Warner Springs Ranch

31652 Highway 79
Warner Springs, CA 92086 • (760) 782-4270

Warner Springs, CA (92086)
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Humidity: 38%
Wind: NW at 9mph

Sunset: 7:10 pm
green Sunrise: 6:20 am


1. rudyclub
Posted: 08/01/15 4:09p
Member Since: Aug 6, 2011
From: San Diego
Read in the July 2 Borrego Sun Journal that they recently had a 'Members' Play day and will be opening soon ?? A son of Billy Casper 'Byron Casper is the new directer of golf!
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2. rudyclub
Posted: 03/26/13 9:44p
Member Since: Aug 6, 2011
From: San Diego
It was reported in our local newspaper that Warner Springs Resort has been purchased by an investment group. They are proposing to invest 50 mil. Hopefully some of that money will find it's way to the... Continue »
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Topic: Re-opening?
Posted: Jan 12, 2015
Latest update. Their website now just vaguely says the course will be open in 2015. On the way home from Borrego today, I took the slight detour to drive by Warner Springs. The parking lot was all closed off, so I could only get some glimpses from the main road as I drove by slowly. It looks pret...
Topic: Re-opening?
Posted: Aug 1, 2014
Their reopening dates seem to be getting more and more vague. I emailed them through the site and this is the response I got this morning: [b] We’re still hoping the Course will open end of summer – early fall. Thank you for your interest in Warner Springs Ranch Resort Golf![/b]
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