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Rode the blues in a little more than 4 hours at 1040 on a TeeOff Deal for $76, which is an absolute deal. Not much to add on the prior reviews. This is a flawless course right now. Everything lush, tee boxes level, traps perfect. The one thing I would like to add is that the practice area is incredible. If you are gonna play here which I highly recommend utilize their practice are.
Since I torched Valencia CC in my last review I thought in fairness I’d review it a second time when the Bermuda fairways aren’t dormant. I last played in February of this year, the fairways were dormant and the course was in horrible condition. The conditions today were what you expect from a country club. Tee boxes, fairways, rough, greens, everything in fantastic shape.
If you have an opportunity to tag along with a member like I did today, don’t say no. In February say no, but now play it.
Rode the blues this am 7:30 am tee time, POP 5 hours, this was due to the shotgun tournament I played in with other Tiger Woods wanna bes. Course was in good shape, tee boxes cut and level, fairways semi lush, some thin areas, traps were very good. In fact they were being turned at 7:30. The greens were absolutely phenomenal, held shots, no gimmicks like crazy undulations, rolled true. I highly recommend it especially for the golfzing weekday rate of $24.
First off walking at 6:16 on a gorgeous Sunday morning, POP 3.5, but could’ve been faster as no one pushing me so I hit some extra balls. The weekend walking rate is $40 and for the all around value it can’t be beat. Customer service was fantastic. The Proshop wasn’t open so I headed out and paid at the turn. Keith epitomized the laid back nature of Ojai and had no problem with me paying after I had started. The course right now is something out of a movie. It was like taking a hike, but keeping score lol. The tee boxes are level and lush. Fairways were good, with some thin areas, rough same. The greens were ofcourse wet on the front, but dried out and were fast. Some greens didn’t hold shots as they are extremely sloped. This is my only complaint about this course is that some greens don’t hold shots and it’s difficult to get it close to the pin. The sand traps were amazing. Maintenance was out before me and had turned them and they were fantastic. White beach sand with zero rocks. Kudos to Ojai for putting out an affordable track. I highly recommend it right now even if you live further away. It is worth a two day trip to play Soule Park and the inn which Im playing Thursday lol.
Rode the blues this morning at 7:20, POP 4:30. This course is in fantastic shape right now. There are no flaws, tee boxes level and lush, fairways lush, rough penal, but not ridiculously long. Greens held shots and rolled true. Rack rate is $85, but in my opinion right now it’s worth it. Definitely as good as many private clubs, I highly recommend it it.
Took the 45 minute drive to Palmdale on a group golfer member for a day for $39. Practiced on the grass chipping area and sand trap prior to our round. Staff in the Proshop was fantastic, best I’ve had. Our tee time was 10:00, members gets first dibs, but we were able to get off a little early. POP 3 hours as a twosome, we were flying. Course was busy, but country club dudes play fast. I always wondered who pays $13,000 for the Costco golf cart, well AVCC members lol, they had some tricked out carts.

Tee boxes were mostly level and cut. Some areas of the fairways were dormant, but good lies could be found. All traps had been turned and were well maintained. Not much rough to speak of. The greens were the real star, they were boarderline perfect. I really enjoyed my rounds even though at one point a wanted to slam my putter into my bag and break all my shafts lol, a quadruple will do that to you. Group golfer has the member for a day for the next couple of days. According to the bartender they are going to do it every quarter, I highly recommend it if you live in SCV or AV.
Unable to play my second round at Tijeras Creek and stuck in Orange County we decided to head up to Anaheim Hills and play for $20. I really wrestled with this decision, sit in traffic for two and a half hours, or golf...... This was my third time playing here. The first two times I hadn’t played a lot of courses and had come out of golf retirement so I had nothing to compare it to. They have GPS in the carts which is great. Not sure how they can have it, but Tijeras can’t? I’m not a big fan of this layout. There are many doglegs, hilly lies and blind shots. The greens are the smallest I’ve ever played. Tee boxes, fairways, rough average. The traps were above average and the greens are above average as well. It does have some nice views and it is a very good municipal course. Customer service is excellent. Their burgers are great, but we decided on Tijeras burgers and I’m really disappointed in myself for that. The rack rate is $61 on Fridays, less for members. I personally think that’s too much. Especially if you are near Ventura County courses. I know there’s a theme to my ratings today. I recommend it if you can get a deal. I’ll wait six months for my next 50 percent off. Underpar has a deal on it now and if you play both rounds it’s worth it. The Proshop will get you out too.
Headed down to Orange County Friday morning with a 7:28 tee time. Last day for my underpar voucher. Voucher included free replay, but they had a tournament and we weren’t able to play the second round. This course gets a ton of play so the replay round for the second round is hard to get. POP was four and a half hours, but minimal waiting, windy conditions don’t help. Tee boxes on the front needed cut, fairways were lush. Rough was rough, the way it should be, sand traps were fantastic white sand. As a side note, sand should be sand. If courses aren’t going to maintain them, let it go to a grass bunker. The greens however were not good, especially on the front. The front greens were the worst I’ve played. Customer service was great on all levels. Guy in the Proshop was a Buckeye so that was cool. They sold divot repair and ballmarkers in Michigan, but not Ohio State. He said no one wants Michigan and Ohio State sells out lol. We ate in the restaurant after. Again great customer service, but my burger was terrible. The rack rate here is $127 on Fridays which is way too much. I like the layout, but when you can go to Ventura county and play all the great courses for $40 or less I pick that anyday. I go to meet my friend in who lives in Orange County, but the golf down there is overpriced. Ventura courses don’t have all the bells and whistles, but I’m here for golf, not a fashion show.
Having played three vastly different courses in two days I felt compelled to rate my home course Vista. I played Thursday at 3, rode the blues with my son and three friends. I know I upset the golf gods going out as a fivesome, but it was a good time. After we skipped the super slow group ahead of us on 2 we flew, POP was 3.5 hours. The course conditions now are as good as it’s gonna get all year at vista. Tee boxes are hit and miss, fairways are thin, but you can find good lies, rough is nonexistent, traps are horrific. Sand traps are supposed to be sand, not concentrate. However the greens at vista are fantastic. Of the three courses I played(Tijeras Creek, Anaheim Hills and Vista) Vista’s are the best. They aren’t overly firm, they hold shots and they roll true. Now only if everyone knew this and they fixed their ball marks. I did 2 per green as a rule and I have taught my son to do the same. Customer service in the restaurant is good, all the pro shop guys are great except one that I seem to always get and he is miserable, worst at any course I’ve ever played. Regulars know who I’m talking about lol. I paid $7 with my golfzing membership which included cart and drink. If you live in north la county or Santa Clarita for the price it can’t be beat. I am an avid golfer and I actually enjoy myself at this course. But for the avid guy it’s a practice course.
Third week in a row playing the lakes. Played two practice rounds one for $6 which included the cart through tee off. Played today in the SCGA event. Walked using my Costco push cart for the first time, highly recommend for walkers. POP today was 5 hours, expected for a tournament and we never waited so pace wasn’t an issue. In fact it wasn’t an issue the other times either. In July they will be under new management and I hope they keep the staff. Pro shop, starters, restaurant staff all friendly. The place has a nice small town feel, reminds me of Ohio actually, in a good way. Tee boxes all level, no divots, fairways are dormant and have been vericut, we played preferred lies in the fairways and this helped, but the fairways were good. I missed one fairway and the rough was, rough, no bare spots. I was in 2 traps and they were good. The greens are some of my favorite, not too fast, not too slow and they roll true. The one problem I have with this course is Mother Nature. Last week, no wind, perfect conditions. Today, 30 MPH winds and brutal. I rated this course pretty high, but for the price it’s hard to beat. I highly recommend this course and the entire Oxnard area for golf, for price, condition of courses (olivas, River Ridge Courses, Buenaventura) and proximity to each other it’s hard to beat. Just check the weather, specifically the wind........
I realize not many have the ability to play the private courses, but the SCGA does a great job of getting members on them. I played in the SCGA outing today riding the blues, POP was 5 hours due to CPO. Kudos to SCGA for putting on a great outing. I love the layout of this course, but the fairways were the worst I’ve ever played on. I understand we have had a lot of rain, I llive 5 minutes from the course and I know Bermuda goes dormant and yellow, these fairways were straight mud. I played moorprk last week and had no issues. I even played vista the executive in town after the recent downpour and they are better. If I were a member paying over $800 monthly I’d lose it with the greenskeeper. It was so bad you were better off in the rough (see photo) Tee boxes were great, traps were thin, greens were ok, rough was the highlight. I played monarch Friday and it was in phenomenal shape. I will play Valencia again in the outing November 4, if they will have me after this review lol. It can’t be worse than today.
Rode the blacks TWICE today with the underpar deal. Kudos to underpar, I’m not sure how they do it, but $209 for Monarch and Tijeras is an absolute steal. Forget the 2 1/2 hour drive back to Valencia. I only bought one green ticket and ordered the second in the Proshop and it was immediately emailed to me, thank god because the rack rate was $230 and I’m not paying that. Rode the blacks both rounds, teeing of at 7:30 then again right after at 11:40. Everything at this course is first class, all employees are extremely professional. The course is in fantastic shape, tee to green lush, no bare spots absolutely perfect day of golf. My rating won’t do it justice, I highly recommend it even if it’s a drive, it’s worth it. I’m playing Valencia Monday in the SCGA event so I will have something to compare it too.
Listing 13 to 24 of 64,781 Course Reviews
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