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Vista hasn’t doesn’t get rated very often due to it being a local executive. However it is under new ownership and the improvements are noticeable and appreciated. Being a member of the prestigious players club I rode the blues at 3, only got in 10 holes because I played 4 balls per hole. The rate with TPC is $7, this includes cart and a drink. I don’t care where you are playing this is a deal. I use vista as my practice course. In the past the conditions were horrible. The new ownership as I’ve stated have done a great job. The tee boxes are mostly level, fairways are a mixed bag, but good lies can be found. The sand traps are good to great. What were once unturned wet sand are now turned and full of fantastic sand. The greens that were once bumpy and slow are smooth and running medium speed. Kudos to those playing because ball marks are fixed. If you live in the area or are passing thru I recommend it for price and conditions right now. Many courses fail to do the basics. Vista is doing them and has vastly improved.
Rode the whites in the Beyond the Bell Event Sponsored by Liberty Mutual. I got an invite from my boss. We all no there is no such thing lol, so I went. This is an old school country club surrounded by beautiful older homes. I’m usually into checking out the clubhouse, but today for some reason I didn’t. Staff was friendly in the pro shop as well as the event staff. Having played Valencia CC last Monday I had something to compare it to. I was impressed with the practice facilities here. They have a nice, flat grass range and an excellent short game area. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were what you expect from a private course. The private courses have stolen all the good sand, those were nice here as usual. The greens were ok, they were medium speed, not very impressive. The course reminds me a little of Brookside, with slower greens. I would recommend if you have the chance to play.
Late on this review, WALKED the blacks in the USGA event on Monday November 4. It was my first and last experience in a USGA event. If you get a chance definitely play in one, however I’m too old and just not good enough to qualify. The USGA had us walk this beast of a course from the blacks. This was the third time I’ve played this course this year. The Bermuda fairways are going dormant. In February with rain they will be mud. There are good lies to be had now. The rest of the course is what you would expect from a private course, tee boxes lush, rough, well rough, traps immaculate and the greens were perfect, rolling fast. We all had a good laugh as a member complained to a staff member before the tournament how the greens weren’t rolling true. All the muni guys had a good laugh. I definitely recommend this course from April-December when the Bermuda isn’t dormant. Playing in this tournament was a real eye opener for me. To the dude that had a 66 kudos my friend. There are some amazing players out there.
Took the drive to River Ridge to escape the Tic Fire. Rode the blues, Pop 4.5 hours as a foursome. Conditions on Vineyard are the best I’ve seen this year. Vastly improved from the lakes which I played last month. Tee boxes were lush and level, fairways were in great shape, traps had been manicured. Greens have comeback from recent aeration, except for three that need to heal. I was worried about it after playing lakes last month, but I highly recommend it, especially for the players club rate, $25. Might be the best deal around under current conditions. I posted photos on the app.
I’m going to try and be as nice as possible with this review. In short this is the worst course I have ever played. To attach the words country club is absolutely false advertisement. I rode the blues, POP 4 hours for my work tournament. We are always the first group so this is misleading as we caught a foursome that started an hour before us. I will start with the positive, the greens are very good. A touch slower than sterling and they rolled true. The rest of the course is terrible. Uneven tee boxes, the fairways were straight dirt. The traps and you shouldn’t call them that were dirt pits with no sand. When I say no sand I’m talking drives hit into them just rolled out. I pay $7 to play Vista Valencia and I wouldn’t pay close to that for Montebello. I’ve never said this in a review, but don’t play this course. We ate in the restaurant after and the service was fantastic and so was the burger. So maybe go to the restaurant and putt on the putting green.
Played Valley/Desert, rode the blues in 3 hours using Forelinx. I was impressed with Forelinx and recommend Forelinx as a side note. Customer services was fantastic. Mark Kagaoan, the Pro is fantastic, best I’ve experienced. The course itself is in good shape. I played valley 9 first. Tee boxes were average, cut, but some uneven areas. Fairways were above average with some brown areas. Traps were average, in need of more sand. Greens were above average, rolling medium fast. Sand Canyon doesn’t get a lot of play so ball marks weren’t an issue. Desert 9 was in better shape, tee boxes level, fairways lush, greens and traps same as valley. I like the layout here, but if you aren’t accurate off of the tee go to big 5 and get cheap balls. It was windy this afternoon so conditions were tough. They are planning a resort on the grounds. I don’t believe this is a resort course. I recommend if you can get in on a twilight rate. In my opinion it’s not worth the $70 rack rate during the week.
Started out at my home course Vista Valencia, but it was a mad house with the high school golfers. Decided on a trip to Ventura to play River Ridge Lakes. I’ve been reading the negative reviews and the lakes is one of my favorite courses due to the greens and the layout. With the players club it was $10 which includes cart and drink. I figured I had nothing to lose so the junior pro and I took the hour drive. American Golf recently took over the course so my expectations were very low.

Upon entering and checkout everything was the same. We drove over to the first hole and I noticed there was no starter and the practice green hadn’t been mowed and it looked like they were letting it go. We played the first hole and as we walked up to the green I noticed the holes, aeration. I thought this can’t be right Johnny always updates. So I checked and he had, “small holes on several green” this was the case for approx 5 holes. Not a big deal, I’m sure a cost cutting measure, but annoying. Spend the money and do the entire course.

I have to say the past reviews are spot on. Sadly this course is a shadow of its former self, just like the guy playin it. The greens are terrible, even the ones that are going thru maintenance. Vista’s are much better right now. Number 5 green had been vandalized, I posted photos on the app. The tee boxes and fairways are brown and thin due to a lack of water. Some traps were ok, with minimal sand. We teed off at 4, rode the blues and made it to 16. Is it worth $10? Yes, if you live out that way, but definitely don’t make a trip. If you do Olivas is a much better option. I took River Ridge off my list. As the junior pro said, “Dad it looks like Vista Valencia’s older brother’” I have to agree.
Took the hour drive from SCV to Ojai yesterday afternoon. Rode the blues with my soon to be pro 13 year old soon, however yesterday was not his day as the golf gods don’t like when you pout. There are a lot of birdies out there if you can let the double go. If you can’t they will enjoy watching you suffer. On to the course.......

The course is in almost perfect condition. Greens have healed from recent aeration. They were rolling true, medium fast. Close to the best of the year. Bunkers were also close to perfection. So good I was dropping balls in them to practice due to the fact that no one was around and the junior pro was in the cart pouting lol. Fairways were lush as usual, however they are my favorite kykui and that’s a weed so it doesn’t take much. The only flaw was the tee boxes, a couple needed a trim. Tee boxes here are hit and miss, some fluffy, unlevel kykui, others flat grass. Customer service is always fantastic. Playing here is like being transported back in time where everything slows down. Worth the drive from SCV. GolfNow offers the hot deals which can’t be beat and the $10 replay is a no brainer. Carts have the shark experience which is great if you have a pouty partner. I highly recommend it.
Headed to olivas to make my debut as a caddie. I caddied for my 13 year old in the US Kids Tournament. We walked, I normally ride. The caddies are the real hero’s because I walked my butt off. As an aside, I’m good for several of those lol. If you have young golfers I highly recommend US Kids, highly organized and fun. Dylan had a blast, until 16. As far as the course is concerned, it’s my favorite within an hour of SCV. You are gonna hit every shot. Tee boxes, fairways, traps and greens are great. Nothing to add to past reviews. Tee off has great deals for olivas. I did buy a Ohio State ball marker for $3, I would’ve paid $20. They are giving Michigan ones away, but no one wanted them.
I haven’t written a review in awhile. I’ve been playing a ton but seems to be where everyone else is playing and reviewing. Headed out to my home course with my son whose gonna be a pro and win the masters. Just like everyone else’s son in Santa Clarita that is gonna be a pro athlete just ask their mommies and daddies that had them do 8th grade twice lol.

I digress, on to the course. As many know vista is an executive. Not long, but a great course to practice on in the evenings for a whopping $7, cart and drink(blue Gatorade) included. I have hammered this course in the past due to its lack of well, anything. Two months ago I noticed big changes. Traps were maintained, I mean raked, greens were improving and tee boxes were cut, level and in good shape. Even the pro shop looked like a pro shop. Just the basics, but for $7 after 2 that’s all I want. Yesterday I mentioned the improvements to Dave the starter, nice guy. He said he thinks there’s a new owner. Regardless the improvements are noticeable. If you live in the north valley or in SCV give it another chance. Tee boxes were level and cut, you can find decent lies in the fairway, traps are playable, greens are slow, but improving. I rated it a little high due to improvement and isn’t that what golf is about, improvement, life really. In closing no I don’t think my son is gonna be a pro I just like the fact that he loves the game. He still can’t beat me......and he never will.
Rode the blues at noon in a little over 4 hours for $20 on a GolfNow deal. I’ve played a lot this summer and I mean a lot and I’ve played everywhere. These are the best greens I’ve played on. Better than maderas in Poway. They held shots, rolled true and were extremely fast. Kudos to those that play here because there wasn’t a lot of divot damage either. The tee boxes were below average, fairways average. The trap I was in had very good sand. I also like the layout here. I highly recommend this course. It’s worth the fee to putt on the greens.
Rode the blacks at 11:52 in 5 hours, yes 5 hours on a Tuesday. There was no starter, no marshal, no cart employees after the cashier. This was my first time playing the course. I personally am not a fan of hearing the freeway the entire time I’m playing which is the case here. I do however like the layout and the conditions were above average. The tee boxes weren’t very good, but the fairways were semi lush, traps were excellent and the greens were excellent as well. I got a GolfNow deal for $26 and I was -4 on the front which is my best 9 ever so the round was bearable. However I don’t believe it’s worth the rack rate there are better options in Ventura County.
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