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Played Sunday, 3/28, as part of the monthly Vegas Golf Network tournament. The rumors of RL's demise have been greatly exaggerated. While they are listed for sale, rumors now have it open until the end of the year, for various reasons.

Course has a very nice all grass driving range. The large putting green near the 1st tee has some huge breaks and currently is set up with those posts with a cup size collar instead of holes.

Customer service was great. Friendly starter gives a "next up" warning and some course advise. Small bar and grill area but a nice patio set-up overlooking holes 7, 9, and 18. Drink cart was around often, once seeing her within 3 holes. Food and beverage prices are decent for a resort course.

Course conditions seem to be in a state of flux. Fairways are firm with some run and the dormant Bermuda is starting to come back. The bunkers are a bit firm and difficult, just so hard to keep them real sandy with the amount of wind through the area. Greens were a little worn. Firm, no ball marks, but some scuff marks. The holes were showing signs of not being moved as the edges were frayed and worn. The rough and outlying areas have been cut down from it's usually knee high length.

Despite it's difficulty, I always have a good time playing here. I'm hoping the spring brings it's usually great conditions back.
Played on Friday, 3/5, as the second 18 of the Cinco de Marzo celebration, Noon tee time, $60ish with the Siena/Arroyo card. Easy check in. Grabbed some good food on the patio by the pond before the round with outstanding service. We were sent a little early, never saw the 3 that went off about 15 minutes earlier, or the group behind. Finished in about 4:15.

Course was in pretty good shape. Nice tee boxes with the par 3s a bit on the worn side but still playable. Fairways were pretty good, not carpet like lush, but very playable. Rough was just above the fairway, enough to give definition but not very difficult. The sand on this side of town is always a bit hardpacked and thin because of the usual breezes. Greens had a few bumps, but mostly smooth and medium/fast.

Siena is another course I have fun on, but only if I can keep it out of trouble. Lots of bunkers, but if it's in play, very easy to shoot a career round.
Played on Friday, 3/5, with a 6:30 tee time, 1st course of the annual Cinco de Marzo 36 hole celebration. Out behind the rabbits, let a 2some through on 3, and finished in what felt like a leisurely 3:45.

Course is in great shape after hosting an amateur tournament the weekend before. The greens were fast and firm, and you had to stay below the hole or you had a chance of running off. Consistent AP conditions tee to green, lush fairways with no bare areas, but the rough was up a little bit more than Palm.

Bar/Grill opened at 6 and the pro shop easily handled the deep line of early birds waiting to pay. Drink cart was out at 7 and ran into her about 3 times.

Both AP courses are in great shape and easily in the top half of the resort/local courses for conditions.
Played on Thursday, 3/4, 8:30ish, $45, with the Cocky & Lucky Golf and Social Club. Course was moving super smooth and we finished in just over 3:30 with a few waits, and a 2 hole gap behind us (despite them hitting into us on the 1st).

Course is in great shape and well worth the higher rates. Fairways were lush with no bare areas. Rough is up slightly above fairway length, but some areas are longer and more penal. Greens were pretty smooth and about as fast as they can be without be totally ridiculous. Tee boxes were ok, I would love to see them level some of them out. Bunkers were decent, but inconsistent.

Customer service was great. Easy check-in and starter. Snack shack in the 8/9/10 triangle area was open and serving up some good hot dogs/brats. The bar/grill was filled with the reduced seating and the outdoor patio was open and busy.

Course is always fun with some reachable par 5s and short par 4s, with a little bit of risk/reward thrown in.
Played on Sunday, 2/28, for the Vegas Golf Network's "Clash at the Ranch" monthly tournament, played from the new "tips," just under 6600 yards. Tee times started just before 10:30, unexpectingly going off #10, which surprisingly threw a mental wrench into things.

Practice area: Huge driving range (well over 30 stations or so), with mats and an insert for tees. Putting green is also HUGE, but only had holes on half. Speed and conditions were a bit better than course conditions today. Definitely a bit faster.

Course: Incrediblely great conditions. Tee boxes were pretty level, some divot damage on the par 3s. Fairways were lush, green everywhere, and those cut lines looked incredible. Rough was up a bit, just enough to make you think about the shot. Greens were good, but far from great. Saw some balls jumping along what should of been a smooth line, just probably needed to be rolled. Bunkers. Ugh, the bunkers. Depending on the spot, either thin or fluffed up, and I'm not even talking about the bunkers on the new 6th green (they shouldn't even exist).

Design: Overall, I like this Ted Robinson Jr design better than it's sibling, the private Canyon Gate course. This is the 1st time I played it since a redesign (sold off 5 acres for houses) changed the long, awesome par 5 #5 into a ho-hum par 4 and the hardest hole #6 into a teeth-less short par 4 with the stupidest 3 foot wide coffin bunkers fronting a green hidden (and no GPS, or updated GolfLogix/18 Birdies) by a 6 foot mound in front. Maybe the next time I'll change my mind, but right now I'm not a fan. There's a lot of man-made elevation/humps and bumps in the residential routing. It's a fun course, the ending (16-18) is tough, but the front overall is better.

As 1st off of 10 in a tournament, we finished in 3:40, just catching a group on the last 9. Overall, I will never turn down an early round here, but beware of those later in the day.
Played on Friday, 2/19, for $57 with a 8:20 tee time. Course had about a 30 minute frost delay. While on the 2nd green, we could see there already a couple groups close to a hole behind as the lead group finished 6 and at one point, we had 4 groups stacked on one hole. Marshal came by while we were on 10 and said they didn't see any issues and the round finally ended close to 5 hours.

Course conditions have been consistently good all winter. Dormant, painted tee boxes. Lush fairways. They did cut down some length and the rough isn't as gnarly as it's been. Bunkers have been the low point here for years. Visible liners on some. Rocky, almost desert like sand.G Greens were smooth and medium/fast, but needed to stay below the hole or the right tier or your ball had a chance of running off.

Carts have GPS and built in bluetooth speakers. Drink cart was around 3 times or so with a decent beer selection and specials. All grass driving range but very small putting green at the clubhouse.

Changes: the putting green at the 1st tee (like a 5 minute cart ride from the clubhouse) is gone, sold off to the house next to it. The desert area short of the 2nd green, about 30 yards deep, has been filled in with grass.

Carts are mandatory 2 riders with the option of the plastic shower curtain. Still noods in the holes.
Slightly delayed review: Played Super Bowl Sunday, 2/7, 8ish tee time, with a couple of groups from the Vegas Golf Network. Fee was $50 prepaid.

Course is in a completely dormant stage, so firm, kinda hard fairways and the rough is non-existent. With no rough, anything near the edges roll into the big rocks or desert brush. Tee boxes level with the par 3s showing lots of signs of use. Bunkers were iffy, either hard packed or almost fluffy soft, which made for some interesting shots. Almost all the greenside bunkers are deep, so outs were difficult. Greens were pretty good, receptive, and somewhat smooth. Big issue was the amount of rocks and pebbles from the bunkers scatter all over the greens. They did not look like they had any clean up for a few days.

Aliante does have a large all grass driving range, large multi-tier putting green, and a chipping/bunker area. Food and beverage prices are pretty good.

As much as I like playing here, I'm going to wait a few months to see how it bounces back as the weather warms. It's a fun course and very "muni" like, usually a nice relaxing round.
Played with my Friday irregular group on 2/5 with a 9am tee time. $52 with the OB Card. Course did not seem busy, not like a normal Friday, and definitely not like a Super Bowl weekend in Vegas. Easy check in and grabbed a cart.

They currently don't allow carts to the range so you need to trek about 100 yards with your clubs. All mat range. Small chipping area. Pretty big practice green with lots of breaks and elevation, running pretty fast.

Course is great shape. The par 3 tee boxes have some divot areas but they move around the markers to help. Fairways are pretty lush, no thin or dirt areas. I did see lots of unfilled divots even though they have the bottles back on the cart. Bunkers appeared to be a bit heavy and/or thin. Rough was just an inch or so above fairway, I've seen it thicker here. Greens are in fantastic shape. Pretty smooth but did seem some balls jumping along, and running their typical medium/fast speed. It would be interesting if they got them close to what the practice green was running today.

No issues with everyone having their own carts today. Carts have GPS to the yards to front/middle/back. Drink cart was around 3-4 times and the snack bar on 6/15 was open. For a Friday, we got around in about 3:45, great time.

Mountain is a really good course. I think it plays a bit harder than it looks and the greens are definitely tricky.
Highlight of the weekend was the GK Plays on 1/23. I always have a great time with the GK crew and being in my hometown was awesome. Teed it up with John_T, Pisarski01, and Circaflex for a fantastic round.

Every time I've played a course at Paiute (3 full courses), it's in great shape, and Wolf did not disappoint. Fairways were lush and green, with complete coverage, no bare areas to be found. Rough was up a little, just enough to penalize for being off the fairway. Bunkers were filled with thick, beach like sand, not your typical desert bunker. Greens are incredible. Smooth and fast, which they have been every time I've played here in the last year or so.

Wolf is the more difficult of the three, but it doesn't really beat you up. Its a great Pete Dye design, but doesn't have any of the railroad ties bunkers like Sun and Snow. It does have the 15th hole, a Pete Dye Island green, and like typical Vegas, it's a bigger green but farther shot to hit it, and throw in the typical wind, it turns into an adventure.

Paiute is highly recommended for a Vegas trip. A nice mix of courses (Snow is my favorite) for all levels. 2 large practice areas, both with: all grass driving range, large putting area with multiple tiers, and a bunker/chipping area.
Capped off a Vegas golf orgy weekend with a round at Revere-Concord on 1/24 with Pisarski01, rudyclub, and Circaflex. The morning started with the expected frost delay, which pushed us from a 8am to a 9am partial shotgun, with us as the 1A group. Staff was incredible with handling the crowd, which included a Vegas MGA group outing and everyone trying to hustle their way up the sheet.

Course is the same as when I played about 6 weeks ago. Tee boxes are a bit beat up, as growing grass in the winter is difficult. Fairways have full coverage, with no bare areas. It's not "spring lush" but it's nice. Bunkers are decent. Greens are a lot better than they look. They have an olive green, kinda brown look, but were running medium early and sped up as the sun heated up. There was a few unfixed ball marks and the most "putter slam" marks (easily 4 or 5) I've ever seen.

To me, Revere is a "locals" course, the public course in the Anthem neighborhood in the hills of south Henderson. I would play here more if I lived closer, and Concord is my favorite compared to Lexington. It has the best practice facilities in the area, with a fairly large grass range, large putting green, and a separate chipping/bunker area. The 11th tee box may have one of the greatest views of the entire Vegas Valley. Service is always good, and the food/beverage is excellent (when it is available).

Covid: No real restrictions. Masks are mandatory in and around the pro shop area. 2 to a cart but a divider is available if you ask. Rakes in the bunkers. No noods or PVC, ball hits the bottle of the cup (such a sweet sound). I didn't see anything about touch the flag stick, but we left it in.
Played a little GKguru round on Friday, 1/22, with kevbig, pisarski01, and circaflex.

DISCLAIMER: Reflection Bay is my favorite course to play in the Vegas area. The Jack Nicklaus Signature course differs from a few others I've played (Coyote Springs/JN Tournament at PGA West) in that it's very playable from tee to green. Mistakes are not compounded by tricky green complexes. It's like a Goldilocks story: not overly difficult, not easy, it's just right. Good shots are not penalized, and bad shots do suffer. If I play well, I score well, if I'm bad, the score shows.

Now on to the conditions. I'm not offended by dormant and painted fairways. It's winter. There is some nice roll to be found in those fairways. Rough is dormant, and sometimes dormant Bermuda is difficult to hit from. Bunkers were in good shape, with rakes to smooth out for the next player. Greens are always the highlight. Smooth and speeding up as the day went along.

Reflection Bay is a must play in Vegas and as a local, I never turn down an opportunity to play there. It's a blast to play with a good mix of par 4s, go for it in 2 and long par 5s, and 4 distinct par 3s. Service is always great. Good food and a nice beer selection. Highly recommended for a Vegas trip.
Played on Sunday, 12/27, with JohnnyGK, John_T, and KevBig. Having played this summer and remembering between the heat and long Bermuda rough, it beat me up pretty good. As we drove up and began to catch views of the course, my apprehension change to anticipation. Lush green fairways framed by tan dormant Bermuda is one of my favorite golf course looks.

The clubhouse area has a very relax feel, kinda like a local muni. Basic load your cart and go. Grill staff was very friendly, great prices, and a very good selection of drinks. Pro shop had a nice little selection of clothing at prices a bit less than some clubs. After the almost 2 hour drive, we passed on the large grass driving range and stood around on the wooden back porch watching players go off 10.

Course was in pretty good winter conditions. The new tee boxes (they were working on them this summer) are all grown in and pretty good. Fairways were very green with very little (if any) bare areas. Rough was dormant but not cut, so it did have a little bite. I was in a couple of green side bunkers. 1 was still wet from the morning watering and the other had decent, heavy sand. The greens were very different from the summer, when they have to keep them long and slow. While not fast, they were a medium speed, a few bumps, but mostly very good.

Course is very fun, with lots of variation. The par 3 8th has a tee shot over water to a tripe tier green that drops at least 6 feet from back to front. The almost drivable par 4 16th may be my favorite. Definitely a great play in the Laughlin/Bullhead area.
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