Elkins Ranch Golf Course

1386 Chambersburg Road
Fillmore, CA 93016 • (805) 524-1121

Fillmore, CA (93016)
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Sunset: 7:10 pm
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1. hargreavesg1951
Posted: 06/30/18 3:38p
Member Since: Mar 24, 2013
From: Simi Valley
I played the course twice in the last two weeks. It is probably in the best condition I have seen it in many years. We play alot of courses and this one is in tip top shape for greens, tees, traps a... Continue »
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2. 24hourgolf
Posted: 06/04/18 2:32p
Member Since: Jun 6, 2011
From: Monterey Park
Played today ($17 birthday round) in a POP of 2 H. Got out early in the fog, so did not really get to see how nice this course is, until I was through 12 holes (great layout and setting IMO). I really... Continue »
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Topic: Infiltration On Greens
Posted: Aug 29, 2010
One thing that has bothered me about this course over the years: bermuda and kikuyugrass infiltrating the greens. This is somewhat annoying, because it is not good for putting and it is easily repaired when the grounds crew makes an effort. Take a look at places like Hansen Dam. All their greens are...
Topic: Elkins Ranch Staff Changes
Posted: Jul 15, 2010
What the heck? Sad times for those guys. Great bunch there. I will miss the friendly, familiar faces I have come to know over the last decade or so. Hopefully, the level of customer service (and rates) will remain the same.
Member Since: Aug 31, 2003
Long par 4. Lake on the right is trouble for anyone that can hit their driver over the hill (probably about 220). You can see the red hazard stake if you look hard enough. You're teeing off straight into a hill so you can't see the flag or 90% of the fairway. Your best bet is to play a 3 wood towards the large tree on the left side (splits the fairway between 12 and 17). Once over the hill there is a little widening on the left side, but even if you land in the trees its not too tough to get out. There is a bunker right in front of the green and a large hill behind it. Not much roll coming from the hill behind the green so don't waste your time (or strokes) trying to play that. Not a tough hole if you have a good tee shot.
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
A shorter par 5 that is a dogleg right hole with a treeline fairway along the whole right side of this hole. Aim for center of fairway, play your wood or long iron for lay-up approach and chip on. This hole is completely surrounded by bunkers so if you do not hit the green in reg you probably will be bogeying it. Three good shots or 2 bombs and you could be making bird.

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- Driving Range (Mats) Irons Only.
- Practice Putting Green.