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Played here today with a 12:30 tee time booked direct on their site for $40. Arrived about an hour early and checked in, and then headed up to the practice green and starter. The starter was really friendly and said it was very busy but he'd try to get me out early if possible. Around 12:10 the next group only had 3 players and he set me up with them. Started around 12:20 and finished four hours and 15 minutes later, but it felt much longer. We quickly lost sight of the group in front of us and by the fourth hole or so, the group behind us was on our butts. None of the other guys in my group seemed to notice until I said something on the 8th tee. We picked up the pace a bit but maybe I get too stressed out when I feel like my group is holding things up. Like I said, we finished in 4:15 so our pace was good. Started off mostly sunny but then got mostly cloudy for the back nine; sort of a bummer but otherwise fantastic weather: Low 70s, no wind.

As usual here, conditions are mixed. Greens are far and away the highlight, rolling smooth, medium fast and about medium firmness. Some ball marks really dented the green and were hard to fix satisfactorily. Full shots stopped quickly; chips and low shots would run a bit. Fairways are decent. Pretty consistent coverage, a bit thin, and then the fairways of the last five holes are treated with colorant to make them look dark green. Rough is definitely a step down from the fairway conditions, with various grasses, some bare spots, clover in spots, and generally just sorta clumpy. Keep it in the fairway! Bunkers are also all over the map. I was in a couple that were full of great, loose sand, but one of them was not raked and my ball ended up in a giant, deep footprint. Another fairway bunker I was in looked like they've given up on it and turned it into a waste bunker. Blue tee boxes were ok, with par 3s more beat up than the rest of the course. Overall the course is pretty scruffy with nice greens.
Played here today with a 10:52 "Deal" time for an amazing rate of something like $37 after using a 20% off promo code. Arrived around 10:10 and was informed there was a 45-minute frost delay this morning, but still checked me in and let me get my cart. I used the range, short game area and practice green, and then started not 45 minutes late but about 30 minutes late. Got paired with another single and a twosome. POP was decent but I think slow for here. Around 4:20 total, including a delay when the group in front of us fell out of position at the turn. Absolutely gorgeous desert day; blue skies, perfect temps, virtually no wind.

Conditions are amazing. The rating number probably won't show it, but overall I'd give it a 9.5. Pretty much everything is just a touch under immaculate. Greens are smooth, medium-fast and medium firmness. Full shots stopped quickly. Fairways are excellent, only ranking them a 9 because I've seen better, but nothing to really criticize at all. Rough is even better than the fairway, just a perfectly groomed carpet of about 2-3 inch deep dark green ryegrass. I caught one flier out of it and other times it did make shots more difficult. Not exactly penal, but definitely a premium on being in the fairway. Gold tee boxes were just about perfect. The only slight blemish was one bunker I was in was very hard packed near the edge, which cost me a shot when there was virtually no way to not blade my shot, which I did.

This was my first time playing the course. I actually had a tee time with a buddy in about 1997, which was when the course was practically brand new. We drove all the way out there and saw such a boring looking, immature course, we decided to skip our time and head to La Quinta Mountain. A quarter century later, the course has matured beautifully. It's a very nice layout slightly reminiscent of Shadow Hills South or the courses at Mountain Vista. I think I'd put it a notch above those courses, though. One very minor criticism: From the gold tees, three of the four par 3s all played very similar distances. Overall, it was a great experience and probably the nicest conditioned course I've played all year. Highly recommended.
Took today off from work in anticipation of the traditional GK Review Guru outings in Palm Desert that never materialized (or did, but were never announced?), so it gave me a chance to use a bunch of GolfNow credits I'd accumulated from some customer service issues. I used $160 in credits and paid $18 for a 12:05 time on the Ocean North course today. Arrived around 10:50, check-in went smooth and I used the range and practice putting green for a while. They set everyone up on their carts right away but don't give you the key until around 15 minutes before your time. The clubhouse and practice areas are nice, if not a little sterile feeling. You cannot see any of the course from the clubhouse. I played with another single and a twosome. On the first hole a twosome behind us was waiting to hit their approaches while we were putting, so we let them through on the second hole, and later a single drove past us and snuck ahead of us without asking. (Dick move, imo, even if he only slowed us down a tiny bit.) Overall, POP was right at 4:30. Thick cloud cover all day but no rain; also, underneath the cloud cover it was extremely clear! Catalina and Long Beach both looked super close, and the Newport and Balboa piers looked like we could walk there in about 5 minutes.

Conditions are pretty good but far from pristine. Visually, the greens are kinda splotchy with almost like a green camo pattern. But they are really good: fast, smooth and accepting of full shots but pretty firm on short shots and chips. Putts downhill and/or toward the ocean are extremely fast, and many greens fall off on the edges, meaning you can get yourself in big trouble with a bad putt. Fun challenge to read and putt these all day. Fairways have good coverage but aren't really as pure as you might expect for a $300+ course. Rough was mostly thick bermuda where the ball can sink down, uniformly cut to about 2-3 inches. Farther off line and around some bunkers is really deep stuff that makes it almost impossible to find your ball. Strongly recommended to stay out of it! Blue tee boxes were mostly good, a couple were a little beat up/thin/muddy. The few bunkers I was in were all full of nice sand.

I didn't expect this course to be so extreme. In a way it felt like Eagle Glen or Champions Club was relocated to Newport Coast with all the forced carries, ravines, native areas, etc. Also I swear the ball wasn't flying far due to the chilly temps, or maybe the oversized scale of the course just makes things visually deceiving. Would have liked to catch it on a nicer day, but no complaints for the absurdly low out of pocket cost I paid. Good to notch it off the list. Gotta get out on South sometime now.
Played in the lead group of yesterday's GK Plays here with Tim, Steve, and Wade. Fun times! After no one had teed off for a little bit, the starter let us go a little early. Then around the 6th hole, we got our first glimpse of the group ahead. The marshall came and told us he'd informed them to pick up the pace. We caught them on 10 so we went to get our tacos (thank you Rams Hill... nice touch!), and then I don't recall seeing them again until 17. Overall pace was generally in our control and we finished in about 4:30. Absolutely gorgeous day with blue skies, perfect temps and almost no wind.

Course conditions are decent based on Rams Hill standards and good relative to most other courses. Most of the greens are quite good, but a few have poorly repaired rectangular patches that are much softer than the rest of the green, so the ball rolls oddly through those spots. (9 & 17 come to mind where this impacted me.) Otherwise they're medium-fast, smooth and medium firmness. Fairways are decent; a far cry from the conditions during the first few years of Rams Hill's resurrection. They look good from afar but on top of the ball they're a little thin and there are some bare/thin spots around. Rough was sometimes more preferable than the fairways, providing lusher/fluffier lies. Also seemed overwatered in spots. My approach to 7 from the right rough was very muddy under the grass. Blue tee boxes were good. The two bunkers I was in were both very good. Overall conditions are very good compared to most Southern California courses, but the last couple years are a definite step down from the exceptionally high standards Rams Hill set for themselves five or six years ago. If I want to get really nitpicky, my caramel apple cookie was unfortunately overbaked, negating the wonderful sticky/chewiness they normally offer.

Huge thanks to the course, Johnny and the sponsors. Stoked to get a Linksoul hat and shirt! Despite conditions being a step below their usual standard, I had a great time and always enjoy the course. Can't wait to get back!
Played a GK Cup match vs. FirstFlightFX-101 here this morning with a 7:24 tee time, joined by Chuck's friends Jimmy & Victor. Good times! Thanks for the invite, guys! $67 weekend rate with cart. Started right on time or maybe a bit early, and POP was good despite small waits on almost every tee. Finished in about 4:15.

Conditions are really nice, highlighted by excellent greens. They're running medium-fast, very smooth and quite soft. Several of my short-iron approaches backed up. Fairways are mostly good but a little raggedy –clumpy and/or thin – in spots. A few areas of GUR in the fairways, too. Rough was mostly thin and not too penal with occasional bare spots and lots of tree debris. (Chuck and I each had instances of having a twig right behind our ball.) Blue tee boxes were a little beat up and seemed to have lots of divots, twigs and pine needles on many of them. I wasn't in any bunkers but they looked okay.

It had been several years since I last played here. Beautiful morning and good times today. Definitely recommended with the greens in their current condition. If they offer a walking rate, I'd probably opt for that next time to bring the cost in better alignment with the course.
Played here Tuesday, Nov. 23 with a 6:40 tee time booked directly from the "Deals" tab on their website for around $38+fee. Unlike Angel Park, this one wasn't paid in total in advance and I paid the remainder at check-in. Starter was very proactive and called me by name when I arrived, and than paired me with another single when we were both there early. Playing partner was a Scotsman who'd just arrived in town the night before. Interesting that he plays the real deal at home and chooses to play Royal Links when in Vegas. We were first off the tee and set our own pace, finishing in a little under 3:30.

Sadly, the starter also confirmed the news in the previous review -- the course has been sold and he expected they'll be closed within 3 weeks. What a shame because it's playing great right now.

Greens are very good; smooth, medium firmness and sneaky fast. Full shots stopped quickly. Really fun to putt with lots of contours, and on this day the pins were in some really borderline positions, which made things extra challenging. Fairways are green and quite nice, framed beautifully by lighter green and sometimes golden-hued bermuda rough. Rough was not too penal just off the fairway, but get a little further offline (or if your drive didn't carry to the fairway) and you could find some really thick, deep bermuda that made it difficult to find balls, and then there's the really deep stuff that's maybe 9 inches and almost assuredly a lost ball. Bunkers were inconsistent. One my playing partner was in was very hard packed while the couple I was in were quite good and better than expected. Gold tee boxes were good.

The course is playing super fun right now and in no way does it seem like they're throwing in the towel, maintenance-wise. They were watering the course when I arrived and it's in great shape right now. If you're in the vicinity, I strongly recommend one final farewell -- especially at those absurdly low "Deal" prices on their site.
Played here this morning with a 6:35 time from the "Deals" tab on their website homepage. Amazing rate of like $39 or so. Check in went smooth, starter was rearranging players a bit but set me up with a twosome and we were off the first tee about 5 minutes early. After the first few holes, the group in front created a good buffer and we rarely had to wait until we caught them again at 17. Total POP wonderful at 3:30.

Conditions-wise, there's not much to say except everything is near immaculate. I'd say 9s across the board. Greens are smooth, medium-fast to fast, medium firmness and accepting of full shots. Fairways are great, just a notch below immaculate. Rough is lush rye about 2-3 inches deep; can cause some difficulty in hitting shots cleanly. The two bunkers I was in were good. Black tee boxes were nearly perfect, no complaints.

Second time playing this course. I really enjoy it when playing from the Black tees. Good mix of score-able holes and demanding holes. Almost made eagle on the par-5 6th. Hit a good drive and an excellent 3-wood from about 225 to about 8 feet, and just missed the putt. Fun times! Highly, highly recommended at those "Deal" prices.
Played here today at 11:40 with mpisarski01 for our GK Cup match. “Deal” time where we paid $54 each after 20% promo code. They’ve sold the land where the old practice putting green was located to the Mt. Woodson Castle, so they have a tiny practice green near the clubhouse and then another short game practice area elsewhere across the parking lot (maybe near the 7th hole somewhere?). We saw lots of twosomes out on the course, which seemed odd, but we were paired with two other guys and we followed a twosome initially until they played through a foursome who then was directly in front of us. We waited a bit on every tee but pace was good at around 4:20 total.

Conditions are really good, but aeration begins this week. Greens are mostly smooth, sometimes a little bumpy, sneaky fast and very soft. Full shots stopped quickly and the greens sometimes showed footprints when you walked around. I did notice a couple bare spots around the edges of one or two greens. Fairways are firm, fast, and really great, with consistent coverage of bermuda that I think was convincingly dyed green and Matt eventually thought was not dyed. It’s sort of a light green and seems too consistently all the same color to not be dyed, in my opinion. They provided really nice lies and tons of roll on any slopes. On No. 17, I hit a poor drive and had to just punch back into the fairway, and the ball kept rolling and rolling until it stopped just outside a greenside bunker at the bottom of the hill. Crazy! Rough is a mixed bag of deep bermuda where the ball sinks down in, thin patches, bare spots and everything in between. They had re-sodded an area right in front of the 10th green that was marked as GUR. Definitely a premium on hitting the fairways because you don’t know what you’ll get in the rough. I think I was only in one bunker and it was pretty thin, but not terrible. Blue tee boxes were mostly good except No. 9, which was really thin and had barely any grass between the markers.

Definitely recommended other than the aeration taking place soon.
Played here this morning with a 9:10 tee time. Saw a single time pop up on Friday night and grabbed it for $45.50. Paid $5 more for a push cart rental. The whole group was four singles and we started a few minutes late, but pace was fantastic for a weekend muni, and practically unheard of for a Rancho Park weekend. We finished in just about 4:10, even with minor waits to tee off on most holes. Two of us walked, and two others had single rider carts. The last time I played any LA City course, the practice putting greens were still closed due to Covid, but they were open today, which was great.

Conditions are mostly quite good. Greens were the highlight, mostly smooth, medium fast and medium firmness. Fairways had good coverage of light green/yellow/brown grass and provided mostly good lies. They look a little shabby but play good. Rough was a little deeper and less consistent, meaning you might get a tough lie or a fluffy lie or who knows what. Saw a few areas roped off as GUR. I was only in one bunker and it was a thin layer of loose sand over hard packed sand underneath; not great. Black tee boxes varied from hole to hole; some were good, some were thin, others seemed to be more clover than grass, etc.

Definitely recommended if you can get a tee time. One of the guys in my group was a walkup who had been on the waiting list and got out in just over an hour. BUT… he also told me he tried that a couple weeks ago, showed up super early and was the first one on the list and didn’t get out until after 1:00 p.m.!!!! Greens showed no signs of aeration at all, so I don’t know if they’ve already done it and healed or maybe aren’t doing anything this fall.
Played here today with a 1:20 tee time for $45 direct from the course website. Check in was smooth but getting slotted into the lineup could’ve been handled better. There wasn’t a starter but they said just talk to some of the staff, who told me things were running mostly on time. But around 1:15 I still hadn’t been paired with anyone and there were clearly two groups lined up to tee off on the first tee, so it looked like I was going to get a late start. Then I noticed the group waiting to tee off next only had two players, so I asked the staff if I could join them. The guy working there said yes – if the people on the tee agreed to it, which seemed weird to me. The staff should be making these decisions, not allowing golfers to play any size group they wish. Anyway, those guys were cool and said yes, so I joined them and ended up teeing off right on time. Good thing, too, because the pace was pretty slow (4:40 total) and if I’d teed off two or three groups later, would’ve probably finished in the dark.

Conditions were decent and very much a mixed bag. Greens are definitely the highlight; they were medium-fast to fast, a little bumpy, and accepted full shots well. Lots of spots around today’s pin positions just kept rolling out, and it's very difficult to get the ball to stop on any downslopes. (The practice green is currently half all dried out and half lush, but both rolling pretty good. The on-course greens were more like the lush side.) A couple greens had some problem areas with small bare spots here and there. Fairways had mostly good coverage but were quite thin, leaving tight lies. Rough had lots of bare/hardpan spots and was otherwise thin. Bunkers were mostly terrible, completely hard packed and seemingly neglected, but then on around the 15th hole, a few were really nice. Hopefully that’s a sign that they’re working on them or better yet, refilling them entirely. Luckily most of the bunkers I was in were fairway bunkers, so the hard pack didn’t hinder my play as much. The greenside bunker I was in I just chipped like I was hitting off hardpan; seemed impossible to try to hit a normal bunker shot hoping to get under the ball. Blue tee boxes were decent but lumpy.

I had only played here once many years ago (around '92, I wanna say) when this was still a 27-hole facility. Now it’s 36, and I don’t really remember if I had played any of the holes I played today. It’s one of those very generic looking Ted Robinson designs, but it was more interesting than I remembered. It also seems more difficult than the rating, with tons of water coming into play and firm/fast conditions meaning balls can easily run into those penalty areas. If it was in better condition, it would definitely be more enjoyable. Thankfully the heavily contoured greens are in pretty good shape, making things fun and interesting when putting. You definitely don’t want to be on the wrong tier of some of these greens. Considering the Palms course is currently closed for overseeding, hopefully the current conditions on Lake are “end of summer” conditions and this course will get the same treatment next. I only played here today because it was convenient to something else I was doing in the area, but now the completist in me wants to come back and play Palms when it re-opens from overseeding (definitely didn’t look lush yet, though). If anyone is interested in joining me for a GK Cup match, let me know.
Played Oak Quarry in the GK Cup Finals today with an 11:56 tee time. Started probably 20-30 minutes late with two large groups out in front of our three groups. Stoked to have a Titleist booth with a rep out by the practice putting green, giving out two-ball sleeves of whichever two varieties of balls you wanted! The course management had warned us the course hadn’t been watered for a bit and would be very dry today, with fall maintenance literally taking place immediately behind our group today. Well, their warnings made today’s nice conditions seem fantastic.

Greens were medium fast (faster than they looked), a bit bumpy and usually held full shots quite well. Nowhere near as dry and crusty as I expected. Fairways were mostly good to great, providing really nice lies with just enough cushion under the ball. The rough was mostly thin and not very penal. Tee boxes were probably the most dried out, but with a tee, not a big deal. Bunkers were inconsistent, some filled with tons of sand and others very thin. With the course closing for a couple weeks as soon as we finished today, conditions were very nice.

Huge thanks to Oak Quarry for having us out and Johnny for organizing the Finals during a challenging fall maintenance season! I always love Oak Quarry and today only solidified that feeling further. Such a beautiful, fantastic course. I’d love to get back out there after they overseed and the greens heal from aeration. (Greens were absolutely covered in thick sand when we finished; pretty cool and interesting to be out there to see how they do it all.)
Got in one more round here before aeration this coming week and my 60-day base access pass expiring later this month. Played here today at 10:36. Paired with two nice guys who rode. I walked with a push cart. Started right on time on a busy course. Pace was not good, not bad, just a bit over 4.5 hours on a gorgeous day. Not much wind to start, but then it picked up late in our front nine and we had a pretty good breeze throughout the back nine.

Recent rains have greened the course up since I was here two weeks ago, providing lusher fairways but not enough to have some of the bare spots grow back in. Greens are still good, mostly smooth (although the practice green seemed bumpy and ready for aeration) and about medium speed. They are more soft than firm and accept full shots well. Rough is a mixed bag, lots of clumpy kikuyu that can make things difficult. I was in a fairway bunker that was in great condition and a greenside bunker that was a bit thin. Blue tees are still in need of leveling and too spongy on many boxes.

With my 60-day base access pass likely expiring before I get back out here again, I look forward to my next weekday chance to get a new one!
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