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Played in the inaugural Ramateur last weekend and what a blast it was. Hats off to Will and everybody at Rams Hill for putting on an incredible tournament with great food, people, and golf.

I'll start with the tee boxes. I played the golds and there wasn't a single tee box that was uneven, chewed up, or bare grass. They all looked great and felt like hitting off carpet.

The fairways looked good and hit fine. There was some brown spots out there, and a few places looked like the overseed didn't quite take as expected. There were a few times out there that my playing partner and I would hit similar drives, be about 6 yards apart, and he would have a great lie and I would be in a tight lie with what seemed like sand and paint mixed with sparse grass. Not sure if weather factored into that or what. Some of the green surrounding areas were the same as well, especially the right side of #1. Some drainage work was done on a number of holes and you could see where the grass hadn't fully recovered yet. Regardless, I'd say about 85% of the fairways were lush.

The rough was great. Around the greens your ball was liable to sit down and make for a tough chip, and in the fairways it was sticky enough to grab a club but still able to play out of it with shorter irons. The non overseed around the bunkers was thick and curly, just nasty stuff to be in.

The bunkers were great. Nice, white sand that allowed you to really get under the golf ball and make it stop on the greens. The fairway bunkers had the same sand, just a little harder, which I like.

The greens. Oh my. They really dialed them up for the Ramateur. Fast and hard, even well struck shots weren't spinning and rolling for days. On 10 I hit my shot to 6 feet from the hole, only to watch it run away to the other side of the green some 35 feet away. It took 2 rounds for me to adjust to aiming away from the flag and letting the green funnel the ball where it needed to be. Some unrepaired ballmarks, but nothing that really affected the roll. I liken these greens to Fazio eating a bag of Lay's chips and modeling each green to the chips he was eating. Couple that with the speed, firmness, and mean pin placements we say last weekend, some high numbers were posted without shame.

Overall, the course is incredible. The design allows for strategic golf which I enjoy. The course is in great shape and I can't wait to come back in May. Well worth the 4 to 5 hour drive from Bakersfield, and I am sure to make it a yearly trip moving forward.
Played Sunday, 3/1 as part of the VGA outing. Off at noon on a cold windy day, Ridge Creek was in great shape; my golf game was not.

As is with this course, as long as you stay in the fairway you have a chance to put up a good score. Leave it out in the wilderness and you're going to have a rough time out there, like I did.

Fairways were still dormant but great to hit from. Plenty of grass with good roots allowed you to compress irons well.

The blue tee boxes left some to be desired. Some had a lot of divot marks, were uneven and generally kinda beat up. Would love to see them repair them and move the tee boxes since there is so many to choose from out there.

Rough was cut short until you got to the native frog hair and bushes. Wasn't penal until you ended up there.

Sand traps left much to be desired as well. Thin with a bunch of rocks in them. I've always remembered Ridge Creek having decent traps, so it was a shame to see them in the state they were in.

The greens made up for the minor inconsistencies, though. They were in fantastic shape, rolling medium fast to fast, and very true. If you hit it on the correct line with the right pace you knew it was going in. They were a real treat to play on yesterday.

In all, Ridge Creek is a great course that will challenge you, especially when the wind picks up like it did yesterday. Can't wait to get out there again.
Played 2/1 as a foursome off at 7:04am. Light fog in the morning that turned into a beautiful day.

Course is still dormant, but the warm temperatures we've been having has some grass starting to grow in the fairways and rough. It's patchy so the ball can sit down in some places, but still decent enough to hit from.

Sand traps are hit and miss. Some have heavy sand while others have soft sand and then others that are hard pan. Most by the green are decent enough.

Tee boxes are in good shape from the tips. The whites and blues are ate up on the par 3s.

Greens are in great shape. They roll well and are medium to fast pace.

Overall I'd say it's worth the green fee if you're ever in Bakersfield.
Played 8/4 as a foursome off at 6:52. My first time playing Riverlakes in quite some time, and it leaves much to be desired. They overwater in the morning, so the fairways were borderline soggy and the greens were squishy.

Greens looked like the dark side of the moon. Unrepaired ball marks everywhere, leaving you hoping your line avoids them. Greens were kept very long due to the heat and not wanting to lose them again, so putts that didn't hit bumps were still slow. One of the only courses I know with undulations that actually keep balls from rolling downhill. It's unfortunate that the greens get so beat up.

Fairways were fine to hit from, rough was long and could grab your club at times. Bunkers had same in them, but with the overwatering they were basically mud.

Tee boxes were in decent shape.

Overall, this course always suffers during the summer. It seems that whatever is in the soil was good for growing almond trees, but terrible for grass. The time to play here is early fall to late spring. Hopefully with the raised rates people will start to repair their ball marks on the green.
Played 6-14 as a twosome paired up with another twosome at 8:40am on a overcast day in Moorpark. The sun never really came out until the final stretch of holes and the wind never really picked up, so the course opened itself up to scoring opportunities.

The greens had some areas of small punch holes and verticut, but other than that they rolled great. Remember, everything breaks towards the gate! I can't imagine what these greens roll like after a couple hot summer days.

The fairways had good coverage, not very many brown spots. The rough that was present was hit and miss and then gave way to the native brush of the land.

Tee boxes were in great shape, lush with level lies.

The sand varies here, with some being beach white and fluffy and others being native with plenty of rocks and semi hard pan.

Overall, the greens are what protect this course. With severe undulations and subtle breaks that take a lot of course knowledge. I'd love to come back after a couple baked out days and see how fast this course plays. The course is in great shape and I can't wait to get back.
I got an extraordinary opportunity to play in the Warrior Open presented by The George Bush Institute for combat wounded veterans post 9/11. We played a week prior to the AT&T Byron Nelson, so the course was not only in great shape but we also got to play with the grandstands fully built. It was a surreal experience to not only play at such an amazing course, but to also chop it up with the former head of state George Bush. Regardless of how you land politically, George Bush is a great man who was so fun to be around. He truly cares about the men and women we sent to war, I walked away from the event realizing that he’s just a normal guy who happened to be President.
Now, for the course. Wow. From the club house to the driving range, everything is in the right place. We’ll start with the range. There are two ranges, 2 chipping green areas, and a small 3-hole par 3 course. It’s shared with SMU’s golf training facility, which on its own probably costs more than some municipal club houses. Hitting Prov1s on the range was quite delightful, and being able to compress the ball and toss some divots on the perfectly manicured grass was even better.
The main clubhouse is gorgeous. With a large sitting area and bar that wraps around into the men’s locker room, you can sit there at have a great view of the putting green and 18th green. The clubhouse with gifts and where you’d pay for your round is slightly smaller, set off directly in front of the putting green, cart staging area, and caddy locker room. They have a large ballroom where we spent most of our time before and after our rounds, which has a fully stocked bar as well. Upstairs is yet another bar, a large covered patio and the women’s locker room. This vantage point would give you a breathtaking view of the entire course void of the grandstands, with the 18th, 1st and 10th tee right there in front of you. Would be a great place to sit and pass the time while watching people navigate the course.
The course itself is something I’ve never really seen before. Built on top of an old landfill, they weren’t allowed to plant trees or dig into the dirt as not to disturb the concrete cap poured on top of the fill. So, there are no trees, and most elevation changes and bunkers were made by bringing dirt in. With that handcuff, Coore and Crenshaw did a fantastic job molding the course. The elevation changes and blind shots you make the course difficult, but the wide fairways allow you to be a little loose off the tee. Just don’t find yourself on the wrong side because the wrong angle to a green sloping away from you makes for a tough approach shot. So, while wide, the correct angle makes for a small target. There are no distinct tee boxes on the course. Everything runs directly into the fairway, and as a result some tee areas are not level but they have plenty of room to play from. Sometimes I would tee it up as far as I could behind the markers in search of an even lie. Normally that would bother me, but here it fit the course and was okay. Each tee area was in perfect shape, not divot damage whatsoever. They grow a hybrid zoysia grass called Trinity Zoysia, and it drains incredibly well and leaves for tight but comfy lies throughout the course. The fairways were a delight to hit from, but the divot and contact differed than that from the driving range. It’s almost like the grass didn’t allow you to generate much spin on the ball with well struck shots.
The greens, man the greens were something else. Large, undulating, challenging, and deceiving. From 100 yards out you could look at the green and have a general idea of how your ball might break, and then when you get to your ball it looks completely flat. On Saturday there were rolling close to a 13 and pure as ever. Sunday, we got to our first green and noticed that they had been painted which dropped them to about an 11. Monday, they rolled the same with the paint on. Our forecaddie said that this is to help the viewers on TV see the undulations better, which makes sense because while drastic they are slight in their own way.
The bunkers had heavy sand but were great to play from. The aprons around the green were mowed so tight some courses would let them pass as their greens, and a putter from 30 yards off the green was not uncommon. A closed club face used for a bump and run play was nearly unhittable because of the trinity zoysia, so you had to open up the blade which also opened you up to blading it off the tight lie. I used plenty of 7 irons and my 3 wood, and eventually I learned that a full wedge was a better shot into the green than a 50-yard pitch shot. Again, finding the right angle for your approach gives you so many options off the tee and your 3rd shot for par 5s.
I loved every second of each round I played there, not wanting that 18th hole to get any closer as we played. I was able to play in a Pro-Am with KJ Choi and also met Lee Trevino, Ryan Palmer, Tony Romo, and countless men and women who sponsored the event and made it all possible. If there are any combat wounded post 9/11 vets on this page who enjoy golf and use it as a way of therapy, you should definitely look into applying next year.
Played 1/6 as a foursome and the second group off at 7:30am which is very rare. Course was wide open and maybe the rains the night before scared people off. Dealt with some light morning fog but it was gone by the 4th hole. POP was right at 4.5 hours, never waiting on a shot and not getting pushed by the group behind us.

The fairways, rough, and tee boxes are all still dormant, but the greens have good color to them. While the greens are in much better shape than they were in the summer they still leave some areas to be desired. The super there has been punching them and filling the holes with a new fertilizer in hopes of bringing up bentgrass instead of poa annua. Some greens have a made a full recovery from the disease and punching while others are taking their time in some areas. They have done a good job in keeping hole locations away from the areas that need the attention and not foot traffic.

Overall, the course is the only public course in the area worth anything, and until then the POP will continue to suffer. They did raise their rates slightly and the greens seem to have less and less unrepaired ball marks and sand traps are raked more frequently as a result.
Played in a tournament for a concrete conference down last weekend. POP was slow as we didn't have enough groups for a shotgun start, and took us right around 6 hours to finish, but that wasn't the courses fault at all.

The course had just allowed carts off the path the day we played, and it was doing very well from the overseed. Lush, green grass could be seen throughout the course from tee to green with minimal divot damage. The fairways were immaculate. The tee boxes had some minor divot damage but played great. The rough around the greens and fairways would grab your club just enough.

The only gripe was the greens. They had some minor damage that wasn't divots but small, inconsistent dead spots around the green. Maybe a fungus I don't know, but it was odd to see coming of the overseeding. They played very slow, but had deceiving breaks to them that seemed like it would be even more tricky with some speed.

I wasn't in any traps but they seemed inconsistent. Some had very large rocks in them about the size of golf balls, and some had great looking sand.

Overall, I'd play it again once the greens regain their speed. A fun, short track that makes think off the tee and had some small tricky greens.
Played 9-8 as a threesome. Was over in the area for a wedding and had some time to kill so me and a couple of buddies decided to play the par 3 course since we have never played it before. What a treat. It's fun and very challenging. The greens are very dramatic in their undulations, which makes you think about where you're going to hit your tee shot. The hardest hole is the shortest hole, playing only 82 yards but over water with a green that doesn't have a flat spot on it.

The greens were in perfect condition. Minor divot damage but nothing terrible.
Tee boxes had minor divot damage but again nothing terrible. They were a little uneven which is the only knock.

The only rough they had was the frog hair that grew around the bunkers. They kept the rest of the grass around the green pretty tight which made it even more difficult if you were just off. Basically had to put everything.

If you're in the area and don't have 4 to 5 hours to play a full 18 with some friends, I strongly suggest playing the Challenge par 3 course at Monarch. At only 26 bucks to ride and 16 to walk, it's a steal and a half.
Played 8-18 as a twosome teeing off at 9:40am with the course pretty wide open for the day. Waited on some holes but nothing to crazy. POP was right at 4 hours.

Greens, as always, are the highlight. Still kinda slow because they keep them a little long in the summer, but if you have a putt or a chip downhill good luck stopping it anywhere near the hole. Always ran smooth and held their line.

Fairways had some burned out areas which is common for this time of year. Still great to hit from.

Rough was thick around the greens and just off the fairways, but gave way to hard pan and dirt about 10 yards off most fairways.

Tee boxes are the only downside to this course. With how narrow some tees play with tree growth, it asks you to play from different areas of the tee instead of the middle. Unfortunately the further you drift from center, the more uneven it gets. I understand that this is a hilly course, but it's tough to try and hit a cut when the ball is noticeably above your feet at tee off. That's the only gripe I have about this course.

I wasn't in any traps, but the sand looked well kept all around the course.

Always will be one of my favorites to play in the central valley. The food is good at the restaurant as well. Can't wait to come back again soon.
Played 6/24 teeing off at 7:30 with only a threesome in front of us all day. Pace of play was great, finishing in just over 4 hours. We were able to take our time and we never felt rushed.

Course is in good shape right now. Tee boxes are lush, nice to hit from. The white markers are a little beat up with divots, but the others are very nice. Fairways are green and lush, nice to hit from.

Greens have completely healed from their recent aeration, and are rolling very nicely. They held all shots well, and as I mentioned rolled true. As we get into the dog days of summer it'll be interesting to see how they react to the heat.

The sand traps have been completely overhauled around the green. They are playable, with soft to heavy sand. It's not the fluffy stuff you get at high scale courses, but it's way more enjoyable than the hard pan that existed a few months ago.
Got out and played on Monday the 14th as a single teeing off at 9am. It was pretty foggy and quite chilly when I teed off, and stayed that way for most of the front nine. A little breeze pushed the fog out, and from 9 on it was a beautiful day on the course. Hunter Ranch has always been my favorite central coast course, and this outing was no exception.

The greens are the highlight of this course, and they didn't disappoint. In fact, they were quite hard, only holding very well struck shots. The speed wasn't was it usually is, but they have the Paso City Championship coming up along with their team ball event, so I imagine the speeds will pick up in the coming weeks.

The fairways were in great shape, a real pleasure to hit from. Rough, although not long, was thick and really grabbed your club. Your ball sat up, but any contact with the grass meant your club was going to get held up.

The bunkers were wet in the morning but were still nice to play from as the day went on.

The only knock on this course is the tee boxes. Most need to re leveled and possibly re sodded, but that's just me being picky. I'd play this course every day and be happy.
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