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Played on Sunday, 1/9 (sorry for the late post!) with a noonish tee time. Paid $65 local rate and it's an absolute steal.

Paiute lived up to it's reputation of great service and phenomenal conditions. Dropped the bag at the front and it's ready on a cart when you walk down from the pro shop after paying. Wolf has its own all grass driving range (included) and a large putting green, plus a bunker/chipping area.

Course is in incredible shape in spite of the week of sub freezing temps overnight. Level tee boxes with barely any divots. Fairways were just spectacular, lush, and with some run. Bunkers had some thick, almost heavy sand which was nice to hit from. Greens were incredible. A bit firm with almost no chance of leaving a ball mark, and on the fast side. A bit of local knowledge that they break harder going away from the freeway helps.

Overall, Paiute never disappoints. Incredible views, the feeling of being secluded on every hole, and great conditions always makes this a must play. It helped the typical Paiute wind was just a breeze all day.
Played my home course on 12/17 and 12/23. 12/17 was a 11:10 tee time pushed to 11:40 due to an early frost delay, still finished in about 4:20, 12/23 was at 8am, and finished leisurely in just under 4 hours.

Conditions were pretty much the same both days. The course has hosted a handful of tournaments in the last month and the course was prime shape. Fairways were pretty lush, with more run in the afternoon. Rough was about 2-3 inches and caused a bit of issues hitting out. Bunkers depended on the day: 12/17 they were heavy but a nice thump to hit from, not thin; 12/23 were still wet from rain, so a bit muddy to hit from. Greens on both days were outstanding. They are running almost as fast as they can get them, a bit firm, but some unfixed ballparks.

Great way to end the year and hoping the course holds up as the temperature drops over the next month.
Played on Monday, 12/13 with the GK Guru crew. Upon arrival, found out there was a morning frost delay which pushed us back 20-30 minutes. I hit the snack bar and enjoyed a chicken salad and some chips at a good price.

I've played this course in summer and winter, and it's always in great shape. Tee to green overseed that didn't leave any bare/thin/brown areas. Tee boxes were mostly damage free, except around the par 3s. Fairways were lush, almost carpet like. Rough was a bit up, causing some issues and the possibility of a pop-up with a fairway wood or hybrid. Sand was in good shape. Greens were terrific. Very firm, with little to no signs of any ball marks, and rolling smooth.

Going out behind PGA tournament did slow down to first 9, but no real issues. Once they were finished after 9, we blazed through the second 9 in about 1:15 and putted out on 18 as the sun was setting.

The fact this complex is technically a "muni" makes me laugh. Absolutely as good as the surrounding resort courses and a must play in the Palm Springs area.
Played Monday, 12/13, with the GK Gurus. I love this place as it drips class all the way through. I enjoyed a great chorizo breakfast burrito as I watched everyone warm up on the large all grass range and adjacent pitching area, along with a putting green all situation in the same area just before the 1st tee.

The course is typical Arnold Palmer design, wide fairways but danger lurking, with water on 13 holes. Fairways were lush, green, and incredible. Rough was about 2 inches, no real issues to hit from. Bunkers were real nice, easy to hit from with nice white sand. Greens were smooth and medium fast. Just all around great conditions.

Classic Club is a fun but difficult course, I think it's harder than it looks. It should be in the rotation for any Palm Springs area golf trip.
Played in the year-end GK event on 12/12. If you've never taken part, definitely pencil it in for next year, always a great time and such a fantastic course. I was able to sneak into the Pisarski clan's AirBNB, situated on the 2nd hole, and enjoyed the weekend. The house's putting green was definitely not at course speed but it did have a little room to practice some thick rough chips. Staying at the house really made the weekend easier, with a 2 minute drive to the course on Sunday morning and able to hit the shower before heading out.

I feel Rams Hill is one of those courses that is perfectly rated. It's not over-rated, I can't find anyone who didn't enjoy it nor found it in less than spectacular shape, and it lives up to its well deserved hype. The all grass range (with ProV1s) and the large putting area preps you for a fun day. The course opens with a nice "hand shake" par 4 with a wide fairway and not overly challenging, then moves to a gettable par 5 before the challenge starts to increase. I can't think of another course with back to back par 3s, but 9 and 10 fit perfectly into the routing and 10 is probably the best par 3 on the course, especially with the hole on the front left.

The course was just short of immaculate and in pretty perfect shape following their big Ramateur event the prior weekend. Lush fairways with less than a handful of spots showing some browning, but still nice to play from. Rough was about 2 inches and just long enough to make you think about the shot. Bunkers were really nice to hit from, especially for a desert course. Greens were smooth and a nice "10.5" stimpmeter according to the sign at the pro shop.

Rams Hill never disappoints. Great service from bag drop, to pro shop, to the food/beverage. Highly recommend.
Played Saturday, 12/11, as part of a 2 group GK meet-up. A frost delay pushed us back 2 hours, but it was the smoothest ran delay I've seen. Staff had the groups running smooth and despite the delay, we played a sub 4 hour round. I've never had a better experience with trying to squeeze groups out to catch up on a busy tee sheet on a Saturday. Great job by the staff.

The course is in various stages of dormancy and was playing tight, firm, and fast. I love some firm and fast, but many holes have a strategic bunker placed in front of the green which took out a run up and I don't have high wedge off a tight lie in my bag. Fairways were well covered and while dormant, no thin/dead spots. Rough was basically fairway height, unless you found some spots way off or off the beaten path. Bunkers were incredible. Sand felt new, thick and heavy, but nice to hit out. I heard they had renovated all the greens and all I can say is wow. Smooth and fast with an incredible amount of undulations. You definitely need to be confident with the putter or it'll be a long day.

San Vicente absolutely exceeded my expectations. In an area with lots of high end courses, San Vicente is a perfect "one step back" from those. Perfect price point, good to great conditions, and a fun course to play. My favorite was the par 3 15th, with the mini-Biarritz style green tucked into a grove of trees. For a resort, the staff and vibe had a super friendly muni feel to it.
Played on Monday, 12/6, in a charity scramble event. Staff was a well oiled machine, grabbing clubs and loading them on the carts. With the shotgun start, carts were staged and they were running a shuttle to the range across the street despite the easy walk. All grass range with plenty of stalls and a large putting green with some elevation changes.

Course was in incredible condition and what you would expect for a high-end private club. Tee boxes were level with little amount of damage. Fairways were lush, with some fairway edges in the runoff areas a little thin, but no bare areas. Rough was up and thick, and difficult to hit out. Bunkers were well groomed but did not hit one all day. Greens were smooth and fast, with lots of undulations and a bit hard to read.

If you ever have a chance at teeing it up at DragonRidge, absolutely jump on it. Just an experience from start to finish, a very fun course with the best views of the Vegas Valley, and a great vibe hanging out afterwards.
Played on Friday, 11/12, 8am, for $70 with the Cocky & Lucky Social and Golf Club. The driving range is back open but there's still some maintenance going on the left side. The small putting green outside the pro shop was running a bit slower than the course.

Course was in fantastic shape. Tee boxes nice and level. Fairways are lush, just not lots of roll. The rough was thick and juicy, absolutely brutal to hit from as the ball just sunk down in it. They are renovating their bunkers and the front 9 was looking fantastic. They're reducing the size of many: On 1st, they took out the left side bunker completely (last year) and now reduced the front bunker in half; on the par 3 3rd, they took out the right front and back bunkers, and cut the left front in half, and on 6th, they took out the right front bunker. The new bunkers have new, beach like sand that may be some of the best in town. Just a completely new look and its now grass bunkers. I like it since they had such troubles maintaining them. The greens were incredible. Fast and firm, there was no stopping any shots coming in, and anything catching a downhill rolled forever.

Arroyo is my second home course. It's been in good/great shape for the last 18 months or so, friendly staff, easy to get on, and fun to play with some scoring chances. Pace of play is usually an issue, almost a guaranteed 4:30 round, and this round was no different. We were pushed back a few minutes to allow 2 guys from the group ahead to make it to the 1st tee. I've been on those buddy trips and know what happened, but it sucks when it's in front of you. They were a full hole back by 5 and we waited on every tee box. Only negative.
Played on Thursday, 11/11, Veterans Day, with a 7am tee time. I'll start with the positives: (1) $44 is probably the lowest you can pay for a prime tee time right now in Vegas (2) Incredible friendly staff, I wanted a drink and hang out after 3 minutes of talking, fantastic group (3) POP, finished in 3:20 as a three, with a single/couple stalking us the last 3 holes (4) Bunkers are being renovated

Conditions wise, I cannot recommend this course unless you're looking for a cheap, fast round with little care of conditions. Tee boxes extremely long and need of a cut. Fairways were spotty, with areas of grass and large areas of hardpan, thin, dirt areas, like 60/40 grass to dirt. Bunkers are all GUR, so free drop! Bunkers have been a big negative over the years here. The greens were super long and slow, like watching a 1960s US Open slow. Seriously, you could of warmed up on your carpet before going to the course.

I want to like this course so much. Outside of a couple of plain, flat, straight holes, plus the worst 10th hole ever, the course has some great bones. The fairway mounds on 4, the signature 17, and an 18th similar to Goose Creek (except its 40-50 yards longer and a par 5, but the same feel), shows it has potential. The course just needs a cash and love infusion to pull it together.
Played on Friday, 11/5, with an 11:30ish tee time with Famed02. We played the DesertHawk/CoyoteRun 9s. It's been 5 years since I last played here and I have no idea why I haven't been back. I've heard the course is in great shape and I was not disappointed. Course does not reseed and it's just starting to enter the dormant stage. Tee boxes were level with only divot issues on the par 3s, and that was minimal. Fairways were firm and fast and still green and no coverage issues. Rough was barely over fairway height, and thin. Anything rolling into the rough had a strong chance of rolling into the desert. Bunkers were above average, there was some pebbles, but the sand was pretty nice and easy to hit from. Greens were excellent. Smooth, a little on the fast side, and just a few unfixed ball marks.

Just a few negatives: Pace was a bit slow at almost 5 hours; carts seem a bit beaten up, no GPS, cooler with no lids.

Overall, an awesome course. Boulder Creek felt like a "desert links," and the slope rating shows how difficult the course is, firm, fast, but anything on the edges is lost. Staff was great and matched the small town friendly Boulder City feel. Definitely need to add it to the rotation, just wish it wasn't such a drive.
Played on Friday, 10/15, with a 12:48 tee time with the fellas from Cocky & Lucky Golf and Social Club. Happily paid $40 local rate as Wildhorse was the 1st tee time I found that wasn't 3pm or later when I started looking a week out. Vegas tee times are going fast. 3 of us walked and the other rode as he was waiting for a text that would of cut his day early (but never came). Played in just a shade over 4 hours, waiting on many shots, after the starter reminded us we had to keep up. Never saw the group behind us after the 1st hole.

Course was in pretty good shape as it works through the winter transition without closing. I'm a lover of firm and fast conditions and not impressed by overly watered courses. Wildhorse was playing fast and was lovely. Tee boxes mostly leveled with a little bit of divots on the par 3s. Fairways were fast and firm, lots of roll, but plenty of grass, it was just a lighter shade. Rough was minimal, just enough to define the fairways, a bit longer around the greens. Bunkers were decent, heavy sand that wasn't hard packed with a chance to hit from. Greens were really nice, smooth and firm, with minimum ball marks, and a little faster than they looked.

Wildhorse is one of those "Old Vegas" courses, tree lined with some houses around, and not a desert course. It has a ton of history and once hosted a Tour event (like 50 years ago). It's one of the few walkable Vegas course. An absolute locals course with a great practice area. I have never been past the pro shop to see if they have a grill but there is a nice snack shack right next to the 1st/10th tees. If it wasn't such a drive I would play the Horse more. Fun, challenging layout that isn't overpowered.
Played Saturday, 10/9, in a tournament that the committee set for the tips. National came out of reseeding just over a week ago and is off Cart Path Only. Many areas of the course still had that "fuzzy and needs a good cut" look but played pretty nice. Some of the tee boxes were a bit long but mostly level with some markers set on a slope. Fairways looked and played like they just came out of reseed, lots of wetness, plenty of mud balls, but no bare areas. Rough varied from just above fairway to some gnarly deep stuff. Bunkers were outstanding. I don't remember the green side bunkers being this good with deep, heavy-ish sand that was nice to hit from. I was not in any fairway bunkers. Greens have improved from the summer when they had some bare, dirt areas. Completely grown back in and running smooth, just on the slow side but sped up as the sun heated up.

Staff was nice and friendly. They had a drink cart assigned for each 9 so there was never more than a hole without an opportunity to grab something. The historic bar/grill was crowded but with good service after the round.

Not your typical Vegas course and I love it. Tree line parkland course. The whole place just oozes Old Vegas from the time you walk in from the parking lot. It's not the flashy new Vegas but deserves a look if you're in town.
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