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Played yesterday Creekside/Ridgeline courses. Tee to green was immaculate! Greens rolled very true with only a few ball marks. GPS in carts may be off a bit, bring yours to make sure, I found as much as 30 yrds difference on a couple holes, played the reading from my GPS at it was correct. Sand was very fluffy and clean. Overall a great time with fellow GK'ers, Moorpark is a course to play whenever you have the chance, always in great shape.

Moorpark Country Club Review
Moorpark Golf Course Reviews
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Played 7/17 with Tony B. - 12:30 start time - 5 hr round. Course is in great shape, fairways lush, rough about 1-3 in, greens smooth and rolling true, about med-fast speed. Fairway bunkers seem to be more like waste bunkers (small rocks, hard pack) but the greensides were fluffy, good sand, seemed to be a little deep, easy to dig under the ball. Customer Service was ok, only saw the cart girl (at) 2nd tee, then never saw her again. Overall a fun day, will go back again.
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Played 7/15 - 1 pm start - 4 hr round. Course is in very decent shape, only a couple thin fairway shots all day. Rough varied per hole area from very deep (3-5 inches) to very playable (.5-1.5 inches). Was in 3 snad traps and they actually felt like sand - fairway bunker sand was a bit firmer than greenside. Greens were recovering very well from the last crosscut, and were rolling pretty decent, a few ball marks to repair as usual on muni but overall was a good putting surface. They got new carts here recently also. Starter was friendly, beer cart girl was cute/friendly/talkative. Trimming trees so there were a few wood piles around the course, but nothing in your way. Overall a great day - will always play here again, with Balboa/Encino at the same place, can almost always walk up and get on one of them.
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Played Monday 2/7 twilight, and although we got out a bit early, we only played 15 holes. Very backed up even on a monday. Course was in decent shape, fairways a bit thin still but filling back in. Greens were treated with some blue chemical we had to keep wiping off ball and hands, but lines putted true, speed was some slower then others, but ok - greens held iron shots well. Sand was in very good shape, unfortunatly for me, I got to test it a bit to many times.. Always a fun course to play, staff is friendly for the most part, just a bit slow.
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Played last Friday with Nickesquire - was a fun round. Course was in decent shape and the weather was great. Played from the White tee boxes, they were in better shape then the blues, but only about 5 yds difference on most holes. Fairways were in good shape, only had a couple thin lies all day. Trees at this course are always in play, making it a very fun/challenging tract for playing recovery golf shots :) Was only in 1 sand trap all day, but while not fluffy, it was loose enough to feel like sand and allowed me to get under the ball and over the 3 ft lip between me and the green. All greens were slower then I remember, some had signs of recent punch, most all were somewhat bumpy. Customer Service at this course is always great, I look forward to playing this again in the near future.
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What a waste of money to play this course, for 10$ more on a Saturday I could play lost canyons ($45 for an exec course + a $5 cart key deposit,what a freakin joke). Ok here is the review:

Course conditions:
Fairways - Soggy and muddy, covered with duck crap in most areas. Cart got stuck on 5 holes total through out the day.
Sand traps were basicaly clay bowls, I hit out of one and had a sand clump stuck on my wedge.
Greens were ok - nothing consistant - one was fast, next was very slow, next was pot marked to.. well you get the picture.
Rough was diffrent on each hole, and alot of it unplayable unless you can figure out how to hit out of mud.

Overall this course is in very poor shape and the customer service is right on par with the conditions:

1st hole starter make me tee off while the group ahead is in my range, I tell him I can hit em, and he says its 6:30 in the morning, you aint hitting them, I drove 10 yrds past the carts, and anyone who know me, know thats about 190 yrds, lol. StartBADexp@VVnow.

6th hole while we are teeing off, the cart girl goes screaming up the cart path, only time we saw her all day.

Like I said, we got stuck in the mud about 5 times, I had a handicap flag on my cart and an 85yr old passenger, so I was pushing us out each time. The Course Super comes by at one point and simply laughs at us then drives on - no asking if we need help, no nothing. So after the round I go into talk to the manager - who I am told is not in, so I relay the issue to the starter, and he starts laughing and says yea, lots of people been stuck today. No appoligy, no nothing.

Will not go back to this course again.
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Played GK outting on 3/21 - This is a very nice facility. Huge pratice area in front of the course with 4-5 diffrent tee area's, sand traps, and greens to chip in to, aprox 100 yrds max. Grass driving range completes the pratice area very nicely with alot of targets on the range and even some sand traps. The putting green was in very good shape and was very close to actual green speed on the course. (All the above is pretty rare for us SoCal golfers, so it really added to the experience for me.)

The course was very well maintained - links sytle course with a very comfortable feeling. Tee boxes were very hard, but you could get a tee in. Fairways were dormat, but very spongy for the most part, very easy to hit off them. I dont remember having a tight lie all day. The rough varied, some long tall grass, some hard pan dirt with clumps of grass, and some really short spongy stuff. Always a diffrent shot out, made it fun.

Ok - Sand traps!!!!!! over 120 of them on this course. I think I was in at least 20 of them :). Very soft and deep sand, my ball was half buried a few times, but you could go at the ball and dig it out no problem. Some of the green side bunkers were like 6 ft deep, the lip was over my head, if you were againt it, you were hitting back to fairway not to the green. Fairway traps were not as deep, but were still challenging. When planning my next trip here, I will do a couple days sand pratice to prepare.

Staff was top notch, very helpful and friendly. Starter was very informative before our round. Marshall was VERY polite out on the course, overall a great feeling to play at this course. I felt they went out of thier way to make us feel like we owned the place, definatly 5 star service as far as I was concerned. I will definatly make the drive to play this course again, I am looking forward to it!
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Played 1/7/09 w/JohnnyGK, TehBgiDgo and Nickesquire1 - thanks much guys!. First time on this course. What a beautiful course! Very well maintained, The views from some of the Tee's are like looking at a postcard. -- playing conditions were excellent! Tee boxes all very lush, only a couple were uneven (I played the whites) alot of elevation changes, alot of very challenging tee shots, forced carries, very small fairways, traps well placed and ESA.. Fairways were very easy to hit off and soft so your clubs went thru the ground not bouncing off it. Sand was immaculate (and believe me, I was in it) did not see a trap that was not raked correctly. Greens were in great shape, speed was fast but varied between the 3 - 9 hole courses. Some were super slick, but all held a well hit ball correctly. - Top notch pratice facilities, grass driving range that actually had grass to hit off. Chipping area was a bit small but there was one! Putting green is huge! You could easily pratice putting 50-100 footers, and speed was very close speeds on the course. Overall a very nice place to play. I will definatly go back again.
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Played 12/30 first time - Course was in good shape. Fairways a bit thin in places, but not to bad to hit off. Greens were just beautiful, rolling very true and while fast, there was definatly a noticable speed diffrence on most greens. The aprons on the greens were huge, and in many place cut at almost the same height as the green, so you thought you were on the green, to find sprinklers between your ball and the hole. Very fun playing course, a good variety on the holes, will definatly play here again. Side note - no restrooms on the course that we saw and never saw a cart girl all day. They did offer us free ice for the cooler on the cart and all carts have GPS.
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Played 11/11 twilight 4.5 hrs - my return round :D Course was in great shape. Sand trap were soft and fluffy, greens rolled very true (too many unrepaired ball marks for my taste, but public course) and had great speed. Fairways look great, but can be very tight to hit off, they tend to bounce your clubs, very hard packed ground underneath, however they roll decent. Staff at this facility is always top notch, and yesterday was no exception. Overall I would rate this course at "So fun it should be illegal" :D Cant wait for a GK event at this facility. -- Special thanks to Nickesquire1, Longball23 and JohnnyGK for making my return to the links a very special day indeed!
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Fun short little executive course - 18 holes aprox 3000 yrds. Fairways were in great shape for the traffic they get. Greens were in decent shape, but like most high traffic public courses, had alot of unrepaired ball marks. These greens can be tough, none are flat, some are ungulated. Sand was hard packed, like hitting out of dirt. Overall a fun place to pratice your short game, would be a very good course to take kids or beginners.
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Played 8/08/08 GK Tourney. Beautiful Golf Course. Superb pratice facilities. Very Country club setting. Staff seemed very nice. Tee boxes were in good shape, Fairways were in good shape, but spongey grabbing your irons on some shots. Greens were in great shape, rolling true and relativly fast. A couple of fairway bunkers were like mud but all greenside I saw were in great shape. Never saw a cartgirl all day, which was a real draq in the 92 degrees we played in. Ordering Food from the 8th hole must be done by cell phone, which was left in the car. Gas Golf carts, although a blast from the past are very noisy, very smelly, and seemed to have alot of traction issues causing some tearing up of the fairways and rough areas. The course was set at 90% cart use, however atleast 10 fairways were completely roped off, making it difficult to find or get to your ball and slowing up play. Also, by 6:15 pm on a Friday, the clubhouse was closed, so no food or drink at the end of the round. Overall a very fun course layout, and a very fun day/round. I will definatly go back to play this course again and again, and at a 3 hr one way drive, that is saying something great about this course! If you are in the Pismo Beach area this is a must play course.
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