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I’m forgetting to submit a review. I played here last Saturday 9th. We fortunately got a tee time before 10:00. I attempted to walk but rode in separate carts with my son. We finished a couple minutes before four hours,
The fairways were good most the way, but it’s when the mowers gets on the Bermuda grass, man it tears it in clumps but something to be expected (but not really) I wasn’t worried. Just another drop without the committee eyes :-) jk still a fun course, just minor things. The bunkers were good from a couple times. Greens were fair, it’s a busy public course and there will be divots here and there. Surprisingly, I rolled a few more than my usual and made it fun. All other things about the course is pretty mediocre and not baf. Is it worth the $70+ I think not. Will I be back? Only if I had to.
Oh the staff there are pretty good and informative. The cart I was in was quick even though it’s aging- it works though.
Play day: Saturday, Jan 2, 21.
Partly cloudy day with 8 mph breeze at best, it got up to mid 60s in temps- a good day for golf to say the least. We took off at 11:50 and finished at 3:58.

The pro shop staff and cart barn staff were all helpful.
The beverage cart came around 3 times.

I can’t remember the last time I played here but it’s been very long ago that I don’t remember when in the 90s. What I remembered were more lushness of trees and not Bermuda fairways. Nevertheless, the course’s playing conditions were amazingly good.

Aesthetically not an eye popping emerald green in colors everywhere but I’m just saying that it plays well. The greens had a few unfixed ball marks, but nothing serious. It is bent grass if I had to guess and it rolled very smoothly with medium speed.
The fairways were dormant Bermuda grass it has a few divots but nothing severe on the shorter holes. The bunkers had packed sand some were fluffed from being used (no rakes of course) but it was fine. The teeing grounds were okay and lush and mostly level.

I love this course!

Additionally, we did not see the coffin bunker.
Also, I tested the OnCore balls; VERO & ELIXR. Both balls performed amazingly great and were comparable to the ball I’ve used for many years- ProV1 & ProV1x.
Play day: 12/27/20

We had an 8:45 tee time Sunday morning. There were lots of walkers on this course on that day. It started out as a patchy clouded morning that opened up to a nice low 60 degrees day with occasional winds of 9 mph. It was a bonus!

The starter was kind and accommodating. No mobile beverage service on course but not necessary- just an FYI.

This is the second time I've played here since the 90s. It was a pleasure to see and play it again after so many years. I feel as if some things have changed since- maybe the bunkering and its greens, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I think it's an improvement.

The greens were a little bumpy at times- some greens were smooth, but the speed were consistent throughout.

The bunkers had sand and were okay. This is true for about 4 bunkers I was in.

The fairways were mowed closely and had some run. Not too many divots on approaches.

All the roughs were cut low to about 2 inches and were never really a problem as to get out of. Most of those areas were covered with grass. A few areas had been worked on and had patches of sod on some high traffic areas.

Just a fun little course that is enough to get your golf itch satisfied after Christmas.
Play day 12/04/20
Tee time was supposed to be 11:00 but frost delayed us 45 minutes.
The day was real nice in blue skies and very little wind.
Our pace was 4 hours and 15 minutes. It was a great pace for the matches.

The greens were slower than last weekend- I’m guessing that they couldn’t mow because of the frost, but it was good.
The teeing grounds were somewhat un-level by 6% and almost not an issue.
The fairways were good and not so wet- thank goodness!
The bunkers were also good with nice sand- both fairway/green-side.

All in all a good playing condition for a $40 round.

Beverage cart came around a few times and the staff were accommodating.
11/29/20 was the play day. It was clear skies and very little wind of 8 miles an hour. A perfect day for golf. We got off the tee right at 12:10 as scheduled. The staff were great right from calling in for a tee time throughout the check out looking for a 9 iron a buddy had left off #7 by a bunker. No bev cart- not a problem.

I’d like to start with the greens. What a pleasure to have putt on! These are what I think tour caliber greens are at. Smooth, true and fast. No joke, you’ll have to have all nerves working to be able to putt well on these greens- beautiful!

The roughs were almost nonexistent. I was not happy about that. But then I think they’re finally figuring out what Jack Nicklaus had been doing for many years- they’re taking the grass off about a hundred yards from the forward tees. That’s going to save some time for maintenance and watering dollars.

The fairways were good with some divots around the approach distances but not bad.

The bunkers could use some sand- both the greens side and fairways bunkers (I think).

The teeing grounds were a little uneven but not chewed up, instead lush.

All in all, the course played better than good, but not eye popping brilliantly good- just a good play.

I’ll be back again for sure. I see that GroupGolfer has a new deal. The freaking thing about it is that the course is only having a day in advance yo make a tee time. For a group of four, it sucks during short daylight hours like right about now. As a single or a twosome, it worked out for us.

I hope to be back before the end of the year.

Merry Christmas ??!
11/07/20 Saturday at the Revere Lexington on a very windy day with a 7:50 tee time and it was a cold 52 degrees in the wind.

This is my second time at the Revere although it’s my first time to play the Lexington course. From what I remember years ago, the Concord course had much wider and generous fairways. This course surely tested our ability to stay away from the rocks if you should miss the fairways and rough. Sure enough we had one shot each that found the rocks and we all feel good about that considering the winds we’re playing in.

The pace of play was okay- we finished in 4 hours and 20 minutes. We even got in front of the guys ahead at the turn.

The roughs were lush, healthy and about four inches deep in majority throughout the course.
The fairways were also lush and had great coverage, but there were more than a few unfilled divots which were disappointing to see but fortunately we weren’t in any of it.
The teeing grounds were a bit used up in the gold tees and some areas were uneven though not severe.
The fairway bunkers looks nice from a distance with its bright white sand but I wasn’t able to test it. Judging by the two guys with us who were in it a couple times, they were able to come out without any issues so I thought it was okay. The green side bunkers however were pretty good. I even got up and down a couple of times from it and it had ample sand.
The greens rolled nice and fast- may be 11-12, but again very disappointing to see lots of un fixed ball divots. Luckily I don’t remember any of us bumping in those deep divots.
There were also some bare areas along the fringe where normal traffic paths enter/exit the green on several of them.

All in all the course was very playable.
The beverage cart came by a few times. The staff were attentive to us at check in and the cart guys were informative.
Covid rules were in effect and masks were mandatory at the clubhouse/pro shop.
There were no foams in the cups and the flags were removable if you want them off while you putt.

Needless to say, a fun day was had at the Revere!
Edwards Air Force Base are slowly opening the base for guests and retirees from a recent closure from Covid.

I have been fortunate to come in prior to the recent aeration and also last Wednesday and yesterday. The recent weather after the series of fires have been great with some good air quality. Blue skies and calm breeze in the high 80s that never gets there as we finish early has been a very nice change.

The fairways are lush, but there are not much rough along the fairways although the greenside roughs can be brutal in a 5 inch deep in most cases.

The greens are healing nicely and evenly. It was much better yesterday than Wednesday of course and as it should be. It would be nice to play it this coming weekend on a club championship setting.

The greenside bunkers have sand although you may find a few pebbles or small rocks on occasion. The fairway bunkers are with shallow sand and are pretty easy to get out of considering how close the ball is from its fore-lip.

The teeing grounds are in good shape- some may not be level depending on where the markers are placed.

The course is becoming more of a pleasure to play than when things didn't go so well in 2018.

The grill/restaurant is open for patio dining or to go orders. Not quite as busy as it were... it is slowly coming back is all I can say with pleasure.
I realize that the aeration starts today and goes on through tomorrow and this post won't help anyone, but I am very delighted to say that I did get lucky and got on the day before, Sunday 10/04/20 for a nice round in a very good condition on this golf course together with a nice warm low 80s with an occasional light breeze of 10 miles an hour.

The pace of play was just over 5 hours which was long, but we were with two walkers so I was patient, but not fond of being there for that long.

In the past, I remember the course would have some standing water like on the front of #1 green and some other areas, but that's not the case yesterday. The greens rolled nice and medium fast. Bumpy at times because of some older divots that weren't fixed properly- there were a few, but not bad. The bunkers were with good sand. The fairways were lush and the rough were healthy. What a fabulous conditions, but I just want to add that this course has this capability of being in such great playing conditions and I hope to see that more at my/our next time here.

Covid rules were enforced and emphasized by starter and signs were all around the pro shop including when making an online reservation. No beverage cart, but the staff were all friendly and helpful.
I hope to be back in a month- love this golf course.
09/26/20 midday was a warm and going up to the 90S with a little and a light breeze.

Following a foursome who let us through at the 11th, we still finished 4 hours and 15 minutes.

The greens were smooth and soft allowing for most shots to aim at the pin though only a few of those shots got close. lol ??. The greens speed were medium- I thought the practice greens were much better in speed and not affected by foot traffic for its firmness.

The fairways were good.

Bunkers had sand- no rakes- many foot prints.

The roughs were mixed thick and thin and more than a few areas had mixed type of vegetations.

Teeing grounds were okay.

The staff there were friendly. Beverage cart came around a few times- the foursome in front were partying it up each time the bev cart came around- good times, but we’re all glad they let us through a few holes in at the back.

First time back here. Hope it stays open and continue more improvement. Not a fan Of the par three finish, but it looks like the course didn’t have a choice.

Hope to be back some dat.
09/27/20 play day. It was a gorgeous break of dawn with some small patch of clouds and the view was delightful as we got to the first tee.

Nevertheless, the staff at check in and cart guys were excellent. They were expecting a hundred plus players for the day. Each cart had our names like a what you'll see in a tournament, except it's just another day of fun field golf day.

It's nice to have played here again where the course design and playing conditions are in very good shape. I also like that we are able to take the flag stick out if we want to (no sponges in the holes either.) Our round took just a few minutes under four hours.

The greens are still in good shape, smooth and rolling true. Yes, it's visible, the thick coarse Bermuda grass are taking over, but it surprisingly very good to putt on.

The rough were still thick but not as thick just a month ago- thank goodness.

The bunkers were with good sand quality. Rakes were available all around which was nice, but not everyone raked their footmarks and where they've played (ugh) COVID +1 and Rakes 0.

The teeing grounds were in good shape but more than a few placements were near or on a slight slope.

All in all the course was playing fabulous! Oh, but the difference in just a month are in the aesthetic looks. There were some small browning spots all around- not dead- it was still good to play on. We had a half a minute chat with the on course greenskeeper who was still meticulously caring for the course- I asked, "Why care so much for the course like I see you doing now when you're about to tear it up for reseeding in a couple of weeks?" His answer was incredible- "We do this for your pleasure and enjoyment!" So I told the guys in the pro shop about his good work, the two guys at the counter both pretty much said the same, "They normally stay away from people and don't say much, but yes, we do our best for our golfers, and thank you for letting us know.", they said. And as usual, they'd like for us to come back soon and said, "First week of November, you will be in aw in how this course will look like- bring lots of film!"

What a golf course!
At a request from my group to play General Old which I've never played before, I gladly said ok for last Saturday, 08/29/20. The greens fee were the deciding factor for my son, his cousin and my bro-in law.

We got there at 9:00 for the 9:30 tee time and finished at 3:05. Needless to say that it was one of the longest rounds I have ever been in and always at the tail of the group in front. But, nevertheless, it was a good lesson for my son who is still learning the game- saying, "The round doesn't have to take this long."

Anyway, it was sunny and hot in the high 90s with a slight wind- a gorgeous day.

I'm learning from one of the GK guru about expectations on a course and for this course, I did not have a high expectations... and so we found the course conditions were aligned with the rates we paid- $47 to ride.

The greens were soft and sometimes bumpy with a few fresh large ball divots as we fixed them whenever we see it and could get to it.

The fairways and the rough were mostly dry but seemingly not much divots and were okay.

The greenside bunker- some had sand from what it looks like and some looks like it's been mixed with clay and water.

The teeing grounds were not so level many times, but there are many areas you can find with grass.

All in all, I can't give a good rating for this course although it is what it is for the rate they sell their times. I would go as high as 4.5 (A day after, I spoke to a friend who used to play here and had mentioned that it was a good course rotation for them and that the conditions were good.) So maybe some day, I'm hoping, with all the tee times the courses are selling that they could improve a little.

I just read a thread in the community that Covid rules are helpful, so:
Masks is a must in the pro shop and when ordering something from the snack bar. Out on the course, masks are not mandatory.
Play day was Sunday July 12/20 at 11:40. I lost track of what the temperature was, but we're in a middle of a heatwave. We took a cart and had lots of water and snacks. It took 4 and a half hours to finish which was expected.

There's not much to add from the detailed review prior to this but I was very pleased to have found the course way better than I played here last which was probably two years ago. It was nice to play this course in its current conditions. Some teeing grounds were a bit soaked in water, but not a big deal, and the grass covering throughout the course were good and green as well as the fairways played nicely with a little run. Very pleased about the greens' condition in smooth and medium fast. Yes, I whished the guys would fix their ball divots, too.

Despite all the restrictions and the clusters of checking in, I would play here again. We had a great time.
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