Salt Creek Golf Club

525 Hunte Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91914 • (619) 656-2373

Chula Vista, CA (91914)
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Humidity: 30%
Wind: W at 8mph

Sunset: 7:02 pm
green Sunrise: 6:44 am


1. abbacat
Posted: 02/15/16 4:06p
Member Since: May 27, 2013
From: Trabuco Canyon
I played yesterday, 2-14-16. I first heard of this course from some friends in a San Diego-based meetup group. I had purchased a Deal Caddy voucher a couple months ago for $37 (didn’t know about the ... Continue »
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2. 1PLUS1
Posted: 02/15/16 12:20p
Member Since: Mar 27, 2007
From: El Cajon, CA
Joined fellow GKer "Abbacat" (thanks for a great afternoon Wendy) for a rare weekend round on Sunday and took advantage of the Salt Creek Coupon that's available via the GK website. The $35.00 rate, ... Continue »
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Member Since: Aug 22, 2008
Challenging par 5 that requires middle iron off the tee to keep from having down hill lie but with ball above you feet. Hit just left of right fairway bunker and you can cut yardage off your second shot or just right of left fairway bunker to keep arroyo from being in play (unless you chunk your second shot.) Fairway wood or long iron for second shot will leave you with short iron/wedge for approch shot. BEST PLAY IS TO HIT DRIVER AT 4TH TEE BOX!!!! Green is reachable for the long hitters from 4th faitrway between fairway bunker and tee box and takes arroyo and fairway bunkers out of play for average hitter as short iron gets to middle of fairway about 100 out. Green slopes back to front and severely back 1/3. Ridge runs down middle and can make a long putt diagonally across green either way very tricky. 3 putting is comon. Colection area behind left bunker is easy to misjudge distance and can cost you dearly.
Member Since: Aug 22, 2008
Short par 4 that BEGS for you to be on in one. Grab the driver and swing away. Should be able to see the flag from blue, gold and black, have to walk to the left to see it from the whites. Green slopes from back left to front right/front. Sand easy to escape. Safe play if driver isn't working for you is long iron over right fairway bunker, the fairway slopes right to left and will leave you a chip shot from the green. Left is hard to go unless you yank or hook big time, right can be lost on the hill or wind up above on #7 tee boxes.

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- Driving Range (Grass & Mats)
- Practice Chipping & Sand Areas
- Practice Putting Green