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Play day was Sunday July 12/20 at 11:40. I lost track of what the temperature was, but we're in a middle of a heatwave. We took a cart and had lots of water and snacks. It took 4 and a half hours to finish which was expected.

There's not much to add from the detailed review prior to this but I was very pleased to have found the course way better than I played here last which was probably two years ago. It was nice to play this course in its current conditions. Some teeing grounds were a bit soaked in water, but not a big deal, and the grass covering throughout the course were good and green as well as the fairways played nicely with a little run. Very pleased about the greens' condition in smooth and medium fast. Yes, I whished the guys would fix their ball divots, too.

Despite all the restrictions and the clusters of checking in, I would play here again. We had a great time.
Saturday, the 27th was a very windy day in the 90s.
Not much to add but the greens were mowed lower and it was very nice and smooth. Hard to tell how much faster it is compared to my previous post but we were all guarded and trying to stay bellow the hole and I think that's a good thing about smooth greens.
The course was protecting from the heat (I suspect) as some of the fairways were over watered and very soft. that was not good playability wise. Everything else stays the same and good. The staff are always great- two thumbs up.
Saturday June 20, was a nice clear day here with a soft breeze for our play day- 12:12 tee time fits our schedule. It was supposed to have reached 103 degrees but seemingly that was not felt. Cooler, I would say, more like low 90s or even high 80s all day so that was good for us.

It’s a pleasure to be back here again. The prior review was encouraging and did not disappoint- it’s probably in a better condition now than then. It is just fabulous and I don’t have much different things to say other than the greens have healed from its recent aeration. It rolled nicely and true, but not fast at all, maybe 9 on a Stimp meter if I had to guess. If you play here today, I’m sure you will enjoy the course very much.
The staff and the beverage cart were all helpful, friendly and informative. The practice balls at the driving range were all brand new shiny and bright white. This place have exuded top quality and service in a public access golf course.

Hoping to be back again sooner than later. I like this course even more this time than the last time I was here. Notably holes #1, 10, and 18 comes to mind right away for its looks and the way it plays, but then there are many holes that is so cool to play... and yes, fair like how the previous review mentioned.
On a very super windy day with patchy clouds on Saturday, 06/13/20, an unexpected crowd was in and made it a fun day.

Greens here have not been as fast as it had been for a handful of years, but it was smooth and rolling true.

Bunkers are with sand but could use more- no rakes.

Roughs are patchy with tall and browned with some baren lies.

Fairways are nicely mowed tight and the teeing grounds are good, too.

No beverage cart here.

The grill is open for to go orders.

Staff is good.
Our play day was 060720 at noon. We had mostly clear skies, and a slight breeze that got up to about 12-18 mph, and the temps were at low 70s the whole time, which was nice.

It has been many years since I have played Rustic Canyon GC, but I’ve probably only played there a handful of times. There were no carts available. The pace in the front nine was not bad, at two hours and 10 minutes, but the back nine was painfully long. The group in front of us were lounging at times on tee boxes us waiting to tee off in just about every hole starting on 13th. Wow… flash back! It took three hours to get through the back. We were not a fan of that slow play. But don’t get me wrong, the back nine is a much tougher holes than the front. I just don’t see playing it an extra hour or more.

The greens were not at its best. Aeration holes were still visible. Although it wasn’t too terrible looking, it was bumpy to roll a putt, but it was receptive on approaches- so wait a couple more weeks and I’m sure the good greens will be back again (I hope).

The roughs wasn’t bad, you can still access the ball somehow decent even when it sits in. The bunkers could use sand. I was only in the couple bunkers for the day, but many of the bunkers looked just like the two I was in. The teeing grounds were fine.

Beverage cart came around a few times, and the pro shop staff was brief but helpful.
Hansen Dam
Clear skies and mid breeze of 12-16 mph wind kept the day interesting with the guys matches I was with.

The course was in okay shape and very playable with the roughs and fairways being lush. Tall thick roughs but a few times the ball sat on top the thick grass though it can also sink in the bottom and troubles could start from there. The fairways were fine in its typical closely mowed length and not much divot damages.
The teeing grounds were also lush and there were plenty of places or spot to chose from to to tee it. Mostly level and some had slight uneven grounds.
The bunkers were okay with some sand quality and base inconsistencies which is typical here on this course.
The greens looks good, although it was slow and a little bumpy at times.
No beverage carts here.
Staff was accommodating at check in. Cart barn guy was okay helpful.
Social distancing in effect. Rules were posted around the proshop- mask required at all times throughout the course, proshop and driving range.
Clear skies and mid 90s temps with typical winds of 20's and 30's mph breeze represented the Antelope Valley on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th during my opening play days. The local courses had opened with mask on during transactions for check ins, but not during play. Single rider on their debut of brand new Yamaha carts equipped with USB plugs for phones and Bluetooth speaker access. No GPS. No sand bottles. Restaurant/bar- to go only. Beverage cart came around many times. Restrooms open. No jugs of water for drinking.

On the golf course, there are no rakes, cups upside down and flagsticks are permanently affixed on the cup.

The roughs were mowed pretty even all through out the course, however, they were up about 4-5' tall making it a clear factor to get out of and you'd have to pay attention to where the ball finishes as more times than not the balls are not visible until you are pretty much over the ball. Making a fairway positioning a much desired outcome.

The fairways are saturated with a lot of water and mushy at times. Some spots on a few fairways were roped around (GUR) looking like patchy growth- as soft as they were, it's probably a good idea for them to protect it from dying completely. But the over all many of the other fairways were in good shape.

The bunkers were in great shape, however, without any rakes, some people think they don't have to do anything to it after play- I wish everyone would get the notion of smoothing it out with their feet.

The teeing grounds were nice and lush.

The greens were thick, lush, and spongy. It is easy to see foot marks- needless to say that the greens were very receptive which is not its typical conditioning. Also because of it being soft, it did not roll true in many cases.

The course wasn't at it's best at all even though it looks nice and green. But being it's my first couple of days of play from a while like many, I was happy to have been able to get on and play.

Looking forward to see how good the course can turn things around for better conditioning.
Maderas Golf Club
Finally a first time was had by me with some friends local to SD and out of states and it was a great one I might add. The day’s climate was on a cooler side (low to mid 60s) with some light breezes but had gusted up to 12-18 mph at times but for the front nine it was 6-9 mph.

DST 12:10 was our group’s time following one ahead of us and three other groups trailing us. Our group finished at 4:38.

Not much rain fall came the nigh before from the forecast and it left the course nice and dry with its Bermuda grass covered fairways that is in very good shape, but without any roughs on the course, it played tough on some holes. There were some sand filled divots along some landing areas of the fairways on short par fours which is inevitable to place for position, but luckily none in our group got in it.

The bunkers’ sand looks good though i never had the chance to test it.

The teeing grounds from the Maderas tees were lush and level.

The greens were wonderful even though some old but fixed marks were visible. It was smooth and medium fast. Many greens were very undulated but fair.

The beverage cart came around three times- thumbs up- and all their staff from restaurant to pro shop were all helpful.

All in all the course is in tip top shape. We all want to come back again. Love this course!
Rancho Vista GC
Play day 03.01.20, @10:45 finishing at 2:06.
Weather was coming in right from the beginning with almost a 3 club wind sometimes 1, a very tough day to make good scores. Rain came in from #1 through #6 where the wind gusted most.

Fairways were in great shape with a few unfilled deep divots (annoying), other than that it was good.
Teeing Grounds were lush and had plenty of grass coverage on level grounds.
Bunkers had plenty of sand in good conditions however, a couple of them had new sand and fluffy compared to most other I was in.
The roughs were thick and 3 inches high and some were not an issue at all but with good grass coverage.
The greens had been verti-cut: we’ve heard 4 times per green with hopes of making it even as they had let the greens grow into a spongy surface. The verti-cut trimmed the side growth but did not gain popularity among the men’s club players stating untrue rolls and i can attest to a few I’ve had that should have broken on a normal putting surface.

The staff are always good here, always accommodating to meet everyone’s needs as much as possible.

All in all the course is in great shape and a fun course to play.

I want to add that a little weather keeps many away from playing golf, but for me and some of us, we take take advantage of it as there aren’t as many players on the course making it a real pleasant round without waiting on any hole. Love it!
Muroc Lake GC
Play Day 02.22.20
It was a cloudy cold and windy day that ended the our last three holes in the rain during a fun competition, SCGA Team Play.

The course was okay, with good smooth greens in medium fast. The bunkers were okay with sand, and the fairways were in good shape. The teeing grounds were fine.

Not too many other players were on the course so the pace were around four hours and 15 minutes.

In any case, this military base allows the Antelope Valley residents on the premises provided they apply for a pass. Typically, $35 gets you a cart, a burger w/fries meal with a drink and a second round, and if you want to go out again, another $12 for a cart fee. Full pro shop with quality merchandise in a discounted rate and no tax- gotta love that.

This time, our boys returned the favor back to CCC from last week’s event- all fun and very competitive, MLGC rises up top.

The kitchen outdid themselves with a really nice seafood plated meal and desserts- impressive!

It is not like this meal on regular days, it’s just a regular fast food diner, but during tournaments they put on a good meal.

I just wished it was a nicer weather.
Play days 02.14.20 & 02.15.20
09:20am tee time & 10:00am shotgun respectively. Both days were a beautiful sunny day in the mid to high 60s. The wind came around 02:00pm on Sunday but mostly 6-9 mph before that.

It was a Team Play match that I was lucky enough to have been a part of- I was on the away team but I knew most everyone- many friends in both teams, making it a great two days of visit and a Saturday match though we got our b-hinds kicked :-) CCC team played well. ...and we didn’t.

Anyway, this old course held its own during the competition with its good conditions despite the two 15 inch snow they had during two grand holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, covering the grounds for more than two weeks each time. I’d say the current conditions right now is pretty darn good!

The fairways are in lush good shape- a little on the dry side now so the ball ran pretty good.

The bunkers (green side) where I was in a couple different times or more had sand and they were well preped- they all looked good but the fairway bunkers lacked the sand (making it easier to get out of I think).

A few teeing grounds like on #2 was thin and had mostly been that way Or I’ll just say grass stays weaker around the trees it is under from that spot. #11 & 15 has the uneven grounds- watch where u tee it or use it to your own advantage. There were a few other tees that weren’t quite green in color because of the cold weather, but it’s really okay it has good grass coverage- dormant.

The greens were surprisingly smooth and fast- rolled very true and it also held good shots in- everyone loved it as I hear positive comments at different times on other’s conversations. (I know , I can’t help it :-) A couple of the greens had some work being done along the top edges if I remember but out where it didn’t play. The greens played fabulous and better than it looks in mixed coloration, again, from cold weather and type of mixed grass.

The meals were well prepared and quite tasty and the generous members’ open bar was awesome for the day’s event. Win or lose, it was fun with plenty of great camaraderie being had on that fun day.

The good staff and services at the dining were excellent and the pro shop staff were never behind. I’s were dotted and tees crossed in preparing the whole day with their expertise in all aspects of services and our needs. New range balls, carts with names, cards were well marked with handicaps and all. Very professional and official and it’s just nice to have that in a group match.

In addition, there were a few old trees that had been down and some new ones are in replacement. The trees around the par 3 #11 and par 5, 12th are being trimmed up top (yes!) you can hit high shots again when the wind is down.

Come visit this old school Billy Bell, Jr. design. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and city with a truly enjoyable experience.
Play date: 01.22.20

Once again, it was a bright sunny with a few patch of clouds and very little wind at the Classic making it a real fun warm day.

There's not much I could add to the prior review I've done. The course is as good as any good course anyone could find. It is as majestic as its name and the current playing conditions are very good.

Greens rolled smooth and medium fast.
Teeing grounds were lush and level.
The rough were dormant and were about one to two inches in height making it very easy to get out of.
The bunkers were good and had plenty of sand.
Good customer service all around.
Beverage cart was present and came around a few times.
The restaurant had good food and services.

Highly recommended.
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