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Played Dove Canyon -
Monday Morning 10/17 -

First - I just want to say that the GPS took me to Coto De Caza which is right around the corner from Dove Canyon. So be careful.

It rained in Orange county on this particular day, and the entire course was cart path only. That made it more difficult because the cart paths are sometimes very far away from the course. However, the course was in magnificent condition.

Tee boxes were lush with little areas of concern. Fairways were lush and absolutely green. Greens were in fantastic condition, not to fast but you can tell they can be much faster without the rain. The rough was tough and very deep in several areas throughout the course.

The course played tough with the rain and the cart path only. There were times when I had the wrong club and wasn't trekking back to the cart. The course is no good for walking with several areas that would make walking difficult. However, the secret to this course???? (Keep it in the fairway) - obviously but if you want to score fairway is the key.

It is a great course to play and challenging, I would recommend it to anyone that gets a chance to play. Enjoy.

Played Hansen Dam 10/17
730 tee time and there were a lot of folders all ready on the golf course. This is the first time playing this golf course but had heard a lot about it. Couple of buddies play this course in their regular rotation.
To start it is a fun course, wide open and ready to fight back. Fairways are open and a little dry. Tee boxes were in decent shape, a couple of them had some un level lies but there was plenty space to find another sport. Sand was in great shape and consistent from fairway bunker to green side.
Greens were rolling pretty good, not to fast.
A lot of holes can be drive able, but might not be the right play. The back nine requires more of a be in the fairway nine. Due to the increase in trees on the back nine.
Pro shop / Dinner - is fairly expensive. That would be the one downfall.
Great for golf - lots of fun.

Will be going back to play again.
Late Post!!!!
This review is little tardy but needed to be said.

played in the GK plays event With some GKers. A good group of gentlemen. Always have a good time playing with GKers.

Golf Course:
Monarch is a great course. The views are spectacular and the golf is just as good. Course requires some local knowledge, but just a little. One thing I noticed that I didn't realize and really couldn't figure out is the amount of wind you get on the course.
We played the back tees and the distance might not seem far, but the wind adds a lot of drama to the course. Again, spectacular course.

Fairways were a little wet in areas, but I thought they were plush. Tee boxes were in good shape with only a few spots that seemed hard. The sand traps (and there are plenty of them) were in good shape as well, sand was nice and soft. Greens were tricky and quick. Downhill putts would give you fits, but you can be a little aggressive on the uphill putts.

Amenities / Service -
Well ATT his course it is expected to be treated fairly well. You pay for that. However, one thing did stand out that I have never had before. Yes they take your bags to the car at the end of the round, so you expect them to be up there. I get up there and my golf bag is not there!!!!!!!
You would think panic state of mind, but they put the clubs in my car, wrapped up nicely. Man you talk about service. That was the kicker. Great Job Monarch.

I will see you soon.
Rio Hondo
Played Rio on Thursday 7/9 with Martin (lgsx) and his dad.
Course conditions are good. Got out before a tourney and actually played in a little over 4.5 hours. Backed up on the last two holes? Weird.
Tee boxes - were in good shape, fairways were in great shape as well. Greens looked really good, smooth and running a good medium speed.
Rough was different in areas. Some areas light rough and some very spongy, that is due to the grass in the areas.
Overall it is still one of the better course in the area. When it comes to conditions, consistency and overall golf. Fun course.
Played in the GK event on 6/14.
The event was fun like it always is, even if you play bad, there is still plenty of fun to be had when plying in a GK event.
This was my first trip to Riverwalk Golf Club. Practice facility was decent, you hit off of the grass for warm-ups and the have a split practice area. The weekend warrior area is by the club house and then the real practice facility is down the range when you first drive in the facility.
The practice green was nice, so it was exciting to know that the greens were going to be running quick.

On Course:
We started on Presidio? And the course was in good shape, considering the water conditions, but it played good. A lot of different types of shots and when the wind is going it can be some tricky shots as well. The first par 3 - was the area where everything came to a stop. Backed up about three groups on the tee.
The next holes helped to free up some time but still slowed down until about #6 - then it was off to the golf again.
Tee to green was in decent shape, fairway bunkers were in good shape (not too much sand so you can hit out of them), bunkers next to the greens where full of SOFT sand. And the greens on this side were a tad bit slower than the practice green.

Off to the next side of the mountain.
Again I think a little bit of local knowledge is good for this course, just to have an idea where to aim or how far the trouble actually is in play. Tee to green the course required some shots to take full advantage, GREENS on this side where much slower than the practice greens. So you have to adjust.

Overall the course is fun and will challenge your game. If I was closer I would play it again, because it is a fun course.
Played Rams Hill in the GK Plays event.
I heard a lot about the course as well as the drive?

Well it looks like a good portion of what is being said out there is very much so true. It is a long drive for those of us on the west side of the world. But totally worth it, especially if you are going for a couple of days to play some good golf.

Yes Rams Hills is some very good golf. So where do you start with what could be considered great golf? Well let's start from tee to green. Tee boxes where in very good shape, level and plush. There were a couple of the gold tee markers missing (almost all of them? Maybe a re-paint) but the tee boxes where very easy to find.
Fairways were manicured and in great shape, and the sand bunkers were soft. I was in several of them as well as the fairway bunkers. The greens are a major defense for the course. On that day there were running a 12+ in speed. But if you can figure out which way is uphill you can be aggressive on a lot of putts for birdie.
Views were amazing, even though it is out in the middle of the desert.

It was a totally great experience and will have no problem returning to the golf course for more of this same type of fun. If you are close to the area, or looking to go to a great course in that area. I would go to Rams Hill. Four and a half stars out of five stars.

Food needs some work. But the sliders were. Rey tasty.

Have fun
Played on Saturday 9/29 -
Played in the GK outing and man it is always fun to come up here and play this course. I always recommend this course to people who have not played.

The course was in great condition. This is a golf course that you can score on once in the fairway. Again, the tee shot is important on this course becuase it determines your best opportunity. Some courses you can miss with your tee shot and recover, this course only a few holes will allow you to miss.

Fairways were in great condition, only a couple of the fairways were wet due to the early morning conditions. Tee boxes were lush and level. Sand traps were in good shape with fairly soft sand. Greens were in great condition. Rolled smooth and medium fast. The greens also held shots pretty good, so if you spin the ball have fun.

Just an awesome course to play golf.
The course can play to the strength of the player. It can be fun from all tee's. The course has a lot of character, with a lot of interesting holes. It is a really fun course.

Monarch Dunes Golf Club Review
Central California Golf Course Reviews
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Played La Purisima on Friday morning 9/28 -
played with a some GK buddies (Kviser, Stickboy, and Mike) - Great times gentlemen.

This course is a fun course to play. As long as you know going into it, that it will require you to play golf. The course is a test of your skill vs. the course vs. your mind.

You will not run into any repeat type holes on this course, it seems there is always a wrinkle that changes the entire scope of the hole. Some type of carry, down hill or uphill or over water, mature trees everywhere, wind, layout and then the greens.

Greens where in good shape, they put true and can be fast or not so fast depending on where you are on the green. It doesnt take much to get the ball rolling here even if it seems far away. The best thing to do is look at it from both sides to get a better understanding of your putt. Good luck.

Fairways were in good shape, nice and lush and waiting for you to hit them. They tend to give you some visual issues when looking down the fairway from the tee boxes. What is down there? is a question asked alot. Fairway bunkers and trees are in your line of sight as well as water. Makes it tough to figure out where to hit the ball.

Tee boxes were in good shape as well. Staff is great and the overall experience of the course will keep you coming back for more and more. It is a difficult course that can get evn more difficult. (impossible open) - however, once you play it you will want to come back for more.

Downfall is that it is too far away for some. But golfers love to travel.
Have fun

La Purisima Golf Course Review
Santa Barbara California Golf Course Review
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Played Wed 8/29 -
With our GK group. Two guys were playing for the finals in our GK match play event.

The day was great. The sky was beautiful and the company was good as well with my fellow GKers. the service was great, and with smiles. The clubhouse is being renovated (just an area) should turn out to be a great sit and eat spot.

The biggest issue I had was with the driving range. It is difficult when hitting off of grass more often than not, but they needed some work on the grass for the driving range.

The course was in good condition. The tee boxes were good and faced the hole. they also had tee boxes that gave a very good perspective of the surrounding veiw. The fairways were in good shape expect for a couple, (wet spots where the grass was over watered and 2 fairways were repatched - maybe some damage before) however the rest were in good condition.
The greens were in excellent shape - they actually ran just like the practice greens by the first tee. So that was a plus. They were fast and you have to know where you are to understand if it is down hill or uphill - Greens will hold your approach shot if you are coming in correctly.
Where orientation is important is when you are chipping, becuase the ball will run if you are down hill and it will stop if you are uphill.

the course layout requires some playing time, but one of the key things is to keep it in the fairway and you can score.

It was a great day.

Black Gold Golf Club Review
Orange County California Golf Course Reviews
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Played on Thursday 6/7 -
Course was in great condition- played with Lkygsx
Teed up at 6:15 and finished at 9:40 - great pace.

Fairways were in great condition a little wet but very playable - the tee boxes are in good condition with only the par three holes that need some manicuring
The sand traps were in good condition not the fluffy sand but there is sand in the bunkers -
The greens are in great shape and can be tricky - they will get quicker as the heat comes - two of the greens were getting mowed and waters and still played very well.

The course can be challenging with the trees but offers scoring opportunities on several holes. Driving can be at a premium if you want to score well. But the course is not too long where you don't have to always hit driver -

Very fun course and great course - love it.

Rio Hondo Country Club Review
Downey California Golf Course Reviews
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Played Buena with a great group of golfers -
Rgm2525, Longball23 and JohnnyGK. The wind was howling but the golf was still fun. I didnt play that well but it had nothing to do with the course. (Well maybe the wind) -

the course is in really good condition. Played from the Black tees and the tee boxes were level - there were a couple of three par tees that needed a little work (divots) but nothing drastic.
The fairways were awesome - brand new and looking good. They are going to be real good in a couple of months - right now you dont get that much roll.
Greens were in good shape - please fix your divots. They rolled slow for me but tricky.

The course plays very well. It is a very enjoyable course to walk or ride. It will require a lot of different shots and test your green reading skills. This course was built to have fun and you will enjoy it.

Buenaventura Golf Course Review
Ventura California Golf Course Reviews
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Played in the GK Outing at Mt. Woodson
The pro shop is nice and cozy. Great Service.

The greens were in good condition - and like others said in previous post the greens were better on the back than the front. People please fix your divots -
The fairways were in good shape but on a lot of holes there were elevation changes that can cause your ball to veer off or even put you in a bad situation - it can also give you more yardage for a shorter shot to the green - fun and frustrating (golf).
Rough is the side of the hill - the first cut was not bad at all, but if you hit it past that you will be dead -
Sand traps were not in the best shape - they were actually no sand in the bunkers, made it difficult to play an actual sand shot.
Tee boxes where not all level but very playable - but the best feature about this course is the visual mind tricks it plays on you - all of the holes have a deceptive look off the tee - they make you think and can force you into shots you don't want to play.

Overall it was a good day - a fun course. You have to have some course knowledge in order to play it real well. But good course.

Mt. Woodson Golf Club Review
San Diego California Golf Course Reviews
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