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Played out here this morning at 7:20 with rob1563. We got a "Deal" time that made it about $53 pp after promo code, which is a good deal for a prime morning time here. Glad we played early with the heat wave. Paired with a friendly twosome (they said they've considered playing in GK events before so we encouraged them to do so) and started right on time. Pretty much waited on every shot all day, but pace was decent, finishing in just under 4.5 hrs.

Conditions are very playable, if not the the most attractive I've seen this course. The first green scared me a little bit with lots of imperfections, but the rest seemed fine. Greens were soft, accepted full shots really well and rolled medium to medium fast. Mostly smooth although I wouldn't call them pure. Fairways have good coverage that is a mix of light green and yellow bermuda (I assume). Not exactly lush but sufficient cushion under the ball. I didn't notice any really penal rough, mostly pretty short. Tee boxes were decent. I was in one bunker and it was quite good... a little crusty on top and sufficient sand underneath.

Fun morning! Recommend the course if you get a decent rate.
Wanted to "splurge" a bit for my birthday so I was considering a couple places like Journey at Pechanga, etc., but it's been so hot so the idea of spending a day in Big Bear and "splurging" on a near $50 9-hole course appealed to me, so I booked a 3:45 "Deal" time here for today. It was $50-something but I had a 15% promo code so I think it was around $44. Checked in a little early and was told I could head straight out. Turned out there was another single who'd just teed off and another who pulled up right behind me, so we all joined up and played as a threesome. Waited pretty much on every shot, but still moved decent, finishing nine in a little under two hours. It was my first time here.

Conditions are decent, highlighted by really nice greens. They are smooth, fast and accept full shots well, even though they're pretty firm. With the course built on a mountain, everything runs really fast toward the lake, which is sort of deceiving. Fairways were decent, mostly good, thin coverage but some iffy spots too. Rough was a couple inches deep and pretty lush. There are some nice-looking tall grasses if you get far off line on some holes. Bunker sand was surprisingly nice for having no rakes. Tee boxes definitely the low point, but you've got a tee anyway, so no big deal.

Funky little course that requires either smart play or straight shots, but I attempted to take advantage of that thin mountain air and hit too many drivers, etc., and played terribly. Some holes have a bit of a "wedged in" feel, but there's plenty of width if you play smart. Back-to-back par 3s at Nos. 7 & 8 are probably the highlight holes. On No. 8, the ladies get their revenge for all the cool par 3s that are neutered for the red tees, with a super-cool tee box built on the end of a pier out in the middle of a lake. I wanted so bad to hit from there! :-) Also the par-4 3rd is a nice hole with an elevated green where a hazard separates the end of the fairway and the green surrounds. If it was $25 or so, I'd definitely want to play here again. But with "Deal" prices over $50 for 9 holes, one visit is probably sufficient.

EDIT: Just looked at sixpez's photos of the course here. It's definitely NOT in that nice of condition right now.
Played here today with a 1:24 tee time purchased on their site. Looks like they're getting a new way to reserve/buy tee times starting August 4. Online instructions said don't show up more than 5 minutes before your tee time and said something about checking in outside, but that wasn't the case. The shop was open as normal and as I walked in they gave a 5-minute call for my group. I mentioned who I was and the guy directed me straight to the first tee. No need to show receipt or ID or anything. Smooth and easy. Two other guys who both live very near the course played with me. The course is using 12-minute tee times to keep people spread out, which works but also has an unintended result. The group in front of us was already on No. 2 when we teed off, but then we caught them by the fifth tee, which made things feel like we hit a wall. I expected it but the other two guys in my group seemingly didn't, and they bailed by the time we got to the 7th tee because they felt it was too backed up. Meanwhile we'd played the first six holes in about 1:20-1:25. They were both riding and I was walking, so things worked out well for me. I got to take off my mask and enjoy my own pace behind the foursome ahead. Total POP was 4:02. COVID stuff: No tee markers are out, so I just teed it up aligned with the blue plate every hole. Pool noodles in cups. Seems like they're promoting single-rider carts because the group in front of me had four separate carts.

Conditions are good. Greens are smooth, medium speed and accept full shots well. Fairways are their normal lush, spongy kikuya with a mix of deep green, light green and yellow areas. Rough is a little longer but not too penal; balls mostly sat up on top. If you get way off line, you might find some deep stuff here and there. I wasn't in a bunker but they looked good. Tee boxes were decent but probably the low point today. Some scruffy areas, but with no tee markers, there was plenty of width to find somewhere decent to tee it up.

San Clemente is always a good choice and especially so when the temps get high. It felt so great feeling the ocean breeze (up to two clubs' worth at times) all afternoon and was very comfortable, weather-wise. Wish I'd played better, but really enjoyed it anyway.
Played here today with a 12:50 tee time direct from the course's website for $37. My first round since March. I'd purchased a new driver during quarantine, and I couldn't think of many better courses to put a new driver to the test. Course was busy but the staff collectively did a good job checking me in and getting me out on the course on time. As a single, I got my own cart, so we had 3 carts for my foursome. No extra charge for single-rider cart. COVID stuff: Most everyone I saw around the clubhouse seemed to comply with mask requirements, but on the course was a different story. Barely anyone wearing a mask on the course. POP was decent and would've been right at four and a half hours, but something log-jammed everything on 18 and we had to wait about an extra 10 minutes or so to tee off. So total POP was probably around 4:35-4:40.

Conditions are decent. Greens are smooth but medium-slow and perhaps too soft. Maybe it's due to the heat they have to keep them really watered, but they'd play better and roll faster if they weren't so soft. Fairways had good, somewhat thin coverage and not much visual definition between fairway and rough. Rough was cut short but just more scruffy than the fairways. Bunkers were a mixed bag; some good, some crusty, some thin. Tee boxes were decent but tended to be a mix of grasses and cuts. Overall, gave the greens a 7 and everything else a 5.

Recommended, but glad I didn't pay $55 or whatever their morning rates are right now.
Played here yesterday with my son. We had a 1:54 tee time. The course has all the COVID-19 precautions in place and really has a good system. Only those with a reservation can enter the front gate. Contactless check-in and payment with the clerk indoors and a desk in the doorway preventing customers from entering. All singles unless two members of the same household want to play together. (Twosome maximum.) No carts, walking only. No touching the pin. Cups are adjusted so they are very shallow and the ball just sort of wedges between the pin and the edge of the cup. No rakes in bunkers. We teed off a few minutes early and pace of play was slow, which was then compounded when a single jumped in between us and the group in front of us on the 5th hole, and he was talking on his cell phone non-stop (or pretending to) and ignoring everyone around. Pace improved on the back as some people were just playing 9. Overall POP was 3:20.

The course is in quite good condition. Greens are far and away the highlight. They are smooth, a little more firm than soft and medium speed. Nos. 6 & 12 seemed a little different than the rest (12 was just re-built, I believe). Fairways are really great in spots and not so hot in others. Rough also varies from hole to hole. There are various types of grasses throughout the course as well. I was in one or two bunkers and they were good. Tee boxes were the low point, pretty clumpy and many were very hard and difficult to get a tee in the ground.

It felt great to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, play golf and support the course and its employees. Thanks to the staff for implementing practices that make it feel safe to play.
Played here Sunday afternoon, 3/15 after I played the Tournament course in the morning. Played the first 4-5 holes quickly by myself but then caught a logjam, although I expected it because the pro shop guy told me the course was busy. A single behind me joined me on No. 6 and we played the rest of the round together. Still a good pace and finished in just about 3:00 total. It got really windy all of a sudden on the 10th hole and stayed pretty windy the rest of the round. Otherwise perfect golf weather all day.

Conditions are very nice. I gave the course 9s across the board. Greens are smooth, firm and medium-fast. Fairways are excellent. Rough is nice and much less penal than the Tournament course... maybe 2 inches deep although some areas around greens were a little thicker. Bunkers were fantastic. Tee boxes too.

First time playing this course as well. It's my least favorite of the three at MHCC. While nice, it has a very generic "desert golf" feel and appearance that evokes nearby courses like Desert Springs, Desert Falls, Bermuda Dunes, etc. To its credit, it has lots of beautiful flowers in vibrant bloom and keeps things interesting with quite a few doglegs. Also some nice dramatic bunkering in spots. It's by far the most forgiving of the three MHCC courses. Recommended if you haven't played it, but if you have, I'd opt for one of the other two courses first.
Played here Sunday, 3/15 at 9:30. Played with a couple guys also from South OC and another visiting from Dallas. I played the ANA tees. Pace was decent and we finished in just around 4:20.

Course conditions, as you would expect with a major championship scheduled in just over two weeks (but unfortunately postponed due to current events), are outstanding. The greens are firm and extremely smooth. I waffled between ranking them 9 or 10 but chose 9 because they looked like they'd be a little faster than they actually were. The firmness makes it very difficult to get shots to stop quickly; it's best to land short and play for some bounce and/or roll-out. Fairways are very nice, very lush and just a notch below some of the nicest I've ever played. Rough is extremely lush, thick and sneaky deep. It doesn't really look that deep, but when your ball is in it, it often sinks down and the rough is between 3-5 inches deep. Bunkers had good sand but were a little firmer underneath than I expected. Tee boxes have excellent grass coverage and are manicured to perfection, although I was surprised a couple of the ANA tees seemed slightly unlevel. On both the fairways and the tee boxes, it's extremely rare to see an unfilled divot. Either the members take great pride in filling all of theirs or the staff goes out and fills divots at the end of the day, or maybe both.

This was my first time playing the course and I really enjoyed it. The undulating fairways give it some nice character and the multiple doglegs keep things interesting. Also, it's very fun walking across the bridge to the 18th green, having seen so many participants over the years at the Dinah Shore/ANA take that walk to decide the year's first major. I look forward to playing it again with some local knowledge under my belt.

Highly recommended.
Played here Saturday, 2/29 with a 12:04 start time. Checked in around 11:20 and they asked if I was ready. When I said yes, they promptly sent me off to catch a twosome who had just headed out. Caught them before they left the first tee and played with them most of round. The single behind us eventually joined us as well. We played the Western nine followed by the U.S. Open nine, finishing in just about 4 hours flat on a busy course. All the pro shop workers and outside attendants were very friendly and welcoming. After finishing 18, I asked to continue on the Masters nine and was granted permission. I played behind a twosome and just took my time, snapping a lot of pictures in the beautiful afternoon shadows and sunlight. I still finished in about 1:45.

Conditions are excellent. Greens are medium-fast to fast, very smooth and quite firm. Only high shots from short irons stopped quickly. The members I played with said the greens are often even faster, which would really be an adventure. I had a very hard time reading these greens. Fairways are outstanding; lush, deep green and mowed with aesthetically pleasing patterns, sometimes in stripes and sometimes in diagonal crosshatch. The rough is also very lush, and semi-thick in many places. Balls would often stick in it rather than bounce out of it (on hillsides bordering fairways) back to the fairway. The bunkers I was in were good. Green tee boxes were very nice with maybe a couple having very minimal lumpiness, if I want to get really nitpicky.

The longest combination of two nines plays just over 6500 yards here, but I played a tee forward from that, and these courses are difficult! I hit the ball poorly all day and really struggled. It's a very tight course with many holes routed through canyons. It's also very hilly, which is a lot of fun. Barrancas and water hazards come into play on many holes. As one member mentioned to me, "It's a beautiful course but it's a son of a b$tch ." Couldn't agree more and definitely want another shot at it. The golden sunlight during my last nine might've partially influenced me, but even without it I think the Masters nine is the best of the three. Western is probably the most demanding. (The nines are named after significant professional victories of the club's longtime head pro, Ralph Guldahl, not any correlation to those tournament venues.)

Highly recommended (but bring your 'A' game).
Played here today with an 11:58 tee time. First-class facility with valet parking, friendly check-in, plentiful practice areas and clear announcements of calling people to the tee for all three courses. The starter had every group wait until the group ahead is on the first green, creating a little buffer from the start. I was paired with another single visiting from Kentucky and a couple visiting from Florida. I think we started just a few minutes late and finished in just about 4.5 hours.

Conditions are pretty much excellent. Greens are smooth as can be, medium-fast and more firm than soft. Full shots didn't make much of a ball mark and took a bounce or two before stopping. Fairways are deep green, lush and provide ample cushion under the ball. Dormant bermuda rough is cut pretty short, not too penal and provides a nice visual contrast to the fairways. I was only in one fairway bunker and it was good. Tee boxes excellent.

I hadn't played here since a high school tournament over Spring Break '89! Course plays generally on the other side of Dinah Shore Drive from the clubhouse except for holes 1 and 18. I actually remembered it being more difficult than it is. Tons of water and pretty severe Pete Dye bunkering. Also quite a few elevated greens. But like most Dye courses, if you avoid the severe trouble spots, very playable. The last four holes are the standouts in my book, with a short par-4 15th with a severely elevated green, a fantastic par-5 16th that goes uphill on the second shot and then drops down to a little, well-protected green. The 17th is a typical Dye 17th with lots of water, as the green juts out into a lake like a peninsula. The finisher is relatively toned down for Dye, with water all down the left.

Highly recommended if you have a chance to play here!
Played here today with a 12:30 "Deal" time to close out my Vegas golf trip. They had me scheduled for Desert Hawk/Coyote Run but had me play Coyote Run first. Then as I finished No. 9 a friendly employee approached me and offered for me to play Eldorado next so I could avoid the groups I was waiting on throughout the front nine. This worked out great because I had never played it and I was able to play it super quickly. Total POP for 18 was 3:10. Customer service top notch from the shop staff and outside attendants.

Course is in really good shape, although the greens were a little perplexing. Greens have poa annua (or similarly blossoming grass) with tons of blossoms, creating a patchwork appearance and bumpiness. (I almost wondered if they weren't mowed today with the blossoms so apparent by noontime.) They were medium speed and quite firm. Even well-struck shots ran out a bit on this very windy day. Fairways, rough, tee boxes and sand were all great. The sand did have lots of little pebbles in it, but with the new(ish) rule, that's no longer a big deal.

I'd played here one other time and loved it, and today I loved it even more. For some reason I had in my head that Eldorado was the "lesser" of the three nines, but now having played it, I think it's just as good as the other two. I love how raw and rugged this course is, with dry desert washes running through it and the natural-looking berms bordering the washes. I really consider it among the top public-access courses in the entire Las Vegas area. Highly recommended.
Played here this morning with a 7:40 "Deal" time that was absurdly low priced. I had another tee time at 12:30 way across town, and yesterday one of the guys I played Bear's Best with is a Siena resident who said play is never fast at Siena. As a result, I showed up early and told the starter I was ready immediately, and she let me go by myself around 7:15. She said I'd run into the Men's Club shotgun at some point, but I never did, and I finished by about 9:45. Worked out great!

The course is in decent winter shape, but definitely the lowest quality of the four courses I played over the last 3 days. Greens were good to great, medium fast overall and could get really fast on downhill/downwind putts. They were smooth although there were lots of old ball marks. Fairways were mostly good but a little thin. Rough was mostly dormant and thin. The visual delineation from fairway to rough wasn't as striking here with more dappled appearance. Tee boxes were pretty beat up and fair at best. Bunkers had a thin layer of sand on top of what felt like concrete; gotta pick it clean here.

I'd played here several summers ago and really loved the course and found it in great condition at that time. It's a far cry from those conditions right now, and it seems housing has encroached further, making it a little more claustrophobic feeling than I remembered. Still a good layout with some fun holes.
Played here on Monday, 2/10, the second day of my Vegas golf trip. I had an 11:30 time and apparently no one else was booked at that time. The starter sent out a couple who asked to play alone right in front of me, and then started telling me he was searching for people to pair me with. He kept asking me to wait because he knew some people had told him they were willing to go early, but he couldn't find them and/or they'd decided to eat first. Meanwhile, my tee time eventually passed when he asked me again if I wanted to wait. I said no and he reluctantly let me go to the tee by myself. It really irks me when courses act like it's my problem that I don't have a playing partner. Hey buddy that's your problem; I'm just here to play golf. Then after all that, right after I hit my first tee ball, another single rolled up to join me. So we played together and then invited the twosome behind us to join us for the last 5 holes or so. POP seemed slow but we finished in about 4:15.

That was only a minor issue and otherwise the starter was really nice, and probably just felt bad for me having to play alone. I just don't like when they act like it's my problem.

Conditions are excellent, definitely the best of the four courses I played over the last 3 days. Greens were great, smooth and medium fast and medium firmness. Full shots would take a bounce or two before stopping. Also, the 17th green seemed like it hadn't been mowed or something; definitely longer grass and slower pace than all the others. Fairways were excellent. The dormant rough was also in excellent shape and sometimes nasty where your ball sinks down and becomes hard to see and extra grabby when playing through it. Tee boxes were good. Sand in the bunkers was fantastic. Some of the best I've encountered recently.

This was my second time here. I really enjoy the course. Some of the Strip views from 5+ years ago have disappeared due to more homes being built, but there are still a few holes with stunning views of the entire valley. Plus many of the homes that line this course are breathtaking; they almost look like small hotels, not houses. Anyway, highly recommended although I didn't pay rack rate. I used my ClubCorp Play Away to get it for ~$42 with tax.
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