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Played in a tourney on 7/3. This is my home course and it's first time playing in well over a year.

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the course. Fairways in good shape, sand was in good shape, the rough not terribly penal. I noticed a few trees were removed, most noticeably, the bush/tree to the left on Hole 7 has been removed exposing the tee box on Hole 8. I think a nice improvement.

I was disappointed in the greens. They were markedly slower than I'm used to here. I kept leaving putts 4-5 feet short.

Overall, it was great to get back out here and play Los Verdes again.
Played on 6/25 and was so excited to play the course a week after the US Open.

While the rough was definitely cut around the fairways, around the greens it appears they were not because it was BRUTAL.

The times my score blew up were the times my ball ended up in the greenside rough, very hard to judge the release of the ball. I did find myself in some uncut rough in the fairway on hole 12 I literally took 3 full 8 iron swings to move the ball 20 feet!!!

The greens were not overly fast but rolled out as a previous poster noted. They rolled very true very few bounces.

Fairways were very nice the ball sitting up very nicely. The rough while cut down was very much a challenge depending on the lie you got.

Overall, it was a blast to play and a very good layout but I think the layout is not the tough part of the course it's all about the rough. As a comparison, Journey at Pechanga is tough because of the layout not because of the rough. Either way, both are great courses with different elements to make it tough.
Played here on 6/19/21 as part of a match play tournament (we pick our course and play other teams of 2) as it was the only option on a Father's Day weekend.

Expectations were low from reading the reviews and it didn't start too well as we got there and the power was out in the facility so no pre round warmup (much needed with a tight back).

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the course both layout and conditions were pretty solid. The first hole green was brutal but we were forewarned, other than that the greens were very solid, rolled true a little on the slow side.

Fairways were in good shape and the rough around the green was good.

The worst part of the course was definitely the bunker with no sand at all, I think everyone in our group skulled at least bunker shot. The fairway rough was pretty bad as well.

A couple of holes I wasn't a big fan of like 2, 13, 16 but enjoyed a number of other holes so it was fine.

Overall, I do plan on coming back and playing here. Had a good time.
Played Classic Club on 5/15 with high expectations and to be honest, I left disappointed. It could be the time of year but the conditions of the course were not up to par for the price we paid ($135).

The layout of the course was great! The par 5s in particular were really special. The par 3s were great especially hole 12, just beautiful.

This course was on my bucket list and I'm glad I played it but I may or may not be back.
Played Stadium course on 5/14 and had high expectations. This course did not disappoint one bit!!! It has six or sevens holes that leave you absolutely on cloud nine. With the 17th hole, being the penultimate hole, it was such a pleasure.

The layout of the course was amazing. The conditions of the course was amazing. The staff was amazing. From arrival to the time I left, I had a smile on my face.

I can't wait to come back out and play this course again!!!
Was invited to play at Redlands Country Club on 2/27. My expectations (unfounded) that it would be a dog track. I couldn't have been more wrong! The course was absolutely beautiful and nearly perfect in every way. I played Virginia Country Club in Long Beach a few years back and I would liken it to that but in better shape.

A very challenging course which will require draws and fades off the tee box, a good mixture of short and long holes (some of the short holes are no walk in the park). The layout was so impressive.

I read in another review that this is a 2nd shot course and I agree 100%. Driving the ball on the course wasn't an issue mostly, it was the 2nd shot had to be in the right place or you have no chance of 2 putting.

I always struggle out of the sand in public courses but not here, it was so nice to hit out of freshly raked bunkers with soft sand.

Can't wait to get another invite out there and play!!!
Played Rancho Del Sol on 1/24. Was really excited to hear that Moreno Valley Ranch was back up and running. Played here many times back in the day.

First off, for a course that reopened 4-5 months ago, those greens were astounding!!! Kudos to the greenskeeper, they were definitely the highlight of the day!

The layout of the course was cool as you had two completely different courses from front nine to back nine. Front nine winded through homes and was pretty flat while the back nine winded through the hills and was much more hilly.

I was disappointed that no range was there as I need to warm up before I play (old man).

We were talking to the starter and they have plans to update the original clubhouse but it will take time as squatters destroyed it.

All in all, it was a great day, so happy to return to Rancho Del Sol. Looking forward to coming out again.
had a chance to play Sierra Lakes on 12/11. Been looking to play this course for awhile now. It's a bit of trip but with how hard it is to get tee times these days, I'm willing to go anywhere to play.

I'm not a fan of courses that wind through homes, especially those courses with homes on both sides.

The homes had no effect on play at all. Course had big wide fairways and plenty of rough so the houses were never in play, although, we had one buddy put one in a house. it was an extraordinary effort. lol

Loved the layout of the course, greens were excellent. Fairways were very nice, though in winter condition. Not much rough to speak of. Sand Traps were covid sand traps so not going to say anything.

Overall, had an excellent times out at Sierra Lakes. Looking forward to our next round there.
Finished our 50th golf trip to Mesquite by playing Falcon Ridge on 11/18.

Of the 4 courses we played, this would have to be my least favorite course. I'm not a fan of blind tee shots and this had many. To go along with the blind shots, we had wind gusts of 40mph so things got a little crazy and frustrating.

The course's condition was nice. Greens rolled true and had some speed to them. Tee boxes for the most part were in good shape, rough was good.

I just couldn't get over the tricked up layout. It had some very nice holes but when I think of Falcon Ridge it's the tricked up holes that come to mind first.
Played Coyote Springs on a 50th birthday golf trip. Played on 11/17

During our golf outing, we played 4 courses (Primm, Wolf Creek, Coyote Springs and Falcon Ridge)

Hands down, our favorite golf course was Coyote Springs, it was agreed upon by all four of us.

This course was absolutely beautiful, from tee to green, just about perfect in so many ways. Depending on which tees you play, you are going to get a very good challenge. I loved how the ball sat up on the fairway like you were teeing it up.

BTW, this has one of the best practice facilities I've ever seen, just short of Orange County National in Orlando, but not by much. Because it's in the middle of nowhere (and I'm not kidding), they could build their practice facility as big as they wanted and they tried. lol
Played Wolf Creek on 11/16 on a 50th birthday golf trip. Played it once before and it makes my top 3 golf courses I've played so the expectations were very high.

The layout was nothing less than outstanding, the greens just about perfect. The whole experience was incredible. Not only is the course awesome but the staff do such a great job at making you maximize your experience.

If I did have one complaint and it could be just this time of year, is that the fairways were awfully thin. Last time I played there, I recall how nice the ball would sit on the fairways, almost as if they were teed up. Not this time but I'll give them a pass this time.
Played La Mirada on 12/6 with low expectations based on what I've read on Greenskeeper. Even with low expectations, we were completely disappointed in the conditions of the course. I've always enjoyed the layout but the course today was on par with Victoria Golf Course in Carson. And I'll take Victoria's layout over La Mirada's.

There were so many dead spots in the fairways, we agreed to pick up your ball and move to grass. The rough was non existent and in some cases, if you hit it and miss the green, your ball would roll and roll because of the lack of rough.

The only saving grace i guess would be the greens were solid. Not great but compared to the other areas of the course, it was the lone bright spot.

The customer service during check in was great as well.
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