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Played 7/23 with the Gurus.

What else can I add that hasn’t been said already. The course was in very good to excellent shape throughout outside of the green side bunkers which I would still rate as good.

The tee boxes, fairways, and green surrounds were lush, wonderful hitting surfaces with little to no divot damage to report.

The rough was a bit inconsistent but that much is expected on such a heavily treed course. Hard to get good turf if it’s in the shade.

What impressed me most about the club was the staff and practice facilities. Everyone I talked to was extremely nice and professional. The practice green was perfect and ran at the same speed as the greens on. The course. The range was well stocked and the turf was just like the fairways on the course. The short game area was set up to allow shots of about 65-70 yards to a green that was kept like a green on the course, allowing you do actually judge spin and reaction of the ball.

Overall a wonderful day with a great group. I look forward to one day playing here again.
Played 7-17-21 at 11:30. POP 6 (SIX!!!!!) hours. The starter informed us they had a tournament go out early and were running 30 minutes late. Honestly, having a tournament to start a weekend is a terrible idea and should never be done purely for POP issues which were evident. This really put a hamper on what should have been a very enjoyable day.

The course was in very good shape from tee to green.

The tee boxes were level and well kept throughout. The fairways had minimal dry spots and were very nice to play off of. The greens were rolling pure, looked beautiful, and had minimal ball marks. All three of these areas would score at least a 7.5 from me with the greens coming in with the highest marks.

The biggest areas for improvement would be the rough which was pretty spotty and inconsistent, the gravel pits sorry I mean bunkers and the green surrounds. This is going to sound strange but please use a little bit of that water elsewhere. The surrounds were extremely lush, a bit soggy, and spongy which made chipping a challenge all day and even shots with a low trajectory would stop dead in their tracks. On a course that gets as windy as simi having the ground game be a legit option would be nice. These areas would all rate between 4-6.5 for me.
Played 6/29 with the Gurus and it was an excellent experience.

The tee boxes were in great shape. My only complaint were that they were a bit fluffy and my tees had to be a bit longer since they had to be a bit ‘deeper’ to get the height I like.

The fairways played very nicely. They were a nice level firmness allowing for good rollout but still proceed a great hitting surface. With all the heat there were understandably some wet spots out there from overwatering.

The rough was healthy and not too think. The ball rarely sank all the way to the bottom giving you some options on how to advance the ball.

The ‘native’ areas came into play a lot and even found some fescue type grass between holes that really gobbles up your ball (looking at you #9).

The bunkers had a layer of high quality sound that may by a bit thin for my liking, would get to the rocky bottom a little too quickly.

The greens were the highlight of the course to me. They were in fantastic shape, rolled true, were medium-fast (practice green ran a few ticks quicker), and held shots well that came in with some height and spin.

The green surrounds were beautiful as well, giving you a near perfect lie for chipping the ball with options which led to a lot of good shots in our group. I believe I had 10 one putt pars, and Johnny even chipped in on 18 for bird.
Played Moorpark 11/23 with the Gurus, John, Johnny, and Nick.

I don’t get out to play moorpark very often but I was a little more impressed this time around than I have been in the past. The layout has grown on me over the years.

First, I must say that these are the best greens I’ve putt on in quite some time, they were quick, deadly downhill, and smooth. I would rate them up there with some of the better public greens I’ve putt on over the years. The fairways were great to hit off of and provided just enough rollout without being too hard. There isn’t a ton of rough out there, but it was healthy and not too punitive. The traps, I was in a few, were well stocked and not too rocky. Some were a bit damp but that’s another story. Tee boxes were all pretty level and provided good turf to hit off of as this is a course where I take less than driver quite often.

Overall a high quality course that I look forward to playing again.
Played 9/1 at 9 am. 3:00 POP

Last round of my PS trip and it was a great way to finish. This is a long ways away from being a desert course but still fits well into its surrounding. Was excited to play on opening day (they close again in 4 weeks for overseed) and the conditions were very good to great throughout.

The tee boxes were perfect. I don’t know what else I can say here. The fairways had some thinner spots but were not close to bare, mostly fantastic coverage, great to hit from but very little rollout. The rough was at a playable length unless you were close to water where it got around a foot long and hard to find your ball, but it’s better than being in the water. The greens were medium slow but picked up a little speed as the day went on but never got above medium. The greens were still firm despite being slow, I hit some towering iron and wedge shots in without leaving a ball mark all day, but the ball still stopped quickly.

The staff was great. Friendly and helpful. They’re running a special now which is a great deal for this quality of course. Was $75 for non locals which included golf, cart stocked with water, high quality practice area, $15 F&B voucher, and a logoed waffle towel to keep. You always know what to expect when playing a Troon course and know it’s worth the extra couple bucks. Highly recommend.
Played 8/31 at noon. 3:30 POP

Day 2 of our summer getaway and scored a hot deal. Overall was impressed with the layout and conditions. The tee boxes were very good. All level with good to very good coverage. The fairways were also very good, they were very healthy for the time of year and provided a great surface for hitting off of. They were a bit cushy so there wasn’t a whole lot of roll out which you come to expect in the summer months. The rough wasn’t too long or overly penal, was playable. The bunkers were well stocked and good to hit out of. The waste areas which are meant to be mostly sand had a lot of long grasses growing out of them which made them a bit more challenging than expected. The greens were healthy and rolled true albeit pretty slow. Really felt like you had to hit the ball hard to get it to the hole.

Was very happy to play here as I’d heard great things and will definitely be in the rotation on future trips.
Played 8/30 at 10 am. POP 3:50

The course was in pretty good shape considering the heat in the area. The tee boxes had excellent, cushy coverage. Were level. The fairways had some thin spots but were really great to hit off of. Rough was thick in spots and tame in others, but healthy. The traps were well stocked but not fluffy. Could easily hit out of them. The greens were punched around 3 weeks ago and were still showing some heavy signs of aeration. They rolled a little better then they looked but were on the medium slow side and could be pretty bumpy.

Overall a good experience and course. A demanding course that I will definitely play again.
Played 6/24 with the GK Gurus. POP around 4:15

Not a whole lot to add from previous reviews...

The course was, in general, in very good to great shape. The highlight of the round was playing a course with ample sand in their bunkers which has not been the case in the area since they’re largely ignored because of Covid restrictions.

The tees, fairways, and greens were all very good. Some fairways were being resodded, but only in places you should never find yourself, so no downmarks from me for it. The greens ran very smooth but were a touch slower than they looked. The rough was healthy, with a few bare spots of most of the holes, usually near the cart path.

Overall a good day, friendly staff, and great people.
Played 5/2 at 10 am. POP 4:10.

The course is in very good to great shape all around outside of very inconsistent bunkers.

Greens were smooth and rolled true at medium/slow pace.

Fairways were very healthy outside of a few spots on 2/3 holes which were sand on dirt.

Rough was not too long but it was very thick and could be tricky to hit out of.

Tee boxes were all great.

It was a good first trip to MS, had heard good things about the players course and though it was interesting layout and a good test of golf for what must have been a very flat piece of land.
Played today with a friend and paired up with a couple local high schoolers who were good players. POP 6:15 because we were stuck behind a some drunk idiots who fell a couple holes behind (not a convenient course to pass a group).

Course conditions were very good. Tee boxes were level and had very good coverage.

Fairways were very nice to hit from and didn’t find any particularly thin areas.

Rough was healthy and not too long. Just hard enough to be penal.

Greens were very smooth with little evidence of the punching done but were SLOW. Had to hammer putts to get them to the hole.

Bunkers were well stocked and nice to hit out of even without rakes.
Played with the GK gurus on 2/12.

It’s hard to add a lot to the previous reviews.

It was my first trip to OQ and had heard so many great things about it and it lived up to the hype.

I was impressed with how much cushion I found in the fairways despite their appearance leading me to think they would be very thin.

The greens were in very good shape. Ball rolled very well. They were quite hard which had to be accounted for when hitting into them, so much so that ball marks were sparse and was tough to make one.

It was worth the drive and I’ll be looking forward to playing this beautiful course again.
Played on 10/5 at 7:20 am. POP 4:20

I was a little hesitant to play after reading the prior review but must say it is patently false. Is this a pristine course? No. But it was nothing like the previous reviewer reported.

The tees were mostly level with good coverage. Par 3 tees had been shuffled around to keep good grass available.

The fairways had good coverage. They were thin in spots and outside of some small isolated areas were wonderful to hit off of.

The rough was thick in spots, the locals warned us they hadn’t been trimmed in a while and would be tough.

The greens were borderline excellent. A pleasure to putt on, rolling true and medium/fast consistently throughout the round.

The customer service was good as the pro shop and restaurant staff were great.

Will definitely be playing here more even if it’s just for the greens.
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