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Play here every time I come to the Big Island. Worth the green fees (much less then down the hill). It's about 1500 feet above sea level. I think it has one of the hardest par 3 on the island (180 yards fronted by water). Love playing this course.
I play this course at least two times when on the Big Island because it is different (2500 ft. above sea level) and I love the layout. It 10 degrees cooler up here and the views are great. I was first out and they were rolling the greens so they were perfect! They are working on the fairways and they need to. This is the worst part about this course. Played 12/10 and 14/2018 and when I come back next year I will play it again.
Played 12/062018. Everyone wants to play this course so it plays a little slower even with an early t-time. The course is in very good shape and the staff could not have been nicer (same staff as the golf). You can go down to the other end of the island (Kapalua) and it can be raining and the wind can be blowing and there is nothing here. Enjoyed the course and Maui, now off the the Big Island.
Played 12/04/2018. I think the blue might have been in better shape, but not by much. we had a great time and the staff was great. Maybe a little harder and pricey course then to blue, but fun.
Played 12/02/2018. Course was in good shape and has the best views of the three courses. I think you can see the ocean on all but two or three holes. The whole staff was great and I will play it again when on Maui.
Had a 7:27 on 9/30/18 as a single to be pared with a three sum. The starter told me that had not showed and it was 7:30! The starter did not want to send me out as a single because there were four or five four sums out there so we waited for a little while. Finally he ask me if I wanted to go out on my own and I did. So now I'm on the second T box and the starter comes up and tell me that they showed up and he was going to send them out and they could catch up. So I hit two balls and walked around water hazards looking for balls (found five on second hole). Finally got tired of that and just played and cough up with the 3 ball in front of me (only playing nine). On the tenth hole I cough up to all of the 4 balls in front of me and though surely the 3 ball will catch up to me. NO, the only time I saw them they were three holes behind me!

Now for the course. The word is wet and mud. The fairways are wet and sand traps were wet/mud (I was only in one on the last hole). The greens are smooth and fast with some undulation in them. The front is flat, while the back goes up hill from number 10 to the 15th T box, there signature hole 200 yards down hill to a island green, and then down hill to the club house. The course is fun and worth the money.
Ok, so this is Utah golf. Got to Glen Eagle at ten to six in the morning and there were five cars in the parking lot and only two were golfers cars (one was mine). The starter opens at 6 am and I was on the course by five after six as a single and the other 2 ball was only playing the back nine. On the tenth hole I caught a 4 ball and on thirteen they let me play through. POP was 3 hrs 5 min walking.

Now for the course. It is a Scottish links course one big exception, there is no hard pan. All the fairways including the collars around the greens are plush, so you can use your wedges instead of bump and run. ALL of the course is in very good shape from T box to greens. Only in one bunker and it had good sand in it. Number 18 is a fun finishing hole (it's name on the card is Loch Ness Monster), a par 5 with the green surrounded by water with a walking path in the back. There are wet lands through out the course that you need to pay attention to, but I played this course for the first time and did not lose a ball, thank you SkyCaddie.

$24.00 to walk as a senior I will be back!
Played yesterday 6/20/18 as a walk on and got right out. Played from the white tees and had a great time. The course is an easy walk and for $24.00 it's a great deal. Not a real hard course but you can find trouble in the form of water if you don't play smart. Had a great time and played in about 3.5 hrs.
Played Monday (5/21) $22.00 to walk and worth it. For you people in Pasadena the course is some what like Brookside except there are no cars parked on it, so it's fairways are nice. Also I walked up at 6:45 and got right out and it took me just over THREE hours to play (walking). Just enough water to keep you interested and the course is straight forward (what you see is what you get). will come back and play.
This will be my annual review of Stonebridge unless something changes. I walk this course at least three days a week (about 7 miles from clubhouse to clubhouse). I buy an annual pass for $200.00 and that get me green fees of $8.00 to walk or $16.00 to ride.

I played Thursday (5/17) first out at 6:23 and right behind the guy rolling the greens which they do at least two times a week so the greens were fast and smooth.

The rough is about two inches and tough it get out of because it will close your club down so stay out of it.

Sand in the morning is a little wet but easy to get out of.

Fairways for the most part in great shape with a little goose poop on some of them.

WATER, WATER EVERYWERE! About 80% of the 27 holes have water somewhere so if you play a round and don't lost a ball, you have played well.
Played yesterday (5/18) and boy did I like this course. $45.00 (Friday, Sat. & Sun. rate) with a cart that I would recommend you use. The course has some great views and nice houses around it. Greens were just about perfect running about 8 or 9 I think. and the rest of the course was in great shape. Bunkers had nice soft sand (I was in a lot of them!), fairways were great with lots of roll and the first cut of rough was about 1 to 2 inches, but don't go beyond that because you may never find your ball. Over all a great course hidden away in North Salt Lake City. It's best if you have not played here to have your GPS or play with someone that knows the course because some of the holes have blind shots down the fairway.
This will be my annual review of this course although I play here about once a week and sometimes more when Stonebridge has tournaments. The course is in very good shape including t-boxes, greens, fairways and the sand traps (the sand is better then Stonebridge). This course is a walk of 6.5 miles and up and down and that's if you know the short cuts. With the annual city card ($200.00) it is $8.00 to walk and $16.00 to ride. More then worth it! Even the rack rate is worth it.
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