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Play Day was 050221- 06:00AM
Not the first ones out, but this review isn't going to help anyone because aeration will take place 05/04/21. But for the sake of logging and experience, we caught a nice day with a light breeze. We weren't the first out- there were a few groups ahead of us.
The greens were very nice to putt on although it was very firm. The fairways were in good shape, and the bunkers have sand but no rakes on it yet. The teeing grounds were good from the back tees although the back nine had the blue/black tees together on blue plates.
Our pace of play took an hour and 50 minutes in front but we ended up finishing close to four hours and 20 minutes.
Still was a very enjoyable round here.
Play day was 04/24/21 nice clear day.

A busy day. The #1 now is the old #10 across the bridge which is where we started. Busy day, the pace was just over four hours.

The greens were slow but rolled true- a few ball marks here and there- it wasn’t bad.
Fairways were nice and lush and as the rough. Bunkers were okay. Teeing grounds were level.

There were some small punch holes that didn’t affect the roll of the ball.
No beverage cart here.
Staff were helpful.
Our cart slowed down after 10 holes, they quickly got us another.
Still an okay course to play.
April 25 play day and it was a nice day.

There’s been many changes to this course. After a few holes it drove me nuts trying to remember till our 4th told us about the changes.

It’s been a very long time since I played here, but there were more than just a few greens that were having issues- grass not growing it was barren almost. I feel terrible writing this as all others before me seems to have rated the course pretty high and I was very surprised to see that it is not even close to what I was expecting. There were also more than just a few ball marks unfixed. But the ball rolled mostly smooth, surprisingly, in a medium speed.

The bunkers had sand and they had rakes available for use, although not many had used the rake at all.

The fairways were in great shape. On shorter holes, there were a few un repaired divots that were pretty deep- wow... I felt so sorry for the course. Please- please, this only takes a few seconds and not difficult to do.

The teeing grounds were lush and were pretty level.

The staff were all very nice and helpful.
There’s also a beverage cart that came around a few times ($7 for a can of Coors light).
April 11, play day was a mid to high 80s in temps although we had patchy clouds most the time.

The staff were attentive and helpful as they welcomed us to the course. A couple of the reviews before this are echoed with the exception of the marshal who caught us on the #6 tee and said we were behind for the reason that the group ahead had already left the green. So I told him that if we’re only playing in under an hour- 50 minutes through five holes, I asked what was the expectation. After hashing it out with him, he agreed we’re on time and we asked if he’ll give us back the five minutes we spent explaining to him- he scoffed and just drove away.

Anyway, the course is in good condition for play. Lush fairways that ran well, fairway bunkers with sand including green side bunkers. The teeing grounds were level an they were lush. The whole course was green. The greens looked great, but I’m sorry to report that it was bumpy and some putt could either go left or right- we were not impressed by the greens conditions.

The speed of play was three hours and 45 minutes including the wait time in some shots, but not including the five minutes we spoke with the marshal.

Another fun little course.
April 9&10 was a fun two days of golf at Angel Park Mountain.
We had good weather and it was 80 with a slight breeze and blue skies.

Although, we followed a foursome who took two hours and 20 minutes through seven holes without anyone in front of them, the foursome behind us got impatient and started hitting balls over our heads- DANGEROUS for us!!
I had to call the pro shop to report. Minutes later there came someone who spoke to the group in front and also as we made the turn, the starter spoke to us and said that they’ve spoken to the group in front and it should move along better. Someone also rode in a cart and spoke to the guys behind us. By the 14th it was slow again and this time the group behind started hitting and landing on the greens from about 150 out while we were putting. We weren’t sure if there would be a brawl, we tried to avoid as that’s not why we went there for, but had to report again to the pro shop.

They never came close to us anymore after that.
On our way out one of us picked up a shirt at pro shop and somehow started the conversation about what happened. It was one of the managers and he was cool to explain that they sent a message on their gps screen and locked their carts in between green and teeing grounds so we could go through, and sometimes we’d be on the green and the carts behind us would be just arriving at the tee box. We all thought that was really cool of the course... never knew they could do this!

Anyway, none of these scenarios are influencing the course conditions, but that is how the course responded to our calls, and I would like for everyone to know that Angel Park personnel and staff are great- they protected our safety and they just made #1 in my book !!

The greens were healthy and the green speed was medium slow and a couple of the greens had a lot of deep unfixed ball marks. Otherwise it was mostly smooth and rolled nicely.

The fairways were lush and green in color.

The rough were either thick and lush or lightly tight in about 3-4 inches without bare spots.

Bunkers had ample sand that were good to play from whether it be green side or fairway bunkers.

Their teeing grounds were level and lush though some have some deep infilled divots enough to feel from the soles of your shoes, but you will find many places to tee it from.

This is a very enjoyable course to play and it is something that doesn’t beat you up even if you play a tee behind.
Play day: 04/03/21 at 07:10 Nice day with very little wind.

The greens were in good shape and smooth- medium fast except for a few greens (1-4) which weren't mowed yet.

The fairways were also in good shape- runs a little with lush grass coverage.

The roughs were patchy. It is not a good spot to be in on many cases as your ball could sit in between grass and barren lie.

The teeing grounds are also good with grass coverage.

Bunkers are with sand and they're okay to get out of.

The food service in the restaurant is good and they are back and open with limited inside sitting. The classic burger and home chips are the bomb! Although The deal at the pro shop with a bundle deal is even better. For $35 You get the burger fries meal with a drink and a token with your cart and a golf round. So if you're frugal and want to stay on fairways and greens- This place is it! :-)
Classic Club
Play day was Friday and Saturday March 26 & 27. Both a gorgeous day but a windy day on Friday, for our back nine.

The course, as expected was in great shape all around.
The greens were lightly top dressed and not as fast- maybe at 9-10 on a Stimpmeter, but it was smooth and the ball rolled true.

There are plenty of sand in the bunkers as mentioned in previous reviews and they are now a little more settled as opposed to fluffy loose texture (nice)- but still in no way an easy out so I’d avoid it at all costs.

The fairways were great. Land on it and you won’t get a mud ball instead a little run- lush and green, and closely tight mowed- it’s a beauty!

The roughs were not so penalizing- it’s up to about 3 inches and they’re lush.

Teeing grounds are level and covered in lush green grass.

All staff here were attentive to our needs.

The Bellatrix restaurant was open and we stayed for dinner. It was excellent.

Love this place and the golf here. If you plan on being here, you’ll love it, too!
The Grand Golf Club
03/19/21 play day
9:20 tee time
We had great weather and it was a very nice day with blue skies that got up to 63 degrees. There was a slight breeze of 9-12 and an occasional 15 mph.

Coming from the high desert, the little wind and mild temperatures down there by the ocean are a big difference in what it could affect a ball flight. For example, coming in from the #18, I had about 144 to a front pin- slightly higher but almost level. My caddie suggested playing 183 although it was just a slight breeze. It was difficult to believe and trust, but when I played his suggested yardage, and played it well, I almost prayed it wouldn’t fly the green while the ball was in the air. But sure enough, I was just pin high on the right fringe. And that was an impressive call by the caddie and also something important to think about playing sea level heavy winds as opposed to high desert’s thinner air.

I’m happy to be back here again on a special visit with a few friends. I feel like I am away from everything and it’s always a good experience. The services during this time is still very nice with a few things missing that I don’t even miss.

At the driving range, the balls they had were brand new TaylorMade three piece balls marked with small lettering, PRACTICE. I wonder how many of those are pocketed at the end of each day- LOL ?? they had less than 20 bays as they made room for distancing and they also had an electronic gadget on each bag stand that I didn’t really care to investigate about. There were more than enough targets you could warm up with. There was also a small chipping area by the driving range and a putting green, but the better putting green was by the #1 tee and it’s huge.

Three different beverage cart roams around the course- all pleasant and helpful like the pro shop staff. Firm, direct and useful.

The course conditions were almost impeccable with minor blemishes every now and then, and they were mostly in areas away from play.

The rough were up about 3-4 inches although some were intentionally cut like the fringe. It’s tough to error on those low cut sides as nothing holds and stops a ball from the worst possible outcome.

The teeing grounds were very lush all over and were fair and level.

The fairways were so nice and without much divots and if there were, it was filled in with sand.

The bunkers had plenty of sand and were uniformly prepared- they were fluffy so take a lofty club with a high bounce wedge if you have it.

The greens were fast and sooo smooth and firm. It holds a proper played shots in. Very few ball divots were seen. What a pleasure to putt on !!

In addition to the course, there were a few PGA tour pro sightings which added to the excitement.

Overall, the course was in a very good conditions to say the least. I just love this course, and I hope to definitely be back.
03/07/21 Play day
We felt lucky to have taken a twosome spot on this course a couple of days prior to tee time. We were just glad to have been able to go out but it's for $71 to ride a player which I thought were a bit high for this type of course. They have a few new carts though.

The day was nice with partly cloudy skies and soft breeze and cool in the low 60's temperature.

The pace of play was good. Even though we took four hours, for the most part, there were no one in front and the group in the back catches up briefly a few times from a 9:42 tee time.

The greens were at a medium fast speed with occasional bumpiness. The greens were firm but held some proper shots.
The bunkers had sand although not the same from one greenside to another, but it was not bad.
The fairways were mostly covered with grass, but not for some areas that were thinning to almost none.
The lakes have water in it.
The teeing grounds were level, but you'll have to find a spot with grass.
The roughs were a hit and miss along the fairways and almost none existent in some areas.
No beverage cart.
Staff were helpful.
Sunday February 28, ‘21 was the play day.
The weather was cold and breezy 25mph.

First time in a long while since I’ve played here- couldn’t resist the company and invitation. Turned out to be a fun day!

As for the review I have nothing to say that will better it’s status from the reviews before this. But it was playable. The greens are not too bad- a little bumpy at times. The fairways were hard and dry and it will roll forever.

The lady at pro shop is still the same who used to find me a tee time when I forget to to call. We talked about the prior greens keeper who had left their course... good memories. Unfortunately the course isn’t in as good a shape it was in from the 90s, but I expected that.

I also agree with the previous comments that this place is out and away. It’s only a few miles away from me but whenever I’m here, it feels I’m far and away. lol ??
TPC Las Vegas
Play day: 02/14/21
It was a Valentines weekend of fun with the wives. Guy’s golf in the mornings and dining and outing in the evenings. Las Vegas is a fun place but the weather continues to be windy since Friday, and cold but clear skies for the day and no more rain- certainly not the best for golf, but if you can respect the winds of 38 mph, there are still birdies and pars that can be had out there and it can be plenty fun.

The course was in good playing conditions with their lush deep green looks of the fairways being very lush with some run no mud balls to worry about. The bunkers had good sand and rakes were provided in them even though many people ahead of us still didn’t rake. The roughs were down to mostly 3 inches but lush and in some areas, the three inch rough were enough to be careful about as it can be difficult to get out of. Their teeing grounds were nice and lush and never uneven. Now, the greens were mostly smooth and FAST but the amount of ball marks with some of them not being fixed were a little disappointing throughout 18 holes. Where the pins were placed was where the most ball pitch marks were- other areas were not quite like that.

The staff at check in, the starter, and the beverage cart ladies were all helpful. They maintain a certain level of service and they aim to please you with excellence.
Paiute Sun Mountain Course
Play day: 02/13/21
Tee time: 10:32

The weather was expected to be windy and some rain. At the back nine we noticed the northwest skies turned dark to almost night like while it was bright but mostly sunny to the southeast with blue skies. We would inevitably get wet, hailed on, snow, slushed with winds up to about what seemed like a 50 mph and sometimes have to slow to stop the cart as we felt we coulld have tilted a few times.
After the 13th hole, that’s when I told my group that we are done. And just as when we passed the 14th par 3 green, the weather DOOM began whipping on us.

As for the golf course, it was in very good conditions. Fairways were amazingly covered with good closely mowed grass with some run. The bunkers had plenty of sand and the teeing grounds were as good as the fairways lushness if not better. The roughs were down to 3 inches and many times less. The greens were a pleasure to putt on and receptive to well played shots even though its surface was on the firm side. It rolled smoothly even though the verticut were visible.
Super fun day until the weather went through.
The beverage cart came a few times and the staff were all accommodating- great!
Can’t wait to be back soon!
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