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Got in one more round here before aeration this coming week and my 60-day base access pass expiring later this month. Played here today at 10:36. Paired with two nice guys who rode. I walked with a push cart. Started right on time on a busy course. Pace was not good, not bad, just a bit over 4.5 hours on a gorgeous day. Not much wind to start, but then it picked up late in our front nine and we had a pretty good breeze throughout the back nine.

Recent rains have greened the course up since I was here two weeks ago, providing lusher fairways but not enough to have some of the bare spots grow back in. Greens are still good, mostly smooth (although the practice green seemed bumpy and ready for aeration) and about medium speed. They are more soft than firm and accept full shots well. Rough is a mixed bag, lots of clumpy kikuyu that can make things difficult. I was in a fairway bunker that was in great condition and a greenside bunker that was a bit thin. Blue tees are still in need of leveling and too spongy on many boxes.

With my 60-day base access pass likely expiring before I get back out here again, I look forward to my next weekday chance to get a new one!
Played here today with a 12:50 tee time for $39 booked direct on their site. Arrived around 12:20, checked in easily, was quickly paired with the next threesome teeing off and we were driving away from the first tee by 12:30. Pace was pretty good and we finished in about 4:15.

I’m not sure what the last review is talking about, because the greens are not aerated at all. Neither is anywhere in the fairways, that I saw anyway. Greens are mostly smooth, medium-fast and accept full shots well. They have finally matured enough to no longer have that super spongy feeling like you’re standing on a pillow-top mattress while putting. Fairways have decent coverage of thin grass, not very lush for the most part. Rough is a mixed bag, sometimes bare spots and other times lush and penal. Blue tee boxes were good, not great. I was in two normal bunkers that had good sand and one other that might’ve been a waste bunker that had coarser sand as well as a big piece of broken glass in it. Regular bunkers had rakes but this one didn’t, which is why I thought maybe it was a waste bunker. (Right side of No. 9.) Hopefully fall and winter weather allows for better fairway conditions in the coming months.

As always, love the layout. Although having gotten past the initial glee of having the course back to life, I’m a little bummed there’s not a better 18th hole. The former driving range is now plotted out and you can see where streets and apartments will be built. Had a great time.
Played here today with Nickesquire for our GK Cup semi-final. 1:54 tee time, sent off by ourselves. Quickly caught the group in front of us and invited a twosome behind to join us on the third tee. One of those guys bailed after 9. Total POP a little erratic 4:40-ish where sometimes it seemed like we were fast and other times seemed like we were holding everyone up. Quite windy and warm for the first 12 holes or so, and then it seemed like the wind mostly stopped and the air temperature became almost cool late in the afternoon. Felt great but wasn't the prettiest day with mostly cloudy skies.

Conditions are very similar to my last review except it's clear that another four weeks of high temps have taken a bit of a toll on the course. Fairways and rough were a little scruffier than last time, and the blue tee boxes seemed even lumpier. I wasn't in a bunker. Greens ran mostly smooth around medium speed but did have quite a few ball marks. Still loved it, though.
Played here Sunday, 9/5 with a 2:10 tee time booked directly on their site. Saw it a few weeks ahead of time for only $36. Turned out to be too hot to walk, so I paid $25 more upon arrival for a nice cart with GPS and cooler. Paired with a threesome of nice guys who also rode. (Pro shop guy said it would be less for a split cart, but my cart partner would have to be comfortable sharing the cart with a stranger. Didn’t want that conversation, so I just paid the single rider rate.) Started a few minutes early with a nice buffer from the group in front of us. We also seemed to have a nice gap behind us until around hole 15/16 when several groups behind were catching up. One guy in my group was extremely deliberate, reading every putt from both sides of the hole, standing over shots for a long time, etc. (Amusingly, after he’d read every putt for a couple minutes, he left about 90% of them well short of the hole, so it was all for naught anyway.) Total POP almost exactly 5 hours. The screen in the cart kept displaying a message saying all carts had to be in by 7:30 and that the course closed at that time. Gorgeous but hot day with a decent breeze on the front nine but virtually no wind later in the round.

Conditions are quite good! Greens are smooth, medium speed and pretty soft, accepting full shots well. Unfortunately the large aprons are also pretty soft, making it difficult to play low running chips like the design calls for (I’m looking at you, 12.) Fairways have good coverage and provided good lies. As usual here, fairway adjacent rough is almost non-existent and/or thin but up around the greens the rough is very lush and nice. Then there are some very deep areas you definitely want to avoid (short right of 15, for instance). We played the Hanse (combo) tees so we got a taste of blue, white and black. Most were good, while a couple seemed a bit lumpy. I was only in one bunker (left of the green at 11) and it was good, although there was a big rock in it near my ball I needed to move.

Driving out of the course at dusk, some sort of wild animal ran in front of my car and I really wish I’d gotten a better look at what it was. It was over near the 3rd green and then bolted across the road and up the hill. It was very low to the ground but decent size. Definitely not a coyote. Maybe a bobcat or a large skunk or something like that. It climbed the hill on the opposite side of the road in no time. Really bummed I couldn’t identify it. Cool nonetheless.

P.S. Good service alert: After hitting my driver on the par-4 3rd, I noticed the head was loose. Called the shop to see if they had a tool (couldn’t find mine) and not only did they have one they let me use, but the guy said they had several extra and told me I could keep it! Thank you!
Played here Saturday 8/28 with a 2:12 twilight time. $28 plus $18 more because I chose to ride. Paired with a twosome of novice golfers with a great enthusiasm for the game. They're in a ladies golf league that allows them to tee up their second shots on par 4s and 5s to gain confidence on those shots. I thought that was interesting and have mixed feelings on it. Started right on time. Pace was pretty slow for out here. Total POP around 4:45 on a gorgeous afternoon. Nice breeze in Windmill Canyon kept the temperature comfortable.

Conditions are pretty good. Greens are smooth, medium speed and accept full shots well. Playing late in the day meant seeing more ball marks than usual, unfortunately. Kikuyu fairways are a tiny bit splotchy looking but play really nice. Rough wasn’t too penal, just a little longer than the fairways and/or thinner than the fairways. Blue tee boxes had good coverage but were a little lumpy. I had trouble with the sand (in two different bunkers, in fact) on the par-3 8th but I’m not sure if that was user error or that it was hard packed. Seems like the bunkers could all use a good raking to loosen up the sand.

Whenever I play here, I fall in love with the course all over again. I love how secluded it is and that it’s just a pure golf course with virtually nothing else in view. (Although there are some power lines that detract just a bit from some holes.) It has some great elevation changes, interesting contours on the greens, and provides a great challenge without beating you up. I got a 60-day base access pass on my way to Morgan Run on Monday, so I’ll probably play here several more times over the next couple months to take advantage of it. One of my favorite courses anywhere.
Played out here today in the first of two GK Review Guru groups paired with sparky14, Rat-Patrol and Rudyclub. Good times! Employees were all extremely friendly to greet us to the club. Started right on time around 2:30 and I really don’t know what time we finished… about 20 minutes before the sun set, I’d guess. We played the South & East nines.

Conditions are definitely a tale of two nines right now. South was nearly pristine with some of the best fairways I’ve seen in a long time, other than a few random problem spots and some areas that were roped off as GUR. Greens on South were smooth and quick and accepted full shots really well. Rough was nasty deep grabby kikuyu in some spots, putting a real premium on hitting the fairways. Other areas of rough were thin and/or some bare areas too. Blue tee boxes on South were excellent. Sand was really nice, some of the best I can recall in recent memory. Compared to South, East felt more beat-up. The tee boxes, fairways and greens were all a significant step down from the South nine. (For instance, fairways I'd say were a 9 on South, 6 on East.) Not bad but just sort of average muni course conditions, and the greens seemed much more pock-marked with ball marks on the East.

This was my first time here. Sort of a cool old-school vibe around the clubhouse that reminded me a bit of Pala Mesa or even some mid-tier Palm Desert clubs. Housing surrounding the course varies from attached townhomes to palatial estates with gargantuan backyards that back up to the course. The course itself relies mostly on length and a meandering creek/penalty areas bordering many holes and crossing a few for its challenge. It’s very flat, but the greens have some decent movement to keep things interesting. The upcoming Golf Moose/GK outing is on the South-North combo, which seems far superior to the South-East combo (at least in current conditions). North was closed today but we drove around it after we finished and it’s in really nice shape like South and seemed much more interesting than East.

Thanks Johnny for setting this up and thanks to Morgan Run for giving us access. Fun day!
Played here today at 11:50 with a “Deal” time for $41 after 20% off promo code. Great deal! Check in was super easy. Starter got me paired with a twosome and we started right on time. Pace was pretty good until hole 13 when the back-to-back par 3s meant two groups stacked up in front of us on the tee. Things smoothed out after those two holes and total POP was 4:40. No complaints for a weekend afternoon.

Conditions are pretty good. Greens are in good condition but it seems very few people fix their ball marks. Greens running medium speed, mostly smooth and pretty soft; very accepting of full shots. Fairways had good coverage and offered good lies. Rough was more of a mixed bag with some grass virtually non-existent and other areas deeper and penal. (My drive on 18 found the left side rough and I could only advance a 4-iron about 100 yards.) I was in one greenside bunker and the sand was great quality but no one seems to have raked it, despite a rake sitting right there. C’mon people… care for the course! Tee boxes were the low point, but not terrible. Lots of divots between the markers but if you use the two clubs length back you could often find a good spot. CPO on 4 and 15 today.

Holes 9 & 11 are so stupid out here it almost makes me never want to play the Babe again. Then on the other hand there are holes like 8, 10 & 15 that are some of my favorites among both courses. Overall I prefer Ike but fun to get out here every once in a while. Just wish those two holes were more reasonable.

P.S. Fairways on Ike looked more scalped/brown than they did two weeks ago.
Played Ike today with a 1:50 “Deal” time. It was $78 but I had a 20% off promo code making it $62 or so. Note on the pro shop door saying everyone vaccinated or not needs to be wearing a mask to enter, but the first customer I saw didn’t have one on, so I’m not sure how much they’re enforcing it. Check in super easy. Starter out front then asked if he could slot me one group ahead, fine by me. Started around 1:38 with a twosome and pace was not good, but not awful. As expected, the 4th and 5th tees got stacked up with two groups ahead of us on each, but then things returned back to normal. Marshal came around at one point and basically just waved a white flag and said, “It’s gonna be slow so deal with it.” (Paraphrased.) Apparently there were two tournaments earlier in the day. Overall it wasn’t terrible, just a smidge over 5 hours on a beautiful afternoon. Holes 2, 14 and 17 were CPO, but I think that’s often the case out there, right?

For the most part, conditions are good. There are some oddities, though. Greens were good except for an abundance of unfixed ball marks and a big pile of dirt in the middle of the 4th green. WTF? Greens were about medium speed, mostly smooth but sometimes bumpy, medium firmness. I switched balls mid-round and the softer ball actually backed up a few times, while a harder ball would bounce before stopping. Fairways have good coverage and provided decent lies all day, although parts of the 4th fairway seemed wetter than the rest of the course. Rough is much more of a mixed bag with lots of various grasses. Some of the kikuyu around the greens is very tricky. Tee boxes were inconsistent; some really quite bad and others acceptable but not great. Also a couple blue tee boxes – 3 and 6 – were closed and looked like they’d just been re-sodded. I was in two greenside bunkers; one had sufficient sand and another didn’t. Fairway bunkers were good.

Overall a very enjoyable afternoon on the Ike even though it beat me up pretty good, even while striking the ball not too poorly. Hope I can get back out there again soon.
Played here yesterday with a 12:24 “Deal” time. Used seven $10 reward codes and paid $5.99. Check-in went smooth. Check-in No. 2 over at the starter shack was a little bumpier. They called four singles to the tee and then the starter had us wait a while for everyone to show up. Only three people did, so they eventually sent us off as just three, a couple minutes past our time. The starter asked each player if we had water because it was going to be hot, encouraging us to buy waters for $2 each from the starter shack. I was really surprised that a course with $99 weekday afternoon tee times can’t spring for two 25 cent waters per player… ESPECIALLY when they’re not filling the jugs out on the course. Never saw anyone ahead, so pace of play was entirely up to us, although there was a really quick group on our tail starting around the 6th hole. We were keeping pace but when they hit right up behind us on the par-5 11th, we invited them to go through but they said no and then seemed to make an effort to lay back a bit the rest of the round. Total POP right around 4:00.

Conditions are pretty good overall. For the overabundance of annoying ads and notifications on the GPS screen, they could really use one urging players to fix ball marks. The greens had tons of ball marks and as a result, were pretty bumpy. It seems the maintenance staff fills unfixed ball marks with blue sand, which visually makes them stand out more than normal. Anyway, greens were about medium speed, bumpy in spots and pretty soft, accepting full shots well. Many greens had some small bare spots as well. Fairways were really nice bermuda with great coverage. Rough was also in very nice shape, just a little longer than the fairway but never really penal. Gold tee boxes were good. Bunkers looked to be maintained but had a hard-packed base that need some work.

Nothing to do with the conditions but just sorta amusing anecdotally: One of my playing partners was practically Inspector Gadget. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone bring so many accessories to play golf before. His cart looked like he was overseeing a NASA rocket launch with a bunch of wires going everywhere. He had a phone holder in his cart’s cup holder, had another big mount for his tablet affixed to the steering wheel column, had a metal post he’d bring down near the green and stick in the ground so he could lean his unused clubs against it instead of laying them on the ground, and had a ball retriever on the grip end of his putter. Roger Dunn must love when he walks through the door.

Overall, fun day on a nice layout but the nickel and diming for water on a supposed “high end” course was a big turn off.
Played in the first-ever + GolfMoose private course collab outing here today. Paired with Tom, Shawn and another Mark and started as group 18A. Pace seemed good but was actually slower than it felt, starting on time at 10:00 and finishing in around 4:55. The event was well organized and Johnny gave away some prizes to one lucky foursome before it started. Good times!

The course is in very nice condition. Greens were excellent although maybe a little inconsistent in speed (or harder to read than I thought). They were medium fast on most putts, but downhillers were very fast. Downhill putts would break quite a bit, but uphill putts didn’t as much. The greens were smooth and accepted full shots well. (My approach to the multi-tiered 18th — my first hole of the day – landed about 20 feet behind the hole and spun back some 60 feet or so off the front of the green!) Fairways were very nice and there was a clear delineation between fairway and rough. Rough was probably about 2.5 inches deep and not too penal in most spots, although it would slow balls down pretty quickly. Further off line there was some deep stuff. Blue tee boxes were all good. Bunkers looked good but the greenside bunker I was in was sort of thin while a fairway bunker had plentiful sand. Would prefer to see that flipped.

This was my first time here. It’s a nice residential course that reminded me in spots of Braemar CC, Coto de Caza, Glen Annie and maybe Twin Oaks. It’s yet another solid option in Ventura County, although in the immediate area, I would prefer Moorpark CC or Rustic Canyon. Congratulations Johnny on what seemed like a very successful event!
Played with JohnnyGK and Mtaylor in the final group of last Sunday’s GK event out here. Bag drop could’ve used a sign to indicate it wasn’t open, as I dropped off my clubs and they just sat there until I went and fetched them myself a while later. Starter was friendly and informative near the practice green before sending us to the first tee. Pace was good. I was a little surprised a course of this caliber has no system for indicating where the pins are on the greens. All the flags are black and there’s no diagram with green sections or anything.

Conditions were mostly very nice! Greens were medium speed, mostly smooth and accepted full shots well. Fairways and rough were great considering the extreme temperatures; mostly green with slight yellowing in spots. White tee boxes were all good. The bunkers I was in looked great but seemed like a rather thin layer of sand on top of a firmer base.

This was my second time playing the course (extreme opposite weather conditions – last time was freezing and extremely high winds) and I love the layout. Unfortunately I played poorly this time and the course won’t let you get away with that. I’d love to actually play well here next time!

Super fun Vegas GK weekend! I won a GolfMoose voucher that I’m looking forward to using. Thanks to Johnny and all the sponsors for an amazing two days to kick off my summer Vegas trip.
Played here in the GK event on 7/10. Started a couple minutes early paired with mcantos and stickboy. Always fun to play with Vince and great to finally meet Marvin. Good times! Pace was good.

Conditions were excellent! Greens were smooth, medium-fast and sneaky quick if you weren’t careful and accepted full shots well. Fairways and rough were in fantastic shape. Bunkers were great. Yellow tee boxes very nice. You can’t ask for much better conditions on a desert course on the absolute hottest day of the year.

This was my second time playing Sun Mountain. I still maintain that the routing of all three courses blends together a bit out at Paiute, but each course has strong individual holes. It’s just difficult for me to differentiate them or even recognize what hole I’m looking at other than the hole I’m on. Minor knock on an otherwise exceptional facility.

Thank you Johnny and all the sponsors for a wonderful event! I got a Linksoul hat and Linksoul shirt and love 'em both!
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