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Play day was Saturday, 03/13/22, 10:30 am with a little breeze when we got to the back nine. $45 greens fee + $16 to ride.

Our pace of play was slow- it was very a busy day on the Vineyards course- five hours!! I think it's because of the design being tight some holes in front. The staff at the pro shop remains helpful as yesterday when we played the Lakes course- helpful. The course marshals rode around passing us and doing what they do but everyone were just right behind each other as it should be.

The greens were a little inconsistent as some were much faster and slower than each other. More noticeably the old holes in the back nine were pretty consistent in speed. There were a few ball marks. The greens were medium in firmness and they were consistent that way throughout.

The two bunkers I was in were much like the Lakes course- it could use more sand but it isn't bad to get out of.

The teeing grounds were level and had patchy grass.

The fairways were closely mowed and there were some deep un-sanded divots in mostly the short par fours. The fairways on Vineyard seems to run a little more than the Lakes and I think the grounds were just a little more firm.

The roughs were low and were not penalizing at all, although in some areas, your ball could sit in between some clumps of grass and now you're ball is in between clumps of grass that you have to manage shots with.

Like I've mentioned on the Lakes course review for Saturday play, I've only played the old course course a couple of times before and I vaguely remember some of those old holes, but mostly the the back nine of Vineyard brought me back in time and it was very enjoyable. I am very glad to have the chance to play here.
Play day was Saturday, 03/12/22 about 9:20 am with a little bit of a breeze but not bad at all under s sunny sky. $50 greens fee + $16 to ride.

Our pace of play was great even though it was a busy day on the course- four hours and a couple of minutes or so. The staff at the pro shop were helpful and the course marshal was thankful for our timely rounds.

The greens looked fast but were just okay. There were a few ball marks but it wasn't why it's a little bumpy at times that day. Esthetically, it looks nicer is all I'm saying in all of 18 greens. The medium firmness of the greens were consistent throughout.

The two bunkers I was in were okay- it probably could use more sand but it isn't bad to get out of.

The teeing grounds were level and had patchy grass.

The fairways were closely mowed and there were some deep unattended divots in mostly the short par fours.

The roughs were low and were not penalizing at all.

I've only played the old course course a couple of times before and I vaguely remember some of those old holes, but anyone who played the old course can sure tell the difference in design. I'm glad to have finally seen the new design.

The review comes out 4.1, but I thought it should have been at least 5.0
Simi Hills
02/21/22, 10:55 tee time an finished at 3:38. Holiday rate $67 to ride/shared.
As many know, this course gets a lot of play. Fairways has a few GUR and thinning areas on some holes.
Teeing grounds were not overly chewed up and had ample spots to tee it up on grass.
#7 had a major bunker renovation with a big machinery. I was only in one bunker on the last par three and it had plenty of sand.
The greens were smooth and fast. With the exception of the unfixed ball marks, it’s good.
Fun day at Simi today.!
SundaleCC, 02/19/22, 9:30am. POP was 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Cloudy day in the early holes bu cleared up- temps got up to 72, winds of no more than 10 mph.
First time here at Sundale CC. Wasn’t expecting much other than what I was told, small greens, some tight fairways but not all, small greens- a few were, but not all. Lots of healthy trees that lined the fairways all around the course. It was a good layout and thought the course was nice.
Their fairways were closely mowed and they have good grass coverage but it isn’t in the best conditions either- yeah, there were a few bare spots also.
The rough had grass but not even nor penalizing- not bad.
The teeing grounds were okay and had grass coverage but mostly even and good.
The bunkers were not the same from one another but mostly firm under the surface of shallow sand covering, a few had more sand than others, even dried out clumped clay on some of the fairways bunkers- sounds bad but it is playable and not terrible- you could still make a decent play if you know this.
The greens were the best part of the course. It was smooth and fast- I’m guessing at 10 on the meter. A couple of greens were very undulated, and a couple of them were two tiered and must get on the correct level.
All in all, the course is good and I would play it again.
Also the course looks simple and straight forward like everything seems to be in front of you, but the way it is set up makes it play longer than it really is. A good drive is a must and any off line position inside the tree line can ruin a chance for a good score.
In any case, the course is old school and fair and a lot of fun to play.
It’s private, but it’s open for public play after 11:00 on weekends.
Late post review: 22nd January. From what we were told the course was spending time and effort to bring the course back to a better shape. Although it’s my first time there, some of the work are evident but has not transferred to a good conditions.
There are bunkers that are still being worked on and many aren’t very good to play out of.
There have been greens at least one I know that has been infected with some type of fungus and you may have to move from a position where you won’t have to go through some deep uneven or an abnormal conditions to play on.
Fairways were fine for 85-90 percent and tees were okay.
Some trees have fallen and laid there for a while without markings and grass have grown around them- you won’t know till you get there.
Nice layout of the course.
Helpful staff on busy course.
Pace was at 4:45 to 5:00.
The last time we played here was 5th February and a couple of days before it. I agree very much with the prior review but it may have gotten better since as the greens have gotten slick and played close to 11 on the meter. I mean “respect” it or have a five footer or more to come back to. Very smooth like it was rolled.
The whole course is at its tip-top shape and very impressive. For a local muni, it gives an impression of playing a top notch course that’s up to par with a premium course conditions.
Note: on the par 5, #3 fairway, a drainage work was going on on the 3rd and 4th February. It is not reachable from most or all the tee. It is at least 350 from the blue tees. The work pretty much crosses that fairway but Saturday, it was all completed and they have laid the grass back on. It is only noticeable when you are on it. Otherwise, you’d pass through without knowing it was there. No marks of GUR as it’s not necessary. (Great work, RVGC !)
Although the the temperature can be cold in the high desert, if the “Ws” are not present, it is quite a treat to experience its playing conditions and the course is not bad at all.
I’ve been playing TDS once or twice a week for almost a month now.
I’ve heard stories that the course have been closed for almost two years and just reopened- sorry, I have no details on that not yet anyway. But I can believe the review before me. It was rough as they experience some rough times. More rough days are ahead but the dedication and efforts are there.
They’ve been cleaning up some out there but the fairways aree baren more than grass and you will be on a barren lies- i may be lucky for having decent lies.
The greens here are best- no it’s not hairy anymore. It’s good and smooth like at 9,5 on the meter.
So it’s cheap and I even walked it twice already.
Sand trap has mix granules antan easy out for most part.
Pace have been quick. Not too many plays here when it’s cold so you can literally be on any hole for as long as you want (almost) or just zip as quick as you can play.
Met a guy who plays it all the time and travels there from Magic Mountain area- he said he just wants to play in three hours.
I hope they get their money from people who plays it… it just needs players. They’re serious about making it a success and I don’t mind playing it a few times.
The most impressive part is the greens- it’s nice.
Used to play here in the early 90s. This is a good track- just needs grass.
11/07/21 play day 9:30 tee time on a gorgeous non-windy day. Non-windy day is a bonus on top of good course conditions here at Rancho Vista. We had two foursomes at $67 to play and ride. We didn't have anyone in front and no one in the back till the 7th hole but it seemed like the world stopped turning when we got there. Not much activity is going on the green, we weren't sure what they were doing. We could also see the #8 tee with people on it waiting, and the 8th fairway with a group waiting and the 8th green with people playing. So we ended up finishing 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The greens were sometimes bumpy but we did not see many ball marks- the greens look healthy and are on its way to being good and smooth again soon.

The bunkers have sand and rakes, though you'll still see foot marks and some heavy foot marks and SOME AREAS WHERE SOMEONE PLAYED AND NEVER BOTHERED TO SMOOTH OUT THE SURFACE AFTER THEY PLAYED!!

The teeing grounds were all fine- some of the guys played white tees, the rest played blue tees.

The roughs were down to about 2 and 3 inches but they're healthy and had plenty of coverage along with the fairways. Plenty of deep divots can be found all around the course that were not filled with sand an it's a shame.

Staff were helpful and attentive.
Play day was 11/06/21
While it was a gorgeous day with some great company with me here at Tijeras Creek, I sure did not have my hopes up knowing that a recent aeration and reseeding, including the prior review.
It was $80 to play at 12:50 that had lasted 4 and a 1/2 hours. All tees were together at the green tee location of some 5700 yards.

The review prior is accurate. I'd like to add that the sprouting of the new grass are staring to come out. It is cart paths only- I see locals carrying which was a smart thing.

The fairways has not been mowed for a week or so. You maybe on the fairway, but you'll spend time to look for it once you get there- the grass on most fairways were higher than the ball. The same goes for the rough. It is very easy to lose a ball in it. Some areas are almost a foot high and lush, but for the most part it's about 6" deep.

The greens were not good at all. It is bumpy, very slow and it's not breaking or staying its line so it's just a wild guess for the most part.

The bunkers have sand, and the teeing grounds were pretty bare because all tees are together on the same teeing grounds.

People say, they're not starting to mow any time soon- a week and a half at the earliest is what the rumor has.

GPS on cart. Beverage cart came around a few times. Staff were helpful and informative.

At this time, it isn't a fair time to review this course because of its current aeration and reseeding, however, if it's going to be this bad, I also feel it isn't fair to open for play to patrons. I would come back in a couple of months to see what this place play like.
Sunday morning tee time at 8:20, at the Harding course, 10/17/21, was almost a misty 55 degrees cool and the temps only got up to about 78 if any.
Like my day’s experience yesterday at its sister course (Wilson) I was very impressed with its playing conditions from tee to green 18x. What a pleasure!
The type of greens they have here at Griffith being the type of grass they grow here, the greens tend to be maintained on softer surface and that makes it easy to create ball marks and if it’s not attended well, the grass on it takes a long time to recover and heal. But nevertheless, the greens rolled nicely if those unproperly fixed divots didn’t exist… there were just a few but noticeable. The bunkers have sand- different from one to the other, but it has sand. The fairways were good without much unfilled divots. The rough were pretty healthy for the most part but were never penalizing, and the teeing grounds were good with good grass coverage.
Many of the staff were good and helpful.
I was a very happy guy to have played this course in such good conditioning.

Can't wait to be back!
Saturday morning tee time at 8:40, Wilson course, 10/16/21, started out to be nice and cool in the morning, but it warmed up quickly to about high 80s and sunny.
It has been a long time since I have played here at Wilson course with some very good playing conditions. I mean the greens were rolling quite fast and smooth with the exception of a few ball divots that were not fixed properly. But still one of the best conditioning I have ever seen this course in a long time. It seems as though they really take good care of the course in preparation this time of year.
Just about everything else- the whole course is in good condition for play. The bunkers have sand- although I wasn’t in it, it probably were inconsistent and there were still unraked foot prints. The fairways were closely mowed and had some run which was nice. I have nothing no knock except the course ran out of sand to fill the bottle so I’m sure there will be some unfilled divots out there until they provide sand on their carts. The carts have GPS though. The roughs were healthy and some areas were penalizing, but most were not bad at all. The teeing grounds were not bad. It wasn’t all lush but there’s plenty of grass coverage.
The pace was not good. It took about 5 hours for the round. The staff were welcoming and helpful to provide tees, cards, and all other information for the day.
I’d gladly play here again soon.
Friday, 10/15/21, 12:00pm, our L.A. group had couple of tee times and we made a practice round out of it. It was a busy sunny day and a warm 80 degrees that made for a four hours and 20 minutes pace which wasn’t that bad but there was nowhere to go.
The greens looked good although were quick and it was nicely rolling smoothly. The fairways were pretty nice and lush as well. The bunkers were a little inconsistent but they have sand. The rough was healthy although it wasn’t that penalizing. The teeing grounds were good and lush with some wear from the day’s play on par three.
Good customer service. Carts have GPS.
It was a very good day and it was very nice to play Hansen Dam with good playing conditions.
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