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Played today 6:37 tee time in a GK Gurus outing. Check in was simple and easy. Service is 5 star excellent food and drinks. Now lets get to what really matters the course!

The big knock here from the past is that the greens were bad, to fast to slow would not receive well struck shots bumpy etc.... Well let me say that the Superintendent and all his workers should be praised. The Greens are FANTASTIC, smooth as glass, very little damage from unrepaired ball marks. They are fast enough to give you thought before you roll but not so quick that you need to worry about running the ball by unless you really rifle one off the putter. They held all shots well, would check if you needed and would run if that was your choice of shot. Spinning the ball was no problem and the hop and stop was working as well.

Tee boxes were terrific with just you normal wear on the par 3's and even that was held to a surprising low level of wear.

Fairways provided GREAT lies with green conditions through out the course, no thin of barren areas noted and plenty of moisture for going down to get the ball. The Kikuyu Grass is in full force and very lush. The ball is sitting up and at first glance your thinking great, however you also find out on the first shot from it that there is also lots of air under neath and coming up short is and can be a problem if the wrong club is selected.

Bunkers, great sand coverage and well groomed, some of the largest bunkers in the OC. I would recommend hitting a few practice shots from the bunker areas as the overnight watering combined with cooler temps and overnight dew play a huge roll in early morning sand make up or consistency, they are however quite playable but much heavier.

Overall the course is in terrific shape definitely in my opinion a 5 STAR rating, AGAIN KUDOS TO THE SUPERINTENDENT AND ALL HIS STAFF, A MUST PLAY LOCATION!!!!!
Played Hidden Valley on a Late Saturday Morning, with tee times at 10:00 10:15 and 10:30. I normally enjoy this course and enjoy the challenges of some nice risk reward type holes. Unfortunately my review will not be favorable. Despite a relatively light day for play the round came in t just over 5 hours.
Conditions are less than good. Fairways are almost to the point of being soggy. Several drives down the middle of the fairways (where I was for most of the day) resulted in the ball being plugged up to 3/4 of the ball. Several fairways exhibited overwatering that resulted in almost swamp type environment. Primary and secondary rough showed signs of major flooding or poor watering guidelines. Again several areas just walking through to play a second shot showed water seeping from your steps. Bunkers, what a joke flooded on every hole and those that were not showed little to no sand present. I know wind plays a roll here with keeping bunkers acceptable but this was a whole different story. Greens well they were green! It appeared as if someone had walked through with a sledge hammer routinely slamming it into the ground at various locations. Very disturbing conditions and far to many present issues to return anytime soon!
Arrived today at 7:00 am for a 7:50 tee time. Check in as always here is smooth and quick and today was provided with a complementary warm up bucket of 30 balls free of charge. (MORE ON THIS TO COME) Getting down to the range I could instantly see that the grass practice area was closed for ongoing reseeding. Several others were on the mats so decided to give those a go. There not the greatest in condition but far better than many I seen at other courses, adequate for the purpose of warm up.

The practice green is in beautiful shape, and rolling about a 10.5 so was excited to get onto the course and putt some med fast greens. My only complaint about the practice green was that only 5 pin placements had been punched and they were all very close if not punched together making a good warm up difficult with so many players in the same area.

Arriving at the starter, well it was a rather lengthy talk. Several fairways are cart path only and we were informed that Blue, combo and white tee boxes were closed to let the new grass take hold and continue its growth uninterrupted. My foursome and I were not happy about this and the starter informed us that this is why we were getting the free warm up bucket. The tees are currently playing from Red so any real discussion about how my game went is not worth the effort. Tees will continue to be at the current locations until next week according to starter.

Greens although in good shape in color and grass were horribly slow and showed several areas of unrepaired balls marks. When I say slow we are talking less than 10 and probably closer to a 9 if not lower, very disappointing and alomost troubling to me. The new seed is coming in well in the 1st and secondary cuts. Fairways are for most part good, except for the occasional swamp area and a few thin spots scattered throughout. Sand quality in average, some bunkers contain a good amount of sand and others well its mostly like hitting from a wet mix of sand for a thin top layer and mix of underlying fill.

Overall the course is in better than average shape and still a fun place to play even today with the tees being forward to the point of being ridiculous. For me I would wait until the teeing grounds are back to the normal placements.
Played Moorpark Creekside and Canyon on 5/29/18 with tee of off scheduled for 9:30. The starter although trying seemed to have problems locating various groups before us thus we were pushed back until 9:50. These courses although similar in setup could not be more different in appearance.

CREEKSIDE.. Fairways seemed to be rather thin,slightly brown and had plenty of roll. Lies were tight and provided some challenging second shots. The rough on this 9 really does not come in to play as it is hardly visible.

Bunkers, mixed bag of fair to poor sand, heavy,brown and quite thin for my liking. Several showed under lining and appeared not to have been raked.

Greens , just fair in my book, greenish brown or yellow, several unrepaired ball marks with plenty of dry areas or even dead areas around the edges and rather slow. TEE BOXES good with plenty of grass coverage with surprisingly little damage to be noted and quite level. I would say pay attention to the fairway alignment to the tee though several require a good look to get your barring.

CANYON. Fairways are green with great coverage providing good lies. The biggest difference here is the rough, green heavy and quite penal, long enough to lose your ball.

BUNKERS, were dry with lite brown sand with plenty of coverage. Some are deep and others are rather shallow but all gave fair chances for different types of recovery shots.

GREENS, in my opinion a mixed bag of good to maybe great. Held shots well and spinning the ball was little to no problem. Much faster than Creekside with plenty of break. For both courses you certainly want to remain below the hole, down hill putts here are horrifying on both courses.

TEE BOXES, Very good again little to no divot damage, level and green.

I would not be willing to pay the rack rate here at this time, but we received a playing rate of 55.00 due to a program they have installed here for Korean players.
Played 5/3/18 afternoon tee time of 2:00 pm. Having never played here thought it would be a good way to close out my 72 holes in two days. Ooops big mistake. The course rests along side of the northern foothills at the North end of Golf Center Parkway. Arriving we found wind to be blowing at 20 and gusting to 30. I had no idea what I was in for. Practice areas and about average, nothing that would make you take noet other than its quite the haul to get there from the clubhouse. Fairways are firm and green although thin, and lead to many shots running farther than planned. Rough really not existent on this course as everything is shaved very tight, causing many problems and really difficult recovery shots. The sand here is average at best, some bunkers providing good lies and others providing little sand and limiting recovery options. Greens hard and very fast, making even good shots look horribly bad. Chipping on to the greens here is difficult at best. I found early in the round that putting from some 20 yards worked just as well. Don't be afraid to use your utility words here and bump put from distance. There is no fringe here, its greens and then see you later ball. Putting is difficult, with breaks you can and can't see plenty of problems below and above the hole. False fronts are the norm and provide devious reminders of just how hard it is to get the ball close to the pin here. Not my favorite or even something I would consider playing again unless I was practicing for just this type of course.
Played Firecliff on 5/2/18 with a 8:10 tee time, starting off my 72 holes in two days outing. Always one of my favorites and for me always in the top 3 of Palm Springs golf. Day started off quite cold and rainy with winds blowing about 25 mph making any good score unlikely. Rain stopped about a third of the way through our round but heavy winds persisted. Customer here rivals any of the big time public courses you can think of. They certainly care about the players and cater to your every need. Simply put this is one of the Nicest and most well maintained course you will ever come across.
Practice facilities are some of the best if not the best for any course I've played in the valley. The highlight is the practice green, which can be misleading to actual course conditions, not here however it was a perfect match to conditions experienced on the course.
Tee boxes , level perfectly groomed and little to no damage its a 10 here. Fairways green lush and with little to none divot damage left unrepaired, providing fair roll. another 10. Rough is penal, how penal will depend on how bad your shot was, on this day it was devastating as wind blew balls everywhere and anywhere!! Another 10. The bunkers here are dubious and frightening, deep with great sand and acceptable recovery rates if your skilled ion all recovery shots, miss it however and bogey or double bogey comes into play. Slap another 10 down for the sand. Now the greens, fast, faster and fastest. Breaks from every angle, undulations, and some of the hardest collection areas I have ever seen. No damage noted on any green complex to be seen. This course has everything you would want, fair challenge, terrific views, and if your not thinking or trying to bite off to much penalties lurking everywhere. Play it if you haven't already
Played Shadow Ridge on 5/3/18 as part of my 72 holes in two days golf outing. Its hard to rate any of the desert course that are good so I'll do my best and not compare it to the other course reviews that will follow.

Customer service was outstanding, from the moment you drive up your feeling a star. Clubhouse is well stocked and check in is easy. Practice facilities are well kept, green and in very good shape. Everything you can ask for, great practice bunker area, chipping, and terrific practice green.
Course is lush very green, fairways well maintained with few unrepaired divots, and providing a descent and fair and descent amount of roll. Rough is somewhat penal depending on how fair you stray, and how or where the ball comes to rest. Most of the time I had a good shot at getting club face to the ball, however I did experience plenty of grass between the clubface and ball on several occasions as well. Bunkers were great terrific sand quality and plenty of coverage, allowing for any and all recovery shots. Greens were quick, almost to the point of fast, with plenty of break, undulations, and several difficult collection areas. Tee boxes showed little ware and very few unrepaired divot damage. Terrific course and always a most for my round of 72 holes.
Played Strawberry Farms today 3/26/18. Course is in good condition with greening fairways and descent rough. Greens were in good condition and rolled about a 10. Typical problems though showed on all greens, Failure to repair or poorly repaired ball marks. Bunkers were somewhat wet and sticky and have the usual concerns that always present here, minimal sand and poor coverage. Without wind this course in normally manageable for me playing from blues, however today was a tad windy on course and I struggled for that distance. My other problem here is pace of play or lack there of 5+ hour round today. Several zig zag groups ahead of us all in foursomes (3). Still think the price here is a bit over what the rack should be.
Day two of my weekend golf trip, found us playing The Oasis Golf Club Canyons Course. First let me say this if your not a fan of big houses probably occupied by people with to much money this is not the course for you. I happen to like looking at some of the ways to much is spent. Playing the course at just over 6400 yards was a refresher from the day before. Customer service is good and could have been excellent if not for the punk handing out cart numbers. What a total ass, with no people skills at all.
Everything here is green, fairways are lush and at times I found them to be almost moist. Not much roll so a low driving shot was the call for this day. Temps were warmer than the the previous day at just under 60 degrees. Greens are fair and rolled true but slower than I care for, maybe a 10 or a tad under. Little to no visible damage from unreparied ball marks or poorly repaired. Sand quality was good with only a few needing attention, most likely from the prevailing afternoon wind. Tee boxes were level with a few needing attention from divot damage, none were noted to be Unlevel. Its a nice play here and challenging for your average golfer, I think longer hitters would have a field day with the course, but non the less a good play, would recommend if you like houses lining the fairways views are still good and really some of the homes are spectacular.
Played the course this past weekend 12/15/17 as part of my 3 day 3 course tour of near Nevada with my soon to be new son in law. This course is relatively flat considering the surrounding area and at just over 6600 yards from the blues thought it would be a good test. The course is fair and provides good landing zones off the tee, however I found the distance to be a little difficult. The course is in fantastic shape with fair roll. It may be a bit hard so for me taking a reasonable divot was a bit testy. Rough is not bad your bigger problem here is the desert that attracted many of my shots on this day. Greens are in great shape, receptive to well struck shots and rolling about 11. Bunkers were in good shape, slightly hard in the morning hours but better in the early afternoon. Tees are good, some divot damage where you would expect it and level in most cases. Customer service was excellent and friendly, pace of play just under 4.5 hours. First time playing here and would certainly return for another round.
Played hidden valley today. Lite NE wind about 10 mph with plenty of sunshine. As usual the greens are fantastic here, slower today than the posted 11.0 more like a 9.5 or 10.0. Little to no visible damage from unrepaired ball marks or poorly repaired. Rolling smooth with no in line deviation. Held shots well, and allowed decent reverse spin. Fairways are lush and very green, however today they were incredibly wet throughout, to the point of slushy underfoot. Some noted GUR well staked and roped off. Very little roll out today due to the wet conditions.
Bunkers normally I find them here at this course quite good. Today they were HORRIFIC. Hard with little sand. Standing water in almost everyone. If you were able to find one without water the sand was more like thick soup. So bad today our foursome decided to take a free drop outside the the bunker.
Tees, recently reseeded with some old grass but mostly top soil covering new seedlings. Funny thing is the course had not moved up the tees, or used the secondary tee boxes. Tees also seemed very unlevel today possibly I would guess from the grating and repacking procedure they used.
The new clubhouse is coming along quite well. Quick service for a drink but woefully slow for food. Called in an order on the tee box at nine and still waited 15 minutes to receive it. The new pro shop over by the driving range is just common, nothing special and word has it they are considering moving it back to the clubhouse. The driving range remains one of the poorest around. mats all lean down hill hitting into an uphill range. Putting green is beautiful well manicured and maintained, along with the practice bunker area. Staff is mostly top notch except for the minor disagreement with the carts today. Arrived approx 45 min early only to have the attendant tell me Ihad to wait 20 minutes to get a cart because of players in front of me. Thats all good with me but one foursome tee off ahead of us and they had 17 carts lined up. Speaking of the carts brand new, GPS,ball and club washers, cooler and phone connections. Still remains a favorite of mine and would certainly recommend playing.
Played Black Gold today with a mid morning tee time of 10:30. Pace of play just about 4:15 minutes in a foursome. Course is in great condition. Fairways are green with not much roll due to the wet conditions. It became a minor problem at times on a few holes most notably on the longer par fours and all the par fives. Nothing like hitting a bomb and then watching it plug or stop dead on impact. Rough is fair but I never really cared for the Kikuyu type rough but I understand the use of it. My problem is always been sliding the club under and leaving it short on many different shots.

Greens were fantastic, rolling med to fast with very few if any ball marks left unattended. Learned very quickly to never start a putt inside the hole here, even a few 3 footers went sideways. The bunkers all have good amounts of sand with the green side bunkers being very good to great. A challenging but fair round and will definitely be back again.
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