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Played Arrowhead CC early 10/17/20. The course is in alright condition, greens are for the most part alright, I saw a few areas of dead grass or dirt on the edges of the greens. The fairways have seen better days, as crabgrass has started to take over in parts, but not unplayable. The sand is dirt so it's 50/50 what you get, one hole soft, the next hardpack. Overall, the course is fun, long, and challenging at times yet not impossible. I would play here again without question. Actually, would love another crack at this one, because my game fits this style. Any deal under $50 is worth it. The par 3's are long.
Played here 9/26/20. 4th Tee time off on a Saturday, and still slow. Fullerton is the type of golf course you need to play 3 to 4 times to really understand the tricks and secrets. The Front 9 isn't hard, its short and straight. The back is where things can get odd. Holes 12 and 13 have a bike/running trail. You will hear people yelling as the bikers approach the runners. Honestly its kinda funny. I mysterously lost 2 balls here when I was convinced I saw it land. The greens were good and the fairlways had some spots, tees were fine. The type of course you could play everyday, and the type of course you might hate to play everyday. Usually a great deal, I wouldn't pay over $40 to play here.
Played here 10-11-20

Scholl is in very good shape right now. The sand has been replaced on a few holes but a few holes there is still dirt. The greens are in good shape, the tee boxes could use a little leveling. I played with a member of the men's club and he explained that Saturday's are packed but every other day is smooth sailing. We finished in under 3hrs for 18, after passing the slow 4-some ahaed of us. Scholl is one of my favorite places to go, it's fast and the views are worth it. It's tougher than it looks and harder than its handicap. The range is usually slammed with people but that's not always the case with the course.
Listing 1 to 3 of 63,367 Course Reviews
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