad thing I saw on the course , to wet .
I liked the course . The greens were very fast , a 10 and very hard for me to read . The fairways were cut very thin and you could get a lot of back spin on your ball when you hit the greens . The only thing I didn't like was the sand traps . They had good sand but they also had little rocks mixed in with the sand . Not so good for your sand wedge . We got around in 4 1/2 hours .
Played El Prado - Chino Creek Monday . The course was in good shape . Nice tee boxes , good greens , the sand traps were also good & the fareways were ok . Sunday night into Monday morning must be there watering time because the place was flooded , tobad some of the water didn't make it into there ball washers . Walking on the greens was like walking on a sponge . That is why the greens were slow . It made big ball marks on the greens too . The 12th hole & 13th hole had some work done on the fareways . They took out the fareway traps . They are making the course easier . That's not a good thing .
We played Summerly on a weekday . They offer a good special , 36 holes for $31 with a cart . The farways are in poor shape so if you land your ball on a bare spot you just move your ball to some grass . The tee boxes are in good shape & so are the greens . With the farways in poor shape there was less people on the course . We played 18 holes in 3 1/2 hours. It was fun not having no one in front of you . Loved it !!!
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