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Played here Sunday, 4/4 with a 2:00 tee time. Booked direct on their site a couple weeks ahead of time for just $38. Paired with a threesome of nice guys. We all walked and played the black tees. Sent off about 10 minutes late and finished about 5 hours, 10 minutes later. Picture-perfect day with little wind, perfect temperature and mostly blue skies with light cloud cover.

Course conditions continue to be excellent. Greens were a little slower than when I was here a few weeks ago, but still in great condition. Medium speed, smooth and more firm than soft, although full, well-struck shots would check up. The collars seemed to have been aerated recently with small tines and very, very lightly sanded – none of which affected play at all. Fairways have good coverage of somewhat thin grass. Rough along the fairways is mostly thin and/or non-existent, but up around the greens it’s extremely lush, dark green grass in pretty much immaculate condition, probably about 2 inches deep. Tee boxes were in good condition. I was in a couple bunkers and neither had what I would call “good” sand, but I’m not sure if they were actual bunkers or waste bunkers. (The tiny strip of sand in front of No. 1 and then right of the 17th green.)

Aside from the slow play (and twisting my ankle near the 9th tee), I couldn’t ask for a much better day.
Played here yesterday with a 2:00 time I nabbed on their website the day before. I had once again been checking sites of several different courses rather obsessively and finally what must’ve been a cancellation popped up and I jumped on it. I booked for $43 with cart, but at check-in they gave me the option to walk for $31. Because I already planned on riding, I opted to ride but nice to know that rate on their site is the high end of what you’ll pay. I originally planned to eat lunch somewhere on Coronado, but the island was so busy with people I decided to just eat at the course’s snack bar instead. The restaurant was very busy with a big lunch crowd, too. Checked in around 1:20, was given my choice of carts and was called to the first tee a few minutes before 2:00. Played with a couple guys from inland SD county and another guy who lives on Coronado. We waited quite a bit but pace wasn’t too bad for a weekend afternoon on a muni. Probably about 4:45 total. Absolutely gorgeous day (warm, too!) with about a one- to two-club (seemingly swirling) breeze pretty consistently throughout the round.

Course is in really nice condition. Greens are mostly smooth, medium-fast, and about medium firmness. Most of my shots took a bounce before stopping. Fairways had pretty good coverage and were well maintained. The rough was a little spottier and clumpier but still pretty good. Not very deep nor penal. Blue tee boxes were mostly good but a few were heavily sanded – the par-3 5th comes to mind. I think I was only in one bunker but got plenty of experience in it (read the March “What’d you shoot” for all the gory details). It had plentiful, rather heavy sand in it.

I was surprised to find a city-run course with so few Covid regulations in place. There was a sign not to touch the flagsticks, but otherwise there were rakes around bunkers, sand bottles on the cart, and nothing in the cup to prevent the ball from falling to the bottom. Face masks required indoors when checking in. Beverage cart came around several times. No ball washers at tee boxes.

I had only played here once before, many many years ago. 1989, I think. The course is even better than I remembered. I didn’t remember so many back nine holes playing along the edge of the water. Hope it’s not another 30+ years before I return. With demand so high, I guess I understand their tee time policy, but I don’t like it. The only way to book more than 2 days in advance is to pay an absurd $17 booking fee. Seems like a pure cash grab to me. Even the Coronado resident I played with said he hadn’t played there for six months because it’s so difficult to get a time unless you pay that fee.
Played here Saturday, 3/20 at 12:45. Booked through for an amazing rate of only $38. Not sure if that was a mistake or what (prices available seemed to vary wildly) but I’ll take it. Check in went smoothly, snack bar open, putting green open, got my cart fine. They had a starter out near the range sending groups off both the 1st and 10th tees. I was paired with two women who seem to play there regularly, and we started on the 10th tee. We waited quite a bit on the group in front of us and my playing partners both said pace was slow, but we finished in under 4 hours. (Apparently the day before they’d played in 3:05.)

Conditions are very nice. Greens run smooth, medium-fast and are quite firm. Full shots made very small ball marks and some, not all, took a bounce before stopping. Some greens seemed to have some sort of treatment that looked like uniform cuts with a razor blade. It didn’t affect putting at all. Fairways were lush rye with great coverage, providing really nice lies all day. The rough was dormant, short bermuda and a little spottier, coverage-wise. Still quite good, though. Blue tee boxes were all good. Lots of large, sprawling bunkers here and the one I was in was in good shape.

This was my first time here. Pretty much what I expected: Nothing terribly exciting, but a solid, mid-level residential course. I liked the bunkering I mentioned earlier, and there’s a good variety of holes with doglegs, different lengths, etc. Several water hazards come into play. Being north of Interstate 10, it’s prone to high winds and they did kick up during parts of the round. I'd put it in the same category as the nearby Mountain Vista courses... solid yet unspectacular. Seems like it’s mostly a club for residents of the surrounding community as the employees seemed to know all the regulars. Definitely recommended.
Played here today with a 1:30 tee time. $38 booked direct on their site about a week ago. Paid $8 more in the shop for a push cart. Paired with a riding twosome and another walking single. Started right on time and POP was not terrible but not good. Front-nine back-ups at 3rd tee & 6th tee, back nine back-ups on 10, 11, 15, 16 & 17. The riding twosome quit after 17, but the other guy and I played the 18th hole in near total darkness, finishing around 6:30. We had to be the last group to finish. Not exactly sure why things move so poorly out here… maybe the tough green complexes? Anyway, despite playing terribly most of the day, very happy I was able to finish after the 90+ minute drive to get there.

Conditions are pretty darn good. Greens are great, quite slick, very smooth and definitely more firm than soft. A few holes seemed really beat up on the collars, and I’m not sure why. Like right in front of the 15th green looked like somebody had a driving range session from there with tons of weird divots. Fairways might be the low point of conditions, but they’re not bad. They are a little clumpy, though, with a mix of grasses. Seems like a dormant bermuda base with some sort of green grass growing in little clumps. Rough is a mix of really lush rye in spots and dormant, thin bermuda in others. Blue tee boxes were mostly good. I was in one bunker and it was very well maintained and had good sand.

Always a treat to play here. Love the drive in and how you get a “preview” of what’s in store. Wish it was closer to home, easier to get a tee time, and had better weekend POP. Otherwise it’s just about perfect.
Played here this morning with a 7:50 tee time. Things very organized and running on time. The check-in guy was announcing each group over the loudspeaker. Seems like courses have gone away from this practice, but I like it. Keeps you in the know of exactly who’s supposed to be on the tee, if things are on time, etc. Paired with a twosome and another single. The twosome each had their own carts and the other single and I both walked. $50.50 green fee + $5 push cart rental. A few groups ahead was at least a hole behind, and we waited on pretty much every hole, but overall POP wasn’t bad. Just a little over 4:30. (My playing partners said POP has improved greatly here during the Covid era, and that pace was pretty slow today. Apparently gone are the days of six-hour rounds.) Range is open, practice greens are not.

Conditions are decent to good overall. Greens are probably the highlight. Medium-fast, smooth and about medium firmness. Fairways had good coverage, not all that attractive or visually consistent, but they played pretty good. Rough also had good coverage and varied from lush stuff where your ball would sit up on top beautifully to thinner spots that made it difficult to hit shots cleanly. Blue tee boxes were decent… some had lots of divots, and the 10th tee had the markers in an area where they had obviously done something to the grass while right next to that was much better conditioned grass, which was weird. I was only in one bunker – fairway bunker on No. 1 – and it was good. No rakes. One of my playing partners complained that a greenside bunker was mud, but they looked pretty good to me.

Only my second time here, and last time was a few years ago when I tweaked my rib cage on the 6th tee and couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the round. Really good course! It was cloudy all day, making the course not too pretty to look at, but it’s a good layout, a nice walk and a decent value – if and when you can get a tee time.
Played here today with an 11:42 “Deal” time. Got it for a great price after 20% promo code. (I think it came to $42 after the code, including cart, can’t remember for sure.) Arrived around 11:20, place was pretty busy. Checked in and they said come back in 10 more minutes and they’d assign me a cart. Did so, started pretty much on time, was paired with another single and a twosome, and POP was pretty slow, especially the back nine. I didn’t realize it until about the 13th hole, but it was totally the fault of the group directly in front of us. They were at least a hole behind at that point. Total POP was just under 5 hours on an absolutely beautiful Santa Barbara day.

Conditions are very nice! The whole course is very green, which looks gorgeous against the mountain backdrop. Greens are medium fast, more firm than soft, and mostly smooth. I say mostly because almost all putts rolled well, but our group did have two or three putts that inexplicably took big bounces that killed their speed. Pretty sure the greens were poa and some were splotchier than others. Mostly all good, though. Fairways too were mostly great. Some of them had perfectly manicured kikuyu that looked like Riviera or something. Then a couple others had a mix of grasses and lower quality maintenance, especially 17 comes to mind – with a giant gully and tall trees, I’m guessing that fairway doesn’t get enough sunlight to grow well. Rough was good, a little spottier than the fairways in terms of cover and consistency. Tee boxes were mostly decent, but a couple are heavily sanded (like all sand, no grass) and one or two more had a mix of lots of sand and some grass. The rest were decent. Some of the back boxes were closed for maintenance. I think I was in three bunkers. The first two were great and the third was wet and compacted, but still not too bad.

This was my first time ever playing here. Fun, beautiful course! I loved all the elevation changes, and the setting is gorgeous with great views of the mountains. A couple holes even have views of the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island, I believe) but not the ocean… just the top of the island sticking up over the nearby hills. The greens can be really tricky and challenging, especially the par-4 7th. Overall, highly recommended at the rate I got.
I’m starting to get good at this “last minute” booking thing! Haha. Even though I already have plans to play golf Sunday, I woke up early Saturday morning with nothing to do for the day, so I started searching for possible tee times by refreshing a bunch of sites over and over. I ended up finding a couple slots available here at Balboa Park, which I’d never played before. I grabbed an 11:39 single time for $56 walking rate. That seemed a bit high, but there were few options available. The confirmation email said to be there at least 30 minutes ahead of time or else they can give your tee time to someone else (which is weird when other courses during Covid prefer you to NOT arrive until shortly before your tee time), so I arrived around 11:05 and checked in and paid. Then, after seeing golf holes along the ridgelines across canyons, I decided maybe I should ride instead of walking. It was another $22 for a single-rider cart. This was a Covid first for me: The practice putting green is open, but without any holes cut. It was representative of the on-course greens, though, so it does help to roll a few putts. Paired with two fun guys. We started right on time, fell behind a couple times but then would catch up when the course backed up some. We finished in four hours and 58 minutes.

Conditions are good! Many greens had some dirt/trouble areas around the edges, but fortunately it never impacted me. Other than that, they’re running medium-fast to fast, fairly smooth and accept full shots well. One or two greens seemed to have a bunch of unfixed ball marks. Fairways were good, green in color with pretty consistent coverage. The rough was probably a step down in quality from the fairways with more imperfections/thin areas. Not very deep, but does make you work more than when your ball is in the fairway. I was in one bunker and it was really good. Blue tee boxes were decent; lots of divots and seemed a little lumpy/unlevel on many holes.

As I said earlier, this was my first time here even though I’ve wanted to play it for many years. The first few holes play down in the “canyon” areas between various hills, but then later on the back nine many holes are routed along the ridgeline with canyons becoming “penalty areas.” Those holes are where the course really shines. Some of the front nine reminded me vaguely of The Saticoy Club. This is a course that definitely rewards accuracy over length. Good mix of fun par 3s. I really enjoyed it. It just furthers the “San Diegans are so spoiled” mantra when you consider how inexpensive their rates are here. Highly recommended. Next time I think I would walk. It wouldn’t be an easy walk, but I think it’s probably not as difficult as it looks from the hilltop clubhouse.
For the second weekend in a row, I waited too long to book anything so I was scouring a bunch of sites in search of cancellations Friday night. This time I lucked into a 1:12 time popping up for San Clemente at $39 walking rate. I arrived around 12:20 in hopes of starting early enough to guarantee finishing, and actually started around 12:55 paired with three other singles. Seems like this course is still allowing walk-ups to get on the list, unlike many other courses that require everyone to have confirmed tee times during Covid. Three of us walked and one rode. Things moved pretty consistently and we finished in four and a half hours.

Conditions are excellent in my book. The greens are smooth, a little thatchy, running medium speed and accepting full shots well. Downhillers towards the ocean can get pretty quick. I thought the fairways were excellent, with great kikuyu coverage although there are some brown spots here and there. The rough is 2-3 inches deep, not too penal but enough to make you work harder and sometimes grabby due to the kikuyu. Tee boxes were all decent, no complaints. I was in two bunkers, one of which had plentiful sand, and the other was pretty thin.

Always a great time playing this course. I love it so much. Walking it can get tiring. Felt appropriate to play it during the Genesis Invitational week with its vague similarities to Riviera: kikuyu, William Park Bell’s involvement, coastal air and winds, barrancas in play, etc. Highly recommended.
Played here today at 11:40 with a “Deal” time for about $44 (after 15% off promo) w/cart. Check in through a window into the shop and then there’s a little table set up outside with another employee who assigns carts. Ended up starting a few minutes early playing with three others, including one walker. After a couple holes, we fell about half a hole behind the group in front of us (the group behind us was nowhere to be seen, though, so no big deal), but ultimately caught them at the 17th tee and had to wait a bit on the last two holes. Overall POP good at around 4:20. Carts had no sand bottles, no rakes in bunkers, no touching the pin, masks required on course the whole time, pool noodle in the cups… yet the mask-less Marshall was driving around and filling divots on the first tee.

Conditions are pretty good. Having played munis on back-to-back days, I’d say Rec Park actually looks better than Harding did yesterday, but where I lucked into avoiding the bare spots and lesser conditioned areas yesterday, I seemed to find a lot of them today. Greens were the highlight of the course… mostly smooth, medium-fast, accepted full shots really well. Fairways had good coverage of healthy green grass, but as I already alluded to, also their fair share of bare spots and unfortunate lies. The rough seemed to be a mix of grasses and also had some bare spots. While the rough isn’t deep, I had trouble making crisp contact when I was in it. (Although that may be due to the fact I hit my irons poorly all day.) Tee boxes were mostly good except the par 3s were definitely more beat up than the others. I was only in one bunker (greenside at 18) and it was full of high quality sand.

Many, many years ago I used to play here and all the Long Beach courses fairly regularly, but then for some reason I started to prefer Skylinks and El Dorado to Rec Park. As a result, I hadn’t been here for probably at least 20 years until today. I really enjoyed the course quite a bit. I still haven’t played Skylinks since the long-ago renovation, but I definitely preferred Rec Park today to what I remember of ElDo. Will consider playing here more often.
With nothing to do Saturday and decent tee times hard to come by, I was scouring several sites Friday evening in hopes of something popping up. Eventually around 10pm a 10:30 tee time for Harding at Griffith Park was available, so I snatched it and played there today. $42 to walk. Arrived a little before 10:00, tried to check in but they told me they’ll call me 10 minutes prior to my time. All the practice greens are closed and roped off with yellow “crime scene” tape, so there’s not much to do if you don’t want to go hit balls on the range. This results in lots of people standing around outside the clubhouse, and it seems to me they’d be more spread out if they were able to use all the practice areas. (Having them closed does prevent non-players from showing up to practice putting, though.) I was paired with a threesome and we started pretty much on time, maybe a few minutes late. We waited on the group in front of us all day, and things got a little backed up on the 18th tee, but overall pace wasn’t too bad for here. I think we finished in about 4:50, and it seemed quicker than that to me.

Conditions are decent. Thankfully, the greens are the highlight. For the most part, they ran medium-fast to fast and accepted full shots well. They were a little bumpy in places and some greens have some slight bare spots around the edges, but overall pretty good. Aside from a little bit of spotty coverage, fairways are actually not too bad either. The turf had more cushion than I expected for this time of year. Rough was a little more hit or miss, but where there is grass, it wasn’t too penal. Tee boxes were in mediocre condition, inconsistent from hole to hole but always somewhere to put the tee in grass. I was in one bunker and the sand was pretty thin, but not too bad.

I hadn’t played Harding for about 25 years, so it was nice to get back. Recommended if you can get a tee time. After the morning cloud cover burned off, it was a beautiful, partly cloudy day with only slight breezes and temps around 65-70. Pretty much ideal.
Such a shame that this facility – with two really exceptional layouts – seems so customer UN-friendly. Had a 12:50 time here today as a single, knowing it could be a little dicey whether or not I’d finish. Then when I checked in, they had a sign and the guy informed me carts needed to be in by 4:30. So I said, “Ok, how’s that work… then someone drives me back out to wherever I was to finish?” And he said, “No, the golf course is closed at 4:30.” When I told him that’s ridiculous, his reply was, “We had a tournament today, sir” as if that has any relevance to deciding to close the course at least an hour before total darkness sets in. Now the good news: I actually finished, but only because I was so visibly angry about the situation when I dealt with the starter that he figured out a way to get me off early and playing the back nine first, which was wide open after the tournament for some reason. Only because of that, my group played quickly and were finished by 4:00, playing with three seniors visiting from Canada. Total POP around 3:30. If the starter hadn’t moved me around like that, I assume I would’ve finished about 13 or 14 holes by 4:30. What the heck kind of facility decides to close at 4:30 when it’s light until at least 5:30 and playable until probably 5:45 right now? I hadn’t been here for 6+ years and still remember the front desk person was really rude that time, too. But this goes beyond the front desk. This is ownership and/or management blatantly willing to screw their customers for no good reason. (Has the Covid golf boom already gone to the heads of some course management?)

Anyway, the North course is in quite good condition. Holes 1, 8 & 9 are cart path only. The greens roll really good, but I’m a little concerned for their future. They are brownish/olive bermuda (I think) grass that seems very dry and brittle. Despite their firmness, they accept full shots pretty well. They rolled mostly smooth and medium-fast to fast. Fixing ball marks almost felt like you were damaging the green because the grass was so dry. Fairways were beautiful overseeded rye, providing good lies. Rough was the same stuff just a bit longer… long enough to potentially impact your swing, but I wouldn’t say deep. I played the yellow tees and several holes had black, yellow and white all bunched within a few yards of each other. There were quite a few divots on most tees but still plenty of good areas to choose from. Sand was good, although lots of footprints due to no rakes. (Practice putting green didn’t have cups; instead they had the pins with the peg on the bottom. Singles get single-rider carts; people who book together are expected to ride together.)

Really great layout; one of my favorites in the Coachella Valley. Gorgeous weather today: Clear skies, little wind, lots of snow on San Jacinto. The only residences on the course are the timeshare bordering a few holes, but even then it’s rarely in play. The South course was not overseeded this year… looks a little scruffy and likely VERY firm and fast everywhere. Despite my love for the layout, not sure how anxious I am to return here unless ownership or management changes.
Played here today with the GK Review Gurus. I was in the second group with sixpez and nutnbutcup. POP great at about 3:50. Cool, sometimes cold, windy and overcast day robbed the course of some of its visual punch, but that’s about the only negative I can think of.

Conditions are excellent! Greens are smooth, medium-fast, and mostly firm. Full shots did stop decently quick for me, but not necessarily for everyone. Play a spinning ball and/or hit high approach shots to ensure they stop quickly. Fairways are beautiful, lush overseeded rye, providing perfect lies and cushion all day. Rough was lush overseeded rye just a little deeper, not very penal. Most of the bunkers I was in were good, although one was a little thin. Tee boxes were lush, flat and well maintained with some noticeable divot damage.

Layout-wise, the course offers lots of beautiful views especially from the tee. You can tell a lot of attention was paid to placing trees, bunkers, and mounding in eye-pleasing spots. Maybe the only minor knock on it is I’m not sure this course has a definitive “signature” hole. (I'm not saying every course has to have a signature hole, more of a comment in relation to FireCliff.) Still a really fun play especially when conditions are like they are currently. Highly recommended.
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